Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Ohio Circuit Courts...: Ohio Circuit Decisions, Volum 1

Laning printing Company, 1897

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Side 35 - Every action must be prosecuted in the name of the real party in interest, except that an executor or administrator, a trustee of an express trust...
Side 574 - Newly discovered evidence, material for the party making the application, which he could not, with reasonable diligence, have discovered and produced at the trial; 5.
Side 537 - Where a special finding of facts shall be inconsistent with the general verdict, the former shall control the latter, and the court shall give judgment accordingly.
Side 4 - that where one person makes a promise to another for the benefit of a third person, that third person may maintain an action upon it.
Side 105 - ... months the lapse of time shall be taken and deemed as conclusive evidence against the validity of such claim, any statute of limitations to the contrary notwithstanding...
Side 527 - The court, in every stage of an action, must disregard any error or defect in the pleadings or proceedings which does not affect the substantial rights of the adverse party; and no judgment shall be reversed, or affected, by reason of such error or defect.
Side 92 - In all elections of representatives aforesaid, each qualified voter may cast as many votes for one candidate as there are representatives to be elected, or may distribute the same, or equal parts thereof, among the candidates, as he shall see fit; and the candidates highest in votes shall be declared elected.
Side 477 - The provisions of this chapter shall apply also to any company organized to construct any line or lines of telephone; and every such company shall have the same powers, and be subject to the same restrictions, as are herein prescribed for magnetic telegraph companies.
Side 267 - Court in the several counties of any, district shall be transferred to the respective District Courts of such counties, and be proceeded in, as though no change had been made in said Supreme Court.
Side 295 - If the notes remitted had been the property of the Commonwealth »Bank, there [*239 would be no doubt of the right to retain; because it has been long settled, that wherever a banker has advanced money to another, he has a lien on all the paper securities which are in his hands for the amount of his general balance, unless such securities were delivered to him under a particular agreement...

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