Brianna's Hotwife Offering: A Dark BBC Hotwife Story

Boruma Publishing, 27. mai 2020
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Brianna's stunning beauty is captivating, but no one can shatter her ice-queen reserve until she falls in love with Connor during an unexpected cross-country trip. But Brianna will never be satisfied with just one man. Can Connor accept her voracious hotwife lusts as she seduces both men and women right in front of him?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"I know you feel awful, Connor. You should. Jeff is going to do unspeakable things to your wife. But it also turns you on. You might as well admit it, you're using me and thinking about Brianna telling you to double team her." Jane was right, the dissonance was clear to see. "Do you want to know what's going on with me?" she asked. "I'm so horny I've been eyeing that green banana."

Another video conference came in much later. Jane and I had fallen asleep holding each other as my phone peeped on the night stand. When I answered, I was greeted with a view of Brianna drying herself after a shower. She still wore the collar and chain, but a black blindfold had been added. "Say hi to your husband." It was Jeff's voice.

Brianna's head was in profile. "Hi, Connor. I hope you're not too worried about me," she said.

"Have they hurt you? Do you know where you are?" I had so many questions.

Brianna just smiled. "Nobody's hurt me, but they've been rough. Did you know I like it that way?"

"Your wife doesn't know where we are. Isn't that right?" Jeff said.

"I have no idea, but I've never been submissive like this before. Connor, I like being servile to a bunch of men." Jeff tried to pull her leash but Brianna resisted. "Connor, I didn't mean to hurt you. We were just having fun, doing sexy things that we'd never do at home, and it got out of hand. I'm sorry." This time Jeff tugged hard on the leash. Her towel dropped and Brianna staggered after him.

The view followed them into the next room where my wife was led between the knees of a huge black man.

"You taste really good. Where have you been?" She was trying to get him into her mouth without using her hands.

"Inside you," he said.

"I taste really good, don't I?" Brianna was now licking the hardening shaft. It was fascinating to watch her tongue stroke him while cleaning him of her own juices.

The picture shifted to Jeff's face. "Do you want to watch your wife swallow? I can turn off now, it doesn't matter to me. Just say the word."

My emotions were in turmoil. I didn't want to watch my wife fouled. I couldn't deny the wanton nature of the scene, either. A part of me wanted to see her soiled, humiliated, and stained. "I want to watch," I said.

"Oh, too bad. You waited too long. Well, maybe later," he said, and the screen went black.

I became aware of Jane panting next to me. I hadn't been aware she was watching.

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