Report of the Board of State Tax Commissioners


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Side 5 - The clerks of the supreme court shall be elected, in each division, by the qualified electors thereof, for the term of six years, and until their successors shall have been elected and qualified; whose duties and compensation shall be provided by law.
Side 61 - No change of location or sale of any personal property, after the first day of May in any one year shall affect the assessment made in such year.
Side 11 - That the legislature shall provide by law a uniform rule of taxation for such property as shall be assessed by a state board of assessors, and the rate of taxation on such property shall be the rate which the state board of assessors shall ascertain and determine is the average rate levied upon other property upon which ad valorem taxes are assessed for state, county, township, school and municipal purposes.
Side 6 - All specific state taxes, except those received from the mining companies of the upper peninsula, shall be applied in paying the interest upon the primary school, university and other educational funds and the interest and principal of the state debt in the order herein recited, until the extinguishment of the state debt, other than the amounts due to educational funds, when such specific taxes shall be added to, and constitute a part of the primary school interest fund.
Side 6 - The Legislature shall provide a uniform rule of taxation, except on property paying specific taxes, and taxes shall be levied on such property as shall be prescribed by- law.
Side 6 - The legislature may provide by law for the assessment at its true cash value by a state board of assessors, of which the governor shall be ex-officio a member, of the property of corporations and the property, by whomsoever owned, operated or conducted, engaged in the business of transporting passengers and freight, transporting property by express, operating any union station or depot, transmitting messages by telephone or telegraph, loaning cars, operating refrigerator cars, fast freight lines...
Side 9 - ... companies, and all other companies owning, leasing, running or operating any freight, stock, refrigerator, or any other cars, not being exclusively the property of any railroad company paying taxes upon its rolling stock under the provisions of this act...
Side 19 - ... documents, statements and accounts on file or of record in any of the departments of state, subject to the rules and regulations of the respective departments relative to the care of the public records.
Side 6 - The legislature may by law impose specific taxes, which shall be uniform upon the classes upon which they operate.
Side 7 - cash value," whenever used in this act, shall be held to mean the usual selling price at the place where the property to which the term is applied shall be at the time of assessment, being the price which could be obtained therefor at private sale, and not at forced or auction sale.

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