The American Mathematical Monthly: Devoted to the Interests of Collegiate Mathematics

Mathematical Association of America, 1894
Registers of officers and members were issued as supplements to some vols.

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Side 11 - If a straight line meet two straight lines, so as to make the two interior angles on the same side of it taken together less than two right angles...
Side 248 - He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1954.
Side 249 - Elementary Theorems Relating to the Geometry of a Space of Three Dimensions and of Uniform Positive Curvature in the Fourth Dimension," published in Borchardt's Journal, Bd.
Side 102 - All straight lines which in a plane go out from a point can, with reference to a given straight line in the same plane, be divided into two classes — into cutting and not-cutting. The boundary lines of the one and the other class of those lines will be called parallel to the given line.
Side 82 - ... finite instead of infinite. We thus with a proper law of shortening arrive at a system of non-Euclidian geometry which is essentially that of Lobatschewsky. But in so obtaining it we put out of sight its relation to spherical geometry: the three geometries (spherical, Euclidian, and Lobatschewsky's) should be regarded as members of a system : viz. they are the geometries of a plane (two-dimensional) space of constant positive curvature, zero curvature, and constant negative curvature respectively...
Side 237 - From a point in the circumference of a circular field a projectile is thrown at random with a given velocity which is such that the diameter of the field is equal to the greatest range of the projectile : find the chance of its falling within the field.
Side 91 - Upon this, they called a truce, and agreed that the } of the whole, left by A at first, should be equally divided among them. How much of the prize, after this distribution, remained with each of the competitors ? :~ An,.
Side 413 - proved" the existence of God using the same arguments I found years later in Spinoza's Ethics and in other philosophical works. God's essence and His existence are identical. When we say that one and one makes two or that the sum of the angles in a triangle equals two right angles, we don't need a wooden triangle or two groschen to prove us right. One and one would equal two even if there were no objects in the world. Once Reb Baruch Kossover had reassured the reader that there is a God, he went...
Side 249 - Dimensions," in which he shows, for instance, that if a fourth dimension were added to space, a closed material surface (or shell) could be turned inside out by simple flexure without either stretching or tearing. Later articles have been on the theory of errors in observations. In former years he also contributed to the Mathematical Monthly and the Analyst. Professor Newcomb has written a series of college text-books on mathematics. In 1881 appeared his Algebra for Colleges and his Elements of Geometry...
Side 28 - ... (1889)." The only mathematical book written by Chauvenet and not mentioned in the above sketch is a little book entitled Binomial Theorem and Logarithms, published in 1843 for the use of midshipmen at the Naval School, Philadelphia. As regards the quality of Professor Chauvenet's books, Prof. TH Safford, of Williams College, says : " This excellent man and lucid writer was admirably adapted to promote mathematical study in this country. His father, a Frenchman of much culture, trained him very...

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