First Deficiency Appropriation Bill for 1944: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Seventy-eighth Congress, Second Session, on the First Deficiency Appropriation Bill for 1944

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1944 - 822 sider

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Side 71 - Governor, to advance this information to the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, to the President of the United States, and...
Side 437 - Treasury to continue to receive, examine, and consider the justice and validity of all claims under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of said section that may be brought before them within a period of five years.
Side 515 - The Commission may also recommend to the two Governments "removing or otherwise overcoming obstructions to the ascent of sockeye salmon, that may now exist or may from time to time occur, in any of the waters covered by this Convention, where investigation may show such removal of or other action to overcome obstructions to be desirable".
Side 30 - USC 1410), $17,000,000 together with the unexpended balance of the appropriation for this purpose for the fiscal year...
Side 106 - ... emergency medical care, including hospitalizat.ion, of registrants who suffer illness or injury, and the transportation, and burial, of the remains of registrants who suffer death, while acting under orders issued under the provisions of this title, but such burial expenses shall not exceed $150 in any one case.
Side 111 - Any registrant within the categories herein defined when it appears that his induction will shortly occur shall, upon request, be ordered by his local board in accordance with schedules authorized by the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Director of Selective Service, to any regularly established induction station for a preinduction physical examination, subject to reexaminations. "The commanding officer of such induction station where such physical examination is conducted under...
Side 429 - McMillan filter plant, with all necessary appurtenances and auxiliaries, including the objects specified under this head in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1943, $69,500, to continue available until expended, and the authorized limit of cost of the said reservoir, appurtenances, and auxiliaries is hereby increased from $620,000 to $689,500.
Side 379 - To defray the cost of operating and maintaining the Colorado River front work and levee system adjacent to the Yuma Federal irrigation project in Arizona and California, subject only to section 4 of the Act entitled "An Act authorizing the construction, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes", approved January 21, 1927 (44 Stat., p.
Side 661 - USC 1531-1534 and 1541), $15,000,000, to remain available during the continuance of the unlimited national emergency declared by the President on May 27, 1941...
Side 36 - State for such quarter under the provisions of subsection (a), such estimate to be based on (A) a report filed by the State containing its estimate of the total sum to be expended in such quarter in accordance with the provisions of such...

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