Trial of Charles Pinney, Esq. in the Court of King's Bench: On an Information, Filed by His Majesty's Attorney-general, Charging Him with Neglect of Duty, in His Office as Mayor of Bristol, During the Riots

Cadel, 1833 - 432 sider
Trial of Charles Pinney, mayor of Britol, England. He was charged with neglecting his duty during the riots of 1831. The riots began when the tory-dominated House of Lords refused to ratify an act which would have given greater number of the population the right to vote. Major Pinney was pro-reform and sympathetic to the cause and anger brought on by the protestors.

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Side xxxii - CD, and their fellows, justices of our said lord the King, assigned to keep the peace of our said lord the King...
Side xxvii - King in this behalf prosecuteth, in his proper person cometh here into the Court of our said Lord the King, before the King himself...
Side xxx - Adams did there again beat, bruise, wound and ill-treat, to the great damage of the said Thomas Adams, to the great contempt, disturbance, and interruption of the Justices and Commissioners above-named, and others their fellows aforesaid, in contempt of our said Lord the King and his laws, to the evil example of all others in the like case offending, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, his crown and dignity.
Side 274 - By Order of THE MAYOR. No. 3. The Magistrates most earnestly the assistance of their fellowcitizens to restore the peace of the city, by assembling immediately at the Guildhall. Guildhall, Sunday Morning, half-past Ten o'clock.
Side xxxii - ... and bludgeons in the said city and county and remained and continued so unlawfully riotously routously and tumultuously assembled together for a long space of time to wit for the space of forty-eight hours then next following and during that time made a great riot rout...
Side xxix - Attorney-General, in fact, further saith, that afterwards, to wit, on the same day and year last aforesaid, at the city and county aforesaid, a great number, to wit, three thousand of the said persons?
Side xxxi - Baltimore, for the purpose of having and enjoying the use thereof for a long space of time, to wit, for the space of two months...
Side xxx - KP esquires, two of the justices of our said lord the king, assigned to keep the peace of our said lord the king...
Side 174 - Breretou's statement, that they seemed to be peaceably inclined, and that he expected, if they were left to themselves, the city would be quiet ; the military therefore continued merely to patrol the streets, and, with the exception of one short conflict, during which one of the rioters was shot by a soldier of the 14th, it is believed there was no disturbance until the morning.
Side xxxiv - King, prayeth the consideration of the Court here, in the premises, and that due process of law may be awarded against him the said Charles Finney, in this behalf, to make him answer to our said Lord the King, touching and concerning the premises aforesaid.

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