The Resources of Russia, in the Event of a War with France: With a Short Description of the Cozaks

Munroe and Francis, 1813 - 196 sider

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Side 45 - ... repose and six hours progress; accustomed to laborious toils, and the carriage of heavy burthens; ferocious, but disciplined; obstinately brave, and susceptible of enthusiastic excitements ; devoted to their sovereign, their chief, and their country.
Side 2 - DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS.. ..TO WIT : District Clerk's Office. BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the...
Side 92 - ... war he irresistibly attacked every opposing squadron in the field. Terror preceded his charge, and in vain discipline endeavoured to present an impediment to the protruding pikes. The Cuirassiers alone preserved some confidence, and appeared to baffle the arm and the skill of the...
Side 96 - ... own : during this contest a shower of musket balls rendered the horses wild, and they flew apart. When the Cossaque was afterwards asked by the Attaman, with feigned anger, for his own explanation of such disrespectful conduct, he replied, " I saw that the enemy directed their fire at the English officer...
Side 76 - Peter the Great, at an interview with the kings of Denmark and Poland, hearing them boast of the superiority of their soldiers, instead of disputing the point with them, proposed an experiment, which was immediately assented to, and which was, to order a grenadier to jump out of a third floor window. The King of Denmark tried the experiment on one of his bravest and most loyal soldiers, who on his knees refused compliance. The king of Poland waived the trial altogether, conceiving it to be hopeless;...
Side 25 - Poland winter, they were always at the piquet post without any shelter ; and for three months, or more, they had no other sustenance than what the old thatch, stripped from the roofs of the cottages, supplied ; and in consequence of this necessity Poland was progressively rendered uninhabitable, and war assumed her most frightful aspect. The mortality certainly was great, but it did not render the cavalry inefficient or feeble for the service of the most active and laborious campaign which succeeded.
Side 93 - It was in this retreat (after the opening of the campaign of 1807) that Platow evinced a trait of that superior mind which attained his station, and which, if he had received a liberal education, would have rendered him one of the first men of the age, as indisputably he is one of the most eminent warriors. After Buonaparte had brought up a second corps of his army (the brigades of Pajol...
Side 47 - Eylau, which had been abandoned by mistake, to be recovered, and the columns were in motion to the attack, animated by an expression in the command, " that the Emperor expected his troops to execute the orders," but afterwards thinking it advisable, as the enemy was greatly reinforced, to desist from the cnterprize, he sent his officers to countermand the service, " No, no," exclaimed every voice ; the Emperor must not be disappointed.
Side 91 - Russians. and generous to the distressed ; with graceful simplicity of manners, and a. candour that commands confidence. His military virtues are splendid in common with the Russian nation ; but hereditary habits of war, and perhaps a natural talent for that species of it in which they are engaged, add* an acute intelligence and capacity that is not generally shared.
Side 96 - ... was fired with similar accuracy, when the attendant Cossaque rushed up to him with resentment in his features, and pointing at his helmet, desired him to change it with his cap ; and on the officer's refusal, he attempted...

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