Memoirs of the Puthan soldier of fortune the nuwab ammeer-ood-doulah Mohummud Ameer Khan [tr. by H.T. Prinsep].


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Side 392 - Raja and the honour of his family, and it appeared that her living longer was inconsistent with these in her father's opinion, there was no occasion for him to have gone secretly to work, for that she was prepared to die by her own act. Accordingly, having bathed, and dressed herself in new and gay attire, she drank off the poison, and so gave up her precious life, earning the perpetual praise and admiration of mankind.
Side 459 - Pindarries and other plunderers, and will, moreover, co-operate to the utmost of his power with the British Government for their chastisement and suppression. He will not enter into negotiations...
Side 264 - ... and though jewels of value were not wanting, there was no raising money upon them, and no sale for such things at the present time. Doulut Rao observed — I too have jewels enough, but there is no use in them for present purposes, and Ambajee Inglia, who professes to be my servant, and has lakhs of rupees in ready money by him, will give no aid. If you can contrive a way of extracting money from him by cunning, you have my permission, but the half of what may be so obtained must belong to me....
Side 210 - The Muharaj at Lucan flew, As swoops a Falcon on its prey, His water-tempered blade he drew, And streams of gushing blood found way. The broken host took fright and flight, Death was among them freely dealt, Sepoys and soldiers, black and white, The sword's keen edge in plenty felt. A raging Lion, Juswunt Rao, Came upon Lucan, brave and bold, And striking at his head one blow His head upon the green sward roll'd.
Side 459 - Khan will deliver up to the British Government all his guns and military equipments, with the exception of such a portion as may be requisite for the internal management of his possessions and...
Side 355 - If there are several pronouns in a sentence, they are elegantly placed together, if it can be done without causing any confusion or ambiguity to the sense ; and, indeed, the best writers, in order to give more force and energy, either...
Side ix - But all these publications — all this printed correspondence, is on one side. We have no spies in the enemy's camp, nor any bulletins, manifestos, and state papers, through which we may learn, at first hand, what is passing amongst, and what is thought by our enemies. We conquer and take the country, and make out our own case before the world. Those we combat with are dumb, or silent. Every thing is represented couleur de rose for European valour, European skill, and energy, and moderation, and...
Side 303 - CHAP. xxv. of formation, the relations of peace previously subpurposes, spinning it out at pleasure till the resources of both were exhausted and till both were in our power.
Side 267 - Holkur, began to act upon Inglia's views of policy. Accordingly, he broke off from the treaty of offensive and defensive alliance against the English, and made a demand upon Holkur for the release of Inglia.
Side 459 - Nawaub Ameer Khan will disband his army, with the exception of such a portion as may be requisite for the internal management of his possessions.

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