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School Library Books

: School Supplies

chool Stationer and

Frederic Burk proved himself a popular and practical instructor of teachers. The institute was considered one of the most profitable ever held in San Mateo County. The teachers all signed an agreement to become members of the California Teachers' Federation.

Pacific Coast D.-pository for the Educa-
tional Publications of Messrs. Ginn & Co.,
D. C. Heath & co., The Macmillan Co.,
Silver, Bour.lett & Co., Thos. R. Shewel:
& Co., Allyn & Bacon, Williams &
Rogers, Sibley & Ducker, Longmans,
Green & Co., B. H. Sanborn & Co., The
Morse Co., Scott, Foresman & Co., Public
School Publishing Co., Raub & Co.,
Maynard, Merrill & Co., and Selling
Agents for a! the other publishers.
A Complete line of School Library Books.

Send for Catalogue. 319-325 Sansome St. San Francisco

W. J. Rodgers of Nevada County held his institute in Grass Valley April 7-11. Hon. Thomas J. Kirk, superin. tendent of public instruction, Prof. A. B. Coffey of Stanford University, Professor Augsburg of Oakland, and others assisted. "The Grass Valley Tidings" speaks of Augsburg's work as follows:

"Prof. D. R. Augsburg is recognized as a leader in draw. ing. He is plain spoken and did not hesitate to ask the ladies to remove their hats when he took the floor, much to the satisfaction of those oceupying the rear seats. is full of enthusiasm on his subject, which he brightens by happy introductions of incidental ideas that make his talks peculiarly interesting. He also illustrates his ideas by drawings, which speak with great significance. In his remarks he dwelt on the fundamental principles which lie at the bottom of drawing in whatever way the subject might be presented.

"After a recess of a few minutes Mrs. Kleine rendered very sweetly a vocal solo, and was followed by Prof. Alex. B. Coffey of the University of Washington. He is a man of strong personality and from the time he took the floor till noon intermission held the undivided attention of the teachers. His talk was general, but very interesting, and he has a peculiar way of "hitting the nail on the head"


Phone FOLSOM 2131

HOURS: 9 to 12 and 1 to 5
Evenings and Sundays

Room 516, 5th Flour bo sppointment

Parrott (Emporium) Bldg

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ton, compiler; Butler, Sheldon & Co., publishers. I use the word compiler advisedly. Text-books are not created. They are compiled. There is no writing of original matter. Eliza Morton has done ber work well. She has produced a better book than Frye's, a better book than Tarbell's, a better book than Redway's and Hinman's, better than Tarr's and McMurry's. There is a definite statement under each topic. When the pupil studies a topic there is a definite result. He has more than training; he bas a fact or two that may be of service. The illustrations are new, the maps are the best ever reproduced. The only criticism is that the entire matter in the primary and advanced should be in one book, and that a book of less than one hundred pages. It is a shame to dilute the facts of geography to such an extent that pupil must buy so much waste paper to get so few facts. A text-book in geography should not be a geographical reader. However, as a book in competition with books now on the market, Morton's is far in advance of the others.

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The ability of the American engineer to design steel structures of great strength and pleasing architectural effect is shown in the eight half-tones on the handsome souvenir mailing card issued by the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company of Jersey City, N. J. The card is a piece of artistic advertising on the part of the company, and will prove of decided interest to constructing engineers and architects, to whom it will be sent on request.

Dixon's Silica-Graphite Paint, which protects these structures from corrosion, has been extensively used in the south, west, and sea.coast sections of the United States, also in Mexico. Australia, China. Japan, West Indies, and Philippine Islands, and has proven its protective and wearing qualities in all climates.


C. E. HOWARD, Manager, 1236 Market Street,

San Francisco, Cal

Telephone Black 4791

McNevin's Navigation School

THE A. VANDER NAILLEN School of Practical, Mining, Civil, Mechanical

Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Cyanide Process, etc. Surveying, Architecture, Drawing and Assaving. (Incorporated )

113 Fulton St., one block West of City Hall. Assaying of Ores, $25; Bullion and Chlorination Assay,

$25; Blowpipe Assay, $10; Pull Course of Assaying, $50. Prospector's Course, $15. Established 1864 Open all year. 1_Send for Catalog.

ESTABLISHED 1875 No, 5 Market St., and No. 6 East St.

Formerly at 404 and 406 Beale St., San Francisco EDMUND H. and ALFRED D. NEVIN, Principals. Candidates carefully prepared for examination for U. S

License for STEAM and SAIL Use of all Nautical Instruments and New Appliances for determining the Deviation of the compass

practically taught and illustrated Ship's Compasses Adjusted...

Private Lessons if required TERMS REASONABLE Open daily from 9.30 A.m. to 5 P.M. Eveuings, 7 to 9 P..

Reference: The Western Journal of Education

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Bought, Sold and Exchanged


Mission Street Near Third

San Francisco

NEW YORK Teachers COLUMBIANOWShips and scholarships

amounting to $600 annualiv. Degree of College B.S. granted on completion of two year

Collegiate Course followed by two years' course leading to the Bachelor's Diploma in Secondary Teaching. Elementary leaching, Kindergarten, Fine Arts. Domestic art, Domestic Science, Music or Manual Training. Graduate courses of one and two years, re. spectively, leading to the Master's aud Doctor s Diplomas, or to the degrees of A.M. and Ph.D. Catalogues on application to Secretary.

JAME, E. RUSSELL, Ph.D., Dean.

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The Scholia Club of California on

the Death of Col. F. W. Parker Mr. W. S. Jackman, Chicago, II.

My dear Mr. Jackman:- The Scholia Club of California addresses yo

you as one who long stood near to Col. Francis W. Parker, and as ore to whom, therefore, it may express its feelings upon his death.

It has been with very great sorrow that news of this loss to ideal American endeavor has been received upon this coast. There are in this club men who have directly received training under Colonel Parker, or who

Fast Colors. Rei' forced Heavy Canvas Heads. Tape

sew.di" ed 10 prerent fraving out. Lowest Prices to Schools

Write us

THE WHITAKER & RAY COMPANY felt the uplift of his ideals thru association with

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him in educational causes Indeed, directly or indirectly, this entire coast has been responsive to his call to higher endeavor and higher life, and is saddened at the news of his decease.

We want those who have stood nearer to him to know that we mourn his loss with them and regret with them that his newest plans might not have been more completely realized within his own life. Perhaps the best tribute that we can pay this most strenuous educator of America is the pledge that we shall not forget nor cease to emulate the great lesson of his life. that of high professional purpose and endeavor.

Will you kindly bring this letter to the attention of others, whom we seek to speak to thru you, either at representative associations or in some appropriate journal? We are fraternally yours,

C. J. C. Bennett
Walter J. Kenyon Committee for the Club.
C. C. Van Liew

Special California Session

In response to the urgent requests of many who are acquainted with the justly merited reputation of this Institute, a session will be held during the coming summer in or near Los Angeles, California, beginning Monday, June 30, 1902 and continuing for two weeks.

THE INSTRUCTION will be under the direction of Prof. Edwin A. Cox, who will be assisted by an able corps of instructors and lecturers, among them will be Mrs. Gertrude B. Parsons, formerly Director of Music in the Public Schools of Los Angeles, and now and for the past two years Special Teacher of Music in the Chicago Normal School.

SPECIAL TEACHERS OF MUSIC and those desirous of becoming such, as well as grade teachers ambitious to excel in this branch of instruction should avail themselves of this opportunity to become familiar with the latest and most approved methods of instruc. tion in public school music work.

SUPERINTENDENTS and others desirous of obtaining competent special teachers should visit the school or confer with the Management. For circulars and full information address PROF. EDWIN A. COX,

319-325 Sansome Street, San Francisco, Cal. Care of CUNNINGHAM, CURTISS & WELCH.

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420 Parrott Building

525 Stimson Block San Francisco

Los Angeles Inquiry Invited from Teachers, School Officers,

and Students
Manual and full information free

OTHER OFFICES Boston. New York, Washington, Chicago, Minneapolis, Oskalvosa, Spokane, Portland, Denver.

Over 16,000 positions filled



NO 1065

Fc School work of all sorts:

604 E, F., 104, 303, 601 E. F., 351,
and 1047 ( Multiscript).
For the Modern Vertical Writing:

1045(Verticular), 1040(Vertigraph)
and 1047 (Multiscript), also the latest

Numbers-1065, 1066, 1067.

ccelerated progress is a saving of time; GILLOTT'S pers pay for themselves by the time they save.


YOUR FIRST DU Y TO YOURSELF is to kee your tirth in perfet order.

To do so you should CONSUIT AN EXPERT in that line, as all others willio jure your teeth. DONT FAIL to visit the ONLY Expert Dentist Thirty years residence in San FraucisCO. Dr. E POMEROY SHEPARD

Expert Dentist, 14 Geary Street, Room 1

[ Piease mention this Journal]

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“The paper seems to be excellent in its spirit and temper, and in its adequacy for the work it attempts to do. Best of all, it views the happenings of current history in the right perspective, which is the great need of modern journalism.” THE TWO-CENT-A-WEEK PLAN On orders for 10 or

more copies of The LITTLE CHRONICLE to one address for 5 or more weeks we

make a rate of 2 cents per week por copy. After the
first five weeks it is not necessary to subscribe for any fixed period as it will be continued
at the same rate as long as desired. Pupils can hring 2 cents per week or 10 cents for five
weeks, the teacher remitting at the beginning or end of every five weeks, as convenient.
All the samples you want for pupils and parents, free desk copy with each club.

Cut off Subscription Coupon Here


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Send........copies of “The Little Chronicle" for five weeks, beginning........ and there.
after until further notice, at 2c. per week per copy, and bill monthly to the undersig ned.

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If you desire samples, send for as many as you have pupils above the 5th grade. In order-
ing samples you can use the word "send” in above form, striking out all after the words
“The Little Chronicle."

Address WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, 723 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.

National Educational Association

will be held in


JULY 7-II, 1902

This is always an event of importance and will

call delegates and visitors from every State in the Union The opportunity to see the towns, cities

and the Ten Thousand Lakes of

Minnesota at low rates will not be overlooked

The Southern Pacific

will help you to AN OUTING in an interesting

region, and enable the travelers to see the


of the Northwest while taking in the sessions of the Association

and hearing the addresses of
Great Educators

Ask for maps, folders, etc., of the SOUTHERN PACIFIC


Passenger Traffic Manager


General Passenger Agent

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