oculists have examined the eye, and found no evidence strong. Resorcin, 20 grains to the ounce of of disease, neither with the ophthalmoscope nor on the cornea. The man has never used tobacco, spirits,

glycerin, has been beneficial in some instances.

line coffee or tea, and no history of venereal trouble. Is Maintain the digestion at the best possible this a central scotoma? or is it metamorphopsia ? Is condition, but do not give acids. Avoid all it more likely to be a retinal trouble? or a scar on the cornea ? There is no pain, or photophobia. I gave

indigestible and starchy foods. If the con

indigestible and starchy 1000s. " him a course of potassium iodid, and Burnham's solu- tinued ingestion of laxativs seems to disorder ble iodin, with no results. Would I better tell him digestion, depend, for a time, on rectal injecthere is no cause for fear, as the oculists did? or may we look for trouble?

PACIFIC SLOPE. tions; then again order the laxativs, and thus | We think you may safely assure your patient keep alternating. Persistence will possibly that there is no cause for fear. The trouble is result in a complete cure.--ED. | a central scotoma, and the lesion is in the retina. It is hardly possible that the sand

Lack of Bone Union.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-The fragments were has caused a macula cornea, which, if present,

removed, and both bones wired, and the wound closed would most probably have been discovered by by continuous catgut sutures. The leg, from ankle to one or both oculists. Potassium iodid is the above knee, was then placed in a plaster cast. At the

end of a week a window was cut in the cast, and the commended treatment, and the drug may be wound found nicely healed, tho considerable hemorgiven in large quantities. In addition, you rhage had taken place after the cast was applied.

Having returned home, the cast was removed five might try pilocarpin muriate sufficient to in

weeks after the operation, but there was no union. duce free sweating.-ED.).

The cast was re-applied, and I got about on crutches.
In three weeks more the cast was again removed, but

yet no union; then after re-application five weeks Superficial Glossitis.

more were allowed to elapse, when an examination Dear EDITOR WORLD:-Can you and the family

revealed that no union had taken place. Light composi

tion splints, anterior and posterior, were then applied, help me out regarding this case? A little girl 10 years

which held the parts securely and were much more of age has had a sore tongue since about her fourth

comfortable, year. She is perfectly healthy, only small for her age. Family history good. About half of the tongue on top

Will some WORLD reader tell me how to induce is involved, and I will describe it as follows: Deep

these bones to grow togeth

se bones to grow together? I am 13 vears old, and

my health was fair before I received this injury. Of fissures; some days appear deeper than others; in

late have had a few chills, but believe they are now dentations, causing the tongue to be very uneven and

under control, and I am feeling better both in body ragged. Some days there will appear excoriations and slight ulcers.

and mind.

The splints, however, are giving me trouble ; if apThe case has been under my care for about two

plied tight enufto hold the parts in apposition, suffic months. I have kept the bowels open with calomel,

congestion is induced to cause severe pain. The ankle giving about two courses each week, and have used

is now ankylosed. Hence I have adopted a posterior such preparations as listerine, glyco-thymoline and

Levis splint reaching from just above the ankle to chlorate of potassium. Have also toucht the ulcers with carbolic acid solution. G. A. M.; Missouri.

just below the knee, held in place by bandage. This

dressing seems to do as well as any I have tried, and [Your case is one of chronic superficial normal sensation is returning. Will some of the

WORLD readers give me some advice that will aid in glossitis, and it will be very obstinate. It is a

my recovery? I have been confined nearly six months, rare disease, and the progress of the case will and I fear that I will always be crippled. I will be be interesting and instructiv if notes are taken certain there is no chance for recovery if six more

months elapse without improvement. I have a wife regularly and preserved. You will derive most and two children dependent upon me, and while I am benefit from systemic measures. Maintain the not a pauper, I have not stored sufficient in the past to stool in a slightly softer condition than normal

keep the wolf from my door very much longer. Nor

did I have a life nor an accident policy before the by fluid extract of cascara aromatized, in accident, and now I cannot get either. quantity sufficient: give the doses night and Kirkmansville, Ky. W. E. BARTLETT, M.D. morning, stopping short of a purgativ effect. [You should have an X-ray picture taken to Stop the calomel ; it is not indicated. Put her ascertain just the condition of the bones, in on tonics, like cod-liver oil, iron, quinin, and case it cannot be determined definitly any strychnin. If the cod-liver oil is selected, and other way. From your description, we would it is probably the best and it may well be think that you had union without ossification; combined with the others), watch carefully i. e., formation of a callus. Or, you might that it does not derange the digestion. It is have this condition, complicated by a tapering best given two hours after meals.

of the ends of the bones from attrition. It is As to local treatment: Remove all decayed not possible to suggest accurately the proper teeth. Use a mild antiseptic mouth wash fre- treatment without knowing exactly the condiquently, and apply with a mop which is disin- tion present. We suggest that you put yourfected or renewed after each application. See self on liberal doses of tonics combined with that the solution reaches all parts of the buccal phossate of lime. If no improvement is noted cavity. Mildly astringent applications may be in a few weeks, we would have some brother made every two or three hours, preferably practician rub the ends of the bone firmly toafter the cleansing with the antiseptic. Tannin, gether (under anesthesia) so as to set up an alum, zinc, etc., may be employed, care being irritation between the fragments and break up taken to guard against making solutions too the callus so that ossification might follow.

The limb would then go in splint or cast just as if freshly fractured. This method is often successful. At the same etherization, we would have the ankylosis at the ankle broken up, and in splinting avoid a recurrence of this deformity. This is all that promises any. thing outside another operation. We would resort to a second operation before we would give up hope; and if such an operation were necessary, we would prefer one in which pins were used instead of wire. Any modern textbook on surgery will give you all the various operations for encouraging union in bones, and we would never give up until another attempt had been made. It is quite likely that proper treatment will necessitate your again journeying to a hospital. We are interested in your case, doctor, and feel certain that you will entirely recover if you take the means, as hopeless cases of delayed union, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are simply cases of neglect or cases where but one attempt has been made. -ED.]

Probably Epilepsy. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A little girl 3 years old, family history on father's side good so far as I can find out; on mother's side, her grandmother bad three sisters to die with consumption, and the grandmother has some kind of skin trouble that has baffled the physicians so far; has had it for years. Now to the child : About one year ago it went to bed one night as well as ever, and some time in the night it wakened up in a spasm, which only lasted a few minutes. But early in the morning I was sent for, and the parents informed me that the child was asleep, and had had three spasms. I stayed all day, and its spasms came on regularly every hour. They finally stopt, due I thought to hot baths. I made a close examination and could find nothing to which I could attribute the spasms. I gave it a calomel purge with santonin, and came home. In about a month they returned, and have done so regularly ever since, except they get closer and now are occurring twice a month. The child is healthy in every other way. I gave it the bromids for a while, then gave it neurosine with pepsin ; gave it valerian, and at the suggestion of an old doctor gave Fowler's solution. In about two months the case left my hands and went to another doctor, but today came back to me. I made an examination of the urin and found nothing wrong with it. At the beginning it did not froth at the mouth in the spasm, but now it does.

I don't know what is the trouble, and if the Editor or some of the readers will help me out thru the columns of THE WORLD or by private letter, I will highly appreciate the favor. Any other information in regard to the case will be freely given. Dunnegan, Mo.

°C. E. ENGLEMAN. [We believe the case to be one of epilepsy, and you will probably be unable to locate the cause of the trouble. We suggest devoting your closest attention to the digestion and diet, and to maintaining complete freedom from constipation. Have her parents observe carefully every hygienic precaution in their every day care of her; eating, sleeping, playing, bathing, clothing, etc. Bromid in massiv doses, taking precautions against bromism and derangement of digestion, will probably check the convulsions for a time.-Ed.]

A Carbolic Application for Erysipelas.-Coccygodynia.

Editor MediCAL WORLD:- In the N. Y. Medical Record of December 17, 1904, Major C. H. Hale, Eng. lish Army, recommends the following for erysipelas:

Pulvis cretæ aromaticus cum opio of the British Pharmacopeia, rubbed with glycerin to the consist. ence of treacle, with 10 percent of liquefied carbolic acid added. This is painted over the surface with a camel's hair brush, and in about ten minutes the surface is covered with a single layer of lint. The result of the application is that pain very soon disappears, the swelling subsides, and a fair amount of water exudes thru the application (much as perspiration oozes thru theatrical paint), and the part is the protected from air. More important, as showing that the streptococci are being successfully attackt, is the ensuing reduction of the fever, which often falls from 105° to normal in twenty-four hours, and is rarely higher than 99° after forty-eight hours.

In twelve hours the application should be washt off and the mixture re applied. The application gives rapid relief, the patient often saying before the painting is over: “How beautifully cool and soothing." Now, I would like to know this formula from the British Pharmacopeia ; also how much surface it would be safe to use this preparation on (as I am afraid of car

lic acid-an M.D. in a neighboring town died from the effect of a carbolic-acid bath taken for chiggers). If this is what the author claims for it, I think that the “family" should know about it.

I have a patient, a young married lady, who two months before the birth of her baby was troubled with a severe pain in the tip of the coccyx. I told her I thought that it would be all O.K. after baby was born but about a month after the birth it returned, and has been very troublesome ever since; troubled more in the evening when she is sitting in a chair, when she can neither sit still nor get up. General health good, only constipation, with which she has always been troubled. No soreness nor tenderness in rectum that I can detect by examination. Pain appears to be in tip of coccyx, and to draw from the sides toward tip. Orlando, Okla.



[Pulvis cretae aromaticus cum opio, British Pharmacopeia, or aromatic powder of chalk and opium, is directed to be prepared as follows: To make the aromatic powder of chalk, take of cinnamon-bark, in powder, 4 ounces; nutmeg, in powder, 3 ounces; cloves, in powder, 1142 ounces; cardamom seeds, in powder, i ounce; refined sugar, in powder, 25 ounces; prepared chalk, ji ounces. Mix. Then to make the aromatic powder of chalk and opium: Take of aromatic powder of chalk, 934 ounces; opium, in powder, 4 ounce. Mix.

We surmise that this is to be applied only to limited areas, since there is undoubted danger of carbolic acid poisoning where sufficient amount is absorbed. However, frequently recommendations appear in medical literature advising the use of even the pure acid as a local application. The Standard Dispensatory states that: “ Ointments containing 5 to 10 percent of phenol form an excellent dressing in chronic, sluggish ulcers;” and “2 percent solutions often relieve the itching of jaundice and of many skin eruptions.” Some practicians employ the pure acid as an into hemorrhoids; others use 50 percent solutions, etc.

It would be interesting to have you report

the details of the death of the doctor as a If there is constipation with this treatment, result of taking a carbolic acid bath.

rely upon rectal injections of one to eight In the treatment of the lady patient, we sug ounces of oliv, cotton-seed, or linseed oil at gest that you dilate the anal sphincter thoroly, night, and order retention till morning. If under an anesthetic if necessary. Also, we this is not sufficient, employ any of the followwould give laxativs regularly in a quantity ing by the mouth : sulfur, senna, dandelion, sufficient to prevent all tendency to constipa- or tamarinds, in the smallest dose effectiv in tion. We think this will ameliorate the symp- emptying the bowel wil hout liquefying the toms. If the trouble had appeared subsequent stool. Gentle massage of the abdomen, to labor, one would, of course, think of injury accompanied by electricity, is of benefit in to the coccyx; but this is excluded by the his most cases.-ED.] tory. Hence we think the origin of the trouble is in the rectum, despite the fact that

lofantil Paralysis. examination fails to reveal visible lesion.-Ed.] Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A has a daughter, 8

years old, well formed, eats and sleeps well, has never

walkt a step, only as she has been held by the hands; Membranous Entero-Colitis.

can use her feet and legs as well as any one; will fall Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I have attended a case

if she is turned loose; the doctors that have seen her of chronic membranous entero-colitis for about a year.

say she has infantil paralysis. This is A's statement. It would be very long to mention all remedies I used.

I have never seen the cbild. He offers me $1,000 to but without any exaggeration I may say that I have

cure her. What say you about her case ? exhausted the therapy on the subject. The patient is

White Oak, N. C.

W. H. G. LUCAS. apparently cured, food digests, stools are normal, but [The case is probably one of acute anterior always mixt with membrane-at times resembling very long white ribbon. Can you and the medical fraternity poliomyelitis, or “infantil paralysis." There help me out by suggesting a good treatment?

is no "cure' for this condition, but if it is Ybor City, Fla.

G. GRANA, M.D. left untreated, or if it is improperly treated, [We suggest that since you “have exhausted the child will not get any better, and will the therapy on the subject,” that you begin probably become not only helpless but also over again, and this time on a new route. actually deformed. Were such a fee offered You will make most progress thru application us, we would carefully and studiously read up of dietetics. So long as your patient is void in all obtainable authorities, then we would go ing the membrane the disease is not cured; and see the babe, and ascertain just her condiand you have merely to be thankful that you tion and the time that had elapst since the have not all the distressing symptoms com- paralysis became manifest, the degree of atromonly accompanying this affection. Order phy and deformity present, etc.; then, and large quantities of rich cream and milk to get then only, would our opinion be of any value the benefit of the non-irritating fats contained. as to diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. If it To get sufficient undigestible residue in the is acute anterior poliomyelitis, and atrophy and stool to give peristalsis something upon which deformity have not appeared to any great deto work, order grains, legumes, and vegetables gree, and intelligent nursing can be obtained, containing a large amount of cellulose. Include then much may be done to prevent extension plenty of the seedy fruits, such as currants, of the disability, and to prevent the appearfigs, berries, etc. You will observe that we are ance of atrophy and deformity, and to conoutlining a plan of diet that would not be at serve what vitality is left. You will then be all permissible in the acute stage of an actual able to tell the father what you can hope to colitis. This is the method of Von Noorden, accomplish, and can agree with him as to the and many successes are reported. A modified fee proper for your services. You ought not, form of the rest cure is also a desirable addition however, to take this case, or, indeed any other to treatment. He gives a detailed direction case, on the "no cure, no pay" basis. You for the management of the diet and the hours will not be able to cure her completely, but for administering food, which is too long for you can easily benefit her all of a $1,000 these columns. We suggest that you get his worth, if you are master of the situation when book. Three to six weeks are commonly you make the examination, and can secure required to effect a markt improvement, and trained or competent assistance afterwards in not all cases respond.

the way of nursing. If your case is a membranous catarrh of the Hygiene, massage and electricity, you will intestin, which is complicated by a decided find as you progress in the study of the disease enteritis, the forced feeding and coarse food and of this case, will give you more emphatic will fail; but we are inclined to think the his- results than will drugs. —ED.] tory of the case indicates it is one of those in which the enteritis feature has been partially Cactus is of value in tobacco heart. Another power eliminated, and that it is the effect which must possest by this drug is generally ignored, and that is

its influence in cases of subnormal temperature; the be combated, rather than a true inflammation. eclectics prize it highly in this connection.

Infantil Colic.

turated, is always of benefit. What is “ best" Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Please ask thru the for one case will not prove suited to another, columns of your journal the very best remedy for hut all of the nove infantil colic. I find some of these cases very difficult

but all of the above suggestions are useful in to treat satisfactorily.

J. M. HAVELÝ, M.D. the ordinary run of cases. It is to be rememKellerton, Iowa.

bered, however, that hygiene is more impor[There would be a great difference of tant than any drug or combination of drugs, in opinion, Doctor, if a vote of the profession this affection.-Ed.] were taken to what constitutes “the very best remedy for infantil colic.” Some would con

Vegetable Juice Treatment of Consumption. sider that treatment “bestwhich would

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-If seasonable, won't you quickest bring quietness and sleep; i. e., give us an article on the “vegetable juice treatment" opiates; others would insist upon a treatment of consumption? which would embody an attempt at removal of San Antonio, Tex.

W. C. Hirzel. the cause, in order that subsequent attacks [In 1903, Cavazanni, in Therap. d. Gegenw., would not occur repeatedly. We confess, for September, called attention to the favorpersonally, to a preference to the latter able effect of garlic upon tuberculosis, and method, altho some very successful men use cited the results of his experiments upon guinea the former, and many others a combination of pigs. He fed the guinea pigs on garlic, and the two. That is, they give the opiates, and afterwards administered to them the dried and then attempt to locate the cause and prevent a powdered sputa of tuberculous patients. Comreturn of the trouble.

paring the cases thus treated with “control If immediate relief, only, is demanded, pigs,” he believes they showed very slight probably the remedy most widely used is a lesions, and no distinct evidence of tubertablet triturate after a formula original with culosis. Dr. Waugh, of Chicago, and known as Soon after this, articles appeared advocating " Waugh's Anodyne for Infants:" it is not a the employment of the juice of assorted vege. proprietary, and may be purchast from any tables in human tuberculosis. We read these tablet manufacturer. It is inexpensiv, and articles at the time, but they did not make any effectiv in bringing speedy relief. Any opiate profound impression upon us. Now, we are or anodyne may be employed in suitable dose. unable to find them, and they are not referred

Colic, in an infant, is the result of improper to in any of the late text-books. We have food or improper methods of administering had no experience in the treatment of tuberfood. It may be given too frequently, it may culosis by this “method," and we frankly be given in excessiv quantity, even when the confess our incompetence to give you the food, in itself, is proper and suitable. The article askt for. We will keep the matter in hygiene of the infant cannot be discust in the mind, and if we locate the literature on the space at our disposal, but any of the modern subject, will gladly give you the salient points text-books on pediatrics give it a full discus. contained therein. If any of the family have sion. It is certain that few mothers under preserved such articles, will they favor Dr. stand even the elementary principles of feed. Russell with the journal containing same ?ing an infant and every physician ought to Ed.] hold himself in competent readiness to instil an idea of the care needed in this matter.

Fly-blisters.-Cracking of Joints. The old plan of giving a dose of castor oil Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-What is the physiologto sweep fermenting and decomposing material

i ical action and therapeutic uses of fly-blisters, applied

on different parts of the body? I was told that a fly. out of the bowel brings relief, but it leaves the blister applied on the fourth dorsal vertebra would child constipated, and if constipation was a control vomiting of pregnancy every time; and when

applied over the lungs, very useful in pneumonia ; part of the trouble before, it aggravates that

and on the head, useful in most all brain troubles. condition. Mild carminativs, something after What is the physiology and pathology of the crackthe castoria formula, are often useful. The

ing sound that occasionally takes place in the joints

when moving or by a certain twist, pressure, or pullspice plaster, applied on the abdomen is an ing?

JOHN ALBERT BURNETT. adjuvant of any form of treatment. Holding Cecil, Arkansas. the infant against the breast so that his head (It is true that a fly-blister applied over the will droop slightly over the nurse's shoulder cervical vertebrae will stop some cases of vomsometimes causes free belching and consequent iting of pregnancy, but it is not true that it relief. Any of the aromatic waters may be will do it “ every time.” If the latter statefreely employed. Perhaps one of the best ment were true, there would be no necessity medicaments to employ, while time is being for emptying the uterus, as must be done occagained, is a few drops of pure whiskey in a tea- sionally; nor for death of the prospectiv spoonful of warm water. A short course of mother thru exhaustion, as happens in rare infractional doses of calomel and soda, well tri- stances of pernicious vomiting of pregnancy.

is :


The fly-blister applied in the iliac region has CURRENT MEDICAL THOUGHT served a useful purpose in some cases. In pneumonia, the fly-blister does good, in

Timely Prescriptions. selected cases, by increasing the peripheral circulation on account of its counter-irritant

A good and cheap hair and scalp tonic is action, and thus decreasing the congestion in prepared as follows : the lung beneath its site. This effect has been Bisulfate of quinin ....... 20 grains proven by post-mortem examination.

Sodium chlorid ......... 2 drams

Pure imported bay rum. .... 3 ounces The theory, in brain inflammation, is the

Glycerin ..... ...... I ounce same ; i, e., that counter-irritation will attract Menthol ............10 grains blood and serum from other parts which are

Water, enuf to make ...... 8 ounces

Mix, and direct to be rubbed into scalp in quantities congested and hyperemic.

of a dram or more twice daily. There is nothing distinctiv in the fly-blister,

An excellent expectorant combination in all especially. Any other blister might be substituted. The dry, and perhaps the wet cupping

forms and at any stage of a bronchial catarrh process have the same effect.

Ammonia carbonate ...... 16 grains We are not able to explain the cracking sound

Fluid extract of squill produced by pulling on a joint, as, for instance, Fluid extract of senega, of each % dram noted in the finger; and it is this to which

........... 3 drams

Syrup tolu ......: ... 12 ounces we presume that you refer. Possibly it is due Mix, and direct a teaspoonful in water, every few to the sudden separation of the layer of viscid hours. synovial fluid. Often, in the knee and larger A dry bronchial catarrh is greatly benefited joints, the creaking sound is pathological, and by : is due to changes brought about by the uric Potassium iodid . .... 5 to 10 grains acid diathesis.-ED.]

Elix. cinchona ...... 20 minims

Wine of tar, enuf to make bounce

Mix, and order one such dose three times a day. Oxygen.

In fetid bronchitis, the following inhalation DEAR EDITOR :-Can you inform me where I can obtain “Avery's Oxygen” and literature ?

is beneficial : Swannanoa, N. C. Chas. CLIFF, M.D.

Beechwood creosote ....... 1 dram [Oxygen is marketed in strong steel cylin

Eucalyptol ...........I dram

Tinct. benzoin comp. ......2 ounces ders, from which it is liberated as wanted for

Mix, and direct a teaspoonful to be added to a pint use, by loosening a valve attacht to the end of of boiling water, and the steam inhaled once or twice a the container. It is manufactured by mixing manganese dioxid with potassium chlorate, heat The following acts well in chronic asthma, ing, collecting the resulting gas, and then pass- relieving the attacks, and prolonging the intering it thru wash bottles containing an alkali. It vals between them : is administered to the patient by inhalation in

Ammonium bromid ....... 3 drams such cases of respiratory and circulatory dis

Ammonium chlorid ...

....... 2 drams ease as require an increase in the oxygen fur

Tinct, lobelia ..........3 drams

Spts. ether comp. :: nisht the tissues. The value of such inhala

';:... ..I ounce

Fluid extract of grindelia .... 1 ounce tions is questionable. You will find the matter discust in the modern text books on medi

Peppermint water, enuf to make . 4 ounces cin and therapeutics, and two pages are de

Mix, and direct dessertspoonful in water every hour

or two during attacks, and less frequently in the intervoted to it in the National Standard Dispensa- vals. tory, publisht by Lea Brothers & Company, of

To abort an attack of asthma, use a hypoderthis city.

mic of morphin sulfate, 74 grain, with atropin These gas filled steel cylinders may be ob sulfate, sdo grain, and crush a pearl of amyl tained thru any supply house catering to phy- nitrite under the nose. In the absence of amyl sicians, and perhaps thru wholesale druggists.

nitrite, chloroform may be used cautiously. It is likely that the various manufacturers may Whiskey acts well in most cases, especially if attach their names to the containers, and it is given in strong, black, hot coffee, but the possible that in this manner you have been danger of acquiring the habit must be remem prompted to ask for “Avery's Oxygen." The bered.

bered. oxygen manufactured by the various houses is

The brown mixture lozenges sold by all all practically the same.

dealers, with or without the addition of ammoIf, on the other hand, this is a nostrum, we nium chlorid, are the least expensiv and most know nothing of it.-ED.)

generally convenient and useful form in which

a “routine" cough treatment applicable to A strong infusion of the roots of alfalfa relieves pros

nearly all ages and conditions, can be carried tatic irritation and is a mild but efficient diuretic in dropsical cases.

by the country doctor in his winter rounds.


oy mixing

...I ounce

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