Flow on, thou shining river 30

Fly swift, my light gazelle 178

For thee alone I brave the boundless deep 148

From life without freedom, say, who would not fly? 124

Gaily sounds the Castanet 46

Go forth to the Mount—bring the olive-branch home 272

Go, let me weep—there's bliss in tears 253

Go, now, and dream o'er that joy in thy slumber 63

Go, then — 'tis vain to hover 52

Guess, guess 194

Hark! the vesper hymn is stealing 39

Hark! 'tis the breeze of twilight calling 269

Have you not seen the timid tear 1

Hear me but once, while o'er the grave 50

Here, at thy tomb, these tears I shed 181

Here sleeps the bard who knew so well 70

Here's the bower she lov'd so much 125

Here, take my heart—'twill be safe in thy keeping 115

Here, while the moonlight dim 92

Her last words, at parting, how can I forget? 149

Hero and Leander 222

Hip, Hip, Hurra! 108

Hope comes again, to this heart long a stranger 79

How happy, once, though wingM with sighs 139

How lightly mounts the Muse's wing 271

How shall 1 woo? 84

"Hush, hush!" how well 109

Hush, sweet Lute, thy songs remind me 98

Hymen, late, his love-knots selling 58

I come from a land in the sun-bright deep 172

If, after all, you still will doubt and fear me 140

If in loving, singing, night and day 76

If I speak to thee in Friendship's name 84

If life for me hath joy or light 144

If thou wouldst have me sing and play 160

If thou wouldst have thy charms enchant our eyes 86


I give thee all — I can no more 142

I have a garden of my own 166

I knew by the smoke, that so gracefully curl'd 26

I love a maid, a mystic maid 194

I love bat thee 140

In myrtle wreaths my votive sword I'll cover 189

In vain all the Knights of the Underwald woo'd her 230

I saw the moon rise clear 126

Is it not sweet to think, hereafter 273

It came o'er her sleep, like a voice of those days 219

I've been, oh, sweet daughter 152

Joys of youth, how fleeting! 49

Keep those eyes still purely mine 78

Let's take this world as some wide scene 150

Let thy joys alone be remember'd now 141

Lightly, Alpine rover 147

Like morning, when her early breeze 263

Like one who, doom'd o'er distant seas 81

Long years have pass'd, old friend, since we 200

"Look here," said Rose, with laughing eyes 177

Lord, who shall bear that day, so dread, so splendid 260

Love alone 86

Love and the Sun-dial 126

Love and Time 127

Love is a hunter-boy 47

Love's light summer-cloud 128

Love's Victory 151

Love thee, dearest? love thee? 141

Love thee ?—so well, so tenderly 132

Love, wand'ring through the golden maze 129

Lusitanian War-Song 135

March! nor heed those arms that hold thee 105

Mary, I believ'd thee true 19

Melologue 235

Merrily every bosom boundeth 130


Mind not though daylight around us is breaking 163

My harp has one unchanging theme 42

My Heart and Lute 142

My Mopsa is little 187

Ne'er talk of Wisdom's gloomy schools 69

Nets and Cages 61

Nights of music, nights of loving 121

Night waneth fast, the morning star 159

No—leave my heart to rest, if rest it may 72

No life is like the mountaineer's 97

Not from thee the wound should come 193

Now the vapour, hot and damp 23

O'er mountains bright 53

Oft, in the stilly night 38

Oft, when the watching stars grow pale 65

Oh! Abyssinian tree 219

Oh, call it by some better name 115

Oh, come to me when daylight sets 37

Oh, days of youth and joy, long clouded 55

Oh, do not look so bright and blest 176

Oh, guard our affection, nor e'er let it feel 74

Oh, Memory, how coldly 91

Oh, no—not ev'n when first we lov'd 42

Oh, soon return 131

Oh, teach me to love Thee, to feel what thou art 262

Oh, the joys of our ev'ning posada 120

Oh think, when a hero is sighing 208

Oh, Thoul who dry'st the mourner's tear 248

Oh, were it not for this sad voice 217

One dear smile 138

On to the field, our doom is seal'd 110

O say, thou best and brightest 79

Our first young love resembles 122

Our white sail caught the ev'ning ray 131

Pain and sorrow shall vanish before us 128

Past twelve o'clock—past twelve 110 Page

Peace be around thee, wherever thou rov'st 43

Peace, peace to him that's gone 143

Peace to the slumb'rers! 57

Place the helm on thy brow 174

Poor broken flow'rl what art can now recover thee? 118

Poor wounded heart, farewell 116

Reason, and Folly, and Beauty, they say 34

Rememb'rest thou that Betting sun 112

Rememberest thou the hour we past 28

Remember the time, in La Mancha's shades 131

Reuben and Rose, a Tale of Romance 2

Rose of the Desert! thou, whose blushing ray 144

Round the world goes, by day and night 175

Row gently here 54

Sacred Songs 241

Saint Augustine to his Sister 258

Saint Jerome's Love 246

Sale of Cupid 181

Say, what shall be our sport to-day? 52

Say, what shall we dance? Ill

See, the dawn from Heaven is breaking 60

She has beauty, but still you must keep your heart cool 124

Shine out, Stars! let Heav'n assemble 119

Should those fond hopes e'er forsake thee 33

Since first Thy Word awak'd my heart , 269

Sing to Love—for,oh, 'twas he 151

Slumber, oh slumber; if sleeping thou mak'st 74

Song of a Hyperborean 172

Song of Hercules to his Daughter 152

Song of the Alps 201

Song of the Evil Spirit of the Woods 23

Song of the olden Time 145

Song of the Poco-curante Society 211

Sound the loud Timbrel, o'er Egypt's dark sea. 252 I^T^

Sovereign Woman 214

So warmly we met and so fondly we parted 32

Spirit of Joy, thy altar lies 205


Spring and Autumn 85

Still, like dew in silence falling 187

Still thou fliest, and still I woo thee 197

Still thus, when twilight gleam'd 229

Still when daylight o'er the wave 161

Susan 204

Take hence the howl; though heaming 64

Tell her, oh, tell her, the lute she left lying 121

Tell me, kind Seer, I pray thee 223

"Tell me, what's Love?" said Youth, one day 226

The beam of morning trembling 135

The bird, let loose in eastern skies 244

The Boy of the Alps 147

The brilliant black eye 123

The Castilian Maid 131

The Crystal-Hunters 53

The dance was o'er, yet still in dreams 214

The dawn is breaking o'er us 179

The day of love 135

The Dream of Home 153

The Dream of the two Sisters 213

The dying Warrior 227

The East Indian 117

The Evening Gun 112

The Exile 159

The Fancy Fair 159

The Garland I send thee was cull'd from those bowers 83

The Gazelle 71

The Halcyon hangs o'er ocean 166

The Homeward March 156

The high-born Ladye 230

The Indian Boat 232

The Lake of the Dismal Swamp 20

The Language of Flowers 178

The Leaf and the Fountain 223

The Legend of Puck the Fairy 169

The Magic Mirror 228

The Meeting of the Ships 107

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