to intelligent treatment, but, very few, in

Impaired Arm after Fracture and Repeated Illnesses. deed, of the severe and chronic cases will

Editor Medical World: In April, 1905, I was

called to see a boy about seven years old with yield permanently to anything short of the

scarlet fever. His sickness was just moderate. radical surgical operation.

In about two weeks he seemed perfectly well. If you will describe your case accurately, On August 12 following he fell and broke both doctor, we will be glad to tender further

bones in right arm about midway between el

bow and wrist. By the first of September he suggestions regarding treatment; or, if op

had gotten nearly perfect use of it, when the eration be imperativ, to suggest the method

splint was removed for light ones. On Sepor plan best suited to the case.—Ed.]

tember 19 he was taken with a severe attack oi bilious fever. During the first two weeks the

temperature ran to 104 degrees several times, Perspiration of Palms of the Hands.

and fever did not leave entirely until the last of Editor Medical World: Will you suggest October. At this time he had lost the use of something to prevent perspiration in the palms all of his limbs, and as convalescence began we of the hands? I have two cases which have baf massaged the whole body with oliy oil and alfled me for a year, and in my dilemma I come to cohol every day after a soda sponge bath. We you and the family for advice.

soon noticed the limb that had been broken did Prosser, Wash.

D. M. ANGUS. not gain as the other limbs did. Then we used [A good treatment for excessiv local

electric treatments, passiv gymnastics of meta

carpo-phalangeal joints, as the hand seemed to sweating of the hands or feet is to place a

be getting quite stiffened. In the early part of dram or more of commercial formaldehyd

winter he was very sick again with la grippe. in a pint to a quart of water, and allow the He is getting to use the arm at present, but it parts affected to remain immersed for 15 is far from being a good limb. Would be glad or 20 minutes just before retiring. For a

to get any information that would help the patient.

L. W. case like these you mention, we would try,

Poynette, Wis. cautiously, a lotion of glycerin, formaldehyd, [The impaired vitality incident to the and water, well rubbed into palms just be- repeated illnesses is doubtless responsible, fore retiring. The formaldehyd should not in great part, for the condition of the arm. be used too strong, tho it is not poisonous We suggest a long continued course of when employed externally in reasonable tonic medication incorporating iron, strychamounts, and it is not to be used if there nin, and the glycero-phosfates. A local apare any abrasions or cracks in the skin. plication which sometimes does good in Kaposi, one of our best foreign dermatolo- such cases is prepared by mixing equal parts gists, highly commends an ointment of of oils of spike, stone, and origanum; this napthol, 5 per cent.; or the same strength liniment being well rubbed in with thoro of an alcoholic solution of the same drug, massage, once to three times daily. If you used as a lotion. Zinc oleate is well recoir.- are placing much confidence in electricity mended by many in excessiv sweating of as furnisht by the small hand battery, we hands. An aqueous solution of ichthyol, half feel that we should say that it cannot do a dram to the ounce, used as a lotion, has much good, but if you have a static machine been of service in many cases. The oleate or other variety of efficient electro-thera. of aluminium is a useful and grateful appli- peutical application, it may give good sercation in such troubles. Tincture of the vice if continued long enuf.-Ed.] chlorid of iron, mixt with one-third its

Epilepsy. weight of glycerin, and applied as a paint,

Editor Medical World: Please send me the allowing to dry slowly, and applying each best information known as to the treatment night at first, and at longer intervals of epilepsy. I have a patient about 25 years later, has cured many cases. We venture, old, who has been under my care for 12 years doctor. that you have not tried all of the or more. During that time he has consulted

and been under the care of one of the best speabove, and that if you do you will have two

cialists in this state for nervous diseases, and satisfied if not grateful patients. It is merely has for the last two years been under the care a case of keep on trying till the desired of Dr. W. H. May, of New York. I know result is obtained, for the inedication prov

that our Minnesota man gave him one of the ing efficient in one case will fail utierly in

bromids, and I think that is what Dr. May is

giving. Can you give me any information as to the next. We suggest that you give a dif

suggest that you give a dif- what these men use? What do you know of ferent prescription to each patient, and in brometone as a remedy for epilepsy? .. this way you can proceed with the testing Minnesota.

W. G. experiments more quickly.-Ed.]

[We have repeatedly toucht upon epilepsy

write a brief for the dis

stiption of the

in queries and editorially. In the treatment in severity, and soon lose the paroxysmar of this affection it is essential to treat the character. The vomitus is first the stomach patient and not to be too arduously engaged contents, then bilious matter, and finally in searching for new remedies for the dis- the character alters to a true fecal material. ease. If you will write a brief detailed de The abdomen is soft, and is neither tender scription of the patient and of the number nor distended until after inflammatory and character of the attacks in a given pe- changes have induced congestion and peririod, we will try and give you rational sug- tonitis. After the intussusception occurs, gestions as to therapy.

there may be one or two loose stools, then Write to Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit, the constipation becomes complete, neither Mich., for information concerning brome fiatus nor feces passing; there is, however, tone.-Ed.]

passage of blood, or of blood and mucus

mixt. The temperature is subnormal rather Fatal Bowel Trouble in Infant. Editor Medical World and Family: Male,

than elevated, but if peritonitis develop in age six months, weight 23 pounds, very fleshy.

severe degree, it becomes elevated. CoiHad never had a day's sickness previous. Par lapse, rather than convulsions, is an end to ents both healthy; no tubercular nor syphilitic the scene. history in either. Mother states that period of

Thus, you see, the case does not corregestation and labor were normal. When called I found child restless and cry

spond to the characteristic symptoms of voling out occasionally. A few minutes after nurs vulus, if all the symptoms were recorded. ing he would vomit curded milk. Tongue coat In our opinion, the death might have been ed, bowels constipated and abdomen distended,

caused by any one of a number of causes, slightly; no tenderness; kidneys regular, tem

and we do not believe it now possible to ever perature 102 degrees.

Treatment: Sponged fever down. Gave calo ascertain just what the real trouble was. mel, grain 1-10 every hour for six hours; fol- A post-mortem examination should have lowed this with oil. Applied turpentine been obtained at the time, and all might have stupes to bowels; this to be continued until

been made clear.-Ed.] bowels were soft. Had two actions from bowels consisting of milk curds. Appeared to be much better after bowels moved. This being

Haarlem Oil. a malarial district, I then gave quinin sulf., Editor Medical World: Say, I want to help one grain every three hours, this to be con

hold up your hands in exposing fakes and tinued until my return.

srauds. Your courageous stand must meet the Was called again at 4.30 o'clock next morn

approval of all honorable physicians. ing and found patient very restless, tossing to Doctor, if I am not asking too much of your and fro in crib, throwing his hands and feet,

time, I want you to investigate "Haarlem Oil,” breathing very rapidly with a short expiratory

which is highly extolled by the laity in some grunt. Persistent nausea. Bowels had not

sections of the country as a cure-all for kidncy acteci during night, but abdomen was very much

troubles; said to be infallible, especially in distended and very tender in umbilical region.

Bright's disease. Said to be imported from Temperature 104 degrees; kidneys regular.

Haarlem, Holland, where it is manufactured. Treatment: Sponged; gave sp. tr. aconite, but

What is it? It has one redeeming quality: its failed to reduce fever a single degree. Gave


F. M. DOOLEY, M. D. repeated enemas with negativ results. Within

Duncan, Miss. one hour fever had reached 1077/2 degrees. Had

[The formula for “Haarlem Oil” has been two light convulsions just before death, which was at 8.30 same morning. I am very anxious frequently publisht. It is said to be prefor a diagnosis, if I have given sufficient data. pared as follows: Could this possibly have been volvulus, or in

Flowers of sulfur .....................2 ounces tussusception


Linseed oil ...........................I pound [Yes, doctor, it “could possibly have Oil of amber .........................2 ounces been" volvulus; but, unless you were not Oil of turpentine ............. ...........enuf called for some time after the occurrence Boil the sulfur and linseed oil on a genof the intussusception, it was not. By this tle fire until the sulfur is dissolved; then we mean that the distinctiv symptoms of withdraw from the fire, and when the mixvolvulus had either passed away before you ture has somewhat cooled, add the oil of saw the case, or that it was not volvulus. amber and enuf oil of turpentine to bring

In volvulus the onset is sudden, but the the preparation to the consistency of noduration of different cases varies greatly. lasses.—National Druggist. You can see It begins with vomiting and paroxysmal at once, doctor, that the claims made for colicky pain. The pains rapidly increase this nostrum are preposterous; yet, what

more proof is needed by an intelligent prac and bismuth subnitrate on tampons, which retician than to hear anything lauded as a lieved, but did not cure. Meanwhile, we were

administering tonic medication by the mouth. “specific" for any disease, not to make spe

We then made intrauterin applications of hydrascial mention of "Bright's.”—Ed.]

tis, morphin, bismuth subnitrate, and liquid vase

lin. There is no cancer in the family. “Viavi."

Middlebrook, Ark. DR. W. T. SWINDLE. Editor Medical World: The “Viavi” people

[So long as there is neither offensiv disare promising to "remove mountains” at a charge nor bleeding, you need not worry future date, at so much per, aggregating $45; about cancer. The proper treatinent of simto give relief from all female ills, heredity or

ple erosion of the os is an application of silacquired. Will you please tell us thru The "World” what their treatment is, and if the ver nitrate solution, 20 to 60 grains to the user is apt to be injured instead of benefited by ounce, followed by the insertion in vagina using it?

of boro-glycerid tampons, and a daily douche El Reno, Okla.

of weak boracic acid solution. If there is [The “Viavi” treatment consists of the extensiv laceration of the os, she will rerubbing of ointments on the part, with con

quire curetting, possibly, with repair of the siderable rubbing. The benefit is chiefly laceration. If it is a simple severe erosion. due to the rubbing (a kind of massage), the above will cure. Take two tenaculums and the psychological element- hope and and hook on opposite sides of the os, cross faith. By liberal advertising they have se- them and make traction so as to close the cured many agents thruout the United everted os and approximate the tissues in States, who make preposterous claims. Pa- the position they should assume in health: tients may protect themselves from such thus you can estimate the degree of laceranostrum venders, in so far as money loss tion, if any. An untorn os is seldomi cvertis concerned, by posting a forfeit in the ed, unless the swelling is excessiv. In reamount of the pay demanded for cure, to porting the case, you should have told us be paid over to the agent after the cure is if the vaginitis was specific in character. If accomplisht. This is an effectual method so, and the uterus is really invaded, only of disposing of quacks; they do not care to curettment will avail: even then, the dedo business in that way. They guarantee a structiv action may have been allowed to cure, of course, but what does their guaran proceed too long already.—Ed.] tee amount to? Make the guarantee worth something, and they vanish like the thin, True Membranous Croup.-Calx lodata. hot air which is their only stock in trade.

Editor Medical World: Is true membranous We can not say anything as to the harmful

croup contagious? Is there good authority so

claiming at the present time? or harmless nature of the methods they

Is calx iodata (calcidin, iodized calcium) the employ; some nostrums are harmless.—Ed.] best known drug now extant in the treatment

of the above?

J. F. S. Metritis.

Dennis, Kans. Editor Medical World: Will the Editor and [True membranous croup is contagious. family make a diagnosis in the following case, All authorities so claim. True membranous and suggest treatment? Mrs. A., 59 years of age, croup is laryngeal diphtheria : nothing inore. has eight living children, had two miscarriages, had uterin trouble after the birth of the sixth

nothing less. In it the membrane is in the child, which has not yet left her. Last menstru- larynx instead of in the throat or nostril, ated in October, 1902. Family history good. and the first and best treatment is antitoxin Since March, 1905, has complained of a "burn

in sufficient dosage as soon as a suspicion ing pain" about the uterus, which also radiated to the sides and back. One physician failed to

is aroused as to the probable cause of the illaid her, and she called in a professional friend

ness. See Dr. Russell's review of the leadof mine who diagnosed endometritis and vagin- ing authorities on antitoxin in diphtheria, itis. He cured the vaginitis, but made no im- in October, 1905, “World,” pages 391 to pression on the endometritis. Another physi


30 cian, after consultation, failed to suggest measures which would relieve, and I was then called

Iodized calcium is of value in the treat(in November). Uterus found congested, with ment of croup (not diphtheria). We are everted and granulated os. Iodoform, boric not prepared to say that it is “the best known acid, zinc, lead, and other agents had been trieddruo now extant'however

d drug now extant,” however. It has been without benefit, and all proved irritating. The vaginal mucosa began to sluff, but we succeeded mg

highly commended by various writers in a in stopping this. I applied hydrastis, morphin, number of medical journals, and lias been

mentioned by a few of the better class of ment was manifest. Try this plan, and if text-books. It depends for its action on the disease retrogresses, it is proof that a the free iodin.-Ed.]

milder ointment, instead of a more stimulat

ing one, is required. As an added stimulant Hands and Arms “Go to Sleep."

we suggest 15 to 25 grains of resorcin to Editor Medical World: Lady, aged 25 years; the ounce. We do not see, either, that your hands and arms "go to sleep" at night. Has taken iron, quinin and strychnin for quite a

ointment is improved by the incorporation while, but no improvement yet. Will some of adrenalin chlorid and bismuth, brother give me a sure remedy?

Most of these cases do better if water is CHAS. SANFORD, M. D.

not allowed to come into contact with the Board Camp, Ark.

lesion. Use warmed glycerin and cotton as (It will be necessary to attack the trouble

ole cleansing agents, in lieu of water and soap.

cleansing thru nerve sedation, or by heart stimulation; -E. and we think probably the latter will be found to be the route of choice. If you had

Paralysis Following Confinement. told us the amount of strychnin veu had Editor MEDICAL WORLD:Mrs. P., American, given, it would have been better. We pre age 32 years, weight 130. Family history negasume you have been giving the elixir of the

me vou have been giving the elixir of the tiv. Personal history, general health very good; combined drugs, each dose, probably, con

menstruated first at age of 11 years; periods not

regular; usually six weeks apart, and very taining aboạt 1-60 of a grain of strychnin. scanty and painful. Was married at age of 22. If this is correct, raise the dose to 1-40 grain About this time was treated for retroflexion and of strychnin, alone, every four hours; then, stenosis of cervix; became pregnant about 6

months after marriage, but miscarried, or rather after a few days to 1-30; then to 1-20, and

aborted, two months later, Treatment continued finally, if no strychnin symptoms have de for six or eight months. She again became velopt, to 1-16 grain. If you get no bene- pregnant, and nine months later gave birth to a fit from this, you can abandon strychnin,

healthy child. Health has been very good until

November 17, 1905, except after each confinealone, as a remedy. Reduce the dose to

ment (five children) she suffers considerably 1-40 grain, in such event, and combine it with her head, and the lochial discharge usually with strophanthus; and, if the heart be rapid lasts for 30 or 40 days-rather free and fresh and feeble, incorporate digitalis.-Ed.]

looking. Was confined November 17, 1905, giving birth to a healthy male child. Labor normal,

1. 0. a., and comparativly easy. As usual, some Eczema of Ear.

headache and discharge rather free. Said she Editor Medical World: Can you help me in could turn in bed and use her hips and lower a case of eczema of ear involving outer border limbs much better than after any preceding conand lower lobule? Girl eight years of age, in finement, saying she was not able to turn in bed good health, family history good; when about or use the hips or legs for three weeks after the one week old the trouble was first noticed, and other confinements. Gave usual treatment after has persisted ever since, with the exception of this confinement: quinin, H. V. C., salines, etc., two years, when it healed spontaneously. The using as daily vaginal douche carbolic acid one case first came under my care about one year dram to the half gallon of steril water. Took ago, when it made its second appearance. At cold and sore throat November 30th, thirteenth that time the ear was swollen and edematous, day after confinement. Sat up on chair one with watery exudate, itching, burning, &c. í hour on ist and 2d of December.; complained used black wash until swelling subsided; then some of head and hips. On morning of the 3d used the following ointment:

was sitting on chair holding baby on her lap, R Ox. zinc ........

when without warning there seemed to be a

I dr.
Sub. nit. bis. ............ ... i dr.

general relaxation of the muscles of the whole Calome! ............

She ....... 10 grs.

body, especially those of left arm and leg. Adrenalin chlor. ....

came near dropping the baby; she called to her .. i dr.

husband, who took the baby, laid it on bed, wife Carbolic acid ............... 10 m.

called for chamber, said her bowels wanted to Lanolin q. s. ................ I oz.

move. She passed feces and urin, but she fell This treatment has almost cured it several

over on the floor. Then her husband put her times, but leaves a little unhealed area on outer on the bed and called for me. border of ear. I have also used syrup of iodid

I saw her one hour afterward. She was sufof iron internally. The case has been treated fering considerably with her head-frontal and by quite a number of physicians. I am very right lateral portion, also right side of neck and anxious to cure it. Any suggestion will be ap shoulder; left arm and leg partially paralyzed; preciated.

VIRGINIA. right cheek and side of face considerably blancht, (We think probably your failure to com

—as is often seen before a severe attack of facial

neuralgia. Right pupil dilated. Pulse rather plete a cure is accounted for by not making

weak, 90 per min.; temperature below normal-the ointment more stimulating as improve 96 degrees; respiration normal; tongue coated

[ocr errors]

with thick brown coat and slightly drawn to left. her age, the prognosis as to ultimate recovExamination per vagina revealed womb consid- ery from this attack should be good. Have erably retroflexed, fundus back against sacrum, cervix up against pubic arch, discharge free,

any of the family any suggestions to make rather red and fresh for the length of time after to the doctor? -ED. confinement. Nothing more of interest except slight tenderness in region of right ovary. Blad

Is This Child on the way to Epilepsy ? der, kidneys, bowels and stomach normal. All along up to this writing patient remains about

Editor Medical World: Male child, 4 months, the same. Pain in right side of head, neck and

was taken at the age of two weeks with "spells," face, with itching, especially of inner canthus of or "spasms” (as the mother calls them). These right eye, with redness and slight swelling of

of spells will last about half to one minute, somethe lids and conjunctiva; eyeball rather red, but times preceded by a scream, rigid muscles, cyes this is probably due to rubbing it so much on rolled back, &c.; then again the scream will be account of the intense itching; sight somewhat absent; with this exception there is no difference. impaired. Left arm and leg still paralyzed; sur Has from one to ten per day. These attacks are face cold, especially elbow and the knee. Knee less frequent and severe when the bowels move jerk normal. Sense of weight and tenderness in daily, but here is the greatest difficulty; it is alhips and lower bowels. Uterus smaller and re most impossible to get them to move even with troflexion somewhat improved; discharge not so adult doses of laxativs and purgativs, which I free and more of a lochial nature—I mean na have tried; and it is only with high rectal injectural color, consistency, odor, etc. Pulse normal, tions that we get a movement at all, which is 72 to 80 per min., rather weak. Temperature then very unsatisfactory. The child takes no nonormal. Appetite good, bowels and kidneys in tice of any object, even of its mother; has no use good condition. Mammary glands very inactive; of itself; sleeps most of the time, and it is imright breast secreting scarcely any at all, but this possible to waken it when asleep. It is large for has been so with each confinement; had to raise

its age, kidneys o. k., well nourisht, &c. all the children partially on cow's milk. Says

This is the fourth child. The first lived to be she had always, since she can remember, been two years old and was taken like this one (about affected with peculiar spells occasionally, usually two weeks old), and continued so till its death. just after retiring at night, as tho one or It never had any use of itself, did not notice any all of the limbs were numb and swollen, one, teeth crumbled away as soon as cut, large with tingling, etc., her husband usually having for its age, same trouble with bowels, &c. to get up and rub the affected limb or limbs The second child is living (age three years), (generally the left arm).

hearty and natural; never had any indications My diagnosis is retroflexion with embolism in right lateral sinus.

Third child died at age of one year; was simiTreatment: Rest in bed, light, nutritious diet, lar to the two described above. elevating foot of bed, daily warm salt water I should like very much to know what the baths with brisk rubbing of spine and affected trouble is, and what is the remedy, if any. The limbs. Vaginal suppositories (G. F. Harvey's parents tell me they had the first child to at least formula) placed at mouth of cervix at night, eight or nine different physicians; not one did followed by morning douche of warm water and

any good, or even gave any relief. I have tried iodin. Local application to neck and head of

most every kind of nerve sedativ as well as laxaequal parts of A. ext. of belladonna, tr. opium

tivs, purgativs, that I know of, with no result. and glycerin. Internally, calomel and podoph.

There are still more details I should like to mento purgation; potas. iod., hyoscyamus, belladonna,

tion, but my query is already too long, so I shall

tion but more zinc, phos., capsicum, strychnin, whiskey, saw

stop. I would appreciate any personal answers palmetto and sandal wood, H. V. C., etc. Po

by mail.

R. E. WINE, M. D. doph, and aloin to keep bowels regular.

Brentsville, Va. Now, if I have made this case clear enuf,

[On the face of the report of the case, please give me diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Do not be afraid to criticise, as this is one would, of course, think of epilepsy. If my first attempt to write to or ask for help this condition is not now present, and the from a medical journal or its readers, altho, child lives for any length of time, it may be have been a subscriber to THE WORLD for nearly

expected to merge into true chronic epilepsy. five years. I have four volumes of THE WORLD in my bookcase bound with WORLD binders, and It may, indeed, be an example of dissimilar I prize them very much.

heredity. Arlington, Texas. R. S. Payne, M.D.

The treatment indicated is primarily the [We deem your diagnosis correct, and removal of the condition which aggravates your treatment good. It is probable that the attacks; i. e., the constipation. We vou have in this case, and that there has would suggest the employment of pure butprobably been in all her other confinements, ter, softened by heat merely enuf so the considerable subinvolution of the uterus. child can swallow it. Give the bulk of a No lochial discharge should persist so long. walnut with the hull off, four or five times Outside of electricity, in galvanic or faradic a day, and if results are obtained, the amount form, we have no suggestions to make. At may rapidly be reduced

may rapidly be reduced. Mechanical laxi

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