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E'NTERPRISING, a. fond of enterprise

EXTEÓRIOR, a. outward; external ENTHO'SIASM, s. a vain belief of private revela- EXTE'RNAL, a. outward tion; beat of inumination ; elevation of fancy

EXTI'NGUISH, v. a. put out ; destroy; obscure E'NTRAILS, s. the intestines; internal parts

EXTI'RPATE, v. a. root out; eradicate ENU'MERATE, v.a. reckon up singly; number E'XTRACT, s. the chief parts drawn from anything ENVEʻLOPEMENT, S. covering; lnwrapment

EXTRAO'RDINARY, a. ditferent from common order E'PIC, a. narrative

and method; eminent; remarkable EPI'STLE, s. a letter

EXTRA'VAGANT, a. wasteful; not saving; otherEPI'STOLARY, a. transacted by letters; relating to wise, improbable, false letters

EXTRE'MELY, ad. greatly; very much ; in the utE'QUAL, a. even; uniform; in just proportion

most degree E'QUITY, *. justice ; impartiality

EXTRE'MITY, s. the utmost point; highest degree ; ERE'CT, a. upright; bold; contldent

parts at the greatest distance E E'ct, V. a. raise; build; elevate; settle E'rmine, *. an animal found In cold countries, of FACI’LITY, s. ease ; dexterity ; affability

which the fur is valuable, and used for the adornment of FACTORY, s. a house or district inhabited by traders the person. A fur worn by judges in England

in a distant country ; traders embodied in one place ERRO'NEOUS, a. wrong ; unfounded , false ; misled FA'CULTY, s. the power of doing anything ; ability by error

FAMI'LIAR, a. domestic ; free; well known; comERU'PTION, s. the act of bursting out; sudden ex

mon ; unceremonious cursion of a hostile kind

FAMI'LIARITY, s. easiness of conversation ; acquaintEsco'et, v. a. convoy; guard from place to place Especial, a. principal ; chief

FA'MILY, s. those who live in the same house; ESPE'CIALLY, ad. principally; chiefly ; in an un- household; race; class common degree

FA'Mous, a. renowned; celebrated ESPLANA'DE, s. the empty space between a citadel FANA'TICISM, s. madness; frenzy; insanity and the outskirts of a town

FANTA'STIC, a. whimsical; fanciful ; imaginary ESSE'NTIAL, a. necessary to the constitution or

FA'RTHER, ad, at a greater distance ; beyond this existence of anything; important in the highest degree

FA'shion, v. a. form; mould ; figure ; make acEsTA'BLISHMENT, 3. settlement; fixed state

cording to the rule prescribed by custom ESTRA'NGE, v. a. keep at a distance; withdraw

FA'TAL, a. deadly; mortal; appointed by destiny ETE'RNAL. a. without beginning or end; perpe- FATI'GUE, s. weariness tual; unchanging

FATI'GUE, v. a. tire ; weary.
ETE'RNALLY, ad. incessantly; for evermore
Ete'rnity, s. duration without beginning or end

FAUN, s. a kind of rural deity
ETHE'REAL, a. belonging to the higher regions

FA'VOURITE, s. a person or thing beloved; one re

garded with favour EVA'PORATE, v. a. to drive away in fumes

FE'ATHER, S. plume of birds E'VENING, s. the close of the day; beginning of

FE'ATURE, s. the cast or make of the face; any night

lineament or single part of the face EvE'NTUALLY, ad. in the event; in the last result

FE'ELING, s. the sense of touch ; sensibility ; tenE'VIDENT, a. plain; notorious

derders; perception Exa'ct, a. nice; not deviating from rule; careful FERMENTA'TION, s. a slow motion of the particles of EXA'MINE, v. a. search into; make inquiry into a mixed body, arising usually from the operation of some EXA'MPLE, S. copy or pattern

active acid matter; as when leaven or yeast ferments

bread or wort E'XCAVATE, v. a. hollow ; cut into hollows

FERO'CITY, 8. savageness; wildness ; fierceness EXCE'L, v. a. to outgo in good qualities; to surpass

FE'RTILE, a. fruitful; abundant; plenteous E'XCELLENCE, s. the state of abounding in any

FERTI'LITY, S. abundance; fruitfulness good quality; dignity; goodness E'XCELLENT, a. eminent in any good quality ; of

FE'STAL, a. festive; joyous; gay great value

FE'STIVAL, s. time of feast; anniversary-day of EXCE'PT, prep. exclusively of; unless

civil or religious joy EXCEʻSSIVE, a. beyond the common proportion

FESTO'ON, s. in architecture, an ornament of carved ExcI'TE, V. a. rouse; animate

work in the form of a wreath or garland of flowers or

leaves twisted together EXCLU'DE, v. a. shut out; debar

FEU'DAL, a. dependant; held by tenure ExclO'SIVE, a. having the fower of excluding or FI'BRE, s. a small thread or string denying admission

Fi'ction, 8. a fanciful invention ; a probable or imEXCRU'CIATE, v. a. torture; torment

probable invention; a falsehood; a lie EXCU'RSION, s. an expedition into some distant part FIDE'LITY, s. honesty; faithful adherence Excu'RSIVE, a. rambling; deviating

FI'GURE, S. shape; person; stature; the form of Execu'TiON, s. performance; practice; slaughter anything as terminated by the outline Exe'MPLARY, a. such as may give warning to Fı'LIAL, a. pertaining to a son; befitting & son ; others; such as may attract notice and imitation

becoming the relation of a son EXERCISE, s. labour of the mind or body

FI'RMAMENT, 8. sky; heavens EXEʻRTION, s. the act of exerting; effort

FLA'GON, 3. a vessel with a narrow mouth ExhI'BIT, v. a. offer to view; show; display FLAMBEAU, S. (pronounced flám-bo) a lighted torch EXHIBI'TION, s. the act of exbibiting ; display FLAVOUR, S. power of pleasing the taste; odour ExhI'LARATE, v. a. make cheerful; cheer; enliven FLEUR-DE-LIS, s. (French for a lily, pronounced flúrEXI'STENCE, s. state of being

de-lee) a term applied in architecture and heraldry EXPA'ND, v. Q. to spread; to extend on all sides FLEXIBLE, a. capable of being bent; pliant; not EXPA'NSE, S. a body widely extended without ine- brittle; complying; obsequious ; ductile; manageable qualities

FLOAT, v. n. to swim on the surface of water; to EXPE'DIENT, S. that which helps forward as means

move without labour in a fluid; to pass with a light irre

gular course ; v. a. to cover with water
to an end
EXPEDITION, s. an excursion

FLO'RIDNESS, 3. freshness of colour
FLO'URISH, v.a. and n. yield; prosper; wield; adorn

EXPE'L, . a. drive away ; banish ; eject
EXPEʻRIENCE, s. knowledge gained by practice

FLU'CTUATE, 0. n. roll to and again, as water in EXPE'RIENCED, a. wise by long practice

agitation; be in an uncertain state

Flu'ID, s. anything not solid EXPE'RIMENT, s. a trial of anything

FLU'TTER, v. n. move irregularly; take short flights EXPI'RE, v. a. breathe out; close; bring to an end

with great agitation of the wings EXPLOʻsion, s. an outburst; a suddeu crash

FoʻLIAGE, S. leaves; tuft of leaves
EXPOʻRT, v. a. carry out of a country

FoʻLLOWING, a. coming after another
EXPO'SE, v. a. lay open; mal bare; put in danger FOME'NT, v. a. cherish with heat; encourage
EXPRE'SSION, s. the form of language in which any FO'REFATHER, S. ancestor
thoughts are uttered; the act of squeezing out anything

FOʻREIGN, a. not in this country; not domestic; E'XQUISITE, a. excellent; consummate; complete

remote; not belonging to EXTE'MPORE, ad. without premeditation ; suddenly FO'REPART, s. anterior part EXTE'ND, v.a. stretch out; diffuse; impart

FoʻREST, s. a wild uncultivated tract of ground, with EXTE'NSIVE, a. large; wide ; comprehensive



FO'RMER, a. before another in time; the first of HAGGARD, A. deformed; ugly

HARA'NGUE, 0. n. make a speech FO'RMIDABLE, a. terrible; dreadful ; tremendous

HA'RMONIZE, v. a. to adjust in fit proportion FORTIFICA’TION, S. the science of military architec- HARPO'ON, s. a bearded dart, with a line fastened to ture; a place built for strength

the handle, with which whales are struck and caught FO'RTITUDE, S. courage ; bravery; strength

HAZARDOUS, a. perilous, dangerous FO'RWARD, 0. a. hasten ; quicken; advance

HE'AVY, a. weighty ; burdened ; depressed FO'RWARD, a. Warm; earnest; quick; ready HE'RALDRY, s. the art or office of a herald ; regisFO'RWARD, ad. onward ; straight before

ters of genealogies FO'RWARDNESS, 8. eagerness; ardour ; quickness; HE'RBAGE, S. grass ; pasture; herbs collectively confidence

HERBI'VOROUS, a. that eats herbs Fosse, S. a ditch ; a moat

HERE'DITARY, a. possessed or claimed by right of inFOUNDATION, s. the basis or lower parts of an heritance; descending by in tance

edifice; the act of fixing the basis ; original ; rise HE'RETIC, s. one who propagates his private opinions FRA'GMENT, S. a part broken from the whole; an in opposition to the Catholic Church imperfect piece

HE'YDAY, s. frolic; wildness FRA'NTIC, Q. mad; deprived of understanding Hi'deous, a. frightful; ugly FREE STONE, s. stone commonly used in building, HIPPOPOTAMUS, S. a large animal—the river horse so called because it can be cut freely in all directions

HISTOʻRIAN, 8. a writer of facts and events FREIGHT, s. anything with which a ship is loaded ; the money due for traną portation of goods

HISTOʻRICAL, a. that which relates to history FRE'QUENT, a. often done; often seen ; often oc

HI'STORY, S. narration; the knowledge of facts and

events curring Fre'sco, S. coolness; shade; duskiness ; a picture HOʻLLOW, a. excavated ; not solid; not sound not drawn in glaring light, but in dusk

HO'NEY, 8. a sweet substance produced by bees FRI'CTION, s. the act of rubbing two bodies together HO'NOUR, s. dignity; fame; reputation ; glory FRI'volous, a. trifling; wasteful; dawdling HoʻRIZON, s. the line that terminates the view FRO'NTIER, S. the limit; the utmost verge of any HO'SPITABLE, a. giving entertainment to strangers ; territory

kind to strangers FU'RNACE, S. a large fire

HO'TTENTO'T, s. a native of the sonth of Africa FU'RNISH, v. a. supply with what is necessary; fit Howe'vER, ad. in whatsoever manner ; at all up; equip; decorate

events; happen what will; yet

HowI'TZER, 8. a kind of bomb GA'BLE, *. the sloping roof of a building

Hu'man, a. having the qualities of a man; belongGA'LAXY, s. the Milky Way

ing to man GA'LLANT, a. brave; daring; noble

HUMA‘NITY, s. the nature of man; benevolence G'ALLEY, a. a vessel used in the Mediterranean

HU'MBLE, a. not proud ; modest; low GA'RDEN, S. piece of ground enclosed and cultivated

HO'MID, a. wet; moist; watery GA'RMENT, S. anything by which the body is covered

HOMI'LITY, s. freedom from pride; modesty GA'RRISON, s. fortified place, stored with soldiers

HO'NDRED, S. a company or body consisting of &

hundred. GAUGE, S. a measure ; a standard

HU'RRICANE, S. a blast; a tempest GENEA'LOGY, s. history of the succession of families

HYDRAU'LIC, a. relating to the conveyance of water GE'NERAL, a. common ; usual ; extensive, though through pipes

not universal; public GENERATION, S. a family; a race; an age

HY'DROGEN, s. a gas, one of the component parts

of the atmosphere GE'NEROUS, a. noble of mind; magnanimous ; open

of heart
Ge’NIAL, a. that gives cheerfulness, or supports life; I'CICLE, 8. a pendent shoot of ice

I'CEBERG, s. a hill of ice; a moving island of ice natural; native GE'NTLE, a. soft; mild ; tame; meek ; peaceable

I'DOL, S. an image worshipped as God; one loved or GEOGRA'PRICAL, a. that which relates to geography IGNOʻBLE, a. mean of birth; worthless

honoured to adoration GEO'GRAPHY, s. knowledge of the earth GE'STURE, S. action or posture expressive of senti

IGUA'NA, S. & reptile of the lizard species

ILLE'GAL, a. unlawful Gi'ANT, s. a man of size above the ordinary rate of ILLUMINA'TION, s. brightness ; splendour men; a man unnaturally large

ILLU'MINATIVE, a. having the power to give light GIGANTIC, a. suitable to a giant; enormous ILLU'SION, s. mockery; false show GLACIER, S. a mountain of ice

ILLU'STRATE, v. a. brighten with ligłt; brighten GLA'NDULAR, a. having glands

with honour; explain; clear GLI'STER, V. n. shine ; to be bright

ILLUSTRA'TION, S. explanation ; example; exposi

tion GLO'BULE, S. & small particle of matter of a round figure, as the red particles of the blood

ILLU'STRIOUS, a. conspicuous; noble; eminent GLO'Rious, a, noble; excellent; illustrious

I'MAGE, S. a statue; a picture ; an idol; a copy GLO'ssy, a.shiny; smoothly polished

IMA'GINARY, a. fanciful; poetical GO'RGEOUS, a. fine; magnificent; gaudy; showy

IMAGINA'TION, s. fancy; conception; contrivance ;

scheme GO'SLING, S. a young goose ; a catkin on nut-trees and pines

I'MITATE, v. a. copy; counterfeit; resemble GO'SSAMER, s. the web of a male spider

IMMATERIAL, a. incorporeal; unimportant GOUT, 8. a disease attended with great pain

IMMEA'SURABLE, a. immense ; not to be measured GO'VERNOR, S. one who has the supreme direction;

IMMEDIATELY, ad. without the intervention of any

other cause or event a tutor GRADATION, $. regnlar progress from one degree IMME'NSE, a. unlimited; unbounded; infinite to another; order; arrangement

I'MMINENT, a. unavoidable; perilous GRADUALLY, ad. by degrees ; step by step

IMMOʻRTALISE, v. a. to render immortal GRA'NDEUR, S. splendour of appearance; magpi- IMMORTAʼLITY, s. exemption from death; life never ficence

to end GRANGE, S. a farm

IMPA'RT, v. a. grant; give; communicate GRATIFICA’TION, s. pleasure ; something gratifying IMPARTIAL, a. indifferent; disinterested; just GRA'TITUDE, 8. duty to benefactors ; desire to re- IMPA'SSABLE, a. not to be passed ; not admitting turn benefits

passage GRA'VITY, s. weight; tendency to the centre ; IMPA 'SSIBLE, a. incapable of suffering seriousness; solemnity

IMPATIENT, a. not able to endure; hasty ; eager GROTE'SQUE, a. distorted of figure; unnatural IMPERCEʻPTIBLE, a. not to be discovered; not to be GUARD, s. part of the hilt of a sword ; a man or perceived; small body of men whose business is to watch

IMPERFECTION, s. defect; failure ; fault GUIDE, s. director ; regalator

IMPEÓRIAL, a. belonging to an emperor, king, or

queen; regal; monarchical HABITA'TION, s. place of abode; dwelling IMPE'RIOUS, a. commanding ; powerful HABI'TUALLY, ad. customarily; by habit

IMPE'TUOUS, a. violent; forcible; vehement



IMPLA'CABILITY, s. irreconcileable enmity

INQUISITIVE, a. curious; busy in search ; active to IMPLI'CITLY, ad. with unreserved confidence

pry into everything IMPO'RT, v. a. carry into any country from abroad INSCRI'PTION, s. something written or engraved ; IMPO'RTANCE, S. thing imported, or implied ; conse

title quence; matter

I'NSECT, 8. a small animal. Insects are so called IMPO'RTANT, a. momentous; weighty; of great

from a separation in the middle of their bodies, whereby consequence; forcible

they are cut into two parts, which are joined together by IMPO'sE, v. a. lay on as a burden or penalty ; de

a small ligature, as we see in wasps and common flies ceive; fix on

INSE'NSIBLY, ad. imperceptibly; in such manner IMPO'SSIBLE, a. that which cannot be; that which

as is not discovered by the senses cannot be done

INSE'RT, v. a. place in or among other things IMPRE'GNABLE, a. invincible; unsubdueable INSI'Dious, a. sly; diligent to entrap; treacherous IMPRESSION, s. the act of pressing one body upon

INSI'GNIA, s. ensigns; arms another; mark made by pressure ; image fixed in the mind INSIGNI'FICANT, a. unimportant I'MPULSE, s. communicated love; the effect of one INSI'PID, a. tasteless; void of taste body upon another

INSIPI'DITY, S. want of taste ; want of life or spirit IMPO’NITY, s. freedom from punishment; exemp- I'NSOLENCE, s. petulant contempt tion from punishment

INSPECT, v. a. to examine; to look over INABI'LITY, S. want of power; impotence

INSPE'CTION, s. prying examination ; superintenINACCE'SSIBLE, a. not to be reached or approached dence INA'CTIVE, a. sluggish ; slothful; not quick INSPIRA'TION, s. infusion of ideas into the mind INCA'LCULABLE, a. that which cannot be counted by divine power; the act of drawing breath INCAPACITATE, v. a. disable; weaken ; disqualify INSTABI'LITY, 8. inconstancy; fickleness INCARNATION, s. the act of assuming body

I'NSTANT, s. instant is such a part of duration whereINCE'NTIVE, s. that which kindles; that which pro

in we perceive no succession; present or current month vokes; that which encourages ; spur

I'NSTANTLY, ad. immediately INCE'SSANT, a. unceasing; continual

I'NSTINCT, s. natural desire or aversion natural I'NCIDENT, S. something happening beside the main tendency design; casualty

INSTITUʻTION, s. establishment; settlement; posiINCLO'SURE, s. a place surrounded or fenced in

tive law INCLO'DE, v. a. comprise; shut

INSTRU'CT, v. a. teach ; form by precept; form INCONCE'IVABLE, a. incomprehensible

authoritatively; educate; model; form INCONSI'DERABLE, a. unworthy of notice; unim

INSTRU'CTION, s. the act of teaching; information

INSUFFICIENT, a. inadequate to any need, use, or portant INCONSI'STENT, a. contrary; absurd ; incompatible

purpose; unfit INCRE'DIBLE, a. surpassing belief; not to be credited

INTE'GRITY, s. honesty ; straightforwardness ; up

rightness INCU'LCATE, v. a. impress by frequent admonitions

INTELLE'CTITAL, a. relating to the understanding; INCU'RSION, S. an expedition

mental; transacted by the understanding INDENTA'TION, . an indenture; having a wavy INTE'LLIGENCE, s. commerce of information; spirit; figure

understanding I'NDICATE, v. a. show; point out

INTE'LLIGIBLE, a. possible to be understood INDI'CTMENT, S. an accusation presented in a court INTE'MPERANCE, S. the act of overdoing something of justice

INTE'NSE, a. excessive; very great INDIGNA'TION, s. wrath ; anger

INTE'R, v. a. cover under ground; to bury INDISCRI'MINATE, a. without choice ; impartially

INTERCE'PT, v. a. to hinder; to stop INDISPE'NSABLE, a. not to be spared ; necessary

I'NTERCOURSE, s. commerce; communication INDIVI'DUAL, a. single; numerically one; undivided; separate from others of the same species

I'NTEREST, s. concern; advantage; good ; influence

over others INDU'CE, v. a. persuade; enforce; bring iato view

INTEREʻST, v. n. affect; move; touch with passion INDU'LGENCE, 3. fond kindness; tenderness; favour

INTERLO'CUTOR, S. a dialogist; one that talks with granted


another INDU'STRIOUS, a. diligent; laborious

INTERME'DIATE, a. intervening; interposed I'NDUSTRY, 8. diligence; cheerful labour

INTE'RMINABLE, a. immense; without limits INEQUA'LITY, S. difference of comparative quantity

INTEÓRPRETER, S. one that interprets INE'VITABLE, a. unavoidable

INTERRU'PT, v.a. hinder the process of anything by INEXHA'USTIBLE, a. not to be spent or consumed ;

breaking in upon it incapable of being spent

INTERSE'CTION, s. point where lines cross each other INEXFRE'SSIBLE, a. not to be told ; unutterable

I'NTERSPACE, S. space between I'NFANTRY, S. a body of foot soldiers ; foot soldiery

INTERSPEʻRSE, v. a. to scatter here and there among INFA'TOATE, v. a. to strike with folly; to deprive of other things understanding

INTERVE'NE, v. n. to come between INFE'RIOR, a. lower in place, station, or value

I'NTERVIEW, s. mutual sight; sight of each other I'NFIDEL, S. an unbeliever; a Pagan; one who rejects Christianity

INTERWE'AVE, v. a. to intermingle ; to mix one with

another in a regular texture I'NFINITE, a. unbounded; unlimited ; immense

I'NTIMATE, a. inmost; inward ; near ; familiar INFINITE'SSIMAL, a. infinitely divided

INTONA'TION, s. the act of thundering INFI'NITY, s. immensity ; endless number

INTO'XICATE, v. a. to inebriate ; to make drunk INFI'RMITY, S. weakness of age or temper; weak

I'NTRICATE a. entangled ; perplexed; obscure ness; malady INFLA'TE, v. a. to swell; to make larger

INTRI'GUER, s. one that intrigues INFLE'XIBLE, a. not to be bent; immoveable; not

INTRI'NSIC, a. inward ; real; true to be changed

INTRODU'CTION, s. the act of bringing anything into INFLI'CT, v. a. to impose as a punishment

notice or practice; the preface or part of a book conI'NFLUENCE, 8. power of directing or modifying

taining previous matter

INTRU'DER, S. one who forces himself into company INFLUE'NTIAL, a. exerting influence or power

or affairs without right or welcome INGE'NIOUS, a, witty ; inventive

INUNDA’TION, s. the overflow of waters; the flood; INGENU'ITY, s. wit; invention; genius; subtlety a confluence of any kind INGLO'RIOUS, a. void of honour; mean ; without glory INVA'LUABLE, a. precious above estimation INGRA'TITUDE, s. unthankfulness

INVARIABLE, a. unchangeable; constant INHA'BITANT, 8. dweller; one that lives in a place INVE'STIGATION, s. the act of investigating; the INHE'RENT, a. existing in something else, so as to

state of being investigated be inseparable from it; innate

INVI'NCIBLE, a. not capable of being conquered INI'MITABLE, a. not able to be imitated; that which INVI'SIBLE, a. not to be seen is incapable of imitation

I'RIS, s. the rainbow; the circle round the pupil of INJUʻRIOUS, a. hurtful; baneful ; capable of injuring; that which injures; destructive

IRRA'DIATE, v. a. brighten ; animate by heat or INJU'STICE, s. iniquity; wrong

light; illuminate INNU'MEROUS, a. innumerable ; too many to be IRRE'GULAR, a. deviating from rule, custom, or nacounted


the eye

I'RRIGATE, v. a. wet; moisten ; water


LU'PINE, S. a kind of pulse
I'RRITATE, v. a. provoke; tease ; agitate

LUXO'RIANT, a. superfluously plentiful
IRRITATION, s. provocation ; stimulation
I'SLAND, 8. a tract of land surrounded by water

MACHI'NE, s. an engine; any complicated work in I'SSUE, v. a. send forth

which one part contributes to the motion of another ITA’LIC, 8. a letter in the Italian character

MACHI'NERY, s. enginery; complicated workman

ship JA'VELIN, 8. a spear; a dart; an implement of war MAGAZI'NE, 8. a storehouse JE'ALOUSY, 8. suspicion in love; suspicious fear ; MA'GICAL, a. acted or performed by secret an suspicious caution

invisible powers JE'WEL, S. & precious stone ; & gem

MAGNANI'MITY, S. greatness of mind JO'CUND, a. merry; gay, lively

MAGNA'NIMOUS, a. of great mind; of open heart JOURNEY, s. the ravel of a day; passage from

MAGNI'FICENT, a. grand in appearance; splendid ; place to place

otherwise, pompous Jo'rous, a. glad ; gay; merry; giving joy

MAJE'STIC, a. augnst; having dignity; grand Judi'cious, a. prudent; wise ; skilful

MAJOʻRITY, s. the state of being greater; the greater JU'GGLER, S. one who practises sleight of hand

number; the office of a major JU'NCTION, s. union; coalition

MALE'VOLENCE, s. ill-will; inclination to hurt others JU'STIFY, v. a. clear from imputed guilt; maintain

MA'LICE, s. hatred; enmity; desire of hurting
Mali'cious, a. desirous of hurting ; with wicked

design KANGARO'O, S. an animal found in Australia

MALI'GNANT, a. envious; malicious ; mischievous KE'RNEL, S. anything included in a husk ; the seeds of pulpy fruits

MALI'GNITY, S. ill-will; enmity KI'NGDOM, s. the territories subject to a monarch ; &

MA'NDIBLE, S. & jaw different class or order of beings, as the mineral king.

MA'NKIND, S. the race or species of human beings dom; a region

MA'NNER, S. form; method; way; mode; sort KNIGHTHOOD, s. the character or dignity of a knight | MANUFA'CTORY, s. a place where a manufacture is KNOWLEDGE, s. information

carried on KNO'CKLE, S. joints of the fingers, protuberant when

MANG'UVRB, S. a stratagem; a trick the fingers close

MARA'UDER, S. & soldier that rores in quest of

plunder LABU'RNUM, 8. a kind of tree

MA'RGIN, s. the brink; the edge LA'MENTABLE, a. deplorable

MA'RINER, $. & seaman LAMENTATION, s. expression of sorrow; audible MA'RITIME, a. that which relates to the sea grief

MA'RSHAL, v. a. arrange; rank in order LANCEOLATE, a. in a lance-like form

MA'RTYR, s. one who by his death bears witness to LA'NDSCAPE, s. the prospect of a country ; a picture the truth of the prospect of a country

MA'RVELLOUS, a. wonderful ; strange; astonishing LA'NGUAGE, s. human speech; style; manner of MASONRY, s. the craft or performance of a mason

expression LANGUOR, S. faintness; softness ; inattention

MA'SSACRE, s. butchery ; murder

MA'SSIVE, a. heavy; weighty ; ponderous; bulky; LA'RVA, s. an insect in the caterpillar state

continuous LATENT, a. concealed ; invisible

MA'STERPIECE, 8. chief excellence LATERALLY, ad. by the side

MATEÓRIAL, a. consisting of matter; not spiritual; LATITUDE, s. latent diffusion; & certain degree important reckoned from the Equator

MATHEMA'TICS, s. that science which contemplates LA'TTER, a. lately done or past; mentioned last whatever is capable of being pumbered or measured of two

MAXIM, s. general principle ; ding truth LAVA, S. molten substance projected from volcanoes

ME'ASURE, S. that by which anything is measured ; LE'AFLET, S. & small leaf

proportion; quantity; time ; degree LE'GION, s. a body of Roman soldiers, consisting of MECHA'NIC, s. a workman

about five thousand ; military force; a great number MECHA'NICAL, a. constructed by the laws of meLE'NITY, s. mildness; gentleness

chanics LENS, s. a glass spherically convex on both sides

ME'DAL, 8. a piece of metal stamped in honour of LEVA'NT, S. east, particularly those coasts of the some remarkable performance Mediterranean east of Italy

MEDICINAL, a. having the power of healing ; beLEVI'ATHAN, s. a water-animal mentioned in the longing to physic Book of Job

MEDITA’TION, s. deep thought; contemplation LI'ABLE, a. subject; not exempt

ME'DIUM, s. the centre point between two extremes LIBERAL, a. not mean; generous; bountiful ME'LANCHOLY, a. gloomy; dismal; sorrowful LI'BERATE, 0. a. free from confinement

ME'LLOW, a. soft with ripeness ; soft; unctuous LI'BERTY, s. freedom, as opposed to slavery; pri- MELOʻdious, a. musical ; harmonious vilege ; permission

MEMBRANE, 8. a web of several sorts of fibres, inLICE'NTIOUSNESS, s. boundless liberty; contempt of terwoven for the wrapping up some parts; the fibres give just restraint

them an elasticity, whereby they can contract and closely LI'CHEN, S. moss

grasp the parts they contain LIBUTE'NANT, 8. & deputy; in war, one who holds MEMBRA'NOUS, a. consisting of membranes the next rank to a superior of any denomination

ME'MOIR, s. an account of anything LIGHTHOUSE, S. & house built either upon a rock or ME'MORABLE, a. worthy of memory; not to be

some other place of danger, with a light, in order to warn forgotten ships of danger

ME'MORY, S. the power of retaining or recollecting LU'NEAR, a. composed of lines ; having the form of

things past; recollection lines

MENA'GERIE, S. a place for keeping foreign birds and Li'QUID, a. not solid ; fluid ; soft; clear

other curious animals LI'QUOR, s. anything liquid ; strong drink, in ME'NTION, v. a. to express in words or in writing familiar language

ME'RCHANDISE, s. commerce ; traffic; wares; anyLI'STEN, v. a. hear; attend

thing to be bought or sold LI'TERALLY, ad. with close adherence to words ME'RCHANTMAN, 8. a ship of trade LITERARY, a. respecting letters ; regarding learning META’LLIC, a. partaking of metal; consisting of LI'TERATURE, s. learning ; skill in letters

metal LITURGY, s. form of prayer

MEʼTEOR, 8. any body in the air or sky that is of a LOCA'LITY, S. existence in place

transitory nature LocoMO'TIVE, a. changing place; having the power

ME'TRICAL, a. pertaining to metre or numbers; of removing or changing place

consisting of verses Lo'cust, s. a devouring insect

METROPOLITAN, a. belonging to a metropolis LU'DICROUS, a. fantastic; laughable; whimsical

MI'CROSCOPE, S. an optical instrument, contrived to LU'MINARY, S. any body which gives light

give to the eye a large appearance of many objects

waich could not otherwise be seen LU'MINOUS, a. shining; enlightened

MI'LITABY, a. engaged in the life of a soldier; solLU'NAR, a. that which relates to the moon

dierlike warlike; pertaining to war; affected by soldiers

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Mind, s. intellectual capacity; memory; opinion NI'MBLY, ad. quickly; speedily; actively MI'NERAL, S. fossil body; something dug out of NI'TROUS, a. impregnated with nitre mines

NOBI'LITY, s. high-mindedness; the highest class MI'NSTER, S. & monastery; a cathedral church of people in civilized life MI'NSTRELSY, S. music; instrumental harmony NO'BLE, a. magnificent; great ; illustrious VINU'TE, a. small; little; slender

NO'TICE, s. remark; heed; regard; information MI'RACLE, S. a wonder; something above human NOTWITHSTA'NDING, conj. although ; nevertheless pewer

No'xious, a. hurtful; harmful; baneful; guilty MIBA', ULOUS, a. done by miracle

NUMBER, s. many ; more than one. MI'RROR, S. a looking-glass

NO'MBERLESS, a. more than can be reckoned MI'SERY, S. wretchedness; calamity ; misfortune

NU'MEBOUS, a. containing many ; consisting of MISFO'RTUNE, s. calamity ; ill-luck

many MI'SSILE, S. something thrown by the hand

NU'TRIMENT, 8. food
MI'SSIONABY, s. one sent to propagate religion
MI'XTURE, s. the act of mixing ; that which is added OBE'DIENCE, s. submission to authority
and mixed

OBE'ISANCE, S. courtesy
MO'ATED, a. surrounded with canals by way of

O'BJECT, s. that about which any power or faculty defence MO'DERATE, a. temperate; not excessive

is employed MODERATION, s. state of keeping a due mean

OBJE'CTION, s. adverse argument; criminal charge ;

fault found; the act of opposing anything between extremities MO'DESTY, S. decency; purity of manners

OBLI'QUE, a. not direct ; not paralel ; not perpen

MODULA'TION, 5. the act of forming anything to OBLI'VION, s. forgetfulness
certain proportion; harmony

OBNO'Xious, a, hateful; hurtful ; injurious
MO'LTEN, part. pass. the state of being melted
MO'MENT, S. an individual particle of time; force ;

OBSERVA’TION, s. the act of observing, noticing, or

remarking; note; remark importance MOME'NTUM, s. the quantity of motion in a moving

OBSE'RVE, v. a. watch; regard attentively note;

obey; follow body MO'NARCH, S. & sovereign ; a ruler ; a king or queen

O'BSTINACY, s. stubbornness

OBSTRU'CT, v. a. block up; oppose; hinder
MO'NASTERY, 8. a residence of monks
MO'NEY, s. metal coined for the purposes of com-

OCCA'SION, s. occurrence ; casualty ; incident; op

portunity ; convenience MO'NKEY, S. an animal bearing some resemblance

OCCA'SION, v. a. cause; produce; influence to man; a word of contempt, or slight kindness

O'CCUPY, v. a. possess; keep; take up; employ ; use MO'NUMENT, S. anything by which the memory of

OFFE'NSIVE, a. displeasing; disgusting; injurious persons or things is preserved ; a memorial; a tomb O'FFER, V. n. present itself; be at hand; be present MO'RALIST, s. one who teaches the duties of life O'FFER, v. a. propose ; present; sacrifice MORA'LITY, s. the doctrine of the duties of life O'FFICE, s. a public charge or employment; agency; MO'RNING, s. the first part of the day

business MO'RTAR, S. a cement for fixing bricks together ; OLFA'CTORY, a. having the sense of smelling

otherwise, a kind of cannon for firing bomb-shells; a kind OʻLIVE, S. a plant producing oil; the fruit of the of vessel in which anything is broken by a pestle

tree; the emblem of peace MO'RTIFY, v. a. destroy vital properties, or active O'MINOU8, a. exhibiting bad tokens of futurity

powers; vex; humble; depress; corrupt; die away OMI'SSION, S. neglect of duty ; neglect to do someMO'SLEM, s. a Mussulman; relating to the Mabo- thing metan form of religion

OMNI'POTENT, s. the Almighty MOSQUE, S. a Mahometan temple

OMNIPREʻSENCE, s. unbounded presence MO'TION, s. the act of changing place ; action; OMNI'SCIENCE, s. boundless knowledge; infinite agitation; proposal made

wisdom Mo'ULDER, v. n. be turned to dust; perish in dust O'NSET, S. attack; storm; assault MO'UNTAINOUS, a. hilly; full of mountains; huge

O'PAL, S. a precious stone MU'VEABLE, a. capable of being moved ; portable O'PALINE, a. resembling opal MULETE'ER, S. mule-driver; horse-boy

OPPORTO'NITY, S. convenience; suitableness of cirMULTIPLI'CITY, 8. more than one of the same kind; cumstances to any end state of being many

OPPRE'NS, v. a. crush by hardship or unreasonable MO'LTITUDE, 8. a large crowd of people; a vast severity; overpower; subdue assembly

OPPRE'SSOR, S. one who harasses others with unMOʻRMUR, v. n. grumble; utter secret and sullen reasonable or unjust severity discontent

OʻPTICAL, O. relating to the science of optics MU'SSULMAN, S. & Mahometan believer

O'PTICS, s. the science of the nature and laws of MU'TILATE, v. a. deprive of some essential part

vision MU'TUALLY, ad. reciprocally; in return

O'PULENT, a. rich MY'RIAD, s. the number of ten thousand; prover- OʻRACLE, s. something delivered by supernatural bially any great number

wisdom; the place where, or persons of whom, the deter.

minations of heaven are inquired NA'RROW, a. not broad or wide ; small; close ;

O‘RAL, a. delivered by mouth; not written covetous ; near

O'RATOR, S. a public speaker ; a man of eloquence NATION, S. & people distinguished from another OʻRBIT, 8. a circle ; path of a heavenly body people

O'RCHARD, S. a garden of fruit trees NATIVE, a. original ; natural

O'RCHI8, s. a kind of flowering plant NA'TIVE, s. one born in any place

O'RDER, S. method; regularity; command ; a rank NATURAL, a. produced or effected by nature; not or class; rule forced ; tender

O'RDINANCE, s. law; rule ; appointment NATURALIST, s. one who studies nature, more OʻRDINARY, a. established ; regular; common; of especially as regards inferior animals, plants, &c.

low rank NATURE, s. constitution of an animated body; O'RDNANCE, s. cannon ; great guns regular course of things; disposition of mind; native

O'RGAN, s. natural instrument: as the tongue is state or properties of anything; sort; species

the organ of speech. A musical instrument NAU'TICAL, a. that which relates to a sailor

ORGA'NIC, a. consisting of various parts co-operatNA'VIGABLE, a. capable of being passed by ships or ing with each other boats

O'RGANISM, s. organic structure NAVIGA'TOR, 8. a sailor; seaman

O'BIENT, a. eastern; oriental; bright; gaudy NE'CESSARY, a, needful

ORIGINAL, a. primitive; first NECE'NSITY, S. compulsion ; want; need; poverty

O'RNAMENT, v. a. embellish ; decorate NEGO'TIATION, s. treaty of business

OSCILLATION, a. the act of moving backward or NEI'GHBOURHOOD, s. vicinity; place adjoining forward like a pendulum NE'ITHER, pron. not either; nor one nor other

O'sseous, a. bony; resembling bone NICHE, s. a hollow in which a statue may be placed OSTENTA’TION, 3. outward show; pride of riches or NIDIFICA'TION, s. the act of building nests


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