various societies, and other places the Colonies, in Algiers, in Tunis, in where Gospel work is carried on more New Caledonia, and in Tonkin. or less regularly.

The Free Church has its home mis. Notice very briefly what the sion work also, and needs some £2,churches are doing for their fellow 600 for its support;

while the Protestants and for the evangeliza- Lutheran Church has a smaller work tion of the immense Roman Catholic at its charges, and several other ormajority by which they are ganizations are kept up in various rounded. Here is a summary of their localities. missionary and evangelization SO- The two organizations working cieties, their societies for religious in- among the priests are also to be struction, for relief and charity, and mentioned. for philanthropic purposes:

The Societé des Traités Religieux There are two Bible societies at has been established for over eighty work—that of Paris and that of years, and has been regularly helped France-for the circulation of the by the R. T. S. of London. With Scriptures among the churches, and very limited means at its disposal it for the revision of the versions. has done excellent work, publishing They do not carry on any colport- almanacs, magazines, and books, beage work, that being only under- sides tracts of all kinds. taken by the British and Swiss so- Another society is at work to help cieties.

the formation of primary schools, The Foreign Missionary Society is and has normal schools for the trainworking in Africa—in the Lessouto, ing of teachers. on the Zambesi, and on the Kongo; The well-known Société des Livres in Madagascar; in Maré; in Sene- Religieux de Toulouse has done gal; in Tahiti, etc.—and requires much to provide books for school riot far from £40,000 a year for its libraries, and has also been helped support. It is true that British, Swiss, from London. It was founded by and Dutch Christians send a great deal Messrs. Courtois, of Toulouse, and of help, but the bulk is supplied by has lately passed into other hands, the French themselves.

upon the death of M. Courtois de Then there is a work for the freed Viçose. slaves, for the Kabyles, and for the There has been a great deal of Jews in Algiers, etc.

useful work carried on by the SoHome mission work is carried on ciété de l'Histoire du Protestantisme by the Société Evangélique, and the Français, in making known the hishonored names of Edmond de Pres- tory of the Protestant churches, sensé, Georges Fisch, Jules Dela- the story of their persecutions and borde, and H. Lutteroth will always sufferings, and of their religious life; be associated with this society. Its and it was through this society that income is about £4,000.

the late Pastor Bersier was able to The Société Centrale is the home raise the sum of £4,000 for the erecmission work of the Eglise Réformée. tion of the beautiful monument to the It was founded in 1835, and has made memory of Gaspard de Coligny that great progress of recent years. Its is to be seen in the Rue de Rivoli, near object is to get hold of the scattered by the Church of St. Germain l'AuxProtestants, and to group them to- errois, whence sounded the tocsin givgether, form churches, and train up ing the signal for the massacre on the the children, and it has been very fatal night of St. Bartholomew. successful in this. From spending in The Sundav-school Union of Paris its first year £85 it has come to require has succeeded greatly in developing not less than £21,000 for its mainte- the young, and while in 1853 there nance. It has a section for work in were but 143 Sunday-schools in al



France; now their number exceeds It has been estimated that about 1,500.

a quarter of a million pounds is subThe French are proverbial for scribed by the French Protestants their charitable enterprises, and the for the support of all their societies Protestants are not behindhand in and works—not a small sum, considthis. The best known of their works ering the limited number of subof mercy are the homes founded by scribers. the late beloved John Bost. In 1848 We have not referred to such the beginning was made, and now works as Miss de Broen's, the Salthe Asiles John Bost have a world- vation Army, the McAll Mission, and wide fame. The names of these others, whose support

come almost homes tell their own story: La Fa- entirely from outside France. mille, for orphan or destitute Protes- The separation of Church and tant girls; Bethesda, for idiot and in- State throws a heavy financial burcurable girls; Ebenezer, for epileptic den on the churches, as the Eglise young women; Bethel, for epileptic Réformée and the Lutheran Church lads; Shiloh, for idiot and incurable receive State aid to the amount of lads; La Compassion and La Mis- £80,000 year

for the support éricorde, for boys and girls suffer- of their pastors and colleges, and ing from certain skin affections; Le for the maintenance of the buildings. Repos, for aged governesses, and La This is withdrawn, and the Retraite, for aged servants. Some churches must rely entirely upon £10,000 a year are needed for this themselves. It is hoped by many most interesting work.

that the Free Church will be able to The Agricultural School for boys join with the disestablished Eglise at Ste. Foy takes in children who Réformée, and thus unite their forces. have come before the magistrates, But there are many difficult questions and some 150 are trained there. to be decided as to the future or

Homes for the blind and for the ganization of the churches, and the deaf and dumb are also in existence. presence of the Rationalist minority

The Deaconess House in Paris, in the Eglise Réformée makes the with its refuge for girls, its hospital, question complicated. its work among female prisoners, The situation is one of the greatest and all its round of useful service, is interest and solemnity. Will the known to many in Great Britain. French people, now that their minds Then there are many orphanages and are being stirred by these religious homes, for children and others, at questions, be turned to the Gospel Paris, Courbevoie, Brest, Die, Fer- and to faith in the Lord Jesus? Or ney, Lyons, Marseilles, Montbéliard, will they drift away from all belief, Nerac, Orléans, Montauban, Sedan, and sink into utter materialism? Is Lemé, Castres, Nimes, Saverdun, there power in Protestant Christians Tonneins, etc. It is not possible to go forward and evangelize the to give a detailed account of all that country, and bring the light to all is being carried on in the way of parts—to those districts where as yet philanthropic and charitable work nothing has been done to preach the throughout France by individuals or Truth? It behooves all who love the bv churches.

Gospel and who love France to beThe Young Men's and Young stir themselves and to see what share Women's Christian Associations have they can have in the work of bringbeen greatly developed in the lasting the Gospel to this great and inquarter of a century, and also tem- teresting nation, where there are so perance work, and efforts to rouse many true and faithful servants of public opinion on great moral and the Lord Jesus Christ, and where so social questions, etc.

much good seed has been sown.


so low


BY REV. BRUCE KINNEY, SALT LAKE CITY The various denominations work sce a car-load to-day.

At the aning in Utah are doing more and mal conferences of the Mormon better work than ever before. Chris. church there is a note of discourtianity, as represented by the evan agement in the reports of all the gelical churches, has a greater in returned missionaries. Their almost fluence than ever. Growth is very

universal testimony is about like slow, but the progress is real. Few this: "We are working hard, but converts made directly from have not had the baptisms that we Mormonism, but the Christian had hoped for, but we are trusting church, school and home and the that the seed we are sowing will public school and press have spread bring a harvest in good time." the spirit of true Americanism. This

Social and Moral Conditions has had a modifying, sapping and disintegrating influence on Mormon The conditions are about as bad ism. When for any reason people as they could be in the strictly Morbecome disgusted with and separater mon communities. Plenty of facts from Mormonism then they are woni

could be furnished in support of into Christian churches in considera this were it not that many of them ble numbers. If they are not thus are unprintable. The worst of it is won they usually drift into atheism their ideals are

that ther --not the bold, blatant kind, but the do not realize that anything is wrong. sad, hopeless, helpless kind. There The social and moral ideas of the

more pronounced atheists in average Mormon town are such as l'tah in proportion to the popula- would not be tolerated among other tion than in any other State of this non-Christian Americans. Things Union. Mormonism is responsible. unspeakable among Christians The people are so deceived and be casion comment in a Mormon trayed by their leaders that when town or are passed as a joke. they once give up their faith they The church thrives directly from have no confidence in anything re


of vice. Apostle ligious.

Smoot's drug store sells all kinds of Even in remote districts where liquors for beverage purposes. Salt Mormonism has had no organized

Air Beach is owned and controlled religious or political opposition there exclusively by "Joseph F. Smith, is a surprising number of people Trustee, in Trust for the Church of who have quietly ceased to pay their Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." tithes and gradually withdrawn from In other words, it is controlled by the Vormon church. Careful in the Mormon church through its quiry in one such town revealed the president as trustee. Yet there is fact that while it was supposed to be maintained in that famous pavilion solidly Mormon, about one-fourth a regular saloon where all kinds of of the people had definitely aban- intoxicating drinks are sold under a doned that faith.

concession signed by Joseph F. The Smoot investigation may be Smith. Here are hundreds of bathresponsible for it, but the fact is that ing rooms with no regulations as they are making the converts to their use by the 'sexes. It is alat home or abroad they once did. leged that they are regularly used The time was when whole train for the worst purposes by those so loads of Mormon converts were disposed. brought across the continent into Whole sections of the city given Utah. It is a very rare thing to over to the saloon and the brothel





* Condensed from The Watchman.



are owned by high ecclesiastics of make so many of the more intellithe church or by corporations con- gent Mormons think for themselves, trolled by the church or its priest- and that separates them from the hood. For twenty years a saloon church almost de facto. has been located on property that In the fall of 1904 the American has been owned all this time by Party of Utah was organized to Apostle John Henry Smith or some fight against the domination of the of his family. It is said that one of church in political affairs. In the the Patriarchs of this church daily fall of 1905 they won a signal viccollects in person the per diem ren- tory, electing their entire municipal tal from the unfortunates who con- ticket. This in spite of the factduct houses of ill-fame on his prop- perhaps because of the fact—that erty.

Apostle Smoot left his own little Commercial and Political

town of Provo on election day and The church would like to dominate came to Salt Lake City and made cverything and attempts to do so. an unconcealed attempt at the polls There are

some signs of the deca- to turn the tide away from the dence of this power.

It is said that

American Party. Many think that the Utah Light and Power Com

Smoot's conduct contributed in pany is on the financial rocks and small degree to the success of the that the Utah Sugar Company has

American Party. I have seen a statebeen obliged to sell a controlling in- ment that 1500 Mormons voted the terest to the Sugar Trust. Both of

American ticket. There must have these are church institutions. Here been many, and I personally know of is one good thing the trusts are do

At least one Mormon in ing for Utah. The church could good standing in the church has control things in competition with

been a candidate on the American ordinary corporations, but can not get

ticket and made a vigorous perthe best of our modern Trusts.

sonal campaign. This victory has The ever increasing mining and accomplished several things. It has railroad interests of this region are

given strength to the weak-kneed bringing an unusually large number Gentiles. Men are declaring themof non-Mormons here to live. This selves, even if it does “hurt busiwill help to break the power of the

ness." It has cleansed the city govdominant church. It has recently ernment and partly stopped ecclesibeen announced that the Mormon astical grafting. It has heartened church is to give up its business en

conscientious Mormons to throw off terprises.

priestly domination. Joseph F. Smith is a bigoted fanatic. Never since the days of Brig

Polygamy a Living Issue ham Young has the authority of the It is still practised. The subject priesthood been more strenuously of polygamy has two phases which taught and enforced. “When a man must be carefully differentiated. First says that a priest may direct him there is polygamous cohabitation, spiritually but not temporally, that which is the living with plural wives man lies in the presence of God.” taken before the Vanifesto of 1890. This official utterance seems to be Second there is the taking of new the keynote of Smith's reign. Never plural wives since that time. Both since Young have the doctrines pe- of these crimes were forbidden by culiar to the Mormon church been the constitution of l'tah before Conso uncompromisingly insisted upon. gress would allow it to become a All this is favorable to our

State. Law's were then passed proEcclesiastical domination is one of viding heavy penalties. The church the main causes now operating to

leaders, among

them Joseph F.




Smith, took oath that the Mani- young to have been wives before the festo forbade both of these crimes. Manifesto and yet who have no visiThey received amnesty individually ble husband. and collectively condition that Professor Wolfe, who taught in they would obey these laws.

Mormon schools up to the time of his Now, what the facts ? In recent apostasy, says there is more regard to the first crime Joseph F. polvgamy practised to-day than at Smith testified before the Senate any time since the Manifesto. He committee that he had had born to also testified that Apostle John him thirteen children since the Man- Henry Smith told him that the Vanifesto by five different wives. Apos- ifesto was "a trick to beat the devil tle Penrose swore that he received at his own game." special amnesty from President In order to secure statehood the Cleveland on condition that he re- leaders of the church, among them frain from violation of these laws Joseph F. Smith, swore that they and then admitted that he had not had given up polygamy as an article kept his covenant. More than half of Faith as well as practise. As we of the present Apostles are living have seen, they now publicly declare in polygamy, and Brigham II. Rob- their polygamous practises. They erts still flaunts his polygamous re- publicly defend polygamy as a prinlations before the public gaze. At ciple and without doubt privately the funeral services of the late Apos- teach it as a practise. I predict that tle Merrill eight wives, four on unless Smoot is expelled from the either side of the coffin, publicly Senate and strenuous measures are mourned their departed spouse. In taken by the national government to an interview in 1902 President Smith stamp out polygamy, the Mormon admitted that there were still 897 hierarchy will soon publicly restore polygamous families. In some com- the practise of polygamy. They are munities these relations are acknowl- getting ready for this step. edged with no attempt at conceal- With all of our knowledge of the ment.

transgressions of the laws against Without doubt there have been polygamy, with all the confessions of many plural marriages since the the same by the guilty parties, there Manifesto. These are much harder are no prosecutions. The courts are to prove, as most of them take place in the hands of Mormons or subsesout of this country and all of them vient Gentiles who fear to lose their in secret. The son of an Apostle tes- office if they act. When they thirik tified in Washington that he had the time has come they will retstaken a plural wife in 1892, tho tablislı polygamy and snap their finhe had one whom he married in 1888 gers in the face of Congress and and that he had had children by botlı say, as Smith did, “Well, what are of them since that time. Mabel you going to do about it?" What are Barber Kennedy testified that she be- we going to do about it? came the plural wife of a man who was a counselor to the President of

What is the Remedy? their State. Apostle Smoot testi- A constitutional amendment giving fied that it was likely that two of Congress the authority to legislate to the Apostles had taken new plural correct this matter is the only remwives since the Manifesto and prom- edy. The advantage is that this will ised that he would have the matter. take the matter out of the hands of investigated, but nothing has been truculent state officials and give judone in the case up to date. One risdiction to Federal officials who do thing we know is that children are not owe their official position to the being born to women who are too votes of Mormons. In the eighties.

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