An Examination and Review of a Pamphlet Printed and Secretly Circulated by M.E. Gorostiza: Late Envoy Extraordinary from Mexico, Previous to His Departure from the United States, and by Him Entitled "Correspondence Between the Legation Extraordinary of Mexico and the Department of State of the United States, Respecting the Passage of the Sabine, by the Troops Under the Command of General Gaines."

P. Force, 1837 - 188 sider

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Side 9 - The boundary line between the two countries, west of the Mississippi, shall begin on the Gulf of Mexico, at the mouth of the river Sabine, in the sea, continuing north, along the western bank of that river...
Side 32 - The undersigned, Secretary of State of the United States, has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note of Mr.
Side 131 - States under their own or any other flags, from the commencement of the Revolution, and it is equally true that throughout the various civil contests that have taken place at different periods among the states that sprung from that Revolution, the vessels of each of the contending parties have been alike permitted to enter the ports of this country. It has never been held necessary, as a preliminary to the extension of the rights of hospitality to either, that the chances of the war should be balanced...
Side 89 - The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Mexican republic, has the honor to address himself to the honorable William H.
Side 9 - To fix this line with more precision, and to place the landmarks which shall designate exactly the limits of both nations, each of the contracting parties shall appoint a Commissioner and a Surveyor, who shall meet before the termination of one year, from the date of the ratification of this treaty, at Natchitoches, on the Red River, and proceed to run and mark the said line, from the...
Side 68 - ... both parties bind themselves expressly to restrain, by force, all hostilities and incursions on the part of the Indian nations living within their respective boundaries...
Side 32 - Castillo in an interview at this office, on the 4th instant, the district attorney of the United States at New York, as well as the district attorney at New Orleans, has been instructed to prosecute any persons within the jurisdiction of his district, who have attempted or who may attempt to compromit the neutrality of this Government, by proceedings in violation of those laws of the United States, which have been enacted for the purpose of preserving peace, and fulfilling the obligations of treaties...
Side 127 - That if any person shall, within the limits of the United States, fit out and arm, or attempt to fit out and arm, or procure to be fitted out and armed, or shall knowingly be concerned in the furnishing, fitting out, or arming, of any ship or vessel...
Side 62 - State of Louisiana ; in order to preserve, if necessary, by force, the neutrality of the United States. In obedience to this order, I have availed myself of the very first steamboat conveyance that offered, after the receipt of the order, to proceed to Baton Rouge, to enable me to ascertain to what extent the arsenal there will furnish ordnance and ordnance stores for the prompt and efficient discharge of the duties assigned to me ; duties which derive great importance from the recent accounts of...

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