Nov. 6.-General William J. Hardee, a graduate from West Point, and subsequently instructor there for several years, and author of “Hardee's Tactic's," died at Selma, Ala., aged about 55.

Nov. 6.-Professor Maximilian La Borde, a graduate from South Carolina College, and a distinguished scholar and College Professor of the State, died in Columbia, aged 69 years. He was the author of several school text-books.

Nov. 24.—Samuel A. Hitchcock, a large benefactor to education, who during his life gave nearly seven hundred thousand dollars to various collegiate institutions, died at Brimfield, Mass., aged 89 years.

Nov. 28. - James McKeene, M.D., for fourteen years Professor in Bowdoin College, Me., died at Topsham, Maine, aged 76 years old,

Nov. 29.-P. M. W. Redfield, M.D., for a long time Professor in the New York City Normal College, died at Harlem.

Dec. 9.-William C. Roberts, M.D., a well-known New York medical professor and lecturer, died at the age of 64 years.

Dec. 14.-Louis Agassiz, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S., whose name and fame are known to every school-boy, died at Cambridge, Mass., aged 65. He had been a teacher almost from boyhood.

Dec. 20.—Mrs. George Gould, for many years a missionary teacher of the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions at Mount Lebanon, Syria, died near Boston.

Dec. 24.—John Hopkins, a wealthy citizen of Baltimore, died there at the age of 79 years, leaving four millions of dollars in his will for establishing a free university for the young men of Virginia and Maryland. The total of his bequests to benevolent and educational purposes amounted to more than eight millions of dollars.

Dec. 30.—Rev. R. E. B. Baylor, founder of Baylor University, Texas, which he endowed, died at Gay Hill, Texas, aged 78 years.

1874. Jan. 2.-Rev. Nelson Rounds, D.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction in Washington Territory, died near Vancouver, Clark County, aged 67 years.

Jan. 2.-Rev. William A. Dod, D.D., for many years tutor, professor, and preacher at Princeton, New Jersey, died there, aged 54 years.

Jan. 8.—Mrs. A. Cabot Lowell, a well-known writer and instructress of children, died at Cambridge, Mass.

Jan. 16.—Charles Astor Bristeed, better known as “Carl Benson," his literary soubriquet, died at Washington, aged 54.

Jan 17.—Rev. William Sparrow, D.D., Dean of the Faculty of the Episcopal Seminary at Alexandria, Va., for the last thirtythree years, died there, aged 73.

Jan. 18.--Rev. Samuel Fisher, formerly President of Hamilton College, New York, died at Cincinnati.

Jan. 19.-Frederick Strobels, the distinguished musician, died at Greensboro', North Carolina.

Feb. 1.—Rev. N. E. Cobleigh, D.D., LL.D., one of the most active and well-known educators in the South, died at Atlanta, Ga., from exposure at the dedication of a country church. He graduated from Wesleyan College, and was Professor in McKendree College, and afterward President.

Feb. 3.—N. S. Dodge, the well-known litterateur, died in Boston, aged 64.

Feb. 7.-James W. Gerard, the lawyer, distinguished for his interest in public education for nearly half a century, died in New York city, aged 80 years.

Feb. 8.-Dr. E. W. Hatch, Superintendent of the Connecticut State Reform School, died at Meriden, Conn.

Feb. 8.—John Milton Earle, for thirty-five years editor of the Worcester Spy, died, aged 79 years.

Feb. 25.—Rev. John Bachman, D.D., LL.D., the clergyman, instructor, and naturalist, died at Charleston, S.C., aged 84 years.

March 8.—Millard Fillmore, ex-President of the United States, who was a teacher in earlier life, died at Buffalo, aged 74 years.

March 18.-Rev. David Elliott, D.D., Theological Professor, died at Pittsburg, Pa.

April 6.--John W. Edmonds, ex-Judge of the Supreme Court and author of several works on Spiritualism, died in New York, aged 75.

April 16.—Rev. Thomas Carlton, D.D., of the Methodist · Book Concern, died at Elizabeth, New Jersey.

April 16.--Josiah Warren, author of works on Social Science, died at Charlestown, Mass., aged 64 years.

April 23.—Rev. Henry Slicer, D.D., died in Baltimore, aged 73 years.

April 27.-Rev. John McLeod, D.D., died in New York, aged 68 years.

May 18.-Rev. Thomas DeWitt, D.D., died in New York, aged 83 years.

May 23.- Professor Joseph D. Haven, D.D., of Chicago University, died there.

June 10.—John Carter Brown, senior member of the firm of Brown & Ives, died in Providence, Rhode Island, aged 77 years. Mr. Brown was always a great friend of education, contributed generously from his great wealth to Brown University, and was a liberal patron of art and literature.

June 18.—Professor Benjamin Staton, for nine years Professor of Latin in Union College, and Principal of the “Union Classical Institute" at Schenectady, died there, aged 58 years. He was born at West Lebanon, Maine, and graduated from Bowdoin College.

June 29.--Dr. James McMaughton, President of the Albany Medical College, and the oldest member of his profession in that city, died suddenly in Paris, France, aged 77 years.

July 18.-Hon. Samuel Williston, who began life on the lowest round, was married in a coat which he had worn two years, accumulated a vast fortune, and founded the village of East Hampton, Mass., died there, aged 79 years. During his lifetime he contributed munificent sums to educational purposes. Among his gifts were $350,000 to Williston Seminary, which he established, and $150,000 in all to Amherst College.

July 18.- Rev. Dr. W. H. Goodrich, for many years an instructor in Yale College and elsewhere, and one of the foremost preachers in the West at the time of his death, died in Lausanne, Switzerland, whither he had gone for his health.

Aug. 23.—Leonard Hazeltine, the oldest Principal of schools in New York city, died here, aged 71. He had held, among other honorable positions, the Presidency of the State Teachers' Association, and, at the time of his death, he was President of the Teachers' Life Assurance Society,


Jan. I, 1873.-Theodore Wilhelm Kraut, Professor of Old German Law in University of Göttingen from 1828 to 1873, and author, died at Göttingen, aged 73 years.

Jan. 8.- Jan Conrad Hacke Mijnden, Ph.D., Professor of Italian Literature at Amsterdam, and Dantophilist, died at Amsterdam.

Jan. 10.-Francisco Dall 'Ongaro, Professor of Ancient and Modern Dramatic Literature at Florence from 1860 to 1873, died at Naples, aged 65 years.

Jan. 25.–Viscount Olivier Charles Camille Emmanuel de Rouge, Professor of Archæology in the College of France from 1856 to 1873, and author, died in Paris, aged 62 years.

Jan. 28.--Rev. Adam Sedgwick, F.R.S., F.G.S., LL.D., Woodwardian Professor of Geology in Cambridge University from 1818 to 1873, and author, died in Norwich, England, aged 89 years. - Feb. 10.–Very Rev. George Hull Bowers, D.D., Dean of Manchester, founder of Marlborough, Rossall, and Haileybury Colleges, and Select Preacher to the University of Cambridge, died in Manchester, aged 79 years.

Feb. 17.—Rev. Charles Atmore Ogilvie, D.D., Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology at Oxford University, and author, died in Oxford, aged 80 years.

Feb. 23.-Rev. Thomas Barclay, D.D., Principal of Glasgow University for many years, died in Glasgow, aged 81 years.

Feb. 24.—Rev. Thomas Guthrie, D.D., founder of the Edinburgh Ragged Schools, author, and pulpit orator, died at St. Leonards-on-Sea, aged 70 years.

Feb. 24. — Heinrich Kurtz, Ph.D., Professor of German Language and Literature at St. Gall, Switzerland, from 1834 to 1839, and of the same at Aarau, Switzerland, from 1839 to 1873, died at Aarau, aged 68 years.

March 15.—Rev. Henry Wall, M.A., Professor of Logic in the University of Oxford from 1849 to 1873, died in Oxford, aged 68 years.

March 27.-Amedee Simon Dominique Thierry, Professor of History in the College of Besançon from 1828 to 1829, and author, died in Paris, aged 72 years.

April 12.–Saint Marc Girardin, a French publicist, Professor in the College of Louis the Great, 1827-1830; Professor of History in the Faculty of Letters, 1830-1834; Professor of French Poetry in the Sorbonne, from 1834 to 1863 ; died in Paris, aged 72 years.

April 18.-Baron Justus Liebig, Ph.D., LL.D., J.U.D., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Giessen from 1824 to 1852, and in the University of Munich from 1852 to 1873, and author, died in Munich, aged 70 years.

May 13. — Rev. Thomas Robinson, D.D., Master of the Temple from 1845 to 1869, Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic at Cambridge for many years, died in Rochester, England, aged 83 years.

June 14. — Friedrich Ludwig Georg von Raumer, Ph.D., J.U.D., a German historian and author, Professor of History in the University of Breslau, 1811-1816; Professor of History and Political Economy, 1816-1853, and Emeritus Professor, 1853– 1873, died in Berlin, aged 92 years.

June 21.— Tyler Smith, M.D., an English physician, author, and medical professor for many years, died in Richmond, England.

June 21.--M. Lavalle, a French educator, and author of several educational works, the founder of the Ecole Centrale of France, died in Paris.

July 8.--Rev. John Wilson, D.D., F.S.A., for many years President of Trinity College, Oxford, died in Oxford, aged 83 years.

July 19.–Victor Euphemion Philarete Chasles, a French author, Professor of the Languages and Literature of Modern Europe in the College of France from 1841 to 1873, died in Venice, aged 75 years. ·

July 23. -- Gustav Rose, Ph.D., Professor of Mineralogy in the University of Berlin from 1839 to 1873, and author, died in Berlin, aged 75 years.

Sept. 15.—Professor Josef Czermak, Ph.D., proprietor of, and lecturer in, the Physiological Institute at Leipsic, inventor of the Laryngoscope, and author, died in Leipsic.

Sept. 19.--Professor Donati, an Italian astronomer and Professor at Florence, the discoverer of the Comet known as Donati's, in 1858, died in Florence.

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