A Companion to the Fourth Ed. of A Glossary of Terms Used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture: Containing 400 Additional Examples, a Chronological Table and a General Index, Volum 3

J.H. Parker, 1846 - 154 sider
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Side 3 - There was on the east side of the city, a church dedicated to the honour of St. Martin, built whilst the Romans were still in the island, wherein the queen, who, as has been said before, was a Christian, used to pray. In this they first began to meet, to sing, to pray, to say mass, to preach, and to baptize...
Side 4 - ... altars be erected, and relics placed. For if those temples are well built, it is requisite that they be converted from the worship of devils to the service of the true God...
Side xiii - Eastlaud boards, and made the carpenters to carve them, according to the draughts thereon, and then gave them for patterns to the masons, that they might thereby cut the like in stone...
Side 4 - When, therefore, Almighty God shall bring you to the most reverend Bishop Augustine, our brother, tell him what I have, upon mature deliberation on the affair of the English, determined upon, viz., that the temples of the idols in that nation ought not to be destroyed ; but let the idols that are in them be destroyed ; let holy water be made and sprinkled in the said temples, let altars be erected, and relics placed.
Side xiii - Him, it came in his mind to build a house for God's service, of most curious worke: the which that it might be done with greater glory and splendor, he caused artificers to be brought from other regions and forraigne kingdomes, and caused dayly to be abundance of all kinde of workmen present: as masons, carpenters, smiths, barrowmen, and quarriers, with others.
Side 7 - ... to adorn the church of St. Peter, which he had built ; namely, a likeness of the Virgin Mary and of the twelve apostles, with which he intended to adorn the central nave, on boarding placed from one Wall to the other ; also some figures from ecclesiastical history for the south wall, and others from the Revelation of St.
Side 10 - He also prayed to have architects sent him to build a church in his nation after the Roman manner, promising to dedicate the same in honour of St.
Side 47 - For there he erected extensive edifices, at vast cost, and with surpassing beauty ; the courses of stone being so correctly laid that the joint deceives the eye, and leads it to imagine that the whole wall is composed of a single block. He built anew the church of Salisbury, and beautified it in such a manner that it yields to none in England, but surpasses many, so that he had just cause to say, " Lord, I have loved the glory of thy house.
Side 5 - ... by which means it happened that he gave up the ghost, leaning against a post that was on the outside to strengthen the wall.
Side 4 - But as soon as he was baptized, he took care, by the direction of the same Paulinus, to build in the same place a larger and nobler church of stone, in the midst whereof that same oratory which he had first erected should be enclosed.

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