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Side 459 - ... meet on the second Thursday next after the Senate and Assembly, at the annual session of the Legislature, shall have formed a quorum respectively, and at the assembly chamber, immediately after the Assembly shall have adjourned. That the said regents, at such meetings, and all others, may adjourn from time to time, not exceeding ten days at any one time.
Side 459 - If any person owning lands sought to be affected by said proceedings be a non-resident of the county, a notice such as is contemplated by this section, shall be given him by publication for two consecutive weeks in some newspaper published or of general circulation in said county.
Side 268 - Wheat, it is well known, is specially benefited by the application of nitrogenous manures, and as clover carries off so large a quantity of nitrogen, it is natural to expect the yield of wheat after clover to fall short of what the land might be presumed to produce without manure before a crop of clover was taken from it. Experience, however, has proved the fallacy of this presumption, for the result is exactly the opposite, inasmuch as a better and heavier crop of wheat is produced than without...
Side 269 - This is a very much larger amount of nitrogen than occurred in the other soil, and shows plainly that the total amount of nitrogen accumulates, especially in the surface soil, when clover is grown for seeds ; thus explaining intelligibly, as it appears to me, why wheat, as stated by many practical men, succeeds better on land where clover is grown for seed than where it is mown for hay. " All the three layers of the soil after clover-seed are richer in nitrogen than the same sections of the soil...
Side 475 - ... without delay to hear, try and determine" the matter, and the same proceedings shall be had as near as may be, as in other criminal matters triable before a justice of the peace, or other -magistrate having jurisdiction. Such...
Side 455 - Territories, shall be permitted to pass through this State, or any part of the same, from the first day of March to the first day of November, in each year.
Side 269 - ... clover differs essentially from wheat? The results of our experience in the growth of the two crops appear to indicate that whereas the growth of the wheat rapidly exhausts the land of its available nitrogen, that of clover, on the contrary, tends somehow or other to accumulate nitrogen within the soil itself. If this can be shown to be the case, an intelligible explanation of the fact that clover is so useful as a preparatory crop for wheat will be found in the circumstance that during the growth...
Side 475 - ... constable may receive and retain for his own use, such fees as are now or may hereafter be allowed by law for all services rendered by him in civil cases; and shall also be allowed all necessary expenses actually incurred in arresting and conveying prisoners to court or prison, which expenses shall be audited by the board of supervisors and paid out of the county treasury...
Side 451 - ... 5. They shall give public notice of the outbreak of any dangerous disease, and such practical directions for its avoidance as they may deem necessary.
Side 390 - Shoemaker called for a division on the question of publishing the names, which was agreed to. The question then recurred on the adoption of the resolution designating the method by which the Viewing Committees should be chosen, and it was agreed to.

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