latter class that the Commission has A CONSTITUTION FOR PERSIA been mainly concerned. They find Altho there seems

little probunlawful practise amazingly com ability of any true government remon, especially affecting the service form in Persia at present, there are of the Eucharist in which alone they persistent reports to the effect that found thirty-four classes of such il the Shah of Persia, Muzzafered Din, legal doings, such as the use of Ro

has promised a Constitution for his man Catholic vestments which, kingdom, and ordered the organizatho so common, has not been pro tion of a national assembly. It is hibited by any bishop; then, the Con said that this is to be composed of fiteor and “Last Gospel" have been princes, clergy, high dignitaries, merintroduced from the papal church; chants, and representatives of corthe chalice ceremonial is mixed, and porations. It will meet at the capital, wafers used in more than half the Teheran, and all civil and constituchurches. The ceremony of the 'tional laws are to originate in it, beLavabo is practised, while in four coming effective on receiving the hundred and thirty-eight churches the Shah's signature. It is said that this celebrant turns his back to the people, action is due to the upheaval in Rushiding from them the act of con sia. The Shah visited European secration. The sign of the cross over capitals six years ago, and no doubt the elements, the ringing of the Sanc made himself acquainted with the tus Bell, with the use of candles and character and advantages of repreholy water, are reported as common. sentative government. It will be reIn many cases there are

markable if Persia should outstrip municants save the celebrant. Chil Russia in advance toward governdren are being trained to attend ser

ment by the people, but the day of vice without receiving the sacrament. the absolute monarch is past. The The Host is elevated, and in fifty- day of the sovereignty of the comtwo cases the wafer is held up and

man is at hand. Wise rulers the congregation invited to "behold recognize that fact and act accordthe Lamb of God." Practically, the ingly. We hope that this will mean Adoration of the Virgin is steadily true advance for Persia. gaining ground, with the “pressing” of the confessional. The Commis




TURMOIL IN RUSSIA sion says that these practises lie on Russia is still in the throes of a the Romeward side of the line of revolution which no autocracy can deep cleavage between the Church of permanently arrest. The dissolution England and that of Rome. Surely of the Douma can not dissolve the it is no marvel if hundreds of Non- spirit of liberty which will find some Conformists in England have pre other manifestation and incarnation. ferred the jail to the abandonment When a great nation, long kept down of protest against an Education Bill by the fetters of despotism, the iron that in their judgment places the in rule of absolutism, once gets awake struction of their children in the and alive to a sense of its latent enhands of Romanizing High Church- ergy, it is like a colossal steed when

once he learns that if he takes the



bit between his teeth and uses all his has been remarkable. Some weeks strength no hand on the reins can ago about 5,000 Jewish immigrants hold him in. Naturalists tell us that from Russia and the Balkan states the eye of the horse is so constructed landed at Jaffa. They will settle in that it magnifies external objects, the plain of Sharon, round the towns and makes a seem' relatively of Ramleh and Lydda, and in Jewish gigantic, so that while the horse is colonies along the sea coast. A few immensely stronger than his driver

days ago

some Jewish financiers or rider he thinks of his human mas made a trip to the region east of ter as much the larger and stronger Jordan, in the direction of Kerak. of the two. However this be, Rus- They saw the land, and were highly sia is beginning to learn that an em satisfied with its fertility and the napire embracing 8,500,000 square miles ture of its soil. They are willing and 130,000,000 people is too large to colonize the district, but are rather and strong for one little man to hold suspicious of the neighboring Beduin in check, even tho he be a Czar, tribes, who are averse to any perand backed by a ministry of a score manent settlement being effected in of advisers. This gigantic steed

their midst. The correspondent goes has got the bit between the teeth and on to say that the Jews are in started to run, and the hand on the communication with the government reins is too weak to check the wild on the subject, and should the latter fury of the charger. Here again is give them sufficient guarantee of proa crisis that appeals for prayer. This tection against the raids of their is a time to plead with God for an neighbors the sale of large tracts other people that form about one will soon be completed. tenth of the whole race, that a higher

COMING LEADERS IN CHINA hand may just now rein in the other

It is difficult to find any fit word wise reckless speed that can not con

world-wide trol itself.

to express the God only can prevent

ment of our day in the direction of what is prompted by a desire-a pas

radical and revolutionary changes. sion-for liberty from rushing to

It is like the steady and resistless ward lawlessness, for there is but a

motion of a tidal wave that will not step from monarchy to anarchy, from

be "swept back," even by a governliberty to license.

mental "Mrs. Partington," but moves

forward and carries all obstacles beJEWISH IMMIGRATION INTO

fore it. PALESTINE

It is no small thing to arouse a The recent Zionist Congress has hermit nation like China, with nearly declared that they will colonize in no one-third of the population of the other land but their own “promised globe, after being shut up in a cell land."

of exclusiveness for a millenium of The London Daily Mail states years. Yet China is certainly movthat according to its Jerusalem cor ing, and with all the momentum of respondent the influx of Jews into a huge mass. What more convinPalestine during the last few niontlis cing proof could be asked of a wide


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spread discontent, even in the Celes in various parts of the world, recent-
tial Empire, with the present condi ly held some meetings in Damascus
tions, when in Tokio alone there are for the deepening of the spiritual
to-day between 9,000 and 10,000 life. According to the London Chris-
Chinese students, scholars that have tian a deep impression was made
gone to the Island Empire to learn when he addressed the senior pupils
the secret of Japan's sudden emer in some of the Presbyterian schools,
gence into a commanding position in as well as several public meetings in
the Orient, and with only one-fourth the church. The senior pupils of the
of China's vast hordes! Even Chi- Jewish boys' school attended, and
nese literati have learned that scholar two of them were brought to an
ship is not enough. Mr. Beecher open confession of Christ, while all
used to compare some sorts of learn were deeply moved. A general spirit
ing that belong to the past, to “cobs of inquiry came over all the boys of
that used to have corn on them," and that school, and many came to the
it is plain that even Chinese wisdom teacher to have the Scriptures ex-
is too ancient for modern needs. The plained to them, so that it became
literati are at once conservative and apparent that the Spirit of God was
influential in the empire, and those at work in their hearts.
who have gone to Japan on this er At the same time, Jewish men,
rand are in some cases men of “high hitherto almost unreachable, asked
degree,” who when they go back directly for the services of a Bible
must help to mold the new empire. reader. An equally encouraging
Surely it is a time for prayer, that spiritual movement is taking place
the God of nations would control the among the boys in the Gentile boys'
influences which are to shape these school at Damascus. One of the
men, determine their ideas and ideals. Moslems was deeply touched, and the
While learning the secrets of material lads made a little meeting among
progress, it would be an infinite pity themselves twice a week for Bible
if they are also drawn into the snares reading, prayer, and to hear short re-
of materialism, immorality, and in- ligious papers written by one or two
fidelity. Efforts are already making of their number. In the Gentile
to bring these Chinese students under girls' school a similar movement has
wholesome evangelical influences, and been going on and we trust will con-
may they be vastly multiplied. tinue to spread throughout this an-

cient city.

TURN ON THE SEARCHLIGHT Encouraging news comes from the This is an era of investigation. missionaries of the Irish Presbyterian There is a spirit of exposure abroad Mission at Damascus in regard to an which may easily run riot in its interesting spiritual movement among methods. It is the day of the searchthe pupils of the Jewish and the light and we all know that the searchGentile mission schools. Mr. Fran- light is attended by a false glare. sen, an American evangelist who has Missions must undergo this process been visiting foreign mission stations of search, and we are glad to believe


that the work, as a whole, challenges the deaf or blind, the flood of sense investigation. It is interesting to power flows with greater rapidity and see that even a prominent secular volume through the remaining senses, paper sends abroad its correspondent or, to maintain our figure, the imto make an impartial examination pressions that seek entrance crowd, and report.

Let us have, from in greater numbers, through every quarter, a careful examination

the doors of the remaining senses. of the work. Disclosure of what is On the other hand, whenever more actually going on can not do any than one of these entrances to the harm. If there are excellencies, they soul is used for impression it is will be found; if there are deficien- conversely true that we thus double cies, exposure will bring remedy; or treble the amount of power in even if there were dishonesty or im- our appeal. This truth is becoming morality in exceptional cases, every more and more recognized. Hence genuine friend of missions would the use of charts, maps, stereoptiwelcome exposure as the only hope con views, and visible objects, apof reform and cure. But, thus far, peals by way of intensifying the inwe rejoice that all careful investiga- pression upon the mind. The wide tion has proved vindication. No work application of this method is modern. of which we know bears the search- It is becoming more and more charlight so well. Missionaries as a class acteristic of all methods of education, are the formost men and women in secular and sacred. For instance, the the world, in all that constitutes real use of the stereopticon as a cheap worth and heroism. Whatever de- and available method of training confects there are, they are like spots gregations in biblical and missionary on the sun. We hope to see the day information is becoming more and when it will be common for churches more common. The various missionto send their own pastors or officers ary boards are accumulating fine sets to see for themselves and report. of missionary views illustrative of Unofficial visits weigh more in evi- work among heathen tribes, presentdence because they are not official. ing pictures of missionary stations,

native costumes, the habits of the THE USE OF EYE-GATE

people, and indicating the progress The appeal to the sense of sight of the work, and hence a wonderful in education is an important develop- increase of interest and information ment of the present day and it has a in the congregations. From personal philosophical basis. There is a large observation and experience we can aggregate of what may be called strongly commend this method to the "sense power" in humanity. This attention of readers. Oftentimes in in a normal human being, is distrib- obscure and rural churches where uted through the five senses which

visits from missionaries are rare, corBunyan quaintly calls "eye-gate," respondence with missionary boards "ear-gate,' "nose-gate," "mouth- will secure the use of such materials gate," "touch-gate." Now, whenever at a comparatively trifling cost. Let one of these gates is closed, as in pastors of such churches try it.

[blocks in formation]

The Arabian Mission of the Re- east, are still a neglected country. All formed Church in America has for of these provinces, and Hejaz on the its purpose and plan the occupation west and Hadramant on the south, of the interior of Arabia for Christ. are without a witness for Christ! BeTo that end three stations on the yond Bahrein and westward the maineastern coast, Busrah, Bahrein, and land stretches for eight hundred Muscat, are now occupied by eight- miles to the Red Sea.

miles to the Red Sea. As Jiddah is een missionaries. Out-stations have the western port, so Bahrein is the also been opened at Amara and chief eastern port and entré-pot for Nasariya, on the Tigris and Euphra- all Arabia. It is therefore a gateway tes, and recently in the important to the interior, but Turkish suspicion town of Nachl, in Oman. But the and political fear of everything Westreal heart of Arabia, the vast interior ern have kept the door closed. Twice of Nejd, Jebel Shommar, Asir, Nej- it seemed to be ajar and I was priviran, and Yemama, with Hassa on the leged to enter, tho also forced to re

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