Archaeologia Cambrensis

W. Pickering, 1860

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Side 250 - IMPRINTED AT LONDON by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, 1599.
Side 67 - Nascitur ibi plumbum album in mediterraneis regionibus, in maritimis ferrum, sed eius exigua est copia : aere utuntur importato. Materia cuiusque generis ut in Gallia est praeter fagum atque abietem. Leporem et gallinam et anserem gustare fas non putant ; haec tamen alunt animi voluptatisque causa.
Side 156 - We have one whose benches are of stone, and the most remarkable monument of this kind which I have yet seen ; it is near the church of St. Just, Penwith, now somewhat disfigured by the injudicious repairs of late years; but by the remains it seems to have been a work of more than usual labour and correctness.
Side 199 - This island at present, following the number of the books in which the Divine law was written, contains five nations, the English, Britons, Scots, Picts, and Latins, each in its own peculiar dialect cultivating the sublime study of Divine truth.
Side 156 - ... the players conne not their parts without booke, but are prompted by one called the ordinary, who followeth at their back with the book in his hand, and telleth them softly what they must pronounce aloud.
Side 157 - ... of the general history of the Creation, the Fall, and the Redemption of man, however it might be marred occasionally by passages of lighter or even of ludicrous character. The mighty gathering of people from many miles round, hardly showing like a crowd in that extended region, where nothing ever grows to limit the view on any side, with their booths or tents, absolutely necessary when so many people had to remain three days on the spot, would give a character to the assembly probably more like...
Side 156 - ... was accordingly lessoned beforehand by the Ordinary that he must say after him. His turn came. Quoth the Ordinary, ' Goe forth, man, and show thyself.
Side 200 - When they, beginning at the south, had made themselves masters of the greatest part of the island, it happened, that the nation of the Picts, from Scythia, as is reported, putting to sea, in a few long ships, were driven by the winds beyond the shores of Britain...
Side 156 - English, a miracle play, is a kinde of interlude, compiled in Cornish out of some Scripture history, with that grossenes which accompanied the Romanes vetus Comedia. For representing it, they raise an earthen amphitheatre in some open field, having the Diameter of his enclosed playne some 40 or 50 foot. The Country people flock from all sides, many miles off to hear and see it ; for they have therein devils and devices, to delight as well the eye as the eare...
Side 200 - Annonça, possessed themselves of the southern parts thereof. When they, beginning at the south, had made themselves masters of the greatest part of the island, it happened, that the nation of the Picts...

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