Western School News


There is a movement on foot to establish a high school at Corning.

Supt. James A. Foshay attended the meeting of the superintendents in Chicago recently.

Dr. O. B. Cheney, ex-president of Bates College, Me., is visiting Prof. S. P. Meads of Oakland, Cal.

One hundred and twenty male and eighty female teachers, started from New York recently for Manila.

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Miss Mitchell, of Pomona, has been elected as teacher of drawing in Los Angeles to succeed the late Mrs. Bradley.

Miss Edith Jordan, daughter of President Jordan, with several associates, will open a preparatory school at Palo Alto next fall.

R. Y. Glidden has been appointed a member of the board of education of Fresno county, to succeed J. E. Wall, resigned.

Walter J. Kenyon of the State Normal School, San Francisco, has an excellent article in the Manual Training Magazine for February.

H. G. ('rocker of Los Angeles High School, has resigned to accept a position in Washington, 1). ('., in the Secretary of State's office.

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The San Diego school board is having difficulty in finding a successor to A. C. Walker of the commercial department of the high school.

J. S. Denton of Gilroy has been elected a member of the County Board of Education of Santa Clara County, vice J. H. Coleman, deceased.

Supt. W. A. Thomas of Ellensberg, Wash., is doing a large amount of effective work for the schools by organizing and conducting local teachers' institutes.

Miss Grace Henderson, the talented young lady who is a member of the state board of education of the state of Washington, has been engaged to teach in Colfax, Wash.

The teachers in the vicinity of Ramona, San Diego county, held an interesting local institute recently. Sam. F. Smith of San Diego, Professor Shaffer and others took a prominent part.

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THE A. VANDER NAILLEN School of Practical, Mining, Ciwl, Mechanical

Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Cyanide Process, etc. Surveying, Architecture, Drawing and Assaying. (Incorporated )

113 Fulton St., one block West of City Hall. Assaying of Ores, $25; Bullion and Chlorination Assay $26; Blowpipe Assay, $10; Full Course of Assaying, 850 Prospector's Course, $15. Established 1864. Open al year. Send for Catalog.

Dacific Teachers' Agency


filled the best vacancies in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST in 1901. Operates in

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Fills all classes of vacancies. For 1902 manual and registration blank, address the Manager, B. WE BRINTNALLE

3774 Brooklyn Avenue, Seattle, Wash

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Over 16,000 positions filled — 1250 in California.

who have not yet sent information to the San Francisco office for directory use, are again

requested to do so. Blanks and information free. Now is the time to register. SCHOOL OFFICERS

and other employers are invited to consult us for reliable information concerning teachers

for any branch or grade of work. No charges of any kind. We want you to see our 1904 Manual.

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103c Fifth Avenue, New York Supt. Susan Lord Currier of Skagit county, Washington, is making a brilliant record as superintendent of schools. The excellent teachers'

HIFALDS meetings, the circulating library, the excellent supplementary books, the methods in practical English, all tend to show her progressive work and well directed enthusiasm.


H DEPARTMENTS E Book-keeping

Mrs. A. C. S. Woods will hold the institute for San Luis Obispo county at San Luis Obispo, on the 2d, 3d, and 4th of April. Supt. Minnie Coulter will hold her institute at Petaluma the week of April 7th; Superintendent Rogers of Nevada county, will hold his institute at Grass Valley the week of April 7th; Supt. Edward Hyatt of Riverside, will hold his institute at Riverside, beginning March 31; Supt. Robert Furlong will hold his institute at Mill Valley, beginning March 31.

The trustees of the polytechnic school to be located in or near San Luis Obispo, met at the Palace Hotel, Saturday, March 1st. There were present Thomas J. Kirk, Hihn, Graves, and Wickson. Discussion was had as to the scope and special purposes that might be undertaken by the establishment of the institution; some legal stions relative to the construction of the act were submitted to the AttorneyGeneral, and board adjourned to meet in San Luis Obispo on Saturday, March 8.

Heald's Business College 24 POST ST., - SAN FRANCISCO Is a national, international, metropolitan and cosmopolitan institution. Nearly 1,000 pupils enrolled last year. There were represented in the student body last year 53 counties of Cali. fornia, 17 States

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Individual instruction.

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Prof. A. B. Coffey, now absent on leave from the University of Washington, has spent the year at Stanford University. He has had more calls for institute work in this state than he could accept without interfering with his university work. During the spring and summer he will fill a number of engagements in Oregon and Washington. He has, during the year at Stanford University, made a study of psychology problems in connection with school work. He has also prepared a number of new institute addresses. At the request of a number of superintendents in Oregsn and Washington he has promised to visit the States of the Northwest and assist with his bright and effective and inspiring talks.

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E. I. Miller of the State Normal School of and her devotion to her life work, but in appreChico, president of the Northern California ciation of the hundreds of others like her, who Teachers' Association, has appointed the follow- are giving everything in life to the upbuilding ing committees: Executive committee - F. S. of the state and nation. Reager, superintendent Glenn County, Willows;

Sincerely, MADISON BABCOCK. Margaret 1. Poore. Superintendent Shasta County, Redding; Lena K. Nangle, superinten

“GRAY'S dent Tehama County, Red Bluff; F. A. Swanger, principal high school, Woodland; E. E. Müller, Laugenour, superintendent Colusa County, Sec: ORIGINAL retary, Colusa; E. I. Miller, Chico Normal, President, Chico. The committee appointed at the last meeting to arrange for an hour's dis

DIALOGUES” cussion on some educational topic is: Mrs. S. E. Peart, superintendent Yolo County, Woodland;

FOR SCHOOL AND PUBLIC Dr. C. C. Van Liew, president State Normal, Chico; J. B. Hughes, principal Oroville High ENTERTAINMENTS :: School, Oroville.

Containing the Laughable Farce "The SchoolIt is rumored that San Francisco is liable to

.. teacher at Roaring Flat" take a backward step by indifference to manual

Address, training and allied subjects. This is improbable.

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Telephone Black 4791 as firmly established in the best cities as in arithmetic or grammar. You could displace reading in a Massachusetts city as easily as you

ESTABLISHED 1875 could any form of manual training that is estab

No. 5 Market St., and No. 6 East St. lished. San Francisco will have all these things

Formerly at 404 and 406 Beale St., San Francisco five, fifteen, and fifty years from today, whatever may be done this year. I have no fear EDMUND H. and ALFRED D. NEVIN, Principais. for the present even. I know San Francisco

Candidates carefully prepared for examination for U.S. too well to fear. A. E. Winship in Journal of

License for STEAM and SAIL Education.

Use of all Nautical Instruments and New Appliances for determining the Deviation of the compass

practically taught and illustrated A Tribute to Miss Mary Maroney. Ship's Compasses Adjusted... DEAR WAGNER:- I have just read in your

Private Lessons if required excellent JOURNAL that “Miss Mary E. Maroney Open daily from 9.30 A.M. to 5 P.M. Evenings, 7 to 9 P.M. of the Franklin Grammar School died December

Reforence: The Western Journal of Education 26th." When I think of that woman's devotion to her life work for a quarter of a century, when I know that she taught school on Friday, December 20th, and got on a car and went to the

CHAS. H. J. TRUMAN & CO. hospital to submit to the surgeon's knife and died a few days later, I feel that it is due to the

Funeral Directors and Embalmers living to say of her what I know and hundreds of her pupils know. In the death of Mary E. Now Occupy Their Own Building Maroney the school department lost one of its modest, faithful, efficient, worthy workers, and

1909 Mission Street, between 15th San Francisco a heroic, womanly woman,


and 16th. Telephone Mission 109 is said in appreciation not only of Miss Maroney

McNevin's Navigation School



A Collection of Poems

Arranged by Grades. ,; and Recitations POEMS FOR MEMORIZING Contains the complete


A High Testimonial for the State

Normal School, Los Angeles. The Schoolmaster” (London) prints the following:

"The year book of the State Normal School, Los Angeles, California, is beautifully printed, almost profusely illustrated by photographs of the school and everything tbat therein is, with delightfully clear and full accounts of all the

It joins all the clearness of an admirable advertisement to the seductiveness of a well written descriptive article, and over and above all that much interest is stimulated by the thorogoing way in which everything is subordinated to pedagogic aims. One has a glimpse in such a book - à mere calendar of a training college of the American temperament, clear, methodical, daring, and delighting in innovations; a temperament whose effects are shaking already the more sluggish blood of the older nations."

list of Poems selected by PROF. FILWOOD P. CUBBERLEY, of Stanford University. Compiled, graded, and arranged by

ALICE ROSE POWER These selections have actually been tried in the differ ent grades and approved by practical teachers It contains the complete list of poems for grade work recommended by Prof. Cubberley for grade use with the exception of three or four. The literary and ethical value of these poems easily makes it the most valuable list of poems published for school use. The poems are selected from approved original sources. As a desk book for teachers, as a library book for pupils and par. ents, as a reader for all classes, it furnishes the best material that can be obtained anywhere.

The book contains upwards of 200 pages set in clear, long primer type, printed on delicately shaded paper so that the children's eyes are not injured while memorizing.

Favorable Comments



“You have done a good piece of work." — Prot. Elwood P. Cubberley.

"It is a splendid collection." – Superintendent Imrie.

"It is the finest collection I have seen. Send me six copies for the Teachers' Library." — Supt. Hugh J. Baldwin.

The Whitaker & Ray Co

BY JOHN H. WALSH Superintendent of Schools, Brooklyn, N. Y. These books cut off all superfluous matter for the beginner in arithmetic

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and bring the teaclier, as well as the Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch

Wholesale Dealers in

chool Books

: chool Library Books

chool Stationer and

School Supplies

pupil, to the subject proper without unnecessary delay or labor. Arranged on the spiral advancement plan, they embody in practical form the best modern ideas on the teaching of elementary mathematics. They have already been adopted by schools representing a population of more than twelve millions, including the cities of New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Denver, New Haven, Hartford, Dayton, Toledo, Utica, Duluth, Manchester, Detroit,

etc. E. J. WILCZYNSKI, Dep't. of Mathe


Pacific Coast Depository for the Edrica-
tional Publications of Messrs. Ginn & Co.,
D. C. Heath & Co., The Macmillan Co.,
Silver, Burdett & Co., Thos. R. Shewell
& Co., Allyn & Bacon, Williams &
Rogers, Sibley & Ducker, Longmans,
Green & Co., B. H. Sanborn & Co., The
Morse Co.,Scott, Foresman & Co., Public
School Publishing Co., Raub & Co.,
Maynard, Merrill & Co., and Selling
Agents for all the other publishers.
A Complete line of School Library Books,

Send for Catalogue.
319-325 Sansome St. San Francisco
The Northwestern Branch
Fisk Teachers' Bureau..

matics, University of California:

Of all the books I have seen I consider Walsh's Primary and Grammar School Arithmetics the best. The inethod adopted, known as the “Spiral Plan," appears to be based on sound pedagogical principles, and I am glad to see a number of subjects included in the advanced portions of the book which are often considered too difficult, but which really make the subject easier and more interesting. I am especially pleased with the chapter on Geometry. A child, leaving the grammar school, should not be ignorant of the elementary notions of Geometry, with which he is confronted every day.

D. C. Heath & Co.

San Francisco Office, 325 Sansome St.

Positions filled in Oregon, Washington, Idaho,

and Northern California

W. W. PAYNE, Manager Northwestern Branch Fisk Teachers' Agency,

80 Third Street, Portlaud, Ore.

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