Reference Catalogue of Current Literature, Volum 2,Del 2

Whitaker, 1928

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Side 30 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880.
Side 13 - A Short Practice of Midwifery, embodying the Treatment adopted in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin.
Side 36 - WOMEN OF THE COUNTRY. By Gertrude Bone. THE SEA CHARM OF VENICE. By Stopford A. Brooke. MAGIC CASEMENTS. By Arthur S. Cripps. A MARTYR'S SERVANT. By Arthur S. Cripps. A MARTYR'S HEIR.
Side 1 - An Historical Introduction to the Marprelate Tracts." Demy 8vo, cloth, 12s. 6d. net. The " Tracts " reprinted in this volume are among the most famous in history. They were read eagerly everywhere in England, from the Court to the country farmhouse, when they appeared at the end of the sixteenth century. They are racy in style, and the unknown author, " Martin Marprelate," brings great resources of wit, humour and argument to bear in his tremendous onslaught upon the Bishops.
Side 27 - LIVES OF THE BRITISH ARCHITECTS. By E. Beresford Chancellor. With 45 plates. THE SCHOOL OF MADRID. By A. de Beruete y Moret. With 48 plates. WILLIAM BLAKE. By Basil de Selincourt. With 40 plates. GIOTTO. By Basil de Selincourt. With 44 plates. FRENCH PAINTING IN THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY. By L. Dimier. With 50 plates. THE SCHOOL OF F'ERRARA. By Edmund G. Gardner. With 50 plates. Six GREEK SCULPTORS.
Side 18 - Country Conversations: being an account of some discourses that happen'd in a visit to the country last summer, on divers subjects ; chiefly of the modern comedies, of drinking, of translated verse, of painting and painters, of poets and poetry.
Side 9 - On Syphonage and Hydraulic Pressure in the Large Intestine, with their Bearing upon the Treatment of Constipation, Appendicitis, etc. By RALPH WINNINOTON LEFTWICH, MD 3s. net. Uric Acid as a Factor in the Causation of Disease.
Side 1 - The Pilot"). Also in silk grain cloth, Is. 6d. net. Velvet calf, round corners, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. net. " One can easily understand how a compendium of the thoughts of master minds such as this may be a real stimulus in these days of stress. The battle of the world will be entered upon with a cheerful heart after a thoughtful perusal of the most noble passages allotted to each day by these discriminating anthologists. Should be in constant demand. One of the prettiest and most acceptable gift-books...
Side 1 - William West Holdsworth, MA, Tutor in New Testament Language and Literature, Handsworth College ; author of " The Christ of the Gospels," " The Life of Faith,

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