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Containing a codification of documents of general
applicability and legal effect issued by Federal
agencies and published in the Federal Register

during the calendar year 1946, including
Presidential proclamations, Execu-
tive orders, and other Presidential

documents in full text

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J K 6.30

A4 suppi 1946:1 Documents Division.


The 1946 Supplement to the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS contains a codification of rules and regulations which were filed with the Division of the Federal Register and published in the FEDERAL REGISTER during the calendar year 1946. Presidential proclamations and Executive orders are carried in full text under Title 3 together with appropriate ancillary tables.

Other than in Title 3, chapter and part tables of contents, which indicate, respectively, the parts and sections of the Code affected during the period covered, serve as an aid to using this Supplement in conjunction with the 1945 Supplement, the 1944 Supplement, the 1943 Supplement, and the Cumulative Supplement of June 1, 1943. In these tables of contents the specific nature of changes in the text of parts, subparts, or sections is explained in brackets. These brackets are carried on the part or subpart headnote when all the sections in such group are affected in the same way; they are carried on the individual section headnotes when the sections within a group are affected in varying ways.

The rules and regulations and proposed rule making appearing in the daily issue of the FEDERAL REGISTER are keyed to the material published herein. The daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual Codification Guide, published with the FEDERAL REGISTER, serves as an aid to using the FEDERAL REGISTER in conjunction with the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS and supplements thereto.

All documents published in the FEDERAL REGISTER during the calendar year 1946, including notices and similar material not within the purview of the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, are listed under respective title and chapter heads in the tables preceding the Index to this Supplement.

The contents of the FEDERAL REGISTER and of this Supplement are by law prima facie evidence of the text of the original documents and are required to be judically noticed. (49 Stat. 502, 50 Stat. 304; 44 U. S. C. 307, 311 (c).) This Supplement may be cited "CFR, 1946 Supp."

Thus the proper citation of $2.1 in Title 1 hereof would be "1 CFR, 1946 Supp., 2.1".


TITLE 1—General Provisions
I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

TITLE 2—The Congress
(No regulations assigned to this title)

TITLE 3—The President
SUBTITLE A-Executive Office of the President

SUBTITLE B-Presidential Documents
I Proclamations
II Executive orders
III Reciprocal tariff letters
IV Reorganization plans
V Military orders
VI Regulations
VII Administrative orders
VIII Certificates
IX Designations of officials
X General licenses
XI Interpretations

TITLE 4-Accounts
I General Accounting Office

TITLE 5-Administrative Personnel
I Civil Service Commission

TITLE 6-Agricultural Credit
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary

SUBTITLE B—Regulations Relating to Agricultural Credit
I Farm Credit Administration, Department of Agriculture
II Production and Marketing Administration (Commodity Credit)
III Farmers' Home Administration, Department of Agriculture
IV Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture

TITLE 7-Agriculture
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

SUBTITLE B—Regulations of the Department of Agriculture
I Production and Marketing Administration (Standards, Inspections, Marketing

III Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
IV Production and Marketing Administration (Crop Insurance)
VI Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture
VII Production and Marketing Administration (Agricultural Adjustment)
VIII Production and Marketing Administration (Sugar Branch)
IX Production and Marketing Administration (Marketing

Agreements and Orders)
Production and Marketing Administration (War Food Production Orders)
XII Production and Marketing Administration War Food Distribution Orders)
XII Production and Marketing Administration (Fats and Oils Branch)
XIV Production and Marketing Administration (School Lunch Program)

SUBTITLE C—Department Organizations and Functions
XXI Organizations, Functions, and Procedure

TITLE 8—Aliens and Nationality
I Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice
II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice

TITLE 9—Animals and Animal Products

I Bureau of Animal Industry
III Production and Marketing Administration (Livestock Branch)
III Bureau of Dairy Industry

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