Key to Davies' Bourdon: With Many Additional Examples, Illustrating the Algebraic Analysis

A.S. Barnes, 1879 - 277 sider

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Side 105 - A man and his wife usually drank out a cask of beer in 12 days ; but when the man was from home, it lasted the woman 30 days : how many days would the man alone be in drinking it ? Ans. 20 days.
Side 105 - To divide the number 90 into four such parts, that if the first be increased by 2, the second diminished by 2, the third multiplied...
Side 169 - What two numbers are those whose sum, multiplied by the greater, is equal to 77 ; and whose difference, multiplied by the lesser, is equal to 12 ? Ans.
Side 254 - ... the first cask was filled with the mixture. It now appears that if 6| gallons of the mixture be drawn off from the first into the second cask, there will be equal quantities of brandy in each. Required the quantity of brandy first drawn off.
Side 103 - A person has two horses, and a saddle worth £50 ; now, if the saddle be put on the back of the first horse, it will make his value double that of the second ; but if it be put on the back of the second, it will make his value triple that of the first ; what is the value of each horse ? Ans.
Side 104 - A footman agreed to serve his master for £8 a year and a livery, but was turned away at the end of 7 months, and received only £2 13s.
Side 146 - What number is that, which, being divided by the product of its digits, the quotient is 3 ; and if 18 be added to it, the digits will be inverted ? Ans.
Side 172 - Ans. 24. 14. A regiment, in garrison, consisting of a certain number of companies, receives orders to send 216 men on duty, each company to furnish an equal number. Before the order was executed, three of the companies were sent on another service, and it was then found that each company that remained would have to send 12 men additional, in order to make up the complement, 216. How many companies were in the regiment, and what number of men did each of the remaining companies send?
Side 109 - A number is expressed by three figures ; the sum of these figures is 11 ; the figure in the place of units is double that in the place of hundreds ; and when 297 is added to this number, the sum obtained is expressed by the figures of this number reversed. What is the number ? Ans. 326. 24. A person who possessed 100,000 dollars, placed the greater part of it out at 5 per cent, interest, and the other part at 4 per cent.
Side 265 - To find three numbers in arithmetical progression, so that the sum of their squares shall be 93 ; also if the first be multiplied by 3, the second by 4, and the third by 5, the sum of the products may be 66. Ans 2, 5, 8.

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