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The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has
life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.-FROUDE.

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Language is a growth rather than a creation. The growth of our vocabulary is seen in the vast increase in the size of our dictionaries during the past century. This growth is not only in amount, but among other elements of growth the written forms of words are becoming simpler and more uniform. For example, compare Eng. lish spelling of a century or two centuries ago with that of to-day! It is our duty to encourage and advance the movement toward simple, uniform and rational spelling. See the recommendations of the Philological Society of London, and of the American Philological Association, and list of amended spellings publisht in the Century Dictionary (following the letter z) and also in the Standard Dictionary, Webster's Dictionary, and other authoritativ works on language. The tendency is to drop silent letters in some of the most flagrant instances, as ugh from though, etc., change ed to t in most places where so pronounced (where it does not affect the preceding sound), etc.

The National Educational Association, consisting of ten thousand teachers, recommends the following:

“At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Eaucational Association held in Washington, D. C., July 7, 1898, the action of the Department of Superintendence was approved, and the list of words with simplified spelling adopted for use in all publications of the National Educational Association as follows: tho (though);

program (programme); altho (although);

catalog (catalogue); thoro (thorough ;

prolog (prologue): thorofare thoroughfare);

decalog (decalogue); thru (through):

demagog (demagogue); thruout (throughout);

pedagog (pedagogue). " You are invited to extend notice of this action and to join in securing the general adoption of the suggested amendments.IRVING SHEPARD, Secretary."

We feel it a duty to recognize the above tendency, and to adopt it in a reasonable degree. We are also disposed to add enuf (enough) to the above list, and to conservativly adopt the following rule recommended by the American Philological Association :

Drop final "e" in such words as "definite," “ infinite," "' favorite," etc., when the preceding vowel is short. Thus, spell “opposit," "preterit," "hypocrit," "requisit," etc. When the preceding vowel is long, as in “polite," "finite,”

"unite," etc., retain present forms unchanged. We simply wish to do our duty in aiding to simplify and ration. alize our universal instrument-language.


AUGUST, 1906.

No. 8

Removal of Insects and Foreign Bodies from may drive the victim to the verge of distracthe Ear Without Instruments.

tion thru pain and fright. Even if no pain At any time the practician may be called is present, and the insect be dead, the patient upon to extract a foreign body from the ear is exceedingly anxious for its removal. If of child or adult, but especially at this season alive, two procedures are open to the doctor of the year one may expect to be called upon without instruments being convenient: First, to remove insects. Commonly such calls are chloroform the insect by saturating a pledget made when one is without head glass or ear of cotton with chloroform, placing it in the specula, and the position is embarrassing, for bowl of a pipe, inserting the stem into the ear, the patient is seldom able to conceal his disand blowing the fumes into the canal by appointment in a doctor who is unable to placing the mouth over the opening of the “pick a small bugout of his auditory canal bowl. This quickly kills the insect and

-the procedure sounds so easy-and to the lay silences all complaint on the part of the pamind it should be as easily done as said. tient. Now, if a syringe is obtainable, the

If the insect be alive, and has reacht the insect may be readily washt out of the canal. tympanum, the crawling about or the beating If no syringe is obtainable, sometimes the of its wings upon this sensitiv membrane insect may be floated out by having the pa

tient lie on the side opposit the affected ear, entirely. Before a " serum treatment” of and filling the canal with water; or, if at malignant tumors can be devised that will hand, peroxid of hydrogen; the latter being give any promise of certainty in results, it much the better, owing to the effervescence will be necessary to isolate either an organism caused by the contact of the fluid with the responsible for the tumor and against which cerumen. If no chloroform is at hand (tho the proposed germicidal serum can work, or no practician should ever go out of his office a toxin produced by the growth toward which without a small bottle in his handcase or pock- the proposed antitoxin may direct its attack. et), relief is promptly experienced by filling Neither of these elementary essentials appear the canal with any bland oil. This causes to have been considered by either the “space the wings and legs of the insect to stick to writer” or the experimenters. The illy adgether in such manner that his threshing vised attempts which have been made to inabout is quickly stopt. He may then be re- ject cancer cells or their juicy extracts into moved as before.

animals, and from these animals to extract a If the insect be dead, his removal is the only serum which would be prejudicial to the thing demanded. It is often possible to quiet growth and development of malignant tuthe patient's forebodings until one can have mors, have been of no avail. him brought to the office, or until a return There is, however, the theory of Coley, trip, with the proper armamentarium, may which may yet give hopeful dreams. Unbe made. But, if the patient is unduly ex- doubtedly his serum has demonstrated the citable, one may dip a soft camel's hair brush power in some instances of inducing cellular in glue and insert it into the canal, gently, as degeneration of malignant tumors. Neverfar as it will go; after waiting a few minutes, theless, the very important detail of insurgently withdraw the brush and the insecting harmlessness of the serum to the surwill usually come along. The glue can be rounding healthy tissues has decidedly not removed later by proper syringing with been accomplisht. Coley works on the old water.

hypothesis, that because it has been noted in If the “oil” treatment be decided upon, the case of certain patients suffering from and no oil be obtainable, glycerin may be malignant tumors who spontaneously conused; or, after slight cooling, melted vaselin. tracted erysipelas, that a retrogression or disIf the brush plan is selected, and no brush is appearance of the tumor occurred; that, at hand, a long feather from a barnyard fowl therefore (?), there must be something about will answer the purpose admirably.

the streptococcus erysipelatis inimical to growth It is always to be remembered that harsh and development of the cancer cell. When or reckless instrumentation of the auditory fatal cases developt subsequent to the direct canal is never excusable, as it frequently pro- injection of the streptococcus erysipelatis by duces abrasions which are difficult to heal. himself and Fehleisen, altho both reported Sometimes, however, the efforts of the pa- brilliant results in sarcoma and carcinoma, tient, or of his misguided friends, have already the sentiment of the profession was that the abraded or in some cases of hard foreign body, treatment was too dangerous. Coley then deeven lacerated the edges of the canal. In vised a cytolytic serum, and it is from this such a case, results are obtained quickest by that present hopes of benefit take origin. He "masterly inactivity,” in so far as continued proposes producing the erysipelatous effect in attempts at removal are made. It is better milder degree by artificial culture of the to reduce the swelling by continuous instilla- Streptococcus erysipelatis combined with the tions of warm water directed against or into growth of the micrococcus prodigiosus. The the canal, when suitable treatment may be former is grown alone for 10 to 14 days, and instituted later.

then the prodigiosus is added to the culture, These are little things, but we have seen and the incubation again proceeds for 10 days able men nonplust and mortified because more. The broth is then sterilized by heatthey did not know them.

ing to 58° Centigrade, and the uniltered

fluid, containing the dead bodies of the mixt The Serum Treatment of Cancers. germs, is employed as an injection. The ini. The vaporings and effusions of enthusiasts, tial dose is one-half minim injected into the and of the absolutely ignorant "space writ body of the tumor, or as close to it as possiers" who clog the columns of the yellow ble, under due antiseptic precautions. This press with their slush, occasionally bears fruit is repeated every two or three days. If no in a query to THE WORLD as to the “present beneficial results are noted in four weeks the status of the serum and radium treatment of case is declared unsuited to the treatment; cancer."

but if any diminution in the size of the The serum treatment is heard from peren- growth is noted, the treatment is continued nially, and men of acknowledged ability con- over a long period, i.e., “three times a week tinue to experiment along this line. This, for two and a half or three years." Occatoo, despite the fact that by every rule of sional intermissions in treatment are advispathology, bacteriology, and of medicin, they able. He reports 230 cases treated by himare beginning at the wrong end of the subject self and 35 cases treated by others. Of the series of 230 cases, 2 died as a result of the showed no improvement, 18 were classed as injections, one of accidental sepsis, and the won the way to cure," 29 improved, and in other from “too rapid disintegration of the 21 instances the growth disappeared. There growth"; 13 survived the three-year limit is no record of any test of this serum having presumed to denote a cure; 1 relapst and been made by others. died in 34 years after discontinuance of the Dubois macerated malignant tumors and treatment, thus proving the diagnosis; 1 injected them into animals, and from the lived 7 years after discontinuance of treat- animals took a serum which he declared had ment, 3 lived over 6 years, 2 over 5 years, 7 power to induce fibrosis in new-celled over 3 years, and 4 over 2 years. Recurrence growths. Leyden and Blumenthal injected was noted in 3 cases which had shown de- rabbits with finely divided tumors taken cided improvement, still further confirming from dogs, and believed dogs suffering from his diagnostic ability. Of the 35 cases treated tumors were benefited by injections of the by others, in 26 instances the tumors disap- serum of such inoculated rabbits. They expeared, and 14 patients were yet living perimented on human subjects, using carafter 2 to 4 years had elapst. Others follow. cinomatous cells from human subjects in proing Coley's directions have failed to obtain duction of the serum, and believed that equally good results.

benefit followed in some inoperable cases. The spindle-celled sarcoma seems to be Adamkiewicz has prepared an extract from most amenable to this treatment. They, as cancers which is declared to consist of neurine is well known, are least malignant in type, combined with a preservativ fluid; he has and more nearly resemble organized tissue made astonishing claims, which have been in their structure. The melanotic sarcoma seconded by Kretzmer, but Nothnagel attacks fails to respond to the injections. Coley does his reports with the assertion that he failed not recommend his treatment in any but in- to establish a complete diagnosis in any of operable cases, and in this class it would seem his cases. He calls his product “Cancroin," well worthy of a trial. Coley offers the ex. but the profession has failed to take him or planation that malignant tumors are parasitic the "juice" seriously. in origin, and that his erysipelas serum has It is noteworthy that all of these experian antagonism for such parasities. It will be menters have reported good results in their remembered in this connection that syphilis own hands, but that none of such results have and tuberculosis have shown improvement ever been duplicated by others. Coley's idea after an attack of erysipelas.

is the only one that is now being followed to Emmerich and Scholl attempted to utilize any extent, and it only after operation or in erysipelas germs against malignant tumors inoperable cases ; here it is certainly worthy by inoculating sheep with the streptococcus of trial, but it should not be used to the deerysipelatis, and from such animals extract lay of operation. Until cancer be proven an ing a serum which they use on their patients. infectiv disease no effectiv serum treatment They obtained improvement in symptoms, along the ordinary serum treatment line can but failed to record any cures, for altho signs be reasonably hoped for, but it is possible of softening of the tumors were noted, still that a cytolytic serum may yet be produced the patients died despite the treatment.

which will be inimical to the growth of the Wlaeff and d’Hotman de Villiers obtained cancer cell, and yet be harmless to the normal cultures of blastomycetes from cancerous cells of the adjacent tissues. growths, and inoculated pigeons with them. Serum was taken from the inoculated birds and injected into the bodies of rats as

Suggestions on the Treatment of Eczema. a prophylactic against the cancer from In vesicular and pustular eczema the folwhich these animals suffer. The same plan lowing application is of benefit in many has been tried in the human subject, and cases : Wlaeff states that it induces the leukocytes to Lanolin surround, penetrate, and destroy isolated Vaselin epithelial cells. Reynier says that the serum Powdered sugar relieves pain and produces a general im

Zinc oxid, of each ..........20 parts

Sulfur provement in the condition of the patient,

Glycerin, of each . .......... 10 parts but that the progressiv growth of the tumor is uninfluenced. It is considerable of a test

In eczema of the scalp in infants, rubbing on one's credulity to ask that they believe' is of prime importance, and it is best accomthat any such serum can influence human panied by some such application as the cancer favorably.

following: Doyen isolated from malignant tumors an Resorcin ..........% to i percent organism which he called micrococcus neo Washt sulfur........2 to 4 percent formans, and manufactured an antagonistic Lanolin ...........5 to 10 percent serum from it by passing it thru animals.

Lard, up to ........ 100 parts He employed it in treating cancer, injecting In intertriginous eczema, where staining it into the buttocks. In his 126 cases, 58 is not objected to, the application of a 3 to 5

percent aqueous solution of methylene-blue dividends out of the money that came in is serviceable.

(that is, out of capital instead of profits, In chronic eczema with infiltration and which is against the law). The fact that good thickening of the affected tissues, a thoro dividends came in stimulated the victims to painting with equal parts of ichthyol and raise more money and send it in, and get water, and permitting it to dry on the skin, their friends in on a “good thing." Thus and then following with a film of flexible several millions got into the hands of the collodion, will often be satisfactory to physi- schemers, which they got away with. cian and pleasing to the patient.

When you loan your money on good real Ten grains of resorcin to the ounce of pure estate in your vicinity, your investment has a bay rum makes a valuable hair and scalp safe and tangible basis. You will always get dressing in eczematous dandruff of the adult. your interest, and you or your heirs will get It is severe for a moment if eruption or ulcer- the principal back again; but when you ination is present, but a soothing sensation is vest where there is no basis except the “hot quickly made manifest thereafter. If the air” of schemers, as some far-away tropical hair is falling out, a few grains of common plantation, or mine, or oil well, you will altable salt may be incorporated to each ounce. most always lose your principal, and what

In cases of eczema or other skin disease of you get back in dividends will amount to suspected parasitic etiology the following in only a fraction of the principal—really only unction will be found to be an efficient interest for several years, after which all is parasiticide capable of deep penetration with gone. Can't you see the difference? out the necessity of inducing previous exfoliation of the epidermis: Mix equal quanti

A Tonic for the Doctor. ties of the tinctures of juniperus oxycedrus, A Boston firm offered a prize of $250 for stavesacre, pinus silvestris, and eugenia the best answer to the question, “What concaryophylata. This should be weakened with stitutes success?Mrs. A. J. Stanley, of water or glycerin in the early applications, Lincoln, Kan., won the prize. This was her and is not to be combined with animal fats. answer : It is harmless to the tissues, and allays itch He has achieved success who has lived well, ing and irritation almost immediately.

laughed often and loved much; who has gained The oil of cade is too often forgotten in the respect of intelligent men and the love of eczema. It is old-fashioned, but its powers little children : who has filled his niche and acfor good are not exhausted.

complisht his task; who has left the world better

than he found it, whether by an improved Hidden Dangers Must Be Revealed. poppy, a perfect poem or a rescued soul ; who The new food law provides that medicins has never lackt appreciation of earth's beauty shall be considered misbranded “if the pack or failed to express it; who has always lookt age fail to bear a statement on the label of for the best in others and given the best he had; the quantity or proportion of any alcohol, whose life was an inspiration ; whose memory morphin, opium, cocain, heroin, alpha eucain a benediction." or beta eucain, chloroform, cannabis indica, When you get blue, this will be a good chloral hydrate, or acetanilid, or any deriv tonic-not only for doctors, but for all other ativ or preparation of any such substances

men—and women. Try it on your hypochoncontained therein.” And this is now actually driacs. This ought to bring them out of a law! It is almost too good to believe. How

good to believe. How themselves. about the soothing syrups, alcohol tipples and Can you improve on the above answer to actenalid mixtures, etc., now? Let's watch "What constitutes success?" Can you add them.

anything to it? But what is much more imWill Doctors Never Learn ?

portant, can we live it? When will doctors give up the speculating habit? A Canadian brother writes asking "Stop Antikamnia Adv. or Journal." if it would be safe to invest in a certain DR. C. F. TAYLOR; DEAR DOCTOR:-In“ development” company, operating on cer- closed find check for $3, for which give credit. tain lands in the tropics. Altho I am not When gone, draw on me for $3 more until a consultant concerning individual invest- ordered to stop. ments, and don't like to be bothered by being I received a card from the New York askt about them, I wrote him saying that Medical Journal (had been taking Medical a man who puts say $100 or $1000 into that News) to sign for continuance of my subkind of an investment may be made to think scription. I wrote on it: “Stop antikamnia that he is getting good returns for several adv. or journal.” This was three months years, but he will seldom live to see all of his ago; have not heard from them since. $100 or $1000 come back to him. Remember Valparaiso, Neb. J. D. GUTTERY. that the Storey Cotton Co. paid good divi. Here we have a discriminating doctor, and dends, and made their victims think they one who makes his influence felt. Why were getting rich. The fact is, they paid should not every doctor make his influence

felt? Do doctors think that there should be some supervision over the advertisements admitted to medical periodicals? If so, where should we begin? How many have been convinced by our exposures that a beginning should be made by excluding antikamnia from the advertising pages of respectable medical publications? If you have been convinced, why not say so in an effectiv way, like Doctor Guttery, and make your influence felt? True, Doctor Guttery did not get antikamnia out of the New York Medical Journal, but if several hundred had joined him in the demand, it would have been done. I could not have cleaned up the Medical Brief if the profession had not joined, sustained and aided me. The profession can do any. thing it wants to with its own literature ; it can make any demands it sees fit, and they must be heeded, if the demands are made strong enuf.

THE MEDICAL WORLD is a democratic medical journal; that is, it goes to the great democracy of the profession. Democratic means ruled by the people; a democratic profession means a profession ruled by the profession. We have no sympathy with those conspicuous teachers who teach one thing and do the opposit. The great leaders who talk ethics but who leave the practise of ethics to the men in the ranks, should be unstintingly condemned, and without ceasing, until they reform. Do you think that promoting the interests of antikamnia is becoming to any who stand high in the councils of the profession, and who stand in the relation of “professor” to the rising profession? Please look carefully over the following list of journals that carry the antikamnia advertisement, and note the editors of some of them :

The Great Weeklies : The New York Medical Record.

The New York Medical Journal (with which the Philadelphia Medical Journal and the Medical News are now consolidated). The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The State Organization Journals : Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Society. Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Society. Western Medical Review, the Journal of the Nebraska State Medical Association,

Other Journals: American Journal of the Medical Sciences ($5 per year; publisht by Lea Bros. & Co.).

Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics ($5 per year; the great surgeons, Senn and J. B. Murphy on the stai).

Annals of Surgery ($5 per year; J. Wm. White and other great surgeons on the staff).

American Journal of Obstetrics ($4 per year).

Therapeutic Gazette (edited by H. A. Hare, the author of medical books and a professor in Jefferson Medical College, and Edward Martin, a professor in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania).

The Lancet-Clinic.
The Medical Standard.
The Post-Graduate,
Iowa Medical Journal.
Colorado Medical Journal,
Carolina Medical Journal.
Texas Medical Journal.
Texas Medical News.
Texas Courier-Record of Medicine,
Alabama Medical Journal.
Interstate Medical Journal.
Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery.
International Journal of Surgery.

American Journal of Surgery.
Journal of the Association of Military Surgeons,
American Practitioner and News.
Archives of Pediatrics.
Medical Bulletin.
Medical Review of Reviews.
Medical Herald.
Merck's Archives
Charlotte Medical Journal.
Medical Times.
Monthly Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine,
Medical Sentinel.
Medico-chirurgical Journal.
Columbus Medical Journal.
Medical Era.
Regular Medical Visitor.
Los Angeles Medical Journal.
Medical Examiner and Practitioner.
Massachusetts Medical Journal.
Gaillard's Southern Medicine.
Kansas City Medical Record.
Milwaukee Medical Journal.
Buffalo Medical Journal.
Providence Medical Journal.
Memphis Medical Monthly.
Medical Progress, Louisville, Ky.
St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal.
Southern Practitioner,
Pacific Medical Journal.
Wisconsin Medical Recorder.
St. Louis Courier of Medicine.
Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery.
Virginia Medical Semi-Monthly.
Vermont Medical Monthly.
Brooklyn Medical Journal.
Northwest Medicine.
National Hospital Record.
Annals of Gynecology and Pediatry.
American Medical Compend.
Modern Eclecticism.
New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal.
Indiana Medical Journal.
Archives of Pediatrics.
Annals of Otology. Rhinology, and Laryngology.
Alienist and Neurologist,
Medical Mirror.
Medical Age.
Detroit Medical Journal.
Medical Fortnightly.
Central States Medical Monitor.
Denver Medical Times.
Cleveland Medical Journal,
Fort Wayne Medical Journal-Magazine,
Maritime Medical News.
Eclectic Medical Journal.
Eclectic Review.
American Medical Journal.
American Physician.
Clinical Reporter.
American Journal of Progressive Therapeutics.
Albright's Office Practitioner.
Medical Summary.
Medical Brief.

Since last month I have found the following three more. I again ask readers to aid mein keeping the profession posted as to the antikampia journals, both by helping to make this list complete, if it is not already complete, and also to note any that discontinue the antikamnia adv. After all the exposures, isn't it a shame that the antikamnia list is so large? Here are the three just discovered :

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Dr. Smith Ely Jelliffe (ex-editor of The Medical News), editor and publisher.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children,

Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter.

Rubber! Ferdinand E. Borges, promoter of the Utero Rubber Plantation Company, which was prominent in some of the magazines not long ago, has been found guilty in Boston of conspiracy on one count and larceny on seventy-three.-Printers' Ink...

Query: Was any of this rubber stock bought by doctors? If so, wouldn't they like to have their money back? The best way is to not put money into such schemes.

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