West American History, Volum 1,Del 1

Bancroft Company, 1902

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Side 461 - The great Snake nation may be divided into three divisions, namely, the Shirrydikas, or dog-eaters; the Wararereekas, or fish-eaters; and the Banattecs, or robbers. But, as a nation, they all go by the general appellation of Shoshones, or Snakes. . . .The Shirrydikas are the real Shoshones, and live in the plains hunting the buffalo.
Side 369 - Their men for the most part goe naked ; the women take a kinde of bulrushes, and kembing it after the manner of hemp, make themselues thereof a loose garment, which being knitte about their middles, hanges downe about their hippes, and so affordes to them a couering of that which nature teaches should be hidden ; about their shoulders they weare also the skin of a deere, with the haire vpon it.
Side 161 - ... twelve feet from the ground. The figures at the upper part of this square represent two persons, with their hands upon their knees, as if they supported the weight with pain and difficulty : the others opposite to them stand at their ease, with their hands resting on their hips. In the area of the building there were the remains of several fires. The posts, poles, and figures, were painted red and black; but the sculpture of these people is superior to their painting.
Side 121 - They take their names in the first instance from their dogs. A young man is the father of a certain dog but when he is married and has a son he styles himself the father of the boy. The women have a habit of reproving the dogs very tenderly when they observe them fighting: "Are you not ashamed," say they, "are you not ashamed to quarrel with your little brother?
Side 549 - when a young man sees a girl whom he desires for a wife, he first endeavors to gain the good-will of the parents; this accomplished, he proceeds to serenade his lady-love, and will often sit for hours, day after day, near her home, playing on his flute.
Side 117 - The men in general extract their beards, though some of them are seen to prefer a bushy black beard, to a smooth chin.
Side 741 - the manner of obtaining this guardian was to proceed to some secluded spot and offer up a sacrifice : with the beast or bird which thereupon appeared, in dream or in reality, a compact for life was made, by drawing blood from various parts of the body.
Side 227 - A flat, retreating brow seems to white men to spoil what would otherwise be a pretty face ; but " the Chinook ideal of facial beauty is a straight line from the end of the nose to the crown of the head."* A little snub-nose may embitter the life of a European girl ; but the Australian natives " laugh at the sharp noses of Europeans, and call them in their language
Side 54 - The purity of the material of which the house was framed, the elegance of its construction, and the translucency of its walls, which transmitted a very pleasant light, gave it an appearance far superior to a marble building, and one might survey it with feelings somewhat akin to those produced by the contemplation of a Grecian temple, reared by Phidias ; both are triumphs of art, inimitable in their kinds.
Side 550 - Pimas get drunk once a year, the revelry continuing for a week or two at a time; but it is also a universal custom with them to take regular turns, so that only one third of the party is supposed to indulge at one time, the remainder being required to take care of their stimulated comrades, and protect them from injuring each other or being injured by other tribes.

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