Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia: Sitting in General Term, from January, 1879, to June, 1880 ; (together with Some General and Special Term Cases of Later Date Not Heretofore Reported.)


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Side 175 - One of the settled maxims In constitutional law Is that the power conferred upon the Legislature to make laws cannot be delegated by that department to any other body or authority. Where the sovereign power of the state has located the authority, there It must remain, and by the constitutional agency alone the laws must be made until the Constitution itself Is changed. The power to whose Judgment, wisdom, and patriotism this high prerogative has been...
Side 226 - due process of law" generally implies and includes actor, reus, judex, regular allegations, opportunity to answer, and a trial according to some settled course of judicial proceedings..., yet, this is not universally true.
Side 419 - Government, no execution shall issue against such collector or other officer, but the amount so recovered shall, upon final judgment, be provided for and paid out of the proper appropriation from the Treasury.
Side 447 - That the constitution and all laws of the United States which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the s*ame force and effect within the said territory of Nebraska as elsewhere within the United States...
Side 204 - ... to the postmaster at the office at which they were originally mailed, with the word
Side 207 - ... rights depended on the federal government for their existence or protection, beyond the very few express limitations which the federal Constitution imposed upon the...
Side 445 - The Supreme Court shall possess the same power and exercise the same jurisdiction as the circuit courts of the United States.
Side 121 - No demurrer or plea shall be held bad and overruled, upon argument, only because the answer of the defendant may extend to some part of the same matter as may be covered by such demurrer or plea.
Side 206 - Whether it be so or not is a question of law or a mixed question of law and fact.
Side 10 - Where it is a simple question of authority to contract, arising either on a question of regularity of organization or of power conferred by the charter, a party who has had the benefit of the agreement cannot be permitted in an action founded upon it to question its validity. It would be in the highest degree inequitable and unjust to permit a defendant to repudiate a contract, the benefit of which he retains.

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