and other schemes. These lists are classified into $10 blunder free us, then a doctor who reads the investors, $25 to $100 investors, $100 to $500 investors,

mis above will never again be caught by any of

above will and investors having $10,000 or more available. The "$io investors" are mostly made up of a class of peo

these "small investor” schemes. ple who are in the habit of taking a small “flyer" oc If doctors want to take another look at casionally of not over $10, investing this amount on the theory that it may turn out with a big profit, but that

themselves "as others see them," here is in any event the loss cannot exceed $io. This class another chance. Some one sent me a circular appeals to the swindler also, in spite of the fact that

sent out by the " Investors Name and Address the amounts invested are small, for the reason that even if the scheme is exposed as a swindle, the indi- Co.” They make a business of furnishing to vidual amounts invested are so small that it would not the schemers the names of " suckers.” This pay any single person to resort to law for the recovery, circular of his money. True it is that a large number of such circular ouers 5 in the stock O1 an 01 com

circular offers $5 in the stock of an oil cominvestors, if acting in concert, would become a menace, pany for the names and address of five people but as a rule such investors are too widely scattered, likely to invest in such a concern. At the end or too unintelligent or indifferent to make any move of this kind. In number, these $10 investor lists run into of the circular is the following: the hundred thousands, and are the main avenue for floating schemes of the cheaper and more openly

INSTRUCTIONS. fraudulent variety.

Don't send names of millionaires or wealthy people. The “$25 to $50” list is made up of country in

We want only the names of small investors whom you vestors, Methodist and Baptist ministers, country doc

positively know are either stockholders in mining or tors and all classes of teachers; also barbers, waiters, oil companies, or would likely become interested in hospital nurses and the general class of people who investnients in such companies. are able in one way or other to set aside for a rainy day

What we mean by small investors is mechanics, from $25 to $100 per year. These lists are used in clerks, physicians, dentists, school teachers, or small slightly more pretentious schemes, of course, with storekeepers whom you think may have surplus sums of sometimes a little more merit to them. The $100 to

money in savings banks of from $50 to $500 and who $500 investors consist of doctors of slightly higher

would be likely to invest same in mining or oil stock. grade than those referred to above; also college As we are placing entire confidence in the public, we teachers and professors, small Wall Street lambs, feel sure that no one receiving this liberal offer will Episcopal and Presbyterian ministers, mercantile

abuse our trust by sending us names other than those clerks, some country merchants and other thrifty peo

of their friends whom they know to be interested in ple who annually accumulate a few hundred dollars

the above named class of investments. over and above their cost of living.

There you are. Let the medical profession

use this as a mirror, by which they can see While swindles are promoted to a gigantic extent

themselves as others see them-and to look thru circulars and by mail, yet much business is also done thru the medium of newspapers, magazines, and

into such a mirror is a “healthy" thing to do “class” publications. Many (but not all) of the large occasionally. The trouble is that physicians metropolitan dailies will sell advertising space in

can seldom find such a mirror. They are so which notorious swindles are promoted; magazines, also of high-grade in other ways, constantly sell space praised, flattered and nearly worshipt by their for the exploitation of mining, real estate and other patients that the weaker ones think that they schemes; the columns of country dailies and weeklies are not only open, as a rule, to such schemes, but for

are really great men, and almost infallible. a consideration they will often publish “write-ups" Any man in that frame of mind is easy prey to recommending or booming a particular enterprise. a smooth and plausible schemer. The “write-ups” generally consist of editorial or other special articles which are prepared or endorsed

Dr. Frank Lydston, of Chicago, is a very by the promoters themselves, and they, of course, pass level headed man. Some time ago he conin the reader's mind as genuin and truthful.

tributed an article upon this subject to the These are, of course, frauds of the most palpable kind, and the publication of such matter is entirely un- N. Y. Med. Jour. He gives the following fair to the readers of the paper. It is a species of summing up of the subject : cheap and insidious deception which should, wherever found, be condemned in unmeasured terms.

1. The man who has a profitable mining, land, or Another illegitimate method of the promotion of agricultural scheme to finance is not compelled to go swindles is thru trade journals, particularly in the into the office buildings of our cities, or to the modest mining industry. This country is nowadays flooded dwellings of our country practitioners, for the purpose with mining newspapers and journals, which, while of inducing them to invest their hard-earned dollars. ostensibly independent and legitimate in their char Had I a really excellent mining or other scheme to acter and methods, are, as a matter of fact, actually promote, I think I could spend my time much more owned and controlled by the same people who are profitably among capitalists than among doctors or engaged in the promotion of mining and other swin- other professional men. The amount of unused capital dles on a gigantic scale. These journals are filled

These journals are filled in America that is lying in wait for judicious and profitwith special articles and editorials which recommend able investment is so great that even the fools should and describe in glittering terms the stocks and pos

be able to understand the situation. sibilities of this and that enterprise in mining, or oil,

2. The legal rate of interest is establisht by our or real estate, or manufacturing, in which they them general financial and commercial conditions. This selves are interested. This is a more modern method of legal rate is supposed to be a safe rate. Yet our men exploiting swindles than some of the others, and ap

of great wealth, when they desire to make investments, parently has been most effectiv.

buy government bonds, the interest upon which is about

half the legal rate of interest. They do this because This shows how doctors are “sized up," in they consider the bonds the only investment which is relation to these schemes, by the schemers.

absolutely safe. This is a hint that the physician who

has a few hard-earned dollars which he is tempted to And the fact that they continue working on

invest in wild-cat schemes would do well to remember. the doctors indicates that they get encourage 3. The most important point is this: With every ment. If, as Bobby Burns said, to see our

I percent of interest promist above the legal rate, the

danger compounds. The difference in safety between selves as others see us would from many a an investment which promises 5 or 6 percent and one

sale at any

share with

will come in

where, and

which, it is alleged, promises 10 percent, is something to avoid advertising the scheme; and we put staggering. 4. It is well to remember that most of the men who

the letter in small type to save space: have lost money in speculation have done it while DEAR DOCTOR :Two years ago I made arrangements with the “backing another man's game." The professional

government of Peru to buy the largest pure Para Rubber yieldgambler considers this a very dangerous practise. As

ing property in the world. It consists of 585 square miles of dense

rubber forests and can yield an immediate revenue of many milhe expresses it, “Something always goes to the

lion dollars per annum. I have and own for myself and others 'kitty, whose remorseless maw will inevitably break

the controlling interest in the company, to prevent large capital the outsider if he plays the game long enough.” The getting hold and freezing us out. little commission charged for turning deals on the I am now planning to assist the company to obtain enuf funds stock exchange or grain market is the equivalent of to start tapping and developing the property, and, when once the amount that is paid to a “kitty" in a gambling

started, even on a small scale, the dividends will be enormous for

the stockholders. game. This amount, trivial as it is, constitutes terrific

Capitalists from Germany as well as this country have made odds against the man who is playing the game from

propositions to buy the control. This is not for sale at any price. the outside. It is the fleece of which the lamb must Doctor, I have formed a plan to share with you some of my own inevitably be shorn in time.

stock, free, if you will come in now, No bonus stock has gone Why the physician should be generally so incom anywhere, and all we want is to sell sufficient stock to work our petent in business affairs out of his own field of work

property. I have practised over 16 years and have now retired

from the profession to make rubber my life's work, and I will is a question hard to answer offhand. His profession,

realize some millions out of it. If you will come in now, on my perhaps, is so exacting that it leaves him little time to

say so, I will share with you a certain amount of stock out of my attend to other matters. The work of a doctor, too, pocket, free (stock has been selling at par), and I will guarantee brings him into contact with so much misery and you, on your investment, more than $700 per year on every $100 suffering, that it is apt to make him unworldly and you invest; then, too, as I have decided to divide with the pretrusting. Again, it is more easy to gain an audience

fession only, a certain amount of my shares, and thus materially

assist the treasury sales, there is no chance of a freeze out, with a physician than with members of other pro

Doctor, I can show you that whatever amount you invest in our fessions, or business men. Be the reason, however, for

company will bring you the same amount in dividends every the gullibility of the physician what it may, the fact re month for life within two or three years. This is absolutely true. mains that he is particularly open to the art of the It is not often the general public can get in on a deal of this sort. fakir and swindler. There are signs that at last his I have the confidence of the government of Peru, speak Spanish eyes are being opened, and that in the future the

thoroly and have given ample credentials and bonds that I will doctor will lend a deaf ear to the wiles and blandish

manage this enormous property and not allow the control to leave

my hands. Hence my plan to divide my stock and do you a good ments of the mining promoter and others of that ilk.

turn, well knowing from experience how hard it is for us to save Here is a specific case. An old subscriber

something, for our old age, from our practise,

If this interests you, doctor, let me give you my plans in this writes me about a certain mining stock, in matter and show you what I mean. As I have only a limited

amount of stock to divide with my brother professionals, let me which he has been led to believe, by a broker

hear from you at once and I will give you confidential particulars age firm in the Wall street district, whose nice and the best of references.

Awaiting the favor of an immediate reply, I am, si appearing letter head he incloses, that he can

Fraternally yours, realize a large profit. Here is a part of his

- , M.D. letter :

Emulation Among the States. I am an honest old country doctor who has been

Our country is made up of a number of making pills for 30 years, and having met with reverses several years ago, I would like to “lay by an

governments-each state is a different governhonest dollar or two for the rainy day;" and I thought ment, making and administering laws within of investing in mining stock.

its own confines according to the privileges I don't give individual advice, nor advice and limitations stated in the Constitution. As concerning specific investments; but I a result there are gradations, from good to bad answered his letter. It is not strange that he or indifferent, in the laws in the different states had met reverses, tho he did not say how, or on many questions. Massachusetts has held a what kind of reverses; that kind of a man long and honorable lead in the excellence of will always meet reverses, sooner or later. I her laws, so much so that the legislators of told him that the way to avoid further reverses other states have long studied the laws of is to keep safely every dollar of his hard Massachusetts with a view of modeling after earned money, and get the good of it himself; them in many ways. But during recent years, 'that if he put money into such schemes he and particularly in medical matters, New York would never see it again. It is pitiful to see state has perhaps taken the lead. New York an honest old country doctor kept in poverty was the first to establish a colony for epileptics, by throwing money away in that way.

and I think the first to establish a state saniHere is a doctor with his eyes open. Here tarium for the treatment (open air treatment) is his letter :

for tuberculosis. The following extract from Editor MEDICAL World:-Inclosed is a sample let the daily New York Letter in the Phila. Ledger ter which I think would be a good one for you to pub

will indicate New York's determination to lish if you can spare the space, for it is from an “M.D., and it seems as if he is the promoter of a progress along medical and pharmaceutical larger concern or money maker than "optimistic Os

lines : trander," and wants to divide his millions with the

NEW YORK, March 25.-Determined efforts will be profession and put a large number of them on the re

made this week to effect the passage by the legislature of tired list within “two or three years ;” but I suppose a bill to require manufacturers of all medicipal mixtures that he actually means tired, not “retired” list. It containing alcobol and narcotics, except those for exterseems as if he does not want the capitalist's dollars, nal use, to reveal their presence, with the percentage of but the long green from the real doctors.

such ingredients, on the label. Crestone, Colo. "

The agitation for the measure has been conducted by M. C. DAVIS, M.D.

leading men of this city, but there are also powerful eneHere is the circular letter which he incloses. mies, and the fate of the bill is problematical. The

charge is made by supporters of the measure that there We purposely suppress the name and address,

are drug stores here which gave away cocain for the pur

pose of developing the habit and gaining customers. It is said further that manufacturers of so-called catarrh cures which contain cocain are in the habit of distributing free samples with the same end in view. Cases have been cited of persons who became addicted to the cocain habit thru this promiscuous distribution.

It is also shown that medicios advertised as " free from alcoholic stimulant” and “recommended for treatment of alcoholic habit” contain large percentages of alcohol. Certain headache powders contain acetanilid in quantities which sometimes cause collapse. Other med. ical preparations contain opiates.


alcohol. alcoholic habit, and

and mor nade terrible er States in

w. Jay Schieffelin, a drug manufacturer, said today that more than 20 percent of the cocain manufactured in this country is converted to illict use, and fully 60 percent of the 200 girls in Chinatown, some not more than 14 years old, are confirmed victims of this drug. Mr. Schieffelin said that he did not want to be hysterical about this mat. ter, but a pass had been reached when New York must be an exemplar to the other States in stamping out an evil that has made terrible inroads on the country's vitality and moral standing.

The New York law today lists thirty-five drugs by name, and includes many others by general descriptiv words, which, if sold, must be labeled poison, Upium, morphin, cocain and certain others cannot be sold uniess, in addition to the poison label, an entry is made of the date, name and address of the purchaser, the name and quantity of the poison, the purpose for which it is represented by the purchaser to be required and the name of the dispenser. Physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, plumbers, auctioneers and engineers must be qualified and licensed or registered before practising on the public. But any irresponsible, unlicensed, unscrupu. lous person, without education or learning in medicin or pharmacy, may compound a mixture, using as ingredients any number of the drugs in the poison list, and may advertise it as a cure for any known ill without restraint, without poison label and without giving warning or information of its contents.

Government Opposition to Quackery.

The present administration at Washington is doing more for the people in the way of putting the strong hand of the government on quackery than any administration we ever had. The following clipping from the Philadelphia Ledger indicates the mode of operation and the results :


WASHINGTON, March 25.-Orders have been issued by
Postmaster-General Cortelyou instructing the postmasters
at New York and Brooklyn to refuse to admit to the mails
the advertisements of fifty-two illegal "medical offices"
located in those cities, and also to refuse to deliver mail
matter received addrest to the fictitious and assumed
names under which parties conducting these concerns
bide their identity.

This action at New York and Brooklyn is in line with
the efforts previously made by Postmaster-General Cortel-
you in Boston and Pbiladelphia to enforce the law against
This class of criminal concerns. In Boston last March
thirty of these concerns were barred from the mails, and
the government's crusade in Philadelphia last September
resulted in closing thirteen establishments charged with
being illegal" medical offices,"

The order says:

« The condition of affairs which has developt under the department's investigations in all of these cities has been appalling. It was found that in a large number of instances those engaged in conducting these offices have criminal records and are 'dope' fiends. In Boston one of the concerns excluded from the mails was supposed to have been the office at which was performed the fatal operation upon the young woman Susan Geary-the suit-case murder, One of the doctors,' whom the department found identified with several of these offices'in Boston, was also connected with the Susan Geary case. The number of deaths that have been caused in these offices can never be known.

“ The volume of business done by these concerns was large. It was said that as high as twenty criminal operacions a day were performed in some of these offices, and that the income sometimes ranged as high as $2,000 a week."

Obstacles to Quack Medicin Legislation. “Physicians used no influence in favor of the bill, except to pass resolutions indorsing it; they advanced no arguments; they wrote no letters to the committee or to members of the legislature. So much for sins of omission. While the physicians of Mississippi were attending strictly to their private affairs and forgetting the interests of public health, the Proprietary Association of America was busy. It sent men up from New Orleans to Jackson to lobby; it manipulated the 'redclause' press (tho a number of independent weeklies thru the state came out squarely for the bill); it distributed literature. Antikamnia sent a special agent to the spot(Observe how this 'ethical' proprietary shows its true colors when quackery and fraud are threatened.) The retail druggists were stirred up to write to the legislature, and protests poured in on the committee having the bill in charge."-From an edi. torial in the Jour. Am. Med. Ass'n for March 3d, page 659.

And yet a great many otherwise respectable medical journals still admit antikamnia to their advertising pages, and many of them publish puffs for it in their reading columns. Last month (page 129) we gave a list of some of the journals which still admit the antikamnia advertisement. We here repeat it:

The Great Weeklies : The New York Medical Record.

The New York Medical Journal (with which the Philadelphia Medical Journal and the Medical News are now consolidated). The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The State Organization Journals : · Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Society.

Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Society. Western Medical Review, the Journal of the Nebraska State Medical Association,

Other Journals: American Journal of the Medical Sciences ($5 per year; publisht by Lea Bros. & Co.).

Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics ($5 per year; the great surgeons, Senn and J. B. Murphy on the staft).

Annals of Surgery ($5 per year; J. Wm. White and other great surgeons on the staff

American Journal of Obstetrics ($4 per year).

Therapeutic Gazette (edited by H. A. Hare, the author of medical books and a professor in Jefferson Medical College, and Edward Martin, a professor in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania).

The Lancet-Clinic.
The Medical Standard.
Iowa Medical Journal.
Colorado Medical Journal.
Carolina Medical Journal.
Texas Medical Journal.
Texas Medical News.
Texas Courier-Record of Medicine.
Alabama Medical Journal,
Interstate Medical Journal,
Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery.
International Journal of Surgery.
American Journal of Surgery.
Journal of the Association of Military Surgeons.
American Practitioner and News.
Archives of Pediatrics.
Medical Bulletin.
Medical Review of Reviews.
Medical Herald.
Merck's Archives.
Charlotte Medical Journal.
Medical Times.
Monthly Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine,
Medical Sentinel,
Medico-chirurgical Journal.
Columbus Medical Journal.
Medical Era.
Regular Medical Visitor.
Los Angeles Medical Journal,
Medical Examiner and Practitioner.
Massachusetts Medical Journal.
Milwaukee Medical Journal,
Buffalo Medical Journal.
Providence Medical Journal.
St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal.
Southern Practitioner.
Pacific Medical Journal.


Wisconsin Medical Recorder.
St. Louis Courier of Medicine.
Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery.
Virginia Medical Semi-Monthly.
Vermont Medical Monthly.
Brooklyn Medical Journal.
Northwest Medicine,
National Hospital Record.
Annals of Gynecology and Pediatry,
American Medical Compend.
Modern Eclecticism,
New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal,
Indiana Medical Journal.
Archives of Pediatrics.
Annals of Otology. Rhinology, and Laryngology.
Alienist and Neurologist,
Medical Mirror.
Medical Age.
Detroit Medical Journal.
Medical Fortnightly.
Central States Medical Monitor.'
Denver Medical Times.
Cleveland Medical Journal.
Fort Wayne Medical Journal-Magazine.
Maritime Medical News.
Eclectic Medical Journal.
Eclectic Review.
American Medical Journal.
American Physician.
Clinical Reporter.
American Journal of Progressive Therapeutics.
Albright's Office Practitioner.
Medical Summary.
Medical Brief.

Do you subscribe for any of these journals ?
If so, what is your influence with the editors ?
In addition to the above list, we have noticed
two more. They are:
Gaillard's Southern Medicine.
Kansas City Medical Record.
Do you know of any more ?

Short articles of practical help to the profession are solicited for

this department, Articles accepted must be contributed to this journal only. The

editors are not responsible for views expressed by contributors. Copy must be received on or before the twelfth of the month, for

publication in the issue for the next month. We decline responsibility for the safety of unused manuscript. It can usually be returned if request and postage for return are

received with manuscript; but we cannot agree to always do so. Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he

must say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words, or his reader will certainly misunderstand then. Generally, also, a downright fact may be told in a plain way; and we want downright facts at present more than


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The Great American Fraud. Our national quality of commercial shrewdness fails us when we go into the open market to purchase relief from suffering. The average American, when he sets out to buy a horse or a box of cigars, is a model of caution. Show him testimonials from any number of prominnent citizens, and he would simply scoff. He will, perhaps, take the word of his life-long friend, or of the pastor of his church, but only after mature thought fortified by personal investigation. Now observe the same citizen, seeking to buy the most precious of all possessions, sound health. Anybody's word is good enough for him here. An admiral whose puerile vanity has betrayed him into a testimonial; an obliging and conscienceless senator; a grateiul idiot from some remote hamlet; a renegade doctor, or a silly woman who gets a bonus of a dozen photographs for her letterany of these are sufficient to lure the hopeful patient to the purchase. He wouldn't buy a second-hand bicycle on the affidavit of any of them; but he will give up his dollar and take his chances of poison on a mere newspaper statement which he doesn't even investigate. Every intelligent newspaper publisher knows that the testimonials which he publishes are as deceptiv as the advertising claims are false. Yet he salves his conscience with the fallacy that the moral responsibility is on the advertiser and the testimonial giver. So it is; but the newspaper shares it.-Adams, in Collier's Weekly.

A Grave Abdominal Case. Editor MedicAL WORLD: As a doctor, the writer is but two years old and has a tremendous amount to learn regarding the practise of medicin. However, he makes no apology for his youth, but simply states it as a fact which time will remedy, in order that too harsh criticism may not be heaped upon him by his more experienced colleagues.

The case cited below was seen soon after beginning practise among the mountairs, sixty miles from a railroad, with no facilities for surgical work, and no assistant to be had except a poor inebriate who has since died of his excesses.

Patient was a robust, powerfully built farmer of 52 years. Saw him first on Jan. 25th. Abdomen slightly rigid and tender on pressure, no tympanites, no localized pain or tumor in right iliac fossa ; vomiting; temperature 99.5°, pulse go and quite strong ; respiration about normal. Gave history of cramps on Jan. 22d. Had had them a number of times in the previous 2 or 3 years, and had taken a pint of strong infusion of cascara bark, which, he said, had always cured him. He had taken a similar dose on the 22d, and repeated it on the 23d, with copious stools resulting, and a good deal of tenesmus. On the afternoon of the 24th he had a passage, scant and hard, but none on the 25th, when I saw him first in the morning.

Treatment: Opium for the pain, turpentine stupes, and hygroscopic poultice. Did not give purgativ on account of the recent purging he had received.

Saw him again on the 26th. Still no motion from bowels. Temperature subnormal, face pale and anxious, pulse fast and weak, eyes sunken, and profuse cold perspiration ; abdomen very rigid and tender, with intense pain all over abdomen. He said the opium I left had not stopt the pain. Vomiting of a greenish color.

Made my diagnosis as intestinal obstruction

One grain of iodin and 2 grains of iodid of potash in an ounce of water will remove tartar from the teeth, if neth are brusht with it once or twice a day.

and acted accordingly. As emesis was free, varies so greatly in different patients, you I gave no emetic; and failing to get relief could hardly have allowed him an unlimited by a high enema, askt that a surgeon be quantity for fear of poisonous results, and yet sent for. Relativs objected, so I made the it was your duty to make sure that he got patient comfortable as possible and came the effect. away. Before daylight next morning the son Either appendicitis or obstruction could have called and told me not to come again, as produced the symptoms found on operation, they were going for another doctor-the in- of course. What you ought to have done at ebriate before mentioned. He went, told the time of operation was to insist upon them he could do nothing, gave an enema and verification of their or your diagnosis. It left. This information I received from the would only have taken a moment, and if the doctor later on.

surgeon was so fearful of his hands, where Early on the morning of the 30th, 8 days were yours ? from the first appearance of the cramps, I You are getting a good training, doctor. was called to help operate. Two surgeons The man who is thrown on his individual had been sent for, and were on the ground. resources. frequently, learns to become self I went. Vomiting was stercoraceous, abdo- reliant, and, almost always, competent. Try men immensely distended and hard as a plank, to carry with you armament suitable to permit with great pain. Still no passage from bowels. your coping, fairly equipt, with any emergency;

Upon request I gave my picture of the case and when caught in a bad case and far from and diagnosis. They said “appendicitis," help, work it out as best you can.-Ed.] and decided to make the incision over McBurney's point. I “kicked,” and requested Obstetrical Experience.-Rupture of the a median incision. But it was two against

Uterus. one, and I had to swallow it. The perito- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I have often neum was as black as my shoe, and gut like thought that it would be profitable to us all if wise. Intestin so dis'ended with gas that it we would give our failures, and report our difwas almost impossible to return it to the ficulties, as well as our successes. It is pleasabdominal cavity, for patient died on the ant to report a brilliant success, or relate a table even before the appendix was found. fierce encounter with some deadly malady in Then I requested the operator to go ahead which we have come out victor ; but it takes and ascertain what the trouble was, but he some courage to always “ fess up” and tell of refused on the ground that he did not wish our disappointments and failures. With this to infect his hands !!! He was wearing rub- thought in mind I offer the following clinical ber gloves, too.

notes along the line of obstetrics : Now, I have confest that I am only a In an experience extending over a quarter young doctor and I do not “know it all," of a century I have encountered the following but I am pigheaded enuf to believe that my abnormalities: Four cases of puerperal eclampdiagnosis was correct, even if my treatment sia; two cases of shoulder presentation ; one was not the best possible. On the first day prolapsus funis; one hand and arm presentaI made no diagnosis. There seemed to be a tion; one case of puerperal insanity; six cases peritonitis, the source of which was obscure, of violent postpartum hemorrhage ; one case so I simply tried to relieve the pain and re- of inversion of the uterus; and one case of duce the inflammation. When the diagnosis rupture of the uterus. was clear (were it obstruction or appendi- The four cases of eclampsia were all due to citis ) surgical interference was the treatment albuminuria. There were three recoveries and indicated.

one death. The fatal case was a primi para, From the data given, was my diagnosis aged 25, who showed most pronounced sympcorrect? or was that of the big guns who toms of albuminuria very early in her pregoperated ? Don't score me too hard, doctor, nancy. There was albumin in large quantities even if I deserve it, for “ thy servant is but a at the sixth month. She was put on approved little child.”

J. T. LEFEVRE. diuretics, and a milk diet urged. Under this Sumpter, Oregon.

treatment she improved some, but grew rapidly [You did right in advising operation, of worse after the seventh month. The entire course, and we have no criticism of your body was swollen, and the labia majora were treatment except that we would have given so enormously enlarged that the patient could morphin hypodermically until we had obtunded not walk, and tapping was done with markt the pain before leaving the patient, and then relief. Saline diuretics, comp. jalap powder, left opium with him to prolong the effect and iron were the drugs relied upon, and the until you could return. In so severe a case, patient came to her confinement in fair condiand remembering that the dose of opium tion. I feared trouble in this case, and called

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