Women, Power, and the Academy: From Rhetoric to Reality

Mary-Louise Kearney
Berghahn Books, 2000 - 114 sider
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Many nations affirm the principle of gender equality. As women continue to advance in most walks of life, the impression that equality has been reached and that gender issues no longer pose real problems has naturally gained ground. Yet, many cultural, economic, and social barriers remain. Although as many women as men possess the skills necessary to shape social and economic development, women are still prevented from fully participating in decision-making processes. The papers collected in this volume focus on universities as one of the key institutions providing women with the education and leadership skills necessary for their advancement. Equally important is the role universities play in the shaping of a society's cultural fabric and, consequently, of attitudes towards women and their place in society. Both aspects are examined in this volume on the basis of a number of case studies carried out in western and non-western societies.


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Towards Empowerment
A Question
The Case of the Arab World
Empowerment or Powersharing? Considerations Based on Gender
The Universitys Role
The Swedish Experience
Gender Culture and Powersharing in Academia

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Mary-Louise Kearney is a Vice President of the Society for Research into Higher Education and editor of Special Issues editions of the SRHE Journal.

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