of the World

Vol. XXIX. No. 8

Old Series

AUGUST, 1906

Vol. XIX. No. 8

Neau Series




both to recognize and, as far as may IN THE LAST DAYS PERILOL'S TIMES be, arm ourselves against such dire SHALL COME; FOR MEN SIALL BE



marred the wedding procession of FIERCE, DESPISERS OF THOSE THAT


is to our minds a typical sign of the THIN LOVERS OF GOD: HAVING A times--a typical manifestation of FORM OF GODLINESS, BUT DENYING modern lawlessness. In at least five THE POWER THEREOF.-Second Tim

respects it is instructive: othy, iii: 2-5.

First, it reveals the spirit of anThese are God-given signs of the archy, as essentially a spirit of resisttimes-indications of the last days. to all organized government Whether they fit these times or not, and to the reign of law; and as unthe devout, thoughtful reader must hesitating in its methods of accomdecide for himself. But certainly plishing its purpose. O'Connell, the some of the signs here indicated are great Irish agitator, took as his motvery obvious present facts: Self-love, to, that "no reformation or revolugreed, boastfulness, haughtiness, law- tion is worth one drop of human lessness in the family and in the blood." Were this the axiom of State, ingratitude and ungodliness, present reformers and revolutionists, even the decay of natural affection, almost any of them might meet with resentment; defamation, cruelty, the toleration, as it would involve no love of pleasure, and the external

than the agitation of free form of godliness without its power speech ; but the anarchist rushes at - who can deny the presence of these

to violence his chosen evils in modern society, and even weapon. in Christian lands? These are ever Second, it was a revelation of the before us and our study should be hypocrisy and treachery of such law




lessness, hiding a deadly bomb in a the life of a sovereign; but it missed fragrant bouquet, and, under pre- its aim, and involved a score of inteuse of throwing foral congratula- nocent parties who were sacrificed tions toward the bride and groom, with satanic coldness and indifference hurling a deadly missile of destruc- in the hope of reaching the other tion. It reminds us of the “damna- result. Anarchy stops at nothing. ble prostitution of love's own sign," It has the spirit of hell and its de when Judas betrayed the Son of crees should be written in blood. Van with a kiss. Such acts stamp

No words are strong enough to conas utterly despicable any movement

demn acts of this sort. Ther call which they characterize.

for no forbearance. Third, anarchy here shows its

HOPEFUL SIGNS murderous heart. It aims at break

On the other hand, it is a joy to ing up the system of government, by

call attention to signs of a different destroying human life.


sort, and the word of God indicates short of the death of a monarchi

that both classes of facts are to charsatisfies its cruel spirit.

acterize the last days. The same inFourth, it exemplifies the perver- spiring Spirit that dictated the above sity of wickedness. Mankind has to

words of the Apostle Paul has likepay a heavy penalty for some of the

wise indicated, for example, that the most useful and beneficent of human

last days will be marked by great discoveries. The era of dynamite, as

evangelistic activity. It is a curious it was hoped, was to be the era of

coincidence that, in the seven parareconstruction. Some gigantic force

bles of Matthew (xiii) and in the seemed to be needed for removing

seven letters to the churches (in obstacles to human progress, such as Revelation ii and iii) the last huge stumps of trees where land is

glimpse we get is, in one case, the to be cleared, or the encumbering universal casting of the drag-net of ruins of old buildings which must

ctangelism, and, in the other, the disappear before new and more use

prevalence of a Laodicean lukeavarmful structures, as also in mining and

The two conditions are to be similar operations, by which valua

coexistent, as the deepest shadows ble veins of metal and mineral are

always accompany the intensest light. opened up for man's uses. But law

Even if the above signs of the times lessness turns this valuable inven

correctly describe our day, we need tion into the most destructive weap

not be surprised to find various other on of assassination, until one almost

movements, as encouraging as these regrets the discovery of such giant

are distressing, explosives, since it puts into the hands of the lawless gigantic capacity for

THE GOSPEL OF HEALING the wrecking and ruining of not only Nothing stands out more promimaterial structures, but of human lives. nent in our day as God's chosen

Finally, this act of the assassin ex- method, not only of evangelizing, but hibits the diabolical recklessness of of opening otherwise closed doors, anarchy This blow was aimed at than medical missions.

They rank





among the foremost in efficiency and dignity for the sake of an active and service, especially when truly used abundant service to souls ! as an evangelizing agency, when

THE NEW SOCIOLOGICAL GOSPEL medical work is subordinated to Gos

Another marked indication of our pel work and used to spread the

clay is the recognition of a human knowledge of Christ. There is no

brotherhood and of our obligations need to multiply testimony, as there

to iman as man. Of course this may is no question about it with any intelligent observer. Upon no subject easily lapse into mere humanitarian

ism without spiritual significance, but was the witness of the late Mrs. Isabella Bird Bishop more emphatic; ognizes

, that the Gospel is not only

there is a deep truth which it recin fact, it was her observation of

for the individual but for the home medical missions that mainly con

and for the nation, that its principle verted her to an interest in mission

is to remold and regenerate, that its ary work. She thought this unpar

ultimate object is

new city of alleled as a means of reaching souls.

God, a community in which nothing GENERAL AGGRESSIVE ACTIVITY

enters that defiles, or works abomi.

nation, makes lie. Ever A most cheering sign of the times

church should interest itself in reoris the new spirit of evangelistic effort shown in churches long in the ganizing society on Christian prin

ciples, and all work is essentially depetrifying bonds of a fashionable

fective which leaves out of view respectability. Many a church has

man's domestic and social conditions. dropped its former formal and conventional style of worship, and as a

THE SPIRIT OF FEDERATION body has gone out to reach the out- What a grateful sign of the times cast classes in neglected districts and is the increasing tendency of disciples slums of the great cities. Midnight to draw. together—to magnify matprocessions headed by the ministers ters of agreement and minify matters themselves, the principal members of of disagreement! There has never the church, women as well as men, been so great a manifestation of this falling into line and going out to tendency as in this very day, and it extend a warm and helping hand to is reaching even denominations which the hitherto neglected, if not de- have been supposed to be most exspised, classes this is certainly an clusive and clannish. Not only do amazing development of twentieth some Baptists abate their close comcentury Christianity. It is a revival munion views, and even the Episcoof the Gospel of the hand-shake. Iu palians incline to let down the barsuch cities as London, Glasgow, Chi- riers that fence out their chancels cago, Los Angeles, and New York and pulpits, but, what is still more City the poor outcasts have been great- remarkable, some of the more libly impressed by these new evidences of eral-minded Roman Catholics love for man as man, and what is

disposed more closely to fraternize more pleasing to God than to have with non-prelatical bodies. We a church drop its cold and stately warmly commend the spirit of true


unity, so long as in promoting such

OPENING OF LOCKHART COLLEGE federation there is no sacrifice of

An event unique in the progress of essential truth. Certainly God would

missions in China and marking an era have his people see eye to eye and in the history of Western education work hand in hand; and nowhere

in that land, was the opening on is disunion more disastrous than in

February 13, in Peking, of the Union mission fields which could be more

Medical College by His Excellency effectively worked by a single de

Na-Tung, a member of the Inner nomination than by a multitude of Council of the Empire, sent to repdivergent Christian bodies. In tray.. resent the Empress Dowager. Hle els over the great West we remem

was accompanied by a brilliant assember to have seen a little village of bly of the highest officers of State, less than four hundred people with with a Prince and Dukes of the Imfive attempts at churches of different perial House. persuasions where one united con

Among these were Presidents of gregation with a competent minister

the Foreign Office, of the Board of of Christ would have more than an- War, Board of Rites, Board of Civil swered all the needs of the people. Office, Board of Punishments, Board THE ADVOCACY OF ARBITRATION of Education, Board of Trade, sever

At the late Peace Conference at al Grand Secretaries, and Vice-PresiLake Mohonk, vigorous addresses dents of Boards in large numbers. were made, emphasizing the desira- The army was represented by the bility and expediency of settling all General of the Forces in Peking, and disputes between nations by amicable several other generals. The Foreign councils and conferences, and the Legations were represented by the hope was expressed that the new Ministers of each country, and vaPalace of Peace at The Hague would rious other officials. The majority of prove to be the Parliament of Man the foreign residents of Peking also atfor the Federation of the World. tended, including a large number of How desirable to do away with ladies. The fine large building (to standing armies and navies, or at which the Empress Dowager conleast to restrict their growth within tributed the sum of £1,400) cost, the narrowest available limits, con- with its equipment, nearly £9,000, of straining the nations to adjust con- which Chinese donors had subscribed troversies as gentlemen settle their over £3.000. differences—not by a resort to arms, The College is under the care of as in the duel or fisticuffs, but by a the London Missionary Society, the resort to arbitration, calling in im- American Board, the Methodist and partial judges by whose opinion their Presbyterian Missions, and the faccourse shall be determined! How ulty includes the names of 9 Britmuch this would contribute to the ish and American physicians, with growth of missionary enterprises and 13 other North China doctors as to the favorable impression left upon lecturers and an Examining Board, heathen peoples as to the character including the names of the doctors of Christian nations !

of the various European Legations.


RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION IN jects was made, and then these StavTURKEY

riotæ boldly

declared themselves After the conquest of the Empire Christians, "choosing rather to sufof Trebizond by the Turks, in the fer wrong with the people of God, fifteenth century,

the inhabitants, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for who were mostly Orthodox Greeks, a season. This refusal resulted in were for some time allowed to keep their not being enrolled at all; but up the practise of their own relig- they still paid taxes as Moslems, and ion. But 250 years ago a large were forced to do military service number of Greek villages were forced (from which Christian subjects are into an outward acceptance of Is- exempt). This went on until, two lam, and were circumcized, and given years ago, another enrollment was Turkish

Most of these made, and again these men refused Greeks, however, kept up in secret to say they were. Moslems. Upon their former faith and practise. this the government arrested some There are numerous villages in the twenty-two of their leading men, and , mountains south of Trebizond where sent them into exile in various places. the Orthodox Church services and Two of these have died in prison, sacraments are still observed in se- two have denied their Lord under cret, administered by priests who in the stress of torture and imprisoncommon life are known as Mehmet ment; and threats, bribes and torture and Ismail and Ali, and are farmers. are being applied to make the others The inhabitants of the village of recant. The remaining men have Stavri emigrated southward, to find gone into hiding to escape arrest. a more obscure home where they Having thus got rid of the husbands might be freer to worship the Lord. and fathers, the Turkish government They settled in the town of Ak has begun the next step in exteriiDagh Madeni, near the Halys River, nation by drafting into the army the some fifty miles west of Sivas. They boys, sixteen and eighteen years old, have lived there ever since, marrying who had taken charge of the farms always among themselves or with and gardens. A piteous plea was Orthodox Greeks. These Stavriotæ sent, in May, to the ecumenical now number upward of a thousand patriarch, signed by thirty-six of the souls and they have had their places women, and begging that something of worship, and even schools, in be done to save them from utter caves and

and underground buildings, destruction. This poor, persecuted where baptism, the Lord's Supper, community has made every effort and Christian marriage rites are ob- to enlist the patriarch, the foreign served. Men with Mohammedan ambassadors in Constantinople, the names in their governmental regis- Greek government, the Athens press, tration papers are known to each and other powerful agencies in their other as Ioannes, Georgios, Prodro- behalf; but so far the Porte is obmos or Athanasios. ,

durate. A letter has been sent by Twenty-five years ago an enroll- their representatives to King Edward ment of his sultanic majesty's sub- himself, and the Evangelical Alliance

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