United States or by departments or agencies thereof: Provided, That such citizens shall agree to comply with all regulations for the government of the institutions and schools at which they may be under instruction and to exert every effort to accomplish successfully the courses of instruction prescribed: And provided further, That the regulations prescribed by the President under the authority of this Act shall contain provisions limiting the admission of citizens of the American republics to primary schools maintained and administered by the Government of the United States so that there will under no circumstances be any curtailment of the admission of citizens of the United States eligible to receive instruction therein and not more than one citizen of any American republic shall receive instruction at the same time in the United States Military Academy and not more than one in the United States Naval Academy. Act of June 24, 1938 (52 Stat. 1034); 20 U. S. C. 221.

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Government-owned air navigation facilities | National Advisory Committee for Aeronau-, available for public use, 518.

Public airports available for Government use,


Airspace reservations, 519a.

Designation of airways, 520.

National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics:

Composition, 521.

tics Continued,

[blocks in formation]

518. Government-owned air navigation facilities available for public use.--(c) Air navigation facilities owned or operated by the United States may be made available for public use under such conditions and to such extent as the head of the department or other independent establishment having jurisdiction thereof deems advisable and may by regulation prescribe. Sec. 5 (c), act of May 20, 1926 (44 Stat. 571); 49 U. S. C. 175.

519. Public airports available for Government use. That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized, in his discretion and under such regulations as he may prescribe, to lease for use as a public airport any contiguous public lands, unreserved and unappropriated, not to exceed six hundred and forty acres in area, subject to valid rights in such lands under the public land laws. Sec. 1, act of May 24, 1928 (45 Stat. 728); 49 U. S. C. 211.

Any such lease shall be subject to the following conditions:

(d) That all departments and agencies of the United States operating aircraft (1) shall have free and unrestricted use of the airport, and (2) with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, shall have the right to erect and install therein such structures and improvements as the heads of such departments and agencies deem advisable, including facilities for maintaining supplies of fuel, oil, and other materials for operating aircraft.

(e) That whenever the President may deem it necessary for military purposes, the Secretary of War may assume full control of the airport. Sec. 2, act of May 24, 1928 (45 Stat. 728); 49 U. S. C. 212.

519a. Airspace reservations.-The President is authorized to provide by Executive order for the setting apart and the protection of airspace reservations in the United States for national defense or other governmental purposes and, in addition, in the District of Columbia for public safety purposes. The several States may set apart and provide for the protection of necessary airspace reservations in addition to and not in conflict either with airspace reservations established by the President under this section or with any civil or military airway designated under the provisions of this act. Sec. 4, act of May 20, 1926 (44 Stat. 570); 49 U. S. C. 174.

Airspaces over certain military and naval reservations were reserved and set aside for governmental purposes, and civil aircraft barred therefrom, by Executive Orders Nos. 5211, October 19, 1929, and 7138, August 12, 1935. Executive Order No. 5211 was superseded by Executive Order No. 7985, October 8, 1938, felative to certain areas in Maryland. ›

[blocks in formation]

may hold hearings or other proceedings at any other place. The Authority shall have an official seal which shall be judicially noticed and which shall be preserved in the custody of the secretary of the Authority. Sec. 201, act of June 23, 1938 (52 Stat. 980); 49 U. 8. C. 421.

Regulations under this section were prescribed by the President in Executive Order No. 7964, August 29, 1938.

524b. Civil Aeronautics Authority; duties and powers.-(a) The Authority is empowered to perform such acts, to conduct such investigations, to issue and amend such orders, and to make and amend such general or special rules, regulations, and procedure, pursuant to and consistent with the provisions of this Act, as it shall deem necessary to carry out such provisions and to exercise and perform its powers and duties under this Act. Sec. 205, act of June 23, 1938 (52 Stat. 984); 49 U. S. C. 425.

The Administrator is empowered and directed to encourage and foster the development of civil aeronautics and air commerce in the United States, and abroad, and to encourage the establishment of civil airways, landing areas, and other air navigation facilities. The Administrator and the Air Safety Board shall cooperate with the Authority in the administration and enforcement of this Act. Sec. 301, act of June 23, 1938 (52 Stat. 985) ; 49 U. S. O. 451.

[blocks in formation]

Liability of principal and sureties, 527.
Premium limited in amount and not
to be paid by the United States, 528.

Notification of default of prin-
cipal, 529.

Limitation of action against, 530.
Priority rights against insolvent
principal, 531.

Surety companies:

General provisions--Continued.

Surety companies-Continued.
Jurisdiction of suits, 536.
Nonpayment of judgments, 537.
Estoppel to deny corporate power,

Penalties for noncompliance with

law, 539.

Bonds or notes of the United States in lieu of surety, 540.

Bidders', 541.

Contractors, 542.

Officers of the Quartermaster and Finance
Departments, 544.

Appointment of agents and service Deputies of disbursing officers, 545.

As sureties, 532.

of process, 533.

Special disbursing agents, 546.

Deposit of charter and statement of Officers of the National Guard, 548.

assets and liabilities, 534. Quarterly statements, 535.

525. Examination as to sufficiency.

Schools, District of Columbia, 550.

* Hereafter every officer required

by law to take and approve official bonds shall cause the same to be examined at least once every two years for the purpose of ascertaining the sufficiency of the sureties thereon; and every officer having power to fix the amount of an official bond shall examine it to ascertain the sufficiency of the amount thereof and approve or fix said amount at least once in two years and as much oftener as he may deem it necessary.

6 U. S. C. 2.

* Sec. 5, act of Mar. 2, 1895 (28 Stat. 807),

526. Renewal.Hereafter every officer whose duty it is to take and approve official bonds shall cause all such bonds to be renewed every four years after their dates, but he may require such bonds to be renewed or strengthened oftener if he deem such action necessary. In the discretion of such officer the requirement of a new bond may be waived for the period of service of a bonded officer after the expiration of a four-year term of service pending the appointment and qualification of his successor : * * *. Sec. 5, act of Mar. 2, 1895 (28 Stat. 808); 6 U. S. C. 3.

All disbursing officers of the pay department shall renew their bonds, or furnish additional security, at least once in four years, and as much oftener as the President may direct. R. S. 1192; 10 U. S. C. 1314.

The provisions of R. S. 1192 are now applicable to officers of the Finance Department, created by sec. 9, act of June 4, 1920, 68, ante.


527. Liability of principal and sureties.Provided, That the nonperformance of any requirement of this section on the part of any official of the Government shall not be held to affect in any respect the liability of principal or sureties on any bond made or to be made to the United States: Provided further, That the liability of the principal and sureties on all official bonds shall

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