And be it likewise on our mind impress d,

They pass for persons happy and at rest ; “ Their love by Hymen crown'd, and all their prospects


“ Love has slow death and sudden: wretches prove That fate severe—the sudden death of love; “ It is as if, on day serenely bright, oc Came with its horrors instantaneous night; “ Others there are with whom love dies away

In gradual waste and unperceived decay; « Such is that death of love that nature finds 6. Most fitted for the use of common minds, “ The natural death; but doubtless there are some “ Who struggle hard when they perceive it come; “ Loth to be loved no longer, loth to prove “ To the once dear that they no longer love; And some with not successless arts will strive “ To keep the weak’ning, fluttering flame alive. • But see my verse; in this I try to paint “ The passion failing, fading to complaint, The gathering grief for joys reinember'd yet, • The vain remonstrance, and the weak regret :

“ First speaks the wife in sorrow, she is grieved “ T'admit the truth, and would be still deceived."


E. Well, my good sir, I shall contend no more; But, O! the vows you made, the oaths you swore

H. To love you always :

-I confess it true;
And do I not? If not, what can I do?
Moreover think what you yourself profess'd,
And then the subject may for ever rest.

E. Yes, sir, obedience I profess'd; I know My debt, and wish to pay you all I owe, Pay without murmur; but that vow was made To you, who said it never should be paid ;Now truly tell me why you took such care To make me err? I ask'd you not to swear, But rather hoped you would my mind direct, And say, when married, what you would expect.

You may remember—it is not so long
Since you affirm'd that I could not be wrong ;

I told you then-you recollect, I told

truth—that humour would not hold;
Not that I thought, or ever could suppose,
The mighty raptures were so soon to close-
Poetic flights of love all sunk in sullen prose.

Do you remember how you used to hang
Upon my looks? your transports when I sang?
I play'd-you melted into tears; I moved-
Voice, words, and motion, how you all approved;
A time when Emma reign'd, a time when Henry loved :
You recollect?


Yes, surely; and then why The needless truths ? do I the facts deny? For this remonstrance I can see no need, Or this impatience-if you do, proceed.

E. O! that is now so cool, and with a smile That sharpens insult-I detest the style; And, now I talk of styles, with what delight You read my lines – I then, it seems, could write: In short, when I was present, you could see But one dear object, and you lived for me; And now, sir, what your pleasure? Let me dress, Sing, speak, or write, and you your sense express

Of my poor taste-my words are not correct;
In all I do is failing or defect
Some error you will seek, some blunder will detect;
And what can such dissatisfaction prove?
I tell you, Henry, you have ceased to love.

H. I own it not; but if a truth it be, It is the fault of nature, not of me. Remember you, my love, the fairy tale, Where the young pairs were spell-bound in the vale ? When all around them gay or glorious seem'd, And of bright views and ceaseless joys they dream'd; Young love and infant life no more could giveThey said but half, when they exclaim'd, “We live!" All was so light, so lovely, so serene, And not a trouble to be heard or seen; Till, melting into truth, the vision fled, And there came miry roads and thorny ways instead.

Such was our fate, my charmer! we were found
A wandering pair, by roguish Cupid bound;
All that I saw was gifted to inspire
Grand views of bliss, and wake intense desire
Of joys that never pall, of flights that never tire;
There was that purple light of love, that bloom,
That ardent passions in their growth assume,

That pure enjoyment of the soul-0! weak
Are words such loves and glowing thoughts to speak !
I sought to praise thee, and I felt disdain
Of my own effort; all attempts were vain.

Nor they alone were charming; by that light
All loved of thee grew lovely in my sight;
Sweet influence not its own in every place
Was found, and there was found in all things grace;
Thy shrubs and plants were seen new bloom to bear,
Not the Arabian sweets so fragrant were,
Nor Eden's self, if aught with Eden might compare.

You went the church-way walk, you reach'd the farm,
And gave the grass and babbling springs a charm;
Crop, whom you rode,-sad rider though you be,
Thenceforth was more than Pegasus to me:
Have I not woo'd your snarling cur to bend
To me the paw and greeting of a friend ?
And all his surly ugliness forgave,
Because, like me, he was my Emma's slave?
Think you, thus charm'd, I would the spell revoke ?
Alas ! my love, we married, and it broke !

my breast,

Yet no deceit or falsehood stain'd
What I asserted might a saint attest;
Fair, dear, and good thou wert, nay,fairest, dearest, best:

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