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Cloth. 514

List Price



NATURE STUDY AND LIFE By Clifton F. Hodge, Assistant Professor of Physiology and Neurology in Clark University, Worcester, Mass. With an Introduction by Dr. G. Stanley Hall. 1 2 mo. pages. List price, $1.50.

“ Nature Study and Life" is intended to assist teachers in directing their pupils in naturestudy work, and to be used by the children themselves as a reference book. It has twice formed the basis for nature study courses in the Clark University Summer School; it has further stood the more practical test of teachers' institutes in various states; and, finally, its most important suggestions have been tried thoroughly in the schoolroom.

List Price Atkinson's First Studies of Plant Life

$ .60 Ball's Star-Land (Revised Edition)

Eddy's Friends and Helpers

.60 1.00 Beal's Seed Dispersal

The Finch Primer .35

The Finch First Reader Bergen's Glimpses at the Plant World .40

.30 Burt's Little Nature Studies for Little People, from

Hale's Little Flower People

.40 'the Essays of John Burroughs. Vols. I. and II., ea. .25

Stickney's Study and Story Nature ReadersGould's Mother Nature's Children

Earth and Sky .60

•30 The Jane Andrews Books

Pets and Companions Seven Little Sisters

Bird World ..

.60 Each and all Jefferies':Sir Bevis (from Wood Magic')

.30 Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children

:50.: Newells Outlines ol•Eessons in BotanyMy Four Friends

Part... From Seed to Leaf :40:

.50 Lane's Oriole Stories

Part. 11.': Flower and Fruit

.80 28; Long's Ways of Wood Folk

Newell's Reader in Botany

:50 Long's Wilderness Ways

Part I. From Leaf

.60 45 Long's Secrets of the Woods

Part 11, :Flower and Fruit

.60 1:50... Porier's: Stars in Song and Legend Morley's Seed- Babies

.50 Morley's Few Familiar Flowers

Strong's All the Year Round Series

.60 Morley's Flowers and Their Friends

(Spring, Autumn, Winter,) each

.30 .50




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years of blood which were the price of freedom

for the slave. When crickets sing and asters bloom in all the The issue now pending is, shall the coming woodland ways,

majorities be educated in the lower grades of And smoke hangs low, and far away the fields are our public schools, where alone they can be lost in haze;

reached, to obedience to the laws of health inWhen in the corn there is a voice that whispers : cluding those which teach total abstinence. “ Summer's gone,”

Observation of the results of two schemes of And here and there a red leaf glows, first lights study in temperance physiology, one with of autumn's dawn;

books, the other without them, an observation Then, soft as milkweed down, on me

which began twenty years ago and covers not Is laid the hand of mystery.

only our entire country but seven or eight other

nations that have adopted in whole or in part The woodland wavers ; at my feet I hear the tall

what is called the American System of Scientific grass sigh;

Temperance Instruction, shows that this study A low, sweet music of regret runs through the

must necessarily be an oral and somewhat dogearth and sky;

matic one in the first three primary years. But The creek is caught in a net of mist whose

fourth year pupils, ordinarily about ten years of silvery meshes gleam,

age, having learned to read, are gaining inforAnd my heart beats low, and I walk as one

mation in other studies from books that are walks wandering in a dream ;

adapted to their grade in addition to what they For, soft as milkweed down, on me

learn from the teacher. The same plan is Is laid the hand of mystery.

needed in this branch. The pedagogical fad -INGRAM CROCKETT

that would remove text-books from these grades

seems to be chiefly applied to this branch. A QUESTION OF PUBLIC GOOD

Fourth year pupils have reached a stage of de

velopment fitting them to understand such "HE claim urged that there is a reaction simple physiological reasons for obeying the

on the part of educators in general laws of health, including those that teach absti

against the study of temperance physi nence from alcoholic drinks and other narcotology in the public schools has little basis in ics, as are necessary to influence the formation fact. The great body of teachers are for the of right habits at that impressionable age. honest and thorough pursuit of this study. The The subject broadens so much, beginning claim that, for the sake of harmony with the with the fourth year, that the average teacher is teachers concessions from what the good of the liable to teach error rather than truth in trying children and the state calls for must be made to to put into simple language for a purely oral satisfy the teachers rests on an unproved as lesson such a science as physiology, in which sumption as to their attitude. Looked at from frequently she has had insufficient training. the largest point of view, the question is, always, Without books in the hands of fourth year what is for the best good of the children and pupils, to be used according to the best modern the state soon to be governed by them. Who methods, the lessons, if not omitted altogether, ever is seeking first of all for harmony on this are apt to degenerate into mere story telling or question is on the wrong track. The graveyard repeated exhortation. Such inadequate instrucis the most harmonious place on this planet. tion, instead of truths that will guide to intelliThere is no conflict of opinion there, but in the gent action, is all that the host of children who world of life where human progress has to beat leave school at the end of the fourth year to beits way, battle is almost always the price of come bread-winners get from the schools under harmony for the right. If Luther had said we the no-text-book plan. must have harmony in order that the doctrine A course of study that specifies the essential of justification by faith may go to the people, topics to be taught, and at the same time how different would have been the history of the recommends that pupils who can read shall be world.

deprived of books that tell what they ought to Every compromise for the sake of harmony know about these topics, is an anomaly. The and union in that conflict of opinion which pre practical value of a mere mention of topics in a ceded the Civil War only hastened the four course of study is small, if the printed page


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