The Oldest, Largest, and Most Perfect Manu

factory in the United States.



No other Musical Instrument ever obtained the

same Popularity.

e Send for Price Lists.



Adapted to the Requirements of all Schools. EXAMINE

It is the only complete graded course published. It is

the only system so plain and practical that it can be sucIT. cessfully taught in public schools without the aid of

Synthetic Series (Primary), 4 Books and Manual.

Analytic Series (Intermediate), 6 Books and Manual. GRADED Perspective Series (Grammar School), 4 Books and

Manual. COURSE. Advanced Perspective and Shading Series (High

School), 4 Books and Manual.


A series embracing all departments of industrial and mechanical drawing.

A series embracing the distinctive characteristics of the SPECIAL various orders of architecture, with practical applications.

A series of characteristic leaves and flowers, arranged COURSES according to botanical orders.

A series of foliage and trees.

A series containing the various zoological forms, arranged according to scientific classification.

A series for map drawing.



The educational demands of the age require that the subject of Drawing should be universally taught.

Krüsi's Graded Course makes its introduction possible and practicable in all schools, and by all teachers.

It is exceedingly simple, natural, rational.
It is economical, consistent, comprehensible.
It is essentially an educational course.

It is already in use in more than one thousand cities and towns in the United States, and with the most gratifying success. Send for circular and see what is said of it.

For full particulars of other popular School Publications, such as Cornell's Popular Series of Geographies, Harkness' Latin and Greek Series, Quackenbos's Arithmetical Course, Quackenbos's Grammars, Composition and Rhetoric; Youmans's Botanies and Botanical Charts, Huxley and Youmans's New Physiology and Hygiene, Lockyer's Astronomy, Wrage's German Series, etc., etc.

Send for our new EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE, embracing over 300 Standard Text-Books, and the EDUCATIONAL RECORD, mailed free to any address on application.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,




330 Broadway, New York,

Manufactory, West Meriden, Conn.



Also, a large variety of ornamental articles suitable for presents.

Particular attention is invited to the Company's recently patented process of electro-plating the smaller domestic articles,

Forks, Spoons, &c.,

By which the parts most exposed to wear receive an extra coating of Silver, three times the usual thickness, a feature which renders the production of this Company more enduring than that of any other manufacture, while the cost is relatively small.


Another specialty of this Company, are now known all over the world, and valued for their extraordinary property of retaining the purity and coolness of water, as well as for the singular durability, cleanliness and chemical excellence of their interior surface.

A full stock of these goods may be found in every considerable city of the Union.

To protect the purchaser against worthless imitations, it should be observed that the improved Spoons and Forks are stamped 1847–ROGERS BROS.-XII.

Silver-Plated Porcelain-Lined Ice-Pitchers.
The Latest Improvement and the Best Article made.


Union Square, N. Y.


GENTLEMEN, -The first year of the ST. NICHOLAS more than fulfills the promise of its auspicious birth, and in the bound volume, with its glory of red and gold, we have what may be called a permanent addition to the literature of the young. I have watched the magazine every month of its existence, and have seen its beauties of pen and pencil unfold; but I am surprised now that it becomes a book-and as handsome a book as St. Nicholas himself can hope to find on Christmas-by the variety and wealth of its contents. Never before, I think, has so much literary and artistic talent co-operated in the service of children, and I will not resist the hearty impulse to say to you that you have made the best magazine for children of all ages I have ever seen ; it is even more entertaining for grown people than some of the quarterlies. I know the high ideal Mrs. Dodge had for it, and her desire that it should exert a sweet and ennobling influence in the house. holds of the land. It has been made level with the comprehensions of children, and yet it is a continual educator of their taste, and of their honor and courage. I do not see how it can be made any better, and if the children don't like it, I think it is time to begin to change the kind of children in this country. Yours sincerely,

CHAS. D. WARNER. HARTFORD, Oct. 6, 1874.

ANDREW J. RICKOFF, Superintendent of Instruction, Cleveland, Ohio, says

“ST. NICHOLAS' is the best ,serial for children's reading ever published in this country-probably the best ever published anywhere. It is interesting without being sensational, it is solid without being heavy, it is instructive without being dull, and childlike without being childish. I cordially recommend it alike for the family and the school.”

THE BOUND VOLUME OF ST. NICHOLAS FOR 1874, In its RED and GOLD, is the FINEST BOOK FOR CHILDREN ever issued in Europe or America. Price $4.00, sent post-paid to any address.


Besides other brilliant attractions will have Two SPLENDID SERIAL STORIES, “THE YOUNG SURVEYOR," by J. T. Trowbridge.

“EIGHT COUSINS," by Louisa M. Alcott. These Serials will be su perbly illustrated. In all its departments,

Literary and Pictorial, this “PRINCE OF MAGAZINES FOR CHILDREN," Will surpass during its second year, its present high degree of

Excellence. Price, $3.00 a year, 25 Cents a Number. Send your Subscription to the nearest Newsdealer.

SCRIBNER & CO., 654 Broadway, N. Y.

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