Memoirs of Queen Hortense, Mother of Napoleon III.

Hurst and Blackett, 1864 - 436 sider

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Side 438 - I call him, on the whole, the best man I have ever, after trial enough, found in this world, or hope to find.
Side 446 - WOMAN'S THOUGHTS ABOUT WOMEN. BY THE AUTHOR OF "JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN." " A book of sound counsel. lt is one of the most sensible works of its kind, wellwritten, true-hearted, and altogether practical. Whoever wishes to give advice to a young lady may thank the author for means of doing so."— Examiner.
Side 445 - THE CRESCENT AND THE CROSS. BY ELIOT WARBURTON. " Independent of its value as an original narrative, and its useful and interesting Information, this work is remarkable for the colouring power and play of fancy with which its descriptions are enlivened. Among its greatest and most lasting charms is its reverent and serious spirit."— Quarterly Review.
Side 438 - MISERABLES. By VICTOR HUGO. AUTHORISED COPYRIGHT ENGLISH TRANSLATION. "The merits of *Les Miserables' do not merely consist in the conception of it as a whole; it abounds, page after page, with details of unequalled beauty.
Side 440 - This work is full of amusing and interesting anecdote, and supplies many links in the great chain of events of a most remarkable period, — Examiner. MEMOIRS OF CHRISTINA, QUEEN OF SWEDEN. By HBNHY WOODHEVD.
Side 440 - Athenaeum, POINTS OF CONTACT BETWEEN SCIENCE AND ART. By His Eminence CARDINAL WISEMAN. 8vo. 5s. "Cardinal Wiseman's interesting work contains suggestions of real value. It is divided into three heads, treating respectively of painting, sculpture, and architecture. The cardinal handles his subject in a most agreeable manner.
Side 437 - ... to the historical inquirer, as well as for the lively, picturesque, and piquant sketches of Court and Society, which render his work powerfully attractive to the general reader. The work contains varied information relating to secret Court intrigues, numerous narratives of an exciting nature, and valuable materials for authentic history. Scarcely any personage whose name figured before the world during the long period embraced by the volumes is passed over in silence.
Side 439 - Dr. Mouat's book, whilst forming a most important and valuable contribution to ethnology, will be read with interest by the general reader.
Side 440 - THE LAST DECADE OF A GLORIOUS REIGN; completing "THE HISTORY OF HENRY IV., King of France and Navarre," from Original and Authentic Sources. By MW FREER. 2 vols., with Portraits. 21s. "The best and most comprehensive work on the reign of Henry IV. available to English readers.

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