The Articles of Confederation: A Primary Source Investigation Into the Document That Preceded the U.S. Constitution

The Rosen Publishing Group, 2003 - 128 sider
Introducing Rosen Primary Source Aimed at students in grades seven to twelve, and written at an 8th grade reading level, Rosen Primary Source is designed specifically to help high school students view history through the use of primary source documents. Each book meets the curriculum-based needs of these students, helping them with research, reports, projects, and assignments. The high-interest topics will pique the interest and answer the questions of any curious reader. Rosen Primary Source books supplement the curriculum and classroom work, and offer students a level of specificity and detail that a chapter in a more general textbook cannot supply. Each book includes a glossary, timeline, index, and extensive use of primary source materials. Fact-filled and visually compelling, each title supplements the national high school history curriculum. Our first Rosen Primary Source series, Great American Political Documents, uses the historical documents that record the growth of our nation and our government. Each document discussed in the six-book series is analyzed in detail and placed within the context of our current freedom. Both the original document and the revisions are shown, illustrating the evolution the document underwent.

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Chapter One The Colonies
Chapter Two The Onset of War
Chapter Three Adopting the Articles
Chapter Four A League of Friendship
Chapter Five A Critical Period

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