Land Tenure.-1886.-$3-50. 1. Dutch Village Communities on the Hudson River, By I. ELTING. 50 cents. II-III. Town Government in Rhode Island. By W. E. FOSTER.- The

Narragansett Planters. By EDWARD CHANNING. 50 cents. IV. Pennsylvania Boroughs. By WILLIAM P. HOLCOMB. 50 cents. V. Introduction to the Constitutional and Political History of the indi

vidual States. By J. F. JAMESON. 50 cents. VI. The Puritan Colony at Annapolis, Maryland. By D. R. RANDALL. 50 cts. VII-VIII-IX. History of the Land Question in the United States. By

SHOSURE SATO. $1.00. & The Town and City Government of New Haven. By CHARLES H.

LEVERMORE. 50 cents. XI-XII. The Land System of the New England Colonies. By MEL


FIFTH SERIES.-Municipal Government,

History and Politics.-1887.-$3.50, I-II. City Government of Philadelphia. By EDWARD P. ALLINSON and

BOIES PENROSE. 50 cents. III. City Government of Boston. By JAMES M. BUGBEE. 25 cents. IV. City Government of St. Louis. By MARSHALL S. SNOW. 25 cents. V-VI. Local Government in Canada, By JOHN GEORGE BOURINOT. 50 cents. VII. The Influence of the War of 1812 upon the Consolidation of the

American Union. By NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER. 25 cents. VIII. Notes on the Literature of Charities. By HERBERT B. ADAMS. 25 cents. IX. The Predictions of Hamilton and De Tocqueville. By JAMES

BRYCE. 25 cents. X. The Study of History in England and Scotland. By P.FRÉDÉRICQ. 25 cts. XI. Seminary Libraries and University Extension. By H. B. ADAMS.

25 cents. XII. European Schools of History and Politics. By A. D. WHITE. 25 cents.

SIXTH SERIES.--The History of Co-operation in

the United States.-1888.-$3.50.

SEVENTH SERIES.-Social Science, Education, and

Government.—1889.-$3.50. I. Arnold Toynbee. By F. C. MONTAGUE. With an Account of the Work of

Toynbee Hall in East London, by Philip LYTTELTON GELL. 50 cents. II-III. The Establishment of Municipal Government in San Francisco.

By BERNARD MOSES. 50 cents. IV. The City Government of New Orleans. By W. W. HOWE. 25 cents. V-VI. English Culture in Virginia: A Study of the Gilmer Letters,

etc. By WILLIAM P. TRENT. $1.00. VII-VIII-IX. The River Towns of Connecticut. Wethersfield, Hartford

and Windsor. By CHARLES M. ANDREWS. $1.00. X-XI-XII, Federal Government in Canada. By John G. BOURINOT. $1.00.

EIGHTH SERIES.-History, Politics, and

Education.-1890.-$3.50. I-II. The Beginnings of American Nationality. By A.W.SMALL. $1.00. III. Local Government in Wisconsin. By D. E. SPENCER. 25 cents. IV. Spanish Colonization in the Southwest. By F. W. BLACKMAR. 50 cents. V-VI. The Study of History in Germany and France. By P. FRÉDÉRICQ.


VII-VIII-IX. Progress of the Colored People of Maryland since the

War. By JEFFREY R. BRACKETT. $1.00. X. The Study of History in Belgium and Holland. By P. FRÉDÉRICQ.

50 cents. XI-XII. Seminary Notes on Recent Historical Literature. By H. B.

ADAMS, J. M. VINCENT, W. B. SCAIFE, and others. 50 cents.

NINTH SERIES.-Education, History, Politics and

Social Science.-1891.-$3.50. I-II. Government and Administration of the United States. By W. W.

WILLOUGHBY and W. F. WILLOUGHBY. 75 cents. Interleaved edition

for notes, $1.25. III-IV. University Education in Maryland. By B. C. STEINER. The

Johns Hopkins University (1876-1891). By D. C. GILMAN. With

Supplementary Notes on University Extension. By R.G. MOULTON. 50 cents. V-VI. Development of Municipal Unity in the Lombard Communes. By

WILLIAM K. WILLIAMS. 50 cents. VII-VIII. Public Lands and Agrarian Laws of the Roman Republic. By

ANDREW STEPHENSON. 75 cents. IX. Constitutional Development of Japan (1853-1881). By TOYOKICHI

IYENAGA. 50 cents. X. A History of Liberia. By J. H. T. McPHERSON. 50 cents. XI-XII. The Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wiscon

sin. By FREDERICK J. TURNER. 50 cents.

TENTH SERIES.-1892.–Subscription, $3.00. 1. The Bishop Hill Colony: A Religious Communistic Settlement in

Henry County, Illinois. By MICHAEL A. MIKKELSEN. Paper, 50 cents.

Cloth, 75 cents. II-III. Church and State in New England. By PAUL E. LAUER. Paper,

50 cents. Cloth, 75 cents. IV. Church and State in Early Maryland. By GEORGE PETRIE. Paper, 50

cente. V-VI. The Religious Development in the Province of North Carolir, a.

By STEPIIEN B. WEEKS. Paper, 50 cents. VII. Maryland's Attitude in the Struggle for Canada. By John W. BLACK.

Paper, 50 cents. VIII-IX. The Quakers in Pennsylvania, 1682-1776. By ALBERT CLAYTON

APPLEGARTH. Paper, 75 cents. X-XI. Columbus and his Discovery of America. By H. B. ADAMS and

HENRY Wood. Paper, 50 cents. XII. Causes of the American Revolution. By JAMES ALBERT WOODBURN.

In Press. The set of nine series is now offered, uniformly bound in cloth for library use, for $27.00, and including subscriptions to the current (tenth) series, $30.00.

The nine series, with twelve extra volumes, “New Haven," “ Philadelphia," "Baltimore," "Local Constitutional History" Vol. I, "Negro in Maryland,” “U. S. Supreme Court,”. “U. S. and Japan," "Switzerland," "Spanish Institutions in Southwest,” “Study of Constitution," "oid English Manor," and "America: Its Geographical History," altogether twenty-one volumes in cloth as above, for $45.00.

All business communications should be addressed to THE JOHNS HOPKINS PRESS, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND,





History is past Politics and Politics present History-Freeman





Professor of American Ilistory, Indiana University






Historical and Political Science.



Neither the University nor the Editor assumes responsibility for the views of contributors.


FIRST SERIES-Local Institutions.-1883.-—$4.00.
1. An Introduction to American Institutional History. By EDWARD

A. FREEMAN. 25 cents.
II. The Germanic Origin of New England Towns. By H. B. ADAMS.

50 cents.
111. Local Government in Illinois. BY ALBERT SHAW.-Local Govern.

ment in Pennsylvania. By E. R. L. GOULD. 30 cents.
IV. Saxon Tithingmen in America. By H. B. ADAMS. 50 cents.
V. Local Government in Michigan, and the Northwest. By E. W. BEMİS.

25 cents.
VI. Parish Institutions of Maryland. By EDWARD INGLE. 40 cents.
VII. Old Maryland Manors. By John HEMSLEY JOHNSON. 30 cents.
VIII. Norman Constables in America. By H. B. ADAMS. 50 cents.
IX-X. Village Communities of Cape Ann and Salem. By H. B. ADAMS.

50 cents.
XI. The Genesis of a New England State (Connecticut). By ALEXAN-

DER JOHNSTON. 30 cents.
XII, Local Government and Free Schools in South Carolina. By B. J.

RAMAGE. 40 cents.
SECOND SERIES.-Institutions and Economics.-1884.

I-II. Methods of Historical Study. By II. B. ADAMS. 50 cents.
III. The Past and the Present of Political Economy. By R. T. ELY.

35 cents. IV. Samuel Adams, The Man of the Town Meeting. By JAMES K. Hos

MER. 35 cents. V-VI. Taxation in the United States. By HENRY CARTER ADAMS. 50 cents. VII, Institutional Beginningsin a Western State. By JESSE MACY. 25 cents. VIII-IX. Indian Money as a Factor in New England Civilization. By

WILLIAM B. WEEDEN. 50 cents. X. Town and County Government in the English Colonies of North

America. By EDWARD CHANNING. 50 cents. XI. Rudimentary Society among Boys. By J. HEMSLEY JOHNSON. 50 cents. XII. Land Laws of Mining Districts. By C. H. SHinn. 50 cents. THIRD SERIES.-Maryland, Virginia and

Washington.-1885.-$4.00. 1. Maryland's Influence upon Land Cessions to the United States.

George Washington's Interest in Western Lands, the Potomac Company,

and a National University. By H. B. ADAMS. 75 cents. 11-111. Virginia Local Institutions:- The Land System; Hundred;

Parish; County; Town. By E. INGLE. 75 cents. IV. Recent American Socialism. By RICHARD T. Ely. 50 cents. V-VI-VII. Maryland Local Institutions:-The Land System; Hun

dred; County; Town. By LEWIS W. WILHELM. $1.00. VIII. The Influence of the Proprietors in Founding the State of New

Jersey. By Austin Scott.. 25 cents. IX-X. American Constitutions; The Relations of the Three Depart

ments as Adjusted by a Century. By HORACE Davis. 50 cents. XI-XII. The City of Washington. By J. A. PORTER. 50 cents.

(Continued on third page of cover.)



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