gibbering mania! What use would a girl have cerned in the ejaculatory function. There is for a manhoodless man anyhow? The thought no helpful intraurethral treatment. Sallamaddened him! Like all healthy very young mand's portcaustique is a delusion and a snare men, his venereal bias was kept stretcht as it is dangerous. Hot fomentations of the tight as a fiddle string, and he thought, in the perineum, with counter-irritation over the crassness of extreme youth, it was the same sacrum, at bed-time, constitute about the only with the girls. The lyssic stress of fresh male promising local treatment. puberty, with its boar-pig ethics—what shall Various drugs have a putativ value, but most we do with it?

of them will disappoint. Whatever you do What should he do? He must have money. use, don't use the bromids. They injure the He was a salesman in his father's store. stomach, defibrinize the blood, derange the Should he adopt the “knock-down” practise nervous system, etc. They are only tempoof young men of expensiv tastes ? Would this rary palliativs at best. Among the eclectics, be worse than to horrify his father with a con- staphisagria and salix nigra enjoy quite a repufession? The young man almost sweat blood. tation. The best single remedy, according to In a frenzy of despair, he made a dash for the my experience, is nux vomica. Its action is street. He would consult his chum, Dave improved by the addition of passiflora. These Stewart. Dave was older than he and had had are all of them to be given in small doses, reexperience. In fact Dave was a brick.

member. The patient must take treatment a When the young man told Dave about it, long time, and to abuse his stomach and genthat young man laught consumedly, and told eral system with over.drugging, is to do him him he was a durn chump. Told him that more harm than good. that was a semi-weekly occurrence with him- The patient should sleep on a hard bed, self. Told him—in the swelling abandon of with not too much covering, and he should superiority—that when it occurred, all he did avoid lying on his back or belly. If he was to get up, wring out the sheet, and go to awaken with an erection, he should get up and bed again. Told him that that “eminent urinate if possible. He should avoid (but he physician” was a dam catamount who made generally can't and won't) libidinous thoughts his living by first scaring and then fleecing ig and lascivious imaginings. If the patient is so norant young men, etc. Thus he badgered constituted that he can deflect his habitual rethe young man back to normality.

flections from female sexuality to higher and While this was going on, the young man's nobler things, it will be much in his favor. sister called at my office (I am their family Almost always he cannot do this, or at least physician) and told me about the young man's does not do it. Spermatorrhea is a hard thing ad-reading experience. She had been a wit- to manage.

W. C. COOPER, M.D. ness to it. Had noted how he suddenly paled Cleves, Ohio. and trembled, etc. She was alarmed, but he [We wish to emphasize the psychologic treathad refused to explain and had rusht out of ment noted in the latter part of Dr. Cooper's the house like he was crazy.

article, and further suggest that constant and I told her not to worry-that I would see congenial employment of body and mind is that nothing came of it, etc. Her alarm had important, in order to change the current of been conveyed to the family, and they were the patient's thoughts. A long hunting or having visions of suicide. Alas! how many fishing trip with congenial companions (male young men have been scared into suicide by only), and without alcoholic liquors, is a good this peculiar brand of quacks? I am glad to plan for those who can afford the time and exinform the reader that the young man has pense. The camping party would better do righted up, as evidenced by a recovery of his their own cooking and other work. The aforetime aplombness and chicness.

patient should not have time to meditate. the But there is a legitimately pathologic phase Those who cannot do that, can ride some of nightly emissions. Pathologic spermator- ipnocent hobby which will take the attention rhea is no joke. I know that well for I have had during otherwise leisure hours. The psychomuch experience with it. We all know how logic and hygienic treatment of these cases is to treat it. At least we think we do. We all about ten times as important as the medical know too that there is no drug or other specific treatment. Medically, be sure that you do no for it. If we could remove both the primary harm. Perhaps the best medical treatment is and secondary cause, it would be all right. a placebo-which is psychologic instead of But we can't. The primary cause is erotic medical.-Ed.] assertivness, excessiv assertivness. This de. pends on heredity, temperament, environment, hereditv. temperament, environment. Cannabis indica is of service in obstinate cases of This seems to be a “Straight” Collection could not have gotten myself, and fulfilled their Concern.

gonorrhea, and will sometimes check the discharge etc. It instigates and fosters masturbation,

where other internal and local measures have signally which irritates and sensitizes the parts con failed,

contract. However, I fulfilled my part, too. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Inclosed find I also scratcht out the $25 penalty before I P. O. order for $1, subscription for 1906. signed the contract. Please consider me one of the prompt ones. Some time ago an agent representing the I am in hearty sympathy with our kind Editor Crown Mail Order House, Cincinnati, Ohio, in his fruitful efforts toward exterminating came thru here taking orders for furniture, professional graft. I can gladly say I have stoves, etc., and just for accommodation was never bitten at the tempting bait sent out to taking measurements for clothes at cost of doctors. I recently received a communica- goods, no charge for tailoring. I deposited $5 as tion from the Sayers Mercantile Agency Co., evidence of “good faith.” Orders for furnof St. Louis, Mo., and as this is “a new one iture never filled. Neither did the clothes on me," and as I have not seen it discust in show up. The postal department reported THE WORLD, I submit their proposition to them “out of business" about eight months you. If it is worthy, I would like io know it; later. but if not reliable, I want to be one of the About January, 1905, two agents representmany to assist our noble Editor in extermin. ing the Frisco Lot and Land Company were ating unethical frauds which exist upon the here selling lots in three towns in Oklahoma, hard earned dollars of the medical profession. viz., Greenup, Lucien, and Covington.

Brownville, Neb. H. C. SMITH, M. D. They represented that their company was a

[Concerning reliability, I know nothing, part of, and backt by, the Frisco Railway neither favorable nor unfavorable, about the system. That they were developing and setsaid company. Their proposition seems tling a strip of land in the Cimarron River valstraight; they charge no membership fee, nor ley, which the Frisco System had lately built a retaining see, and they do not require signa- railroad thru, and had reserved the land that ture to a contract, nor a “contract-note”- these towns were to be laid out on, and had that is, a contract which becomes, under cer. now turned the town sites over to them to be tain extremely likely circumstances, a note. laid out and sold. That these towns were to They charge a straight percentage for the be the county seats of Pawnee, Noble, and collections made. This is the proper basis for Garfield counties--a statement that could have such business. The posters or "stickers," a been contradicted by any school child who sample of which is attacht to the lower part could study geography, and could see that these of their letter, strike me as being a good counties have had county seats for 12 years ; thing. I am glad to say this, for I would but the statement was accepted by business much rather commend than condemn. They men, without investigation. That these towns agree to sell these at $1 per 100, and I cer were situated in, and surrounded by fertil tainly would advise that you try them. They soil, capable of producing all kinds of grain, are inexpensiv, and they may bring you ex- fruit, and vegetables. If there was anything cellent results. Collection agencies, when con- good to be said about a country that they did ducted with fairness to the physician, can not say, it was not an intentional omission. serve the interests of the profession very effi - The town sites were to be laid out in lots 25 ft. ciently; and we urge doctors to use the X140 ft., with suitable streets and alleys. The facilities of such concerns. But beware of the lots were sold at $30 per lot, and were to be methods of the Comstock concern, and its drawn on the day of the opening, in a way that branches under other names, which we have would be just and fair to all. There were to thoroly exposed. By the way, we have heard have been 4,400 lots, divided approximately as nothing of these concerns for some time. follows: Greenup, 1,000, Lucien, 1,400; Have they quit “working" the medical pro Covington, 2,000. Opening was to have been fession, devoting their attention to small mer held in May, but was postponed until July. chants instead ?-Ed.]

The lots were to be offered for sale as they were drawn, giving purchaser an opportunity

to dispose of them if he so desired-and posiA Doctor's Experience with Various Invest

tive assurance was given that we could get our ments.

money back that day. Editor Medical WORLD :-I didn't happen The opening took place July 20th, at Covto be “ just right” when the Comstock agent ington. I was not present, but a representativ was here, so I didn't get caught by them. How from this place was there. He came back full ever, I seldom let anything pass. I gave some of disappointment and misgivings. He reaccounts to the International Law and Collect- ported that they pitched their tents in East ing Agency, Toledo, Ohio, about one year Covington and proceeded to divide the lots; ago. They collected about $100 for me that I one clerk would call a name, another the num

ber of lot, block, and town-all prearranged. gressiv, industrious, prosperous, and satisfied No lots offered for sale. The desirable lots in with the country. Lucien and Covington had been sold previous I was well pleased with the trip, which I ento the opening. A liveryman in Covington joyed very much; but am satisfied that the intold me that he paid $100 for the lot his barn vestment is bad. So I would advise anyone of stands on, just previous to the opening. In the “family" to investigate before they invest. stead of there being 2,000 lots in Covington, If you want to invest in Western lots or land, there were about 3,500. They caught more am satisfied you can make good investments by suckers than they anticipated, so they bought going to see the country before you invest. If a quarter section east of Covington for $9,000, I had done that I would be about $450 better and laid it out in lots, and let us draw from off now.

H. M. ARTHUR. that instead of the main part of town. I drew Hazleton, Ind. one lot in West Covington, three in Coving- [That's right. Fix the contract to suit you ton, and five in East Covington, which was before you sign it. The agent will tell you that about the same allotment to others whom I he can't make any change in the contract, but know about.

you can. Make changes to suit you, and then As a friend and I had transportation to Cov- write a memorandum that you have made the ington and return, we decided to go and see for changes (mentioning them) before signing, and ourselves. We arrived at Greenup, November then sign (if you want to try the agency). 9. It is a very nice situation for a town, but Then they can't hold you except as per terms at present there is nothing there but the station of the contract, which terms you have modified and one saloon. The blocks were laid off and to suit yourself. In this instance, Doctor, you a slab driven down at each corner, but some were equal to the occasion ; but the rest of the of the slabs have been pulled up by some one pullers found you an "easy mark.” It is a who cut the grass, and I predict that if anyone very risky thing to invest in distant lots; but wants to know where his lot is in five years, it if you wanted to do so, why didn't you take will have to be surveyed, as the slabs will all your trip before instead of after giving up your be gone.

money? If Mr. Slick, the traveling agent, Lucien is a town of about 200, and does con said that he couldn't give transportation without siderable business, and is building some, but I actual sales, you could have fixt him safe in am satisfied it won't cover in 15 years the ter- some way to the effect that if you found everyritory laid out.

thing as he represented you would take and pay Covington is the best town of the three ; and for the lots. When can I induce doctors to had the company fulfilled its agreement there, quit wasting their substance in efforts to get rich our loss would not have been so great. But as by means of apparently alluring distant investit is, they have got a plot laid out a half mile ments? The far-away hills look green; but go wide and one and a half miles long, which in to them and you will find them no more green all probability the town will never cover. It than your own hills at home. Don't invest is growing some, and the people there say it your money in far away eldorados. That almost will grow more when they can learn who owns invariably results in loss of your money, loss of the lots.

time, worry, and loss of sleep. Keep your The company agreed to furnish a complete money at home, and in a safe place. Even list of the owners of each lot, so anyone desir- without interest, you still have your money, ing to purchase a lot would know whom to ap- and you are free from worry concerning it. proach. This they have not done, and in my But better, lend it at 5 percent or 6 percent opinion, will not do, until they can get it in interest, to some good home merchant or shape to show the company in different light farmer, on real estate (mortgage) security, and from what it now occupies.

then you will be drawing as much interest as you People in Lucien and Covington express the ought to get, the principal will be safe, and opinion that the company still owns lots in the you will be free from worry and safe from tempmain part of both towns. We talkt to a real tation to put it into every scheme that comes estate agent in Covington. He thinks we will along. Yes, every schemer gives “assurance" be able to get our money out of the lots in the that you can " get your money back” if you main part of Covington, but that those in East want it. But what is a schemer's “ assurance" and West Covington would in all probability worth? Did you ever know of anyone getting be a complete loss.

his money back from a schemer ? When you We saw two other town sites, Sumner and give your money to a schemer it is gone; and Morrison, that we understand are to be opened the chances are 1,000 to i that it will never resoon in the same way. We visited Pawnee, turn. It is my mission to try to beat this into Perry, and Enid, all good towns, surrounded the heads of doctors. Will I ever succeed ?— by good country. The people there are pro- ED.]

The Physician and His Finances.

" Who Is the Grafter ? Editor MEDICAL WORLD :—That the finan- Editor MEDICAL WORLD: -Inclosed find cial condition of the majority of physicians is draft for $3 to pay for THE MEDICAL WORLD far from being satisfactory is an establisht fact. for 4 years. I have taken it since the first That it is not as often the result of competi- number was publisht, and have most of them tion as it is considered to be, is another fact. yet. What is needed in the medical profession is I inclose a clipping from the Los Angeles more business tact and better collectors. Dead Herald one day last week : beats are to be shunned. Contract work for fraternal societies at starvation fees should be


In a letter to the Herald from one of its lady readers promptly refused by every physician. In fact

some light is thrown on the relations of physicians no contract should be accepted from any fra with the patent medicin business. The writer of the ternal or other society. Life insurance fees letter, in visiting a sick neighbor, was told of a patent should be reasonable.

medicin that had been used by the patient with excel

lent results. Desiring to obtain a bottle for her own Last but not least is the physician's expenses use, the lady askt the price and where it was obtainin cities, especially in large cities. Sometime

able, the medicin being imported and bearing a

French label. The patient had ordered the preparaago an attempt was made in some cities to

tion on the doctor's prescription, paying seventy-five abandon down town offices. Altho it was un cents for it. On sending to the drug store for the successful, it was a move in the right direction

second bottle, without the prescription, the price was

fifty cents. To explain why the first bottle cost and should have had the support of the entire seventy-five cents, the druggist was obliged to admit medical profession regardless of school.

that he added twenty-five cents to be credited to the To illustrate: A physician in a large city

doctor, justifying the act by saying it was “cus

tomary.” probably pays $35 to $50 a month for house It seems, therefore, that some physicians, in addition

to their regular charges for service and their per rent; besides this, an office down town at $45


age on compounded prescriptions, also reap a revenue to $60 a month; telefone both at home and

of one-third on the prices of patent medicins that they down town office; car fare back and forth, and recommend. This revenue, in the aggregate, must be time lost in going back and forth!

immense in Los Angeles, as the practise of recom

mending proprietary medicins by doctors is quite Look at the running expense a month. It is common. enuf to keep many a physician at work the It must require considerable nerve, even for a physi

cian, to filch from a patient 33 percent added to the greater part of his life for the landlord. By

cost of a patent medicin which he recommends. The having office at home, over one half of the names of all the persons who figure in the incident monthly expense would be saved. If the phy. related above are in the Herald's possession. sicians in general would agree to this, the pub- You will see this fellow tries to lay the lic would soon get used to the change. In burden of high price on the doctor. It is true emergencies response by fone from one place some doctors do take a commission from drugis as quick as another. On account of the low gists and even undertakers, for I have had expenses, physicians generally do better in the both offer me a commission if I would send country. By an understanding among physi- them business, but I never accepted their offers, –2?§âūtiņẦ2/22 /?2ti2m2?Â?22/22/2/2/2/2–2ūti?2?2? ►ēņtiffiūti2?Â2Ò2Â2âÒăū2ūtiņ22?mtiti2m2 2ti2 m brought about, and their expenses reduced at thereafter. They are so anxious to get business least one half. This is worth considering. they go to doctors and make these offers, and

Los Olivos, Cal. F. J. PETERSEN, M.D. then say it is the doctor who causes the graft.

[Different customs rule in different places. I have for this and many other reasons always In Philadelphia it is the rule that the physi- furnisht my own medicins. cian's office is in his residence—no down town Everyone who has paid any attention to the office unless one lives down town. In Chi- matter knows that druggists always charge cago, and perhaps other western cities, the re- two to three times as much for anything that is verse is true, down town offices, perhaps miles furnisht on prescription. If the doctor tells from where the majority of physicians live, be- a patient to go to the drug store and call for i ing the rule. This is a problem that has to be oz. spts. nitre without a prescription, he will workt out (perhaps has been workt out) by get it for 5 or io cents; when if he writes a preeach community.--Ed.]

scription and says nothing about what it is, the druggist will charge 25 to 35 cents for the same

thing. I have seen a druggist charge $1 for 8 An Illinois brother wants to know the experience of the profession with those companies

cents worth of medicin on prescription. So I which, for a small fee, insure the doctor against

decided to furnish the medicin and save the malpractise suits, agreeing to defend such suits,

trouble and time as well as extra expense

to patrons. I find they like it better, and I and pay damages when awarded.

get more than enuf extra to pay for all Salix nigra acts well in nymphomania and satyria

costs for and trouble of compounding the sis, and in spermatorrhea.


Now who is the grafter? Sometimes the of citizens of the United States. Nor shall doctor, but usually the druggist.

any state deprive any person of his life, liberty, Compton, Cal. O. T. PRATT, M.D. or property without due process of law, or Deny

[There is a legitimate reason for charging to any person within its jurisdiction the Equal more for a prescription than for the ingredients Protection of the laws." contained therein. Even if it is a single, simple Then again, here comes the other part of substance, the directions have to be written the Constitution: ARTICLE IV, SECTION 2. on; and if compounded, skill and knowledge The citizens of each state shall be entitled are involved which ought to be paid for; and To All the privileges and immunities of citizens always there is the responsibility involved in in the several states." furnishing to the patient something which, if T hese parts of the Constitution were in full not right, may involve a human life. Respon force and effect prior to and before any of these sibility should be reckoned in making the price state laws were made or enacted, and therefore of a prescription ; but knowledge and responsi such laws are clearly unconstitutional from the bility are not involved in “handing down"a very fact that these states had no legal bottle of ready made, " original packageright to make such laws, which do disproprietary. Somebody was to blame for the criminate against the citizens of the several 750. charge for the 5oc. proprietary; and states, and do abridge the privileges and imwhether it was the doctor or the druggist, it munities of the citizens of the United States. should be emphatically condemned. If the A citizen is a citizen, no matter whether he doctor was to blame for the extra charge by carries the hod, works on a farm, makes pills demanding a percentage, his name should be or practises medicin. We are all supposed to publisht in the community, that he may receive have some way of making a living; as a means the condemnation deserved for such “ graft- of support I cannot see any moral or legal ing."-Ed.]

right for such classification or restriction being

put upon the physician and the pharmacist. Unconstitutional Laws.

By way of comparison, the butcher, baker, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have read barber, or even milkman can do more harm by your very able comments on my article in the dispensing microbes, etc., etc., than either the WORLD for December (page 496). You do not doctor or the druggist, and there is no such quote or cite any law or standard authority to discrimination against them. back up your statements, which is customary. I contend that the only province of the state You simply say it is the consensus of opinion. boards is to examin and license those of its There is a great deal of difference between citizens who have never been licensed or opinion and decision, in law matters. Opinion examined for registration by any state. among lawyers is much worse than opinions State boards have arrogated to themselves among doctors. Decision is what we want, 'powers that they do not legally possess-by and what we are after.

the unconstitutional parts, or clauses of the Now, my dear Doctor, as a starter you say state board laws. that New York can grant the right to practise The police power, or the state constabulary, medicin or pharmacy in New York, but in no is only to enforce the laws; but these laws must other part of the United States. I grant you be constitutional laws. that part of it, but I claim that New York can I refer you again to the Fourteenth Amend. not legally say to another man that he shall ment-according to which they cannot impose a not practise medicin or pharmacy in New fine upon, or imprison a citizen of another state York, provided that, that man was a citizen of for practising medicin or pharmacy in it—if he the United States and had complied with all is a regular college graduate, registered in his the laws of the United States in another state own state, and has complied with all the laws of the United S ates.

of that state. If a citizen holds a diploma from the Uni. I fail to find any constitutional law or right versity of Pennsylvania, the Jefferson or the to give any power of constabulary or police Bellevue, or any other accredited, legal and power concerning medicin or pharmacy, and chartered medical college of the United States, can find no law or reason for such classificaand has passed the New York Board and com- tion or precedent. plied with all the laws of New York and of the By what authority can any state board claim United States, then no other state can stop him the power of constabulary or police jurisdicfrom practising in it, because the Constitution tion over physicians or druggists? I would does the balance-according to the Fourteenth like some one to quote the Constitution cover. Amendment, which I beg leave to quote: ing this point if he can, or give some reason

"No state Shall Make or Enforce Any Law for such interpretation. which shall abridge the privileges or immunities If any of the World family (and I know

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