that there are some very able men among states are different, your argument would be them) desire to take up this matter, I wish clearer. they would cite the law, or give some standard Now to your Fourteenth Amendment: The authority to vouch for the opinions that they privilege of practising medicin is not given by may put forth.

the United States to any citizen of the United Glittering generalities will do in some cases, States, except to surgeons of the Army and but don't work well in law or medicin. I Navy. There is no United States medical law. desire to state that my arguments are in no Practising medicin is not a United States priviway personal, as I am registered in several lege, except by surgeons of the Army and states.

Navy. This part of the Constitution does not I desire to thank Dr. Taylor for his courtesy. and cannot apply to privileges granted by

GEORGE W. HENRY, M.D. states, under state laws. Is that clear? Keep Camden, N. J.

it clear in your mind that the United States [That's right, Dr. Henry, keep it up until Goverument is one thing, and a state governyou get satisfaction. Your December article ment is another. Every citizen of any and came in late, and I wrote my reply hurriedly, every state is a citizen of the United States, without taking time to look matters up as it is and as such he is amenable to the laws of the now evident that you desired; and even now I United States; he is also amenable to laws of am not able to give you the citations that I wish the state in which he lives. to, as the sources are not now at hand, but Art. IV, Section 2: Here is the same will be soon. But you want the ball kept thing. The “privileges” granted by the rolling now, and I will not disappoint you; United States are of a certain class, and they tho I hope to be better equipt by next month. must be uniform in all the states; but individFor the present I will analyze your position, ual states may and do go further into detail and then give a constitutional citation

concerning privileges, immunities, restrictions, Please fasten your eye on your second par- etc.; and they have a perfect right to do this agraph, and appreciate the fact that there is a so long as they do not conflict with the powers difference between state laws and United States of the United States. Illustrations are given a laws. Please realize also that there is no little further down in your article. The butcher United States medical law, and never has been. may not slaughter diseased animals and offer A citizen of, say New Jersey, is a citizen of their carcasses for sale, nor sell tainted meat. the United States; suppose he complies with (I think there are United States laws as well as all the laws of the United States, and also state laws regarding this.) Bakers may not complies with the medical laws of New Jersey. sell unwholesome bread, else the local or state Then he moves to New York. He is still board of health will get after them. Barbers under the United States laws, as every citizen are restricted by sanitary laws in some states. of every state is, and while he is in New York Milk men are subjected to careful regulation, he must be amenable to the laws of New York. concerning both their premises and product, He has left New Jersey and hence is not living differing in different localities and states. And under the laws of New Jersey. He is living in who will say that these protectiv regulations New York, hence he is living under the laws are not wise and right? of New York. New York has a medical law, Now as to the constitutional authority for and there is no United States medical law, the states doing all these things, most or all of and there is no United States law in conflict which are placed, perhaps arbitrarily, under with the New York medical law. Therefore the head of "police powers." I have searcht while he is in New York he must be subject to the constitution for this, and it seems to me the New York medical law--not the medical that the foundation must be the Tenth Amendlaw of New Jersey, for he has left New Jersey, ment, which reads: and New Jersey has no right to extend the The powers not delegated to the United jurisdiction of her laws into New York. Is States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it that clear?

to the States, are reserved to the States respecNow let's take your next paragraph: You tivly, or to the people." say “ legal and chartered medical college of The consensus of opinion (I beg your parthe United States.” The United States never don for this expression) seems to be that the chartered a medical college. The colleges you powers that we have been discussing are not mention, and all other colleges, were char- given to the United States by the Constitution tered by their respectiv states. You didn't (see list of powers granted in Article 1, Secthink of this, or you would not have made the tion 8). Also it is generally agreed that the argument. If you would keep before your powers that we have been discussing are not mind the fact that the United States Govern- prohibited to the states, therefore they are ment and the governments of the different reserved to the states.

Is not this clear constitutional authority ? good than any medicin, both for the skin But here is a point that seems to have escaped trouble, when combined with arsenic, and for the notice of all former observers, and I am the rheumatism. happy to have observed it. Notice the last He called at my office last winter, stating four words of the amendment above quoted: that his mouth and tongue, which had been quite or to the people." Here is a basis for a sore for some time, had rapidly grown worse, National medical law, if enacted by the people. and was now giving intense pain, especially At present we have no machinery for direct during mastication or speech. Had been legislation by the people. If we had, here smoking a special brand of very strong cigars would open up vast powers to the people. Let which his firm had in stock, and thought the us think of this.-Ed.]

attack had been caused by this indulgence.

His skin trouble and his rheumatism had both Leucoplakia.-Ichthyosis of the Tongue.-Re been better for a year or more. port of a Case.

Examination revealed the condition I have Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-One of the most tried to describe, and I have tried to be as stubborn and troublesome diseases that I have nearly exact as I could, for the reason that I met, except cancer, is that of leucoplakia. It do not find a satisfactory description of this may be described as deep ulcerativ fissures disease in the books at my command. upon the superior surface of the tongue. These I wiped out the fissures with a cotton wrapt fissures, or cracks, are really deeper than they probe, using a mild antiseptic solution. I appear to be unless examined by probing then applied sol. nitrate of silver, 30 grs. to them, and are covered along the bottom and the oz., gave an alkalin mouth wash composed sides with feeble and broken-down granula- of Dobell's solution and a few drops tinct. tions. Between the fissures, and occupying myrrh. Next day patient was worse, pain and the remaining surface of the dorsum of the soreness more intense, slight swelling of tongue, are island-like spaces or patches, tongue, very red and smooth at sides and under denuded of epithelium, and covered by a thin surface, pimples at tip extremely tender, altho film of tissue, resembling wet kid leather, they had been toucht with a pencil of lunar slightly raised in the middle. They are firm, caustic. Washt thoroly with sol. hydrogen but not hard except on the immediate surface. dioxid, full strength, and applied 60 gr. soluThey yield with an elastic rebound when prest tion silver nitrate. Gave calomel regularly upon with a probe. A dirty looking heavy two or three times a day in 2 gr. doses until coating covers the back of the tongue, and a bowels were thoroly relaxt, and the fur cleaned disagreeable odor accompanies the breath. off back of tongue to considerable extent.

The sides and under surface are shiny red Diet restricted to milk. Patient at this time and smooth, except small cracks and pimples taking 15 grs. iodid of potassium 3 times a upon the tip and along the borders. There is day. acute soreness of the organ, and ulceration More than a week passed with very little inside the lips at a few points, but no swelling improvement. I then began using first one or tenderness of any of the lymphatics.

astringent and then another, antiseptics in the In Vol. II of Ashhurst's International Ency- form of washes and sprays of various kinds, clopedia of Surgery, 1882, plate xiii, facing cauterizing the cracks and sores every day or page 503, there is a good picture of this lesion, two, more or less; tried protargol, argyrol, and except the color is too dark. The color a host of remedies suggested by eminent men should be nearly white or grayish-white prin- in the profession with almost no effect until cipally, on the dorsum of the tongue, with red another week had passed. edges.

One afternoon I stood looking down into My patient is a business man, 57 years of those deep, ugly fissures, feeling blue and disage, nearly six feet tall, weight 175 lbs., fair couraged, and contemplating the probable complexion. Except the use of tobacco, his necessity of a radical operation for removing habits are exemplary and neat in every way. the diseased area. I wondered how much Has had chronic muscular rheumatism for longer the poor sufferer could put up with my years, and severe attacks of psoriasis. This failing treatment, my excuses and hopeful latter disease has given him much trouble, promises, without a change for the better. I mostly during winter and spring. Scaly was alert, and turning over things in my patches and dark areas of infiltration of the fuddled brain in hope of a remedy, my eye sell layers of the skin have occurred a time or two, upon a vial containing a 40 grs. to oz. chromic and they were stubborn and hard to heal. He acid solution which I had been using as a admits gonorrhea, but declares he never had cauterant in nasal work. Being quite familiar a syphilitic sore of any kind. Nevertheless it with its effects, I decided after a few moments appears that iodid of potassium does him more reflection to try it. Accordingly I wrapt

cotton around the end of an aluminum appli- hold ; to be careful about using towels, wash cator in the form of a slender pencil, and cloths, etc., used by others. Caution them applied a drop or two to the bottom of each about washing hands after handling parts fissure. The solution spread along in a yellow affected before rubbing eyes; change of understreak, and in a few minutes the man was clothing frequently is also of utmost value as a fairly jumping and scringing from the sharp prophylactic against infection of other parts of cauterant effect of the acid, while the saliva body or other persons. Absolute rest is flowed from his mouth in a roping stream essential if possible, and nonindulgence in down to the cuspidor on the floor.

sexual intercourse. Next day I removed quite a lot of debris, Dietary—is also important; patient should washing out thoroly with a syringe, and be instructed to abstain from use of any alcoapplied a one-half of i percent solution of holic liquors, coffee, tea, salt meats and acid bichlorid of mercury. I now increast the foods. Milk, eggs, toast, bread, cereals, poiodid to 20 grs. 3 times a day given in syrupy tatoes and any of the carbohydrates may be solution and largely diluted. Mercurial wash allowed. kept up.

Medicinally, kava kava in combination with From that time the case improved steadily, an alkali, preferably citrate of potash, is espethe fissures healed from the bottom, the un- cially indicated in those cases in which there pleasant odor left in a day or two, the pain is atony of bladder with large quantities of ceast, and in less than three weeks, or in other residual urin, in uric acid diathesis, and in old words, after about five weeks treatment in all, men with prostatic trouble when urin produces recovery was complete.

a burning sensation, accompanied by considerConclusions and comments: The clinical able hyperesthesia of urethra. This remedy results show that this form of ulceration attacks should be discontinued, however, if bad effects people who have psoriasis and chronic syphi- upon stomach result; as nausea, vomiting, etc. litic troubles.

My usual prescription for internal medicaThat tobacco smoking is an exciting cause. tion is as follows–Kava kava added if indi

That treatment must be local and constitu- cated: tional.

R That iodid of potassium is our main depend- Lloyd's sp. tr. gelsemium. ......M. xxx ence, and that it must be pusht to its full Lloyd's sp. tr. apis ..........M..XX effect.

Acetate of potash.::.:.:.:.:3!)

Distilled water q.s. ad ........ That cauterants should be strong enuf to M. et sig.-Teaspoonful doses every two hours until make a distinct impression, and that chromic relief of the immediate symptoms, burning, itching acid seems to be the best.

pain upon urination, general depression, etc. This

alkalin preparation, neutralizing the urin, relieves the Maysville, Ga. V. D. LOCKHART, M.D.

burning pain. [You say, “pimples at tip extremely tender,

As for injection, I have condenst the long altho they had been toucht with a pencil of

list to two: protargol in a 2 percent solution lunar caustic.” Wouldn't you expect them

and permanganate of potash, the latter having to be tender after being so “toucht?" Try

proven more satisfactory in the large majority it on your own tongue and you will be con

of all cases, administered in the following way: vinced. It seems that from the date of your

Take of permanganate of potash grs. vij to

Ta giving up severe applications, and confining

distilled water Ziv; dissolve and request yourself to the mild 72 percent bichlorid solu. patient to use one teaspoonful in a pint of tion, your patient improved. Much can be

warm water three times daily, using the greater accomplisht by coaxing that cannot be done

part of the solution at each treatment, and by driving. Also, stopping the exciting cause,

always caution them to urinate previous to smoking, had its share in the cure.-Ed.]

using the syringe, in order to flush out urethra

and thus free same from all discharges. I also Treatment of Gonorrhea.

give methylene blue compound tablets, one Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-The first thing I

after each meal for period of one week; then do when a patient comes to the office with the

discontinue them for a few days until the urin well known train of symptoms, is to demand a attains its natural color, then repeat for fee of $10 in advance, which is, as a rule, an another week.

B. C. PEASE, M.D. important factor in the treatment (for the prac

Kirkwood, Ill. tician), considering the class of people usually afflicted. Then I proceed to lay down the

Felter and Lloyd state that when a frequent desire law regarding hygiene, diet, habits, etc.

to urinate is accompanied with a burning pain at the Hygiene: Impress upon their minds the urethral outlet, the urin passing in drops and mixt value of cleanliness for the prevention of in

with a little blood, oxydendron is an especially valua

ble remedy. It is given in doses of 1 to 10 mínims of fection of other members of the family or house the mixture, or 3 to 6 grains of the solid extract.


Useful Formula in Gonorrhea.

With my Mild Medicin Method I can bring on an Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I send my fav.

over-abundance of these secretions, so as to give a

bountiful supply of nourishment directly to the end of orit prescription for “clap.” I treat many the nerve; when this is done the nerves will gradually venereal cases here, for I am near the “red.

take on new life and eventually all of your nerve trou

ble will be relieved and your sight restored to normal. light" district. Doctor (would you believe

Please understand that the disease of “ inflammation it?), according to my observation and opinion, of the optic nerve” does not necessarily mean that Denver is the greatest venereal city (for its

your eyes present an inflamed, bloodshot appearance.

On the contrary, it is usually the case that the disease size) that there is; and I have good reasons for presents few, if any, outward indications. It is on such an opinion. My prescription, with slight account of the insidious character of this disease that changes for indications, is:

makes it so dangerous.

Now for a few points concerning which you will be

anxious to inquire: (1) You can use my treatment at Methylene blue xij

home without interfering with your occupation or daily Urotropin

duties just as effectivly as I could administer it to you Diuretin ................äā 3j

in my office. (2) It will probably take from two to

four months to effect a complete cure-sometimes a Misce et pone in caps. xxiv. Sig. One capsule every

little less, sometimes a little longer. (3) My treat4 hours, until urin becomes light blue; then use 2 or 3

ment will not only cure you of your main trouble, but a day to keep urin colored.

it will at the same time remove all reflex complications In conjuction I use Valentine's permang. and associate diseases. injection, and one picratol (Wyeth) gr. ss.

The total cost to you for my home treatment is $5.00

per month, and upon receipt of this amount I will prebougie on retiring. I have had the greatest pare and send you a month's treatment of my remedies success by these measures, coupled with proper covering every phase and condition of your case. If diet, hygiene, etc. Some day I will endeavor

at the expiration of thirty days' use of my treatment

your improvement is not sufficient to warrant you in to write a neat little article on gonorrhea for continuing the treatment until cured, or if you are not our brethren of the WORLD fraternity.

entirely satisfied with the results of my treatment,

write me to that effect, and I will return every cent Denver, Colo. FRED'K AMMON, M.D. you have paid me. You are to be the judge--your

word shall decide it. More Quackery.

Hoping that I may have the pleasure of prescribing

for you in the near future, so I may place you on the Editor Medical WORLD:-A full page ad- road to speedy recovery, I remain, vertisement in a popular magazine tells how a

Yours truly,

F. G. CURTS, M.D. Kansas City, Mo., doctor cures cataract, Dict. F. G. C. squint, and all diseases of the eye by his Steno. W. I. S. "Mild Medicin Method." Saying that I am a farmer (not entirely untrue), I wrote the ad

How Can Fleas be Banisht? vertiser in reference to treatment for a Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- In the Septemos terigium” (purposely misspelled). I inclose ber WORLD, page 364, Dr. J. H. Sanborn gives herewith the reply which I received, and which some excellent applications to destroy certain THE WORLD is at liberty to use if worth the insects, but he does not mention one of the space. I described no symptoms of any eye most abominable pests on earth: fleas. Will trouble except pterygium.

you please inquire of him or any one else for One does not need to be an eye specialist to something that will banish these little pests? recognize the gross dishonesty in the doctor's as there are several states in which they are reply. The advertising eye specialists have very prevalent, and this is one of them. Many been having very free use of the advertising reputed remedies, such as pennyroyal, pages of the magazines and religious periodi. pyrethrum powder, and various oils are of no use cals of late. It has been my policy for some whatever. Pyrethrum or buhach powder, some years not to contribute to the support of any years ago was of some good, but now, publication carrying such advertisements, a thru adulteration or deterioration, I find it policy which I would be glad to know that useless; and with some persons it poisons the THE WORLD readers approve and practise. skin much the same as rhus. It is impossible Bloomsburg, Pa. H. W. CHAMPLIN, M.D. here to sit in any public place (church, halls, KANSAS City, Mo., Oct. 24, 1905.

theatre, &c.), without being infested with those MR. H. W. CHAMPLIN,

little pests, and ladies are as a rule more Bloomsburg, Pa.

especially annoyed by them. If you can Dear Mr. Champlin :-Your eye disease is an inflammation of the optic nerve, which has been pro

publish an effectiv remedy for this evil, you duced from a congestion of the glands of the eyeball. will confer a great blessing on many sufferers (And I want to say here that the sight proper has no


CALIFORNIA. direct communication of blood, but derives all its food supply from the secretions. These secretions nourishment to the optic nerve as well as the various In biliousness due to dietetic indiscretion, after the little nerves branching off from it, the same as the bowels have been thoroly cleansed by calomel and system is nourisht by taking food into the stomach. ipecac, the following medication is indicated :It is the diminishment of these secretions that has

Dilute nitro hydrocloric acid . . 10 drops produced your present difficulty. In plain words, it

Elixir taraxacum compound. . 2 drams is a partial paralysis, or atrophy, of the optic nerve, Mix, and direct to be taken half an hour before caused by the nerve not receiving proper nourishment. meals.


Stillingia Liniment.

six inches long. The grass, undigested, was in Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-You have not the feces that passed with the worm. Have got the proportion either of alcohol or lobelia we found a new anthelmintic ? in Stillingia Liniment (December WORLD, Kangley, Ill. F. L. GREEN, M.D. page 506) the way it was made when I was a student in the Eclectic College, 35 years ago.

Literature of Interest to Doctors. It was then as follows:

22. A Country Doctor. By Sarah O. Jewett. Oil of stillingia. ...

23. Dr. Grimshawe's Secret. By Nathaniel Haw.... .. .......Oz. 2 Oil of lobelia . ............. oz. I

thorne. Oil of cajuput .............oz. I

24. Dr. Nikola. By Guy Boothby.
Alcohol ......
......... Oz, 20

25. Dr. Antonio. By Ruffini.
26. The Surgeon's Daughter. By Sir Walter Scott.

27. Joseph Balsamo. By Alexander Dumas. Another formula on sale was:

28. The Viking's Skull. By John R. Carling. Oil of stillingia

29. The Sociable Ghost. By Olive Harper and Oil of lobelia ............äā oz. I Another. Alcohol. ...:::::.

30. Told by the Death's Head. By Maurus Jokai. ..: ...... ..oz. 48 Dose :: 1 to 10 drops every 15 or 20 minutes : apply

31. Dr. Breen's Practise. By William D. Howells. on hot cloths to throat and chest.

32. Dr. Phillips. By Frank Danby.

Mrs. Julia Frankaus uses the pseudonym “Frank This sold at 250. per oz. The first is the Danby” on the title page of her works of fiction, and original and was given away, by the doctor,

it is only of late that her identity has become known.

She is the wife of a wealthy Jewish merchant of Lonwhen called.


don, and she is a prominent figure in the musical, Northumberland, Pa.

literary and artistic set of the English capital. In her [King's American Dispensatory, by Felter

first and strongest novel entitled "Dr. Phillips," which

gives an extraordinarily vivid picture of the more unand Lloyd, publisht by The Ohio Valley Com- pleasant features of middle Jewish life, she delineated pany, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1900, is, we believe,

the principal character with so much fidelity to her

model, a leading London physician, that he secured considered the authority in these matters an injunction in the courts against the circulation of among eclectics. From it we quote as follows:

the book.

33. Ralph Marlowe. By James Ball Naylor, M.D. Stillingia Liniment: Compound Tincture of Stillingia. Dr. Naylor, of Malta, Ohio, has written some enter

“ Preparation :-Take of oil of stillingia. 1 fluid taining books: In the Days of St. Clair, The Sign ounce: oil of lobelia, oil of cajuput, of each. 14 Auid of the Prophet, Under Mad Anthony's Banner, and ounce; alcohol and glycerin, of each, 2 fluid ounces.

Ralph Marlowe. The last mentioned is the only one Mix in the order named. This formula is that revised

that has a doctor for the main character. by Prof. W. E. Bloyer, and is far preferable to the

34. The Strange Story of the Quillmores. By Augustus formula given below. Prepared in this manner, the

L. Chatterton. "Rocbus," a medical man, is the leadcomponent parts of the liniment do not separate as

ing character in this interesting novel. The book readily as in the old preparation, the formula for which

contains frequent references to the masonic fraternity: is as follows: Take of oil of stillingia, i fluid ounce;

“Ira," called the doctor, “turn your head this way oil of cajuput, fluid ounce; oil of lobelia, 2 fluid

a minute. That's the sheriff's posse we hear coming drams; alcohol, 2 fluid ounces. Mix together.

and we're ready to be captured listen. This man is “ Stillingia liniment is prone to precipitate, and often

a brother mason! He has correctly communicated thickens to a magma or jelly. It should be well shaken

the words and tokens. We have unwittingly saved a before being used. If it has solidified, it should be

brother of our order from direst peril and did not replaced by a fresh supply.”

know it at the time."

This book, while of interest to physicians, should be Oil of stillingia costs go cents, and oil of of special interest to practicians who are members of lobelia $1.50, an ounce.-ED.]

the F. & A. M.


South Columbia, N. Y. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-If it had not been for THE MEDICAL WORLD, I think I

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Your December would have been caught by one of those col

issue contains a short article by Dr. Gott in lecting agencies. The agent came to me

regard to an infant of 13 months weighing 102 wanting to collect my old accounts for me, but

lbs. W. B. Saunders & Co., of Philadelphia, as soon as I mentioned THE MEDICAL WORLD

publish a book written by Drs. Gould and exposing those frauds, he made a short excuse

Pyle, called “Anomalies and Curiosities of and left my office. Hurrah for the Editor of

Medicin." This book cites many examples THE MEDICAL WORLD !

of obesity in infants and children. This conOtis, Kans. D. H. NOTHDURFT, M.D.

dition is called “congenital corpulency." Numerous cases of excessiv avoirdupois are

given. No cause is given for the abnormal Grass Expels Worms from Child.


amount of adipose tissue. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In the spring

DR. GRACE M. NORRIS. of 1905 a father sat his little boy, thirteen South Columbia, N. Y. months old, on the sod while he fixt the yard fence. The blue grass had started to grow,

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Dr. Gott, in last number, and the little child pickt and ate of the tender certainly has the record baby. My record for 1905 is blades. In about twelve hours it passed a tape

a 16 lb. 4 oz. boy. That's fair for Okla., I think. Long

live The WORLD. worm twelve inches long, and a round worm

J. M. WORKMAN. Woodward, Okla.

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