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Side 309 - Man, this is one of the most extraordinary, that he shall go on from day to day, from week to week, from month to month.
Side 219 - Protection: now are wav'ring in applause To that blest son of foresight! Lord of fate! That awful independent on to-morrow! Whose work is done; who triumphs in the past; Whose yesterdays look backward with a smile.
Side 219 - Full power'd to cancel, expiate, raise, adorn, And reinstate us on the rock of peace. Let it not share its predecessor's fate ; Nor, like its elder sisters, die a fool.
Side 219 - Where shall I find him ? Angels! tell me where. You know him : he is near you : point him out : Shall I see glories beaming from his brow ? Or trace his footsteps by the rising flowers...
Side 182 - Now, my good friend,' said he to Caesar, * you may work for yourself, without fear that what you earn may be taken from you ; or that you should ever be sold, to pay your master's debts. If he does not understand what I am saying,' continued Mr. Edwards, turning to his overseer,
Side 197 - These words were spoken with perfect simplicity: Mr. Edwards had no suspicion, at this time, of what was passing in the negro's mind. Caesar received the knife without uttering a syllable ; but no sooner was Mr. Edwards out of sight than he knelt down, and, in a transport of gratitude, swore that, with this knife, he would stab himself to the heart sooner than betray his master ! The principle of gratitude conquered every other sensation. The mind of Caesar was not insensible to the charms of freedom...
Side 191 - ... were debilitated, bloated, and in a very deplorable condition. The mortality continued after his arrival ; and two or three were frequently buried in one day ; others were taken ill, and began to decline under the same symptoms.
Side 192 - ... the whole inside of the roof (which was of thatch), and every crevice of the walls stuck with the implements of her trade, consisting of rags, feathers, bones of cats, and a thousand other articles.
Side 177 - Mr. Edwards was moved by their entrea-ties, but he left them without declaring his intentions. He went immediately to Mr. Jefferies, whom he found stretched on a sofa, drinking coffee. As soon as Mr. Ed-wards mentioned the occasion of his visit, and expressed his sorrow for Caesar, Jeffe-ries exclaimed, 'Yes, poor devil! I pity him from the bottom of my soul. But what can I do ? I leave all those things to Durant. He says the sheriff's officer has seized him ; and there's an end of the matter. You...
Side 205 - cried she, pointing to the moon: 'in a few minutes that moon will set ; at that hour Hector and his friends will appear. They come armed ! armed with weapons which I shall steep in poison for their enemies. Themselves I will render invulnerable. Look again ! ' continued she ; ' if my dim eyes mistake not, yonder they come. Eash man, you die if they cross my threshold.' D 'I wish for death,

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