The American Congress:

From 1774 to 1788.



From August 1, 1778, to March 30, 1782, inclusive,




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SATURDAY, August 1, 1778.
A letter, of July 22d, from gen. Armstrong, was read:
Ordered, That it be referred to the board of war.

Two letters from gen. Washington, one dated June 18th, and the other July 25th, with a copy of general orders respecting the office of inspectorgeneral, were read:

Ordered, That the same be referred to a committee of three: the members chosen, Mr. Reed, Mr. Boudinot, and Mr. Chase.

A letter, of July 31st, from the board of war, was read, representing that, parsuant to the orders of Congress, Cornelius Sweers has been secured in such manner as the board of war deemed sufficient, while it remained in a degree doubtful, whether or not he had been guilty of frauds against the states; that the matter being now reduced to a certainty, and the sums deficient amounting to many thousand pounds, the board are uneasy at his remaining guarded only by centries, and those of raw troops : Whereupon,

Ordered, That Cornelius Sweers, deputy commissary-general of military stores, now in custody by order of this house, be immediately closely confined in the public gaol within this city, and that he be charged with malconduct in his office generally, and particularly with the crime of forgery.

Resolved, That the executive council of the state of Pennsylvania be requested to direct the keepers of their gaol to receive into custody, and safeJy keep, the said Cornelius Sweers.

Ordered, That the letter from the board of war be referred to the committee on the deposition of Thomas Clifton, and that the committee be directed to report on the mode of trying Cornelius eweers and bringing him to justice.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to consider of and report to Congress such recommendations to the legislatures of the several states for the enacting of laws, calculated to enable

Congress, as the superintending executive of the United States, to proceed in civil and criminal cases as the nature of such government may require : the members chosen, Mr. Reed, Mr. Dana, and Mr. Drayton.

A letter, of July 28th, from the board of war, was laid before Congress, together with an invoice of goods bought of Peter Whitesides & Co. Ordered, That the same be referred to the board of treasury.

The marine committee brought in a report, which was read, and after debate,

Resolved, That it be re-committed.

The committee of commerce, to whom was referred a letter of July 15th, from Mons. de Francey, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Ordered, That the cargoes of the snow Speed well and of the brigantine Braxton, governor Johnston and Morris, now ready to sail from America for France, be consigned to the commissioners of Congress at Paris, who are directed to settle the accounts of Mr. John Ross with Congress, and to pay him VOL. III.


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