GARRISONS. Major-General Gore Browne, of the 40th Regiment of Foot, to be LieutenantGovernor of Plymouth, vice Lieutenant-General England, deceased.


To be Hospitab-Mates for General Service. John William Watson, Gent.--Hugh Kennedy, Gent.-Josiah Schembri, Gent. vice Gibb, promoted.-Edward Tonge, Gent. vice M'Gregor, promoted.

The King's German Legion. 38 Regiment of Light Dragoons--Ensigu Lewis Versturme, from the Regiment of

Meuron, to be Cornet, vice Humbolt, promoted. 2d Battalion of the Line-Serjeant-Major Fischer to be Ensign. 7th do.--. ..... Hunt, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Sebisch, promoted. 8th do.-Alexander Carmichael, Gent. to be Ensign.

The Duke of Brunswick Oels. Corps.To be Ensigns. Infantry-Serjeant-Major Julius Geyer, rice Gruttemann, promoted.-Paymaster

Serjeant Carl Haberland, vice Dinar, promoted. Meuron's Regiment-Colonel Henry Davis, from the 22d Dragoons, to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Wyndham, appointed to the 20th Light Dragoons.

MEMORANDUM. The under-mentioned appointments, as stated in the Gazettes of the 20th October

last, 14th ultimo, and 8th instant, have not taken place, viz. 24th Regiment of Foot-Ensign John de Neys to be Lieutenant, without purchase.

King's German Legion. Sth Battalion of the Line-Ensign Louis Grissmann to be Lieutenant, vice Winck

ler, killed in action. Ist Battalion of Light Infantry-Herman Meyer, Gent. to be Ensign.

ERRATUM in the Gazette of the 20th October last. 24th Foot For Volunteer Henry Wigmore, from the 5th Foot, to be Lieutenant,

without purchase, vice De Neys, promoted--Read Volunteer Henry Wigmore, from the 5th Foot, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice De Neys, who resigns,

Downing-Street, December 26, 1812. A dispatch, of which the following is an extract, has been received by Earl Bathurst, from General the Marquis of Wellington, dated Frenada, Dec. 2, 1812.

I enclose the return of the killed, wounded, and missing, of the troops in the operations from Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo.

Return of killed, Wounded, and Missing, of the Army under the Command of

His Excellency General the Marquis of Wellington, K. B. in the Operations

from the 15th to the 19th November, 1812. General Staff--1 missing. 3d Dragoon Guards—15 rank and file, 12 horses, missing. 4th Dragoon Guards—2 horses wounded; 3 rank and file, 4 horses, missing. 5th Dragoon Guards— serjeant, 11 rank and file, 9 horses, missing. Ist Dragoons4 rank and file, 1 horse, wounded; I trumpeter, 1 rank and file,

2 horses, missing. 3d Dragoons-1 rank and file, 3 horses, killed. 4th Dragoons-3 rank and file, 2 horses, missing. 9th Light Dragoons-1 rank and file wounded; 3 rank and file, 3 horses, missing. lith Light Dragoons--2 horses killed ; 1 rank and file wounded ; 1 rank and file,

i horse, missing. 12th Light Dragoons-1 rank and file wounded ; 1 serjeant, 3 rank and file, 3

horses, missiog. 13th Light Dragoons-1 horse killed; I borse wounded. 14th Light Dragoons-3 horses killed; 3 rank and file, 3 horses, wounded; ?

rank and file, 3 horses, missing. 16tb Light Dragoons--1 horse wounded; 2 rank and fle, 2 horses, missing.

1st Dragoons, King's German Legion-2 rank and file, 1 horse, missing. 2d do. do.-i horse killed ; 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, 2 borses, missing. 1st Hussars, King's German Legion-5 horses killed ; 7 rank and file, 1 horse,

wounded ; 6 rank and file, 6 horses, missing. 2d do. do.-8 rank and file, 8 horses, missing. 43d Foot, ist Ratt.—1 serjeant killed ; 2 lieutenants, 10 rank and file, wounded;

17 rank and file missing. 51st Foot-1 captain killed; 1 serjeant, 7 rank and file, wounded. 52d Foot, 1st Batt.—1 captain, 2 rank and file, killed ; 2 captaius, 8 serjeants,

27 rank and file, wounded; 8 rank and file missing, 95th Foot, 1st Batt.—1 serjeant, 1 rank and file, killed ; 5 rank and file wounded. 95th Foot, 2d Batt.--1 rank and file killed ; 2 rank and file wounded; I drummer,

8 rank and file, missing. 95th Foot, 3d Batt.-- 1 rank and file wounded ; 9 rank and file missing. 1st Light Batt. King's German Legion 1 rank and file killed ; 4 rank and file

wounded. 2d do. do.-5 rank and file wounded. Duke of Brunswick's Light Infantry-1 rank and file killed ; 5 rank and file

wounded. Total British loss2 captains, 2 serjeants, 7 rank and file, 15 horses, killed; 2

captains, 2 lieutenants, 4 serjeants, 86 rank and file, 9 horses, wounded; 1 general staff, 3 serjeants, 2 drummers and trumpeters, 106 rank and file, 58

horses, missing. Total Portuguese loss--1 ensign, 36 rank and file, killed; 1 lieutenant, 1 ensiga,

3 serjeants, 40 rank and file, wounded ; 66 rank and file, missing. Total British and Portuguese loss—2 captains, 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 43 rank and

file, 15 borses, killed; 2 captains, 3 lieutenants, i ensign, 7 serjeants, 126 rank and file, 9 horses, wounded ; 1 general staff, 9 serjeants, 2 drummers and trumpeters, 172 rank and file, 58 horses, missing. (Signed)

S. A. GOODMAN, D.A. A. Gen.

Names of the Officers killed, wounded, and missing.

KILLED,--British. 61st Foot-Captain M'Cabe. 52d Foot, ist Batt.--Henry Dawson. Portuguese.—20th Portuguese Regiment-Ensign Joa Joze de Arcveda.

WOUNDED.—British. 430 Foot, 1st Batt.—Lieutenant George Rideout, sererely (leg amputated); Lieu

tenant H. M. Bailie, slightly. 52d Foot, 1st Batt.-Captain J. H. Currie, slightly; Captain Thomas T. Fuller,

severely (not dangerously). Portuguese--19th Portuguese Regiment-Ensign F. Pinto de Castro, slightly. 2d Portuguese Cacadores-Lieutenant Gabriel de Carma Lima, slightly.

Lieutenant-General the Honourable Sir Edward Paget, K.B.

(Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D. A. A. Gen.

Office of Ordnance, December 19, 1812. Assistant-Surgeon James Bennett to be Surgeon, by augmentation. Dated Dec.

1812,-Assistant-Surgeon Henry Sprowle to be Do. Dated as abore. Second Assistant-Surgeon William Oliver Locke to be Assistant-Surgeon, rice Bennett. Dated as above. Second Assistant-Surgeon J. S. Gregory to be Do. vice Sprowle. Dated as above.—Temporary Assistant-Surgeon Thomas Murray to be Second Assistant Surgeon, vice Locke. Dated Dec. 2, 1813. - Temporary AssistantSurgeon William Browne to be Do. vice Gregory. Dated as above. - Temporary Assistant-Surgeon Charles Tomlins Whitfield to be Do, by augmentation. Dated as above.-Temporary Assistant-Surgeon Bransby Cooper to be Do, by augmentation. Dated as above.---Temporary Assistant-Surgeon Edward Rudge to be Do. rice Montgomery, deceased. Dated Dec. 3, 1812.–Teniporary Auistant Surgeon Charles Cupples to be Do. rice Lenoy, deceased. Dated Dec. 4, 1818.

Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers-First Lieut. Frederick Reid to be Captain, by

augmentation. Dated Nov. 1, 1812.-Second Lieut. Cbarles Park to be First Lieut. vice Reid, dated as above.

Second Lieut. Charles Bennett to be Do. by augmentation. Dated as above.,Second Lieut. John G. Griffiths to be Do. by augmentation. Dated as above.-Second Lieut. John Beveridge to be Do. by augmentation. Dated as above.--Second Licut. Alexander Matheson to be Do. by augmentation. Dated as above.-Second Lieut. Richard White to be Do. by augmentation. Dated as above.- Wilson, Gent, to be Second Lieut, vice Park, promoted. Dated Dec. 1, 1812.-James Mills, Gent. to be Do, vice Bennett, promoted. Dated as above.-P. R. Boyle, Gent. to be Do. vice Griffiths, promoted. Dated as above.—David Kinnear, Geot. to be No. vice Beveridge, promoted. Dated as above. John Daniell, Gent. to be Do. vice Mattheson, promoted. Dated as above.-Frederick Bate, Gent. to be Do. vice White, promoted. Dated as above.-P. Smith, Gent. to be Do. by augmentation. Dated as above,

The King's Own Staffordshire Militia John Fitzherbert, Esq. to be Captain, vice

Newton. Dated Nov. 28, 1812.-William Holmes Dutton, Gent, to be Lieutenant. Dated Oct. 5, 1812.-William Lucius Cary, Gent, to be Do. Dated as above.- Robert Russell, Gent. to be Do. Dated as above.-George Storr, Gent. to be Ensigo. Dated Oct. 19, 1819.-Philip Lugar, Gent, to be Do.

Dated Nov. 17, 1812. East Regiment of Staffordshire Local Militia-Edward Whiting, Gent. to be Lieu

tenant, Dated Feb. 19, 1812. Western Regiment of Local Militia—John Partridge, Gent. to be Lieutenant.

Dated May 1, 1811. Southern Regiment of Local Militia-William Eccleston, Esq. to be Captain.

Dated April 25, 1812.-William Bird, Esq. to be Do. Dated June 4, 1812.James Palmer, Esq. to be Do. vice Wyatt, resigned. Dated as above.John Brummell, Esq. to be Do. vice Peel, deceased. Dated as above.-John Hall, Gent, to be Lieutenant. Dated June 16, 1809.-Edward Buckerfield, Gent. to

be Do. Dated as above. Northern Regiment of Local Militia-Samuel Bagsbaw to be Captain. Dated

June 15, 1812. Central Regiment of Local Militia—Thomas Adie, Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice

Scarlett. Dated May 8, 1812. Staffordshire Yeomanry Cavalry—The Hon. Thomas William Anson to be Captain.

Dated August 3, 1812.-John Cruse, Esq. to be Do. Dated as above.-Charles Coupland, Esq. to be Lieutenant. Dated as above.-Edmund Peel, Esq. to be

Do. Dated Dec. 5, 1812. Stone and Ecclesball Volunteer Cavalry—John Anston, Gent. to be Lieutenant,

vice Jackson. Dated Jan. 4, 1810. William Stubbs, Gent. to be Cornet, vice

Anson, promoted. Dated as above. Tamworth Volunteer Cavalry—John Flavell, Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice Nevill.

Joseph Grundy, Gent. to be Cornet, vice Flavell, promoted. Dated July 29,

1809. Leek Volunteer Infantry-John Haywood Aslop, Gent. to be Eosign, vice Godwin,

resigped. Dated May 6, 1808.-Peter Davenport, Esq. to be Major, vice

Powys, do. Dated Sept. 17, 1812. Longport Volunteer Infantry-Enoch Keeling, Esq. to be Captain, vice Lakin, re

signed. Dated April 25, 1811.-Benjamin Adams, Esq. to be Do. vice Stanier, do. Dated as above-William Barker, Gent. to be Lieutenant. Dated March 25, 1811.-William Bindley, Gent, to be Do. Dated April 25, 1811,

DEATHS. At Belem, near Lisbon, on Dec. 14, 1812, Tbos. Rogers, Esq. Paymaster of the Esth regiment, deeply and universally lamented. He fell a sacrifice to the incessant fatigues in which he participated with his corps in all the arduous services in the Peninsula. Being attacked with a ferer at Madrid, he was removed, for the benefit of the air, to Belem, but survived only to expire in the arms of his aflicted and disconsolate wife, who is left to deplore her irreparable loss.

Lieut.-Col. Charles Stewart, of the 50th regiment, in his 45th year, on the 11th of December, at Coria, Spanish Estremadura, of fever, brought on by excessive fatigue during the late retreat of the British Army, commanding a brigade, most justly regretted by the whole army. In him his country has lost a gallant and meritorious officer -his relations and numerous friends, one of the best of men. Very early in life be entered the service of his country, and at the siege of Seringapatam, 1791, had the thanks of Lord Cornwallis, for bis gallantry as Lieutenant of the light infantry of the 71st regiment, on their carrying the Pettah, on the island of that fortress. At the taking of St. Lucie in the West Indies, under the brave Abercrombie, as Captain of the light infantry of the 53d regiment, he stormed Morne Fortunée, garrisoned by 800 French, in the most gallant manner : here he was wounded. In the expedition to Walcheron, he commanded the 50th regiment; and afterwards accompanied his regiment to the Peninsula, where his gallantry in the command of the Light Brigade, at the defeat of the French at the bridge of Almarez, was most conspicuous : on this occasion he had the honour to obtain the thanks of the brave Sir R. Hill, in his public dispatches respecting that gallant affair.

At Montego Bay, Jamaica, aged 74, the Hon. J. Cunningbam, a Major-General in the army, and Colonel of the James's Regiment of Foot Militia.

At Edinburgh, December 31, Capt. David Weir, of the Royal Marines.

At Ciudad Rodrigo, Nov. 18, of a fever, occasioned by excessive fatigue, Capt. R. Fitzgerald Sandes, of the 50th Regiment.

At Salamanca, Oct. 20, of fatigue, Capt. Wingate, 74th Regiment, in the 22d year of his age.

At Goree, Oct. 25, Lieut. J. Ingram, of the African Corps.

At Martinique, Oct. 31, in his 82d year, Wm. Walker, Esq. late Commissary General of St. Vincents.

Majors.—Thesiger, Deputy Barrack-Master-General, in Canada, Aug. 6, 1812.

Captains.—R. Watson, R. Waggou Train.—Burnett, 18th Foot, Oct. 20,1812,Todd, 38th Foot, killed in Spain.-Phelan, 47th Foot, Feb. 2, 1812.-Sandes, 50th Foot.-M-Cabe, 51st Foot, kiiled in Spain.-Dawson, 1st Batt. 52d Foot, Do.Livingstone,90th Foot.-Leicester, Royal Staff Corps.--Radonitz, BrunswickInfantry, Oct. 14, 1812.-Sternfeldt, Do. killed in Spain.--Sturzenegger, Watterille's Infantry, Sept. 28, 1812.

Lieutenants.-Massey, 3d Dragoons, Oct. 2, 1812.-Griffiths, Do.—Lockhart, 16th Dragoons, of his wounds in Spain. -Dwyer, 18th Foot, Oct. 16, 1812.-Taylor, 24th Foot.—Baird, 36th Foot.-Bethel, 40th Foot-Lennon, 44th Foot, killed in Spain.-Gund, 50th Foot.--Fairclough, 59th Foot, Nov. 20, 1812.-Crozier, Goth Foot.-Nicoll, 67th Foot.-Hincks, 83d Foot, Aug. 28, 1819.-Firman, 95th Foot, Nov. 15.— Pierse, 4th West India Regt.-Tuckey, 5th Do.-Burke, 6th Do.-Jones, 8th Do.—Bangor, 2d Royal Vet. Batt.—Davies, sth Do.-Hogan, Royal York Rangers. Johnson, Do. Jackson, Royal West India Rangers.--Meyer, 1st Batt. Line, King's German Legion.—Lehmann, 5th Do.-Hartwig, Brunswick Infantry-De la Bourdonnaye, Watteville's Infantry, Oct. 14, 1812.-O'Donnel, Tipperary Militia.

Ensigns.-Brookmann, 35th Foot.--Smith, 44th Foot.-Wilson, 51st Foot Archer, 79th Foot, July 22, 1812.-Fennel, 2d West India Regt. Sept. 4. Hume, 3d Do.-D'Arreger, De Roll's Regt.-M‘Millan, Kirkcudbright Militia.

Paymaster.-Robertson, 1st Foot, Oct. 7, 1812.
Adjutant.-Taylor, 8th West India Regt.
Surgeon.-Wright, Staff, Oct. 19, 1812.
Apothecary. Travers.
Assistant Surgeons.-Lonsdale,3d Foot Guards.-Hanley,96th Foot, Sept.7,1812.

MARRIAGES. At Weymouth, Jan. 7, Capt. John Fry, of the York Rangers, to Miss Loader, only daughter of Mr. Wm. Loader, Merchant, of that place.

At Walsoden, Norfolk, Jan.7, Capt. Isaac Walker, 86th Regt, to Louisa, eldest daughter of the late John Kelke, Esq. of Poolland, Lincolnshire.

At Mary-le-bonne Church, Jan. 6, Westby Perceval, Esq. of Knightsbrook, County of Meath, to Charlotte Wilhelmina, eldest daughter of Major Gen. Houhshuw, of the Hon. East India Company's service.

At Thurso, Dec, 17, the lady of Lieut. Gunn, 72d Regt. of a son.


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