number of cases with good results. I don't

think it has been used very much, as none of Short articles of practical help to the profession are solicited for

the retail druggists about here have been this department,

keeping it until I prescribed it. Have any Articles accepted must be contributed to this journal only. The of the WORLD readers used it? if so, with

editors are not responsible for views expressed by contributors. what results? Whooping-cough is a very Copy must be received on or before the twelfth of the month, for dangerous disease in infants, and I think

publication in the issue for the next month. We decline responsibility for the safety of unused manuscript. It can

there is too little attention given it as a usually be returned if request and postage for return are rule. If given in proper amount every three received with manuscript ; but we cannot agree to always do so.

or four hours, I think any one using it will Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or

obtain good results. his reader is sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible

C. D. THOMPSON, M.D. words, or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact may be told in a plain

Lowesville, N. C. way; and we want downright facts at present more than anything else.-RUSKIN,


Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have been Whooping cough.

interested in your reply to Dr. F. L. Gage, of Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Since the pub

Delaware, Ohio, regarding solanum caroli

nense. I have used many pounds of the fluidlication of my brief article on whooping

extract made by Parke, Davis & Co., in the cough, page 260, I have been called on to

treatment of epilepsy, both acute and chronic, answer so many letters of inquiry that it

and have received more good results from its seems something more should be added. All

use than from any other line of treatment. ask for the address of this firm selling the

Now, I do not wish to be understood that I ozonized syrup of tolu ; and one, with a very

claim that horse nettle will cure all cases of sick baby, scolded quite sharply because I did

epilepsy ; but it will certainly surprise many not tell this and all about how I used the

physicians who have passed it over as being peroxid. Well, I supposed that doctors could be relied on to see short distances into a mill

of no benefit in this dreaded disease, provid

ing they take it up and give it until the stone; but I am very willing to make allowance for and sympathize with the parent of

physiological action is obtained. Many good

drugs receive a poor reputation simply bea very sick child. It seems, too, that pertussis is prevailing now to a far greater extent

cause the physicians do not give them in

sufficient doses to obtain the physiological than I dreamed of, and this is the time to

effect. I have had under treatment a man put to a test something which in all sincerity

36 years old who has had epilepsy for 20 appears of real value.

years, and he was in such a condition that he I've had no fixt rule, but have used about as follows:

was twice committed to the insane asylum.

After spending one and two years in the R

asylum he was discharged, but he soon bePeroxid of hydrogen . ....... dr. ij Syrup of tolu ............oz. iss

came as bad as ever. Under my treatment Water ...............oz. SS

he has had two very slight attacks in a year. M. Sig.- From 10 drops to 1 teaspoonful according He now is able to work on his farm, and he to age. I give a dose every hour for two or three said to me he felt he was going to get en

ses. then every two hours for six or eight, getting farther between doses as they improve.

tirely well. Now, I began the treatment of Gentlemen, in my hands this bas been

this man by giving a half teaspoonful of fluidhighly satisfactory in quite a number of cases.

extract every three hours, and I increased it Won't you try it?

until he was taking four teaspoonfuls at a

dose. As he improved I reduced the numThe firm of Buchanan & Co., manufacturing chemists, New York, N. Y., some twelve or

ber of doses ; he now is taking two doses a fifteen years ago advertised their ozonized

day-one night and morning. I have now preparations very extensivly. I tried a num

under treatment two boys, aged 4 years and 9

years. These children were having seven ber of them but found good in only one. For several years I have not even seen their

or eight attacks a week. The oldest boy is adv. I am also unable to give their street

now taking twenty drops four times a day, and number. DAVIS R. EMMONS.

and the little one is taking ten drops. The

oldest boy has not had an attack in eight North Lewisburg, Ohio.

months, and the little one has had one very

slight attack in four months. I had a very Editor MEDICAL WORLD:Having had severe case to treat and I could not get the quite a number of cases of whooping-cough physiological effect in this case at all. I kept to treat this spring, some of them very severe, increasing the dose until he was taking six especially in babies less than a year old, and teaspoonfuls at a dose, and when he reacht having had excellent success with the use of this amount I found I received the physiofluidextract of castanea, I wish to suggest its logical action to perfection and he made a use in proper dosage in young children with good recovery and has not bad an attack in the above disease. I have used it in quite a two years. A number of our physicians


who saw this case were horrified to think I minutes, but I could see he was much better would give six teaspoonfuls of a fluidextract. when he returned. That was about 10 a.m.

You will want to know what I call the I told him if he wasn't much better by late physiological action of this drug? I would that evening to come back. He did not readvise the physician using this drug to begin turn. I saw him this morning and he told with the small dose and give it in mild cases me he never had medicin to act so much like until his patient has a feeling of drowsiness magic in his life. Said he was practically after each dose. In chronic cases that are well by night. Now, doctors, try it. It is a considered bad, he should push the drug until specific just as sure as I am writing. it produces symptoms of vertigo after each How I came to use it : One day in company dose, and then stop and hold his case at this with Dr. Strange of this town, we were talkpoint, then begin to gradually reduce the ing about rhus poisoning, and I told him dose until he is taking only a few drops. It that the first prescription given above was will pay any physician to study this drug, not my remedy. He told me quinin was his, only in the treatment of epilepsy but in and said he had tried it in a number of cases various nervous diseases. Physicians cannot and that it never failed to cure, and cured always be guided by the dose that they find quickly. He said one time a man who had laid down in the text-books or on the bottles been poisoned with it came to his (Strange's) from the manufacturer; but he must study brother, who is also a physician, for treathis case and prescribe for the condition of his ment. His brother did not have what he patient at the time he sees him; and having wanted to give him, and to make the patient selected the drug he is going to use, give it think he was doing something for him he until the physiological action of the drug is prepared a solution of quinin and gave it to produced. Each case the doctor sees is a case him and told him to apply it thoroly, and if by itself; it has its own problem to be solved, he was not much better by the next morning and it requires its own remedy. We find to come back and he would have the other that Nature does not exactly adopt the same remedy. He never came; but in a few days means of repair in any two cases. It is sur- he sent back for some more medicin just like prising the amount that we can learn about a that given him, that another person was drug that we thought we knew all about, if poisoned, and it cured him so quickly he we will give it careful study.

wanted the same kind for him. The doctor Palatka, Fla.

A. M. STEEN. sent it and it cured the patient at once.

Since that time he has treated many cases, A Specific for Rhus Poisoning.

used nothing else, and every case was cured Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—Someone wants

quickly. The doctor said he has never to know what will cure rhus poisoning.

thought of using anything else since, and it For a number of years I cured it with the

had never failed to cure. I said to myself, following prescription, and have never known

“I'll try it, but I doubt it curing every case." it to fail, viz.:

Since then I have used nothing else, and it

cures so quickly you would doubt it if I were R Calomel...

to tell you. I have always been careful not to Lime water. ::: xvj

rush into print with a remedy and extol it M. Sig. Apply three or four times a day.

unless I knew from actual experience what it This will certainly cure it, but I never use will do. I tell you this is a specific for rhus it now for the reason that I have found a poisoning. Try it, and you will never use never-failing remedy that cures it quicker anything else. I make this request of the and is perfectly harmless. It is a specific; WORLD family: Try it, and report. If you and when I say specific I mean just what I ever meet a case it fails to cure, I want to say. The remedy is simply sulfate of quinin. know it. Be sure your diagnosis is right. Why it does it, and how it does it, I do not Magazine, Ark. T. J. DANIEL, M.D. know; but I know it does it. Just three days ago a man came to my

Sciatica. office with the worst case of rhus poisoning Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-On page 232, I ever saw. It was all over his neck, breast, June WORLD, J. H. T., of Wyoming, Del., ears, face and eyes; also on his hands. His calls for a remedy for sciatica. I have found eyes were so swollen he could open them but the following very efficient: Clear the little. He said: “Doctor, I am in a bad bowels with calomel and soda and a saline, fix; can you cure me?" "I think I can," paint the loins thoroly with tincture of iodin I replied. So I took a six-ounce bottle and along the course of the nerve, continue till put about one-fourth of an ounce bottle of it can be borne no longer, and after the quinin in it, filled it with water, shook it surface has healed apply again. Keep the well and applied it thoroly. I then wrote a bowels activ, and when the pain is troubleprescription for him, as he needed some other some at night take Dover's powder enuf to medicins for other troubles, and told him to give relief. Have cured myself and many go to the drug store, get his prescription others with this treatment. filled and return. He was not gone thirty | Charleston, Ill. L. L. SILVERTHORN.

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Eclampsia Again.

passed about an ounce of highly albuminous To the Editor of THE WORLD :-I reported urin and two hours later I felt safe to go a case of eclampsia in THE WORLD for De home for a time. Labor had not begun, but cember, and now have another case to sub- nine days later she was delivered of a macermit: This was an emergency case, which ated fetus. At this writing, eight weeks came to me in consequence of a friend's in- after the eclam ptic attack, she is still in bed ability to leave another patient to attend. and under the care of my colleague, to whom Aurore F., primipara, aged 27 ; seven months she returned. The first urinary sediments pregnant; had been in care of Dr. Couillard contained no casts. After a week they apfor persistent albuminuria. April 18 she was peared, “a few hyalin and finely granular attackt and had two convulsions an hour casts and some cylindroids of albumin," all of apart, passing from a comatose condition into small diameter, not easily detected by the the second convulsion. I reached her bed- low power, and almost all of short lengths as: side when the second attack had lasted half if broken." an hour. The treatment was 20 minims of There is no obstetric emergency which will Norwood's tincture subcutaneously, followed more thoroly test the attendant's resources by alcoholic stimulation-a little-and strych- than a case of eclampsia. That is my expenin for a slight intermitting in the pulse rience. Reading up afterward to get addi. while still somewhat convulsed. After the tional help one is confused. One finds he has administration of the veratrum at 4.30 the several methods to choose from. There is pulse fell from 120 to 96 at 4.45, 84 at 4.55, Veit's method, morphin subcutaneously one72 at 5.10. Hot applications to the extremities half grain, repeated after every convulsion. and over the renal region seemed to aid the Then there are those who rely on veratrum quieting effect of the veratrum and overcome or chloral, and others who say induce labor the nausea. For lack of a more activ cathartic at once, and against each one of these classes I placed 10 grains of calomel on the tongue. of practicians is a group whose members say Coma continued. Little calomel was re- "don't” for each and every method of protained. The respiration fell into Cheyne cedure. Here in the last (May) number of Stokes rhythm. I gave a high enema of Dr. Sajous' Cyclopedia is a report from the half an ounce of saleratus in half a pint of Rotunda Hospital describing their success water. Breathing returned to the normal with Veit's morphin method, reducing their rhythm. Retching continued, altho con- mortality from 35.3 percent to 16.9 percent; sciousness had returned by eight o'clock suffi- and almost the same day comes the New ciently so that she askt for water. She fell York Medical Journal (June 2) containing an into troubled sleep with muttering delirium. article by Dr. Randle, of Germantown. He The pulse was hard, full and bounding. I says: “When eclampsia is present the bled her a little, so little that I thought it uterus should be emptied as rapidly as poswould have no effect, but as the delirium sible. . . . Veratrum viride I employ stopt and the pulse became more normal I most cautiously. Morphin I do not use." stopt the bleeding after only a few ounces had The Rotunda people never induce labor, and flowed. At 10.30 consciousness returned and use forceps only in exceptional cases. You the patient recognized her aunt. I began to gets your eclampsia, and you takes your think I could go home. She was sleeping choice. quietly and naturally, when the third and But there is one feature in which all last convulsion came. This time I was able methods of the present day seem to agree, to observe the entire sequence of phenomena and that is the securing of elimination by There was first an epileptiform convulsion every possible channel. - The opponents of with frothing at the mouth and tongue biting morphin object because it “locks up the secreand involuntary evacuations; second, relaxa tions." The men who do not operate object tion, all but the neck, which was retracted to the elimination of the fetus because proand rigid. Then came a period of mania as ducing labor adds a source of irritation to a at first. I was told that the seizure was less too irritable nervous system without aiding violent than the first two. Pulse did not rise in the elimination of the poison which causes above 72. I gave veratrum 10 minims sub the convulsion. But they all agree in saying, cutaneously in the first interval of quiet. The set the skin and bowels to work discharging maniacal stage was followed by coma and waste matter. stertorous breathing, during which I gave an. When a physician finds himself by the other high enema of nearly a quart of water bedside of an eclam ptic patient he ought to containing a tablespoonful of saleratus. There make up his mind to stay right there till the followed a period of retching till the enema patient is out of danger or dead. Then he produced a discharge from the bowels. Con- may choose his method of treatment accordsciousness had not returned. I gave a ing to his armamentarium. Veratrum may quarter grain of morphin subcutaneously and or may not be at hand. I believe in using it she slept from about 1.30 till 4 a. m., when in a 20-minim dose at once. If I were caught she askt for water; slept again, and at six without this medicin I would use morphin, counted the stroke of the clock aloud. She one-half grain. Everything will have to be

given subcutaneously. I would push morphin term both may die, and the child is pretty to the limit of safety. The fear of locking up certain to perish. If, then, the outbreak of the secretions would not hinder me, for with convulsions can be held off until the child is a syringe and saleratus it is possible to make viable, the induction of labor does not add the bowels act vigorously in spite of morphin. materially to the child's peril, and may save I believe that an alkali is indicated in this the mother. In the case I have just reported, condition. I think it aids in neutralizing the Dr. Couillard talkt with me about this procepoisons in the circulation. Heat should be dure on the morning of the day on which the applied to induce the skin to act. My favorit convulsions began. I thought better to wait vehicle for administering heat is a stove cover a little to give the baby a better chance. Beright off the stove, well wrapt in newspapers fore midnight the baby's chance was gone, or anything else that is handy. The stove tho there were but three convulsions. cover is always hot if anything in the house A case of threatening eclampsia occurred in is, so you need not wait for some one to set a my practise four years ago, of which I have flatiron on the stove or bring some water these notes : “Jan. 16, 1902. Mrs. Florinda from the well and heat it. Moreover, it is C. (Canadian-French), age 21. Primipara. flat and fits the small of the back pretty well, Cta. June 7th she thinks less than usual. right where the books tell you to apply a poul. Expects confinement Feb. or March. Now tice so as to relieve the renal congestion. If suffering from asthma. Relieved by a poyou get careless and the patient lives to have morphin gr. to hourly yesterday and free a blister over the loins, you can comfort your- catharsis. Urin 1010, pale; albumin; edema. self that even that is sometimes advocated. Heart: exaggerated second sound over aortic But I would rather not have to explain again and pulmonary valves; first sound faint; no to the patient how much she was benefited lesion evident on auscultation. Anemic. by such a blister. (See THE WORLD for De Fetus presents vertex. Uterin tumor extends cember last.) When you can, you should half way to ensiform (from navel). Jan. 23d wash out the stomach. I have no doubt that the relief obtained was temporary. In spite of the distressing retching which appeared in free use of salines and large draughts of water the case here reported was a part of Nature's the asthma returned on the 25th. Relief was effort to eliminate. I had no stomach tube obtained by further use of apomorphin, folto assist.

• lowed by chloral and by apocynum. SweatI would administer croton oil in drop doses ing was induced quite easily, and altho the in glycerin or oil or on sugar if I had it with urin had been nearly suppressed for 10 or 12 me and the patient could swallow. Elaterin hours (20th), the danger of convulsion was will purge if given subcutaneously, and so warded off except for a slight twitching of will Epsom salts. I have never used these the head like a spasmodic torticollis on the remedies in this way. Hypodermoclysis is night of the 20th. This lasted only a few called for in these cases, and you can add the minutes and appeared only once to my obpurgativ to the fluid you inject.

servation. Chloral seemed the agent which A good, clear-headed, brotherly physician controled the spasm. The 21st was a time in consultation is one of the best remedies for of relief, but at midnight labor came on, ternervousness in the attending physician, and minating in the delivery of a living 7 months two are better than one when it comes to (?) fetus at 6 a.m. (Jan. 22d). The child was standing guard for 10 or 12 hours; they can- taken to church contrary to directions, but relieve each other.

otherwise discreetly handled. It died before Prophylaxis is more important than treat- night. Mother's temperature at evening ment during the attack. The key to this is visit was 102°. This morning pulse 130, temelimination again. The urin ought to be ex- perature 101.5°. Respiration greatly quickamined. The specific gravity affords a mostened, short cough, pleuritic pain, and increast important danger signal. I would fear resonance on right side," etc. eclampsia even without albuminuria if the. My patient passed thru a severe bronchitis specific gravity were low and the quantity or abortiv pneumonia. I have since attended of urin not increast in inverse proportion. her in an unquestionable pneumonia and deThere have been cases of eclampsia where livered her of two children, the latest last there was no albuminuria, and cases of nor- February. There were no complications mal labor in women with pronounced renal either time. I thought and still think the lesions-albuminuria and casts but with a jerking of the head above mentioned was an sufficient quantity of urin excreted to carry abortiv eclampsia. I just happened to see it off the poisons.

and jumped from my seat in alarm. Then Rest in bed till the danger symptoms have they told me it had twitched like that once passed away is an important remedial agent, or twice before and she couldn't help it, and and should be faithfully applied along with in fact did not know about it. There was just cathartics and sudorifics. With all care and a momentary cessation of consciousness, and medicin, some cases will go from bad to worse. then a dazed condition. The interests of mother and fetus may be I think the child's life was destroyed by come incompatible. If the case goes to full being taken to church to christen. She lived

some hours after even that exposure to Massa- right side, this thigh, as it were, constitutchusetts January weather.

ing the buttocks. On the under border was PAUL F. ELA, M.D. an anus, and by the side of it a rudimentary East Douglass, Mass.

vulva. This first thigh, as I call it, termi

nated on the right side into a “ femoroObstetric Charges in Multiple Births. femoral ” joint. From this joint originated a Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In regard to natural thigh and leg, with foot, talipes varus. the case mentioned in July WORLD, page About two-thirds of the anterior abdominal 252, the decision of the court was very just wall was made up of a thick membrane and equitable. Doubtless a good judge. Now seeming to originate from the skin. Just to let the doctor in future say this: If your lady the left of the ensiform appendix, protruding gives birth to one babe only, $18; twins, $27; thru a round opening, was the heart, standtriplets, $36; quadruplets, $45, and so on ad ing erect outwards and upwards, about threeinfinitum. The doctor was simply caught quarters of its entire bulk external to the by not being sufficiently explicit in his con- chest wall, envelopt in its thin pericardium. tract, and the court was right.

Thru an oval opening just below its normal W. S. HART, M.D. position the liver seemed to have escaped, Bowling Green, Fla.

and occupied a position external to the abdominal wall; the umbilical cord was attacht

to its under border, the remainder of the Superstitious Remedy for Afterpains.

vessels entering the abdominal cavity thru Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In your July this oval opening. Just below anus to the WORLD, page 261, is a report from Dr. H.

left of the liver externally was a mass resem. A. Saults on an obstetric superstition which

bling placental tissue in texture, its under called to my mind a similar case I had some

surface being attacht to the membranous abyears ago. Confined my patient with but

dominal wall. On this mass were carved little or no trouble. As it was her third child,

very visible rudimentary intestins, showing told her I would send something for after the entire colon and intestins; no stomach pains. She informed me it would not be

visible. The chest, head, arms and hands necessary, as she removed that trouble with

were well developt and natural, her first child. I wanted to know how she

. This was a premature labor at about seven did it. You can imagin my surprise and dis

months. The timidity and suspicious sentigust when she informed me it was a teaspoon

ment of the mother prevented my preserving ful of placental blood on birth of her first

the fetus. However, it was inspected by child. Told her any one who was so simple

ple several parties present. Now as to the cause ought to suffer. I never had a more stubborn

of this, it is too deep for me. She is 40; this case, before or since.

was her seventh labor; has been in very Confined her several times afterwards, and

delicate health for one year; has great always told her to try her first remedy, but

resolution ; complains very little, notwithshe decided I had a better and more cleanly standing her bad health. About six months one. W. J. STEVENSON, M.D.

ago I treated her for what I diagnosed bilious Lauderdale, Miss.

colic. However, I was never satisfied as to

the correctness of the diagnosis. She suffered A Monstrosity.

untold agonies for six or eight hours, having Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In February intense soreness in the right abdominal musWORLD, page 62, Dr. I. N. Woodman gives a cles and chest muscles. During her suffering case of closed stomach and absent bladder in she said those cramping pains seemed to origiinfant. I believe I can beat him. A great nate in the liver and radiate to the heart and many peculiar things have come my way left shoulder, exclaiming, “ It seems like my since my first day's practise; but here is one heart, stomach and bowels are being dragged that breaks the record: February 1st I was out." Could it have been caused by this called three miles distant in the country to mental impression? Or could it be owing to attend Mrs. W, in confinement. I had no this short cord, those organs being pulled out engagement in the case until called. When as growth advanced? Or should I be exI arrived the husband met me at the door cused for my ignorance? and exclaimed, “The baby has been born Whitefield, I. T.

ULBERTSON. fifteen minutes and is dead." In haste I [The above was reported promptly after cleansed my hands and proceeded to examin; the occurrence (last Feb.), but more urgent found fetus, placenta and membranes all in matter has crowded it out until now.-ED.) a mass; no hemorrhage; uterus contracted nicely; mother resting easy. Examination revealed umbilical cord two inches in length.

The following combination will often relieve the in

tolerable itching of eczema : First feature noticed was cleft palate ; second,

Carbolic acid .....

....2 drams fetus had only one leg and foot. This leg

Glycerin . ............. 4 ounce seemed to originate at the left coxo-femoral articulation, running posteriorly across to the

:::::....7% ounces Mix, and apply as a lotion, frequently.

Alcohol ..::::::

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