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· 611,
· 612,


31 st. Shipped on board the Dreadnought, for Jamaica,

Paid duties and fees on goods, per the Rainbow 12 12 6 on account and risk of Schofield, Halse and Co.,

as per Invoice Book, fol. 1,
Sundry goods, amounting to

£1284 18 3
Took out of Cash for Petty Cash account

£12 10 0 Charges of shipping, etc.

50 80 Commission 5 per cent., on goods and charges

September 1st.

66 15 0 Insurance on £1500, and policy

33 18 9 Received payment of Peter Hutchinson and Co.'s Commission on do. at per cent. 7 10 0 draft at sight on G. Barclay

£152 10 0

£1143 10 0

Paid for duties and fees on goods per the Dread.

nought Bought of R. Hastie and Co. of Liverpool, 60

£12 17 0 barrels of Herrings, at 20s. each, including

3rd. Insurance and shipping charges

£60 00

Accepted 3 Bills drawn by John Henderson, Ber12th,

bice, dated July 16th, viz.

No. 144, payable to Barnett & Co., due Nov. 19th £200 0 0 Shipped at Liverpool, on board the Fury, for

145, do. Davis and Co.

200 0 Barbadoes, on account and risk of Richard

do. T. Gurney,


300 0 0 Sykes, planter there, as per Invoice Book, fol. 2 67 Barrels of Herrings, amounting to

£60 0

5th, Commission on do. at 5 per cent.

3 0 0 Paid for freight, etc., of goods per the Rainbow £18 7 6 £63

6th. 14th.

Received of Richard O'Brien and Co., of Dublin, Bought of James Oswald and Co., London, 6 bales

the following Remittances in Bills, viz. lint Osnaburgs, amounting to

£240 0 0 No. 610, dat. Aug. 1, on Kennard & Co., at 3 mths, £1000 0

J. Harris


580 0 0 16th,

7, ,, W. Melville

876 15 0 Bought of the following persons, viz.,

8th. Of Tuelon and Co., 3 boxes of hats, amounting to £33 10

William Phillips, 6 trunks of shoes, do. 256 15 6 Discounted at the Banker's, Larchin and Co's.
W. Silver and Co., 1 cask of nails, do. 87 10

Bill, due Nov. 8ih.

£730 10 0 Thomas Barker, 9 bales tow Osnaburgs, do. 250 16

Paid for Discount on ditto, for 2 months

6 1 9 W. Smith and Co., 6 trunks printed muslins, 675 12

£1301 0 Disposed of the remaining 8 cases of Scotch

Linen to Dawson and Hancock, merchants,
Effected by Andrew Lloyd, an Insurance on

London, for

... £1750 00 £2550, on Plantation Stores, from London to

..10h. Jamaica, at 2 per cent. premium

£51 0 Policy duty

Accepted 3 Bills drawn by John Henderson, Ber6 10 0

bice, dated August 1st,

No. 147, payable to J. Wilson, due at 3 months £200 0 $57 10 0

do. T, Carr

200 0 21st.

do. S, Curtis

200 0 0 Shipped on board the Rainbow, for Jamaica, on account and risk of John Roberts, Planter there,

12th. as per Invoice Book, fol. 2,

Paid Samuel Morley his Bill of Parcels

£236 0 Plantation Stores amounting to £1544 40 Received discount at 5 per cent. on do.

11 16 3 Scotch Linen, 4 cases, do. 808 0 Paid Tuelon and Co. their Bill of Parcels

32 2 Charges of Shipping, etc. 21 0 0 Received discount at 2 per cent, on do.

0 16 Commission 24 per cent. on goods and charges 597 Insurance on £2250, and policy

57 10 0

15th, Commission on do., at per cent 12 13 0 Paid William Phillips his Bill of Parcels

278 15 11 Received discount at 5 per cent. on do.

13 19 £2503 0 Paid James Parker his Bill of Parcels

42 23rd. Received discount at 5 per cent on do.


0 Accepted a Bill drawn by R. Hastie and Co., of

Paid Matheson and Co. their Bill of Parcels

328 Liverpool, dated August 13th, No. 140, pay

Received discount at 5 per cent, on do.

16 8 3 able to Williams and Co., London, due Novem

Paid Thomas Barker his Bill of Parcels ber 16th. £60 0 0 Received discount at 5 per cent. on do.



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17th. Accepted three bills drawn by Nathan Herschell,

Paid Bill No. 129, R. Adamson

£905 0 0 of Barbadoes, dated July 1st, viz,

20th, No. 141, payable to Robarts and Co., due Nov. 4th. £500 0 0 142, do, Thomas Riley,

200 0 0 Received payment of Richard O'Brien and Co.'s 143, do, H. Green and Co., , Dec. ,,

600 0
draft at sight on Coutts and Co.


21st. 29th.

Received for £3,000 of Three per Cents. stock, sold Received drawback on Sugar per the Britain £115 8 0

at 95 per cent.

€2846 5 0 30th.

23rd. Paid for freight, etc, of goods per the Dreadnought £38 10 6 Paid freight of Sugar per the Ballarat

£23 15 4

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1 616, 617, 9 618,


Paid duties and fees on Sugar per the Ballarat £107 8 7 Accepted a Bill drawn by Schofield, Halse and

Co., of Jamaica, dated 30th July, 1854, No.

151, payable to W. Bright, London, at 90 days' Received for Exchequer Bills transferred ... £1512 7 6 sight

£175 10 0 29th.

14th. Paid James Oswald and Co. their Bill of Parcels £240 0 0 Paid dock dues, etc., on Coffee per Wellington £12 11 1 Received for Discount on do.

12 0 0

15th. 30th,

Keceived cash for Bill No. 613, on T. Salomons £100.00 Took out of Cash for Petty Cash Account


do. £15 00

614, J. Sidney ...

150 0 October 1st.

16th. Paid for Dock Dues, etc., or Sugar per the

Accepted a Bill drawn by Fox, Tennant and Co.,

£5 196

dated Liverpool, 7th Oct., 1854, No. 152, pay

able to J. Halifax, London, at 15 days' date £73 15 0 2nd.

18th, Paid Tuelon and Co. their Bill of Parcels

£33 10 0 Received for discount on do.

Accepted a Bill drawn by R. Heathfield, on ac0 16

count of T. Ellis and Sons, dated Liverpool, Paid William Phillips his Bill of Parcels

256 15 Received for discount on do.

15th Oct., 1854, No. 153, payable to S. Cattley,
12 16
London, at one month

£132 10 0 Paid Thomas Barker his Bill of Parcels

250 16 6 Received for discount on do....

12 10 10

20th. 3rd,

Sold per William Knight and Co., at public sale,

14 tierces of Coffee, per Wellington, Received of Peter Hutchinson and Co., of Liver,

Net cwt. 76:0:22, at 12ls. 6d.

£462 17 pool, the following Remittances in Bills,

Discount 1 per cent.

4 127 No. 613, dat. Aug. 12 on T, Salomons, due Oct. 15 £100 0 0 J. Sidney, 150 0 0

£458 5 2 „ 615,

L. Dixon,
21 120 7 6

W. Turner,

170 00 20 B. Hoole,

23 200 0 0 Received Cash for Bill No. 615, on L. Dixon £120 7 6 D. Hughes

140 0 0
do, , 616, ,,

W. Turner 170 0 0 4th.

22nd. Paid W. Silver and Co. their Bill of Parcels £87 10 0 Sold per William Knight and Co., at public sale, Received discount on do.

2 3 9

6 tierces of Coffee per Wellington,

Net cwt, 32 :1:19, at 120s. per cwt. £194 94 4th,

1 tierce, net cwt, 4:1:17, at 1178. per cwt. 25 16 0 Received in Cash for Bill No. 560, on N. Johnson £1260 0 0

£220 4 4 5th. Discount 1 per cent.

2 4 Accepted a Bill drawn this day by W. Smith

£218 0 4 and Co. No. 150, payable to J. Masterman and Co. at 4 months

Due to them brokerage on £683 2 1, at 1 per cent. 6 16 7 £675 12 0

22nd. 6th. Received of John Roberts, of Jamaica, the follow

Paid Bill No. 152, J. Halifax

273 15 0 ing Remittances in Bills,

23rd. No. 619, dated Aug. 20th, on R. Payne, at 3 mos. £200 0

Paid public sale charges on Coffee per Wellington
T. Bevan,

£1 7 6
200 0
N. Allison,
200 0

622, Sept. 1st. S. Stone,

B. Hulme,

Received in Cash for Bill No. 617, on B. Hoole... £200 0 400 0 0


do, 618, D. Hughes 140 W. Alexander,

0 0 576 10 0


562 Gibbs & Cn. 1500

0 8th, Sold per William Knight and Co., at public sale,

24th, 7 hnds. of Sugar per the Ballarat, net 78 cwt.,

Received of Schofield, II alse and Co., of Jamaica, £234 0 0

the following Remittances in Bills, at I per cent.

2 6

No. 625, dated Aug. 4th, on R. Kirkman, at
3 months

£200 0 0 8th.

No. 626, dated Aug. 4th, on T. Griffiths, Received in Cash for Bill No. 611, J. Harris

3 months

200 0 0 £580 0 0

No. 627, dated Aug. 4th, on N. White, at
3 months

200 0 0 10ih. Paid for freight of Coffee per the Wellington

£42 15 0

25th. 11th,

Received of Richard Sykes, of Barbadoes, the
Received in Cash for Bill No. 561, on W. Benson £1000 0 0

following Remittances in Bills,
No. 628, dated Sept. 6th, on W. Currie, at
3 months

£60 0 0 12th. Paid for duties and fees on Coffee per Wellington

No. 629, dated Sept. 6th, on J. Overton, £3 4 6 3 months

100 0 0


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22nd, Received from Peter Hutchinson and Co., a Bill

Received of William Knight and Co. their prodrawn by R. Farrar, Belfast, No. 630, dated

ceeds of Coffee, per the Wellington

£676 5 6 Oct. 18th, on W. O'Callaghan, Dublin, to the

Paid them for Brokerage on ditto

6 16 7 order of S. Richards, at 2 months

£350 00

23rd. 28th,

Received in Cash for Bill No. 619, R. Payne £200 00 Received from Richard O'Brien and Co., a Bill

620, T. Bevan 200 0 0

621, N. Alison 200 0 0 drawn,by D. Anderson, Cork, No. 631, dated Oct. 21st, on T. Charrington, London, to the

24th. order of W. Whitmore, at 1 month

£135 0 0

Received in Cash for Bill No.631, T. Charrington £135 00 29th,

24th. Took out Cash for Petty Cash Account

£20 0 0 Made up the account sales of Sugar per the Bal.

larat, as per A. 8. B. fol. 1:
November 1st,
The Insurance, etc., being

£6 13 0 Received from Thomas Brown and Co., a Bill

The Brokerage paid Knight and Co.

2 6 9 drawn by T. Chandler, Falmouth, No. 632,

The charges for Duty, etc,

138 15 8 dated Oct. 24th, on W. Coles, Plymouth, to

The Commission on £234 at 2 per cent.

4 13 4 the order of J. Noyes, at 2 months ...

£260 0 0
The net proceeds due to Nathan Herschell, Esq. 81 11 3

£234 0 0 4th.

30th, Paid Bill No. 141, Robarts and Co.

£500 0 0 , 142, 'l'homas Riley

Made up the account sales of Coffee per the Wel.
200 0 0

lington, as per A. S. B. fol. 2:-
The Insurance, etc., being

£22 16 9 The Brokerage paid Knight and Co.

6 16 7 Received in Cash for Bill No. 610, Kennard & Co. £1000 DO The charges for Duty, etc.

58 1 1 The Commission on £676 at 21 per cent.

16 18 0 · 4th,

The net proceeds due to John Henderson, Esq. 571 13 1 Paid Bill No. 147, J. Wilson

£200 0 0
, 148, T. Carr
200 0 0

£676 5 6

149, S. Curtis

200 0 0
Took out of Cash for Petty Cash Account

£10 00 7th.

December 1st. Received in Cash for Bill No. 625, R. Kirkman £200 0 0

626, T. Griffiths 200 Ö Received for Drawback on Goods per the Tigris £215 12 0 627, N. White... 200 0 0


Received from Dawson and Hancock for Scotch

£1750 0 0 Received of William Knight and Co. their proceeds of Sugar, per the Ballarut

£234 0 0

3rd. Paid their Brokerage on ditto

2 6 9

Received for Drawback on Goods per the Racer £182 00 9th.

4th. Received in Cash for Bill No. 564, on R. Brett... £980 0 0

£350 00 W. Wragg

Received in Cash for Bill No. 622, S. Stone 630 6 0

623, B. Hulme 400 0 0

624, W. Alexander 576 10 101h.

4th. Received in Cash for Bill No. 612, W. Melville £876 15 0

Paid Bill No. 143, H. Green and Co.

£600 0 0 12th.

Paid in Cash for Premiums of Insurance due
since June last

£1880 15 0
Received in Cash for Bill No. 628, W. Currie ... £60 0 0

,, 629, J. Overton ... 100 0 0 14th.

10th. Received for £3000 of Three per Cents. Stock sold

Received for Freight of Goods per the Victoria £300 0 0 at 96 per cent. ... £2876 6 0

Received for Interest on Exchequer Bills

£500 00 Paid Bill No. 140, R. Hastie and Co.

£60 0 0

Paid Bill No. 146, T. Gurney

£300 0 0 Received for Exchequer Bills transferred ... £2500 0 0

21st. 18th.

Received in Cash for Bill No. 630, W. O'Callaghan £350 0 0 Paid Bill No. 153, S. Cattley

£132 10 0

Paid Andrew Lloyd balance of account

£116 11 0 Paid Bill No. 144, Barnett and Co.

£200 0 0

26th. , 145, Davies and Co.


0 0 Received for Exchequer Bills transferred

... £1297 12 6



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εα), 48 ελελυκη. The εισαν of the third person plural is com: Received of T. Ellis and Sons

£132 10 o/monly shortened into coav, thus EMEA vKEgav instead of

ελελυκεισαν. . 26th.

The Eolic ειας, ειε(ν), ειαν, instead of αις, αι, αιεν of the Paid Samuel Morley balance of account

optative first Aorist active, is more usual than the form given £960 15 0

in the paradigm. 26th,

In the second person singular indicative Present and Future,

middle or passive, the Attics, in addition to the form in po Received of Fox, Tennant & Co. balance of account 473 15

o have another form in el, as Avy and Avel; Avoy and lvoel ;

λελυσυ and λελυσει ; λυθηση and λυθησει και τριβηση and 27th,

Tpußngel. This form in ki is exclusively used in the three Received in Cash for Bill No. 632, W. Coles £260 0 0 following verbs, namely :27th,

βουλομαι I will Bovhat thou willest (subj. Bovky) Paid Thomas Brown and Co. balance of account £260 0 0

I think

thou thinkest (subj. owy) οψομαι

I shall see οψει thou shalt see (subj. 04y). 27th.

In addition to the termination of the third plural imperative, Paid Peter Hutchinson and Co. balance of account £32 7 € active and passive, in ετωσαν, ατωσαν, σθωσαν, there exists an 28th.

abbreviated form in oντων, αντων, σθων, which is termed

Attic, as being frequently used by writers in the Attic dialect. Received of Richard O'Brien and Co. balance of

These abbreviated Artic imperatives correspond in all the account

£438 17 0 tenses, except the Perfect, with the genitive plural of the 30th.

participle of each tense; and the middle form odwv corresponds

with the third person of the dual voice ; Took out of Cash for Petty Cash Account

£20 0 0

Present active βουλευετωσαν and βουλευοντων 31st.


πεποιθετωσαν and πεποιθόντων

(Gen, of the part. TEROIDOTwv) Due to Schofield, Halse and Co. for Interest, less

Aorist first postages, etc.

βουλευσατωσαν and βουλευσαντων £18 100

Present middle βουλευεσθωσαν and βουλευεσθων 31st.


σκεψασθωσαν and σκεψασθων. . Received in Cash for Interest on our deposits ... €116 11 3 When in the Future of the active and middle

ow, σομαι, ,

in roots of two or more syllables, a short vowel, ă, e, i, precedes the o, the o in many verbs is dropped, and a new form is

produced, ending in ū, oquai (mark the circumflex); thus elaw LESSONS IN GREEK.-No. XXVII.

(commonly ελαυνω), I drive, ελασω, ελαω, ελώ; and so in the

other persons, ελάς, ελά, ελώμεν, ελάτε, ελώσι. This abbreviated By John R. BEARD, D.D.

form bears the designation of the Attic Future, because employed

by Attic writers. I give some other examples of
Texses, Active Voice.

The Attic Future,
A Few remarks on some of the forms of the verb, of which a Telew (I end) τελε-σ-ω, Attic τελώ, είς, εί, ούμεν, είτε
full paradigin kas been given, may be of service.
In the conjugation w the person-endings in the course of

ουσι; τελε-σ-ομαι, τελούμαι, ή, είται, time underwent changes, as may be learnt from the older conjugation, namely, that in ui; as well as from the dialects, Komusw (I carry) κομισω, Attic κομιώ, ιείς, ιεί, ιούμεν, ιείτε or forms of the language in use among the Dorians, the

ιούσι, κομιούμαι, ιεί, ιείται, ιουμεθα, etc. Æolians, etc.—-forms more ancient than the Attic, in which B.Bağw (I step, stride) Beßaow, BiBaw, Beßū, Bußūuev, etc. Xenophon wrote, whose Greek is considered the standard for ordinary prose. In the first person singular indicative and These contracted Futures are found only in the indicative, in the third person singular ; thus the forms originally were The verbs which take this form are-1. claw (exavvw), Telew, imalium ctive of the active voice je

has been dropped, and

r1 the infinitive, and the participle; thus, redū, rettiv, Texūv. Avou or Avwu instead of Avw, and Avere instead of Avci. Sor and salew (I call); 2. all verbs in iğw; 3. a few in ağw; 4. of has been dropped in the first singular indicative of the first the verbs in q, all that end in avvopi, together with audievvuur, Aorist, which was e vrav, instead of, as now, elvoa. In the I put on (clothes), augiw. second person of the imperative active Oi was dropped, so that

The Student should now have no difficulty in generally we have λυε instead of λυεθι.

forming the parts of the verb required in the exercises that The second person singular active has the termination of a ensue. It may, however, be as well to enter a little into in the following forms : -0100a (in Latin, nosti), thou knowest, detail with the tenses. from the perfect oica, used with a present signification, as, I know και ρδεισθα and γδησθα, the pluperfect to oιδα, used with

The Present and Imperfect Tenses, Active Voice. an imperfect meaning, as, thou knewest ; eonoda, thou saidst, Suppose, then, that you have to construe Bovlevovoi. This, imperfect from onun, "I say ; noda, thou wast, imperfect from you know, or may by consulting the paradigm learn, is the tiyi, I am; pecaba, lhou wentest, imperfect from eițe, I go.

The original form of the first person plural active indicative termination over to the stem of the Present, Bovlev, which was des instead of pev, resembling the Latin termination inus ; comes from βουλευω, I advise ; and consequently βουλευουσι thus the Dorians said rutroues, we strike, instead of TurTOJEV ; signifies they advise. Suppose, also, that you are requested to 30 in the Latin, percutimus ; 80 also ypad-o-jes, we write, in put into Greek the English he has, and that you have given Latin, scrib-i-mus.

you for the purpose the verb exw, I have; exw, you know, is The original form of the third person plural of the principal the first person singular indicative active. To get the stem of tenses, active voice, ended in vrt: the 5 passed into o, and the the Present you cut off the w, and to ex, thus obtained, you was dropped, and so Bovlevovri became first. Bovltovor, and affix el,

the personal-ending of the third person singular indicathen Bovlevovoi, they advise.

tive active, and so you obtain exel as the Greek for he has. In the first person singular of the pluperfect active the Again, suppose that you have the form {povlevov, and wish to Attic writers, besides the form given in the paradigm, namely, ascertain what the form is. By the aid of your memory, or ededuktiv, had another form in n (contracted from the Ionic) by reverting to the paradiom, you find that this form is made


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up thus – € is the syllabic augment, Bovlev the root, Bovlev and my sisters took care of my education; the citizens nobly the tense-stem of the Imperfect, and oy the person-ending of bear the chances that befal; the mother brings a rose to the the first person singular; consequently the form means I was father, that he may rejoice ; the sister brought a rose to her advising, since Bovdevw signifies I adrise. Well, then, if I bid brother, that he might rejoice; the daughter, the mother, and you put into Greek the Imperfect ye were advising, you take the father disagreed ; do not (O that ye would not, un with Povlevo), and cutting off w, che termination of the first person opt.) disagree, O parents; the boys were rejoicing; I rejoice ; singular, you to the root, thus obtained, prefix the augment e, you rejoice; we rejoice; thou rejoicest; they rejoice; you and so forin sovev, the stem of the Imperfect; to this stem were rejoicing; I was rejoicing; my sister was rejoicing. The you add, as the termination of the second person plural, the young man is ignorant of music; ihese girls are ignorant of letters &7€, thus forming pov kvete, which means ye were music; I am ignorant of music; we, O boys, are ignorant of adrising. In order, then, to form the Imperfect, take the Pre- music; those who are unskilled in letters, seeing see not; those sent as given in the Vocabulary, cut off the person-ending of women are unskilled in letters; I am not unskilled in letters ; the present, prefix the augment and subjoin the person-ending | we are not unskilled in letters; two men are fleeing; he con(that one of the person-endings which you want) to the tense- ceals his thought in his heart; when the barbarians approached, stem. Take care in all cases to get your tense-stem before you he fled; may the gods (opt.) turn the danger from us. attempt to add the person-endings, or the mood-vowel, or indeed to form any required part of the verb.

The Future Tense, the First Aorist - Active Voice,

The stem of the Future is formed from the stem of the Present VOCABULARY.

by the addition of o to the stem of the Present; e.g. dv., dvo-: A 700vw, I harangue, I say, unskilful; atspWC Exelv, to Avo. is the stem of the Future, subjoin the person-endings and AFOTOSTW, I turn away, turn be ignorant of.

you have the tense in full. from.

Δεινος, η, ον, fearfal; το δεινον, The first Aorist active stem is formed from the stem of the A TODE!"}", I flce.


Future by prefixing to that stem the augment; by affixing the Eyw. I have, possess. 'Erspoç, a, ov (Latin, alter), person-endings as given in the paradigm, you obtain the tense Kerdw, I conceal.


in full. I will form the Future and the tirst Aorist of a yopeww. Illinoiasw, I draw near, ap. Tévvatus, generously, nobly, αγορευ-, Fut. αγορευσ-, αγορευσω, εις, ει, etc. proach. bravely,

αγορευσ-, Aorist first ηγορευσ-, ηγορευσα, ας, ε, etc. II poctineu, I fall to, happen, Outwe (before consonants, betal. Oural, thus.

You will observe in this last instance that the augment is Srariaso, I live in uproar, Ora, when (with indicative), not the syllabic but the temporal, namely e is changed into n. I disagree.

'Otar, when (with subjuncMortum, ns, ), art, music. tive).

VOCABULARY. Ilpovora, as, ý, forethought; Te-sai, both, as well as, and


Apolvw, I free from (aro and PUTEVW, I plant. pov. &1847, lo care for. A porpor, ov, ro (Latin, ara- 'Iva, in order that (with sub- Avw).

Alapra, innocence, innocu. trum), a plough.

junctive after a principal Salvw, I put an end to (cia ousness (a, not, ßlaßn, in. Kallos, ous, ro, beauty.

iense, with optative after
and Aww);

jury). Απειρος, ον (advery απειρως), an historical tense).

Καταλυω, I destroy (κατα and Στρατια, ας, ή, an army. λεω).

Exyovos, ov, ó and », a de-

Away, I judge (iuxn, justice, scendant, offspring.

Jakovov, ov, ro, a tear. The subjunctive of the first person plural holds the place of biraoins, ov, o, a judge. Αγαμεμνων, ονος, ó, Agathe imperative; thus, yaupwuev,w Talies, is to be rendered, let Erazystw, I announce, re. rosice, 0 boys.

port (ayyados, a messenger, 'Extwo, opoc, o, Hector. The Imperiect often denotes a repeated act, and may some- hence our angel).

Εσχατος, η, ον, the last, extimes be rendered, with the aid of the verb to accustom, thus-ET Povherw, I plot against. treme; Πλατειαι, ων, ή, Ewrpains, etc., has accustomed to speak. The optatire, as ex. 'IKETEIW, I implore.

Platæa. pressive of a wish, may be used as a softened imperative, as Kurinveiw, I am in danger, I Auow, both. ATOTPE Toure, etc., O that you could turn array; that is, turn incur danger.

kai, eren, also (in Latin, caucay. Mirepov, etc., literally, do not conceal in your heart Mmw, I owe a grudge, I am etiam). anoiher thought, speaking different things, that is, do not say

angry with,

'0r1, that. one thing and think another.


Ilpiv av, before (with subjunctive or optative); av refers Δυο οε ω προς την πολιν αγετον.

to à condition expressed or understood, and so requires

Boe to aporpoy ayerov. a dependent mood. Χαιρω μεν, ώ παιδες. Ως ηδυ (sc. εστι) καλλος, όταν τη νουν In the exercise en nyyetle is the third person singular of the σωφρονα. Οι πολίται τους νόμους φυλαττοντων». 'Eraipos Imperfect indicative ; the n between er () and the verb is έταιρου φροντιζε πιω. Πατηρ τε και μητηρ προνοιαν εχετων της the tenaporal augment formed by lengthening the a, the first των τεκνων παιδειας. Ο γραμματων απειρος ου 3λεπει βλεπων». 15 ormed by simpl lengthening the 1. The optative form 10

letter in the verb ayyeltw. In isyuw and ivetevw the augment Τας προς τιπτουσας τηγας γενναιως φερε. Ο παις τω πατρι επιβουλευσαιεν 1s occasioned by ότι in a sentence formed after porov pepsi, ira yarøy. 'O mais tu tarp polov içepev, iva the obliqua oratio ; that is, the optative is required because the χαιροι, Σωκρατης ώσπερ εγιγνωσκεν οι τως ελεγεν. "Οτε οι fact is represented as dependent on the report of the messenger; “Ελληνες επλησιαζον, οι βαρβαροι απεφευγον. Θεμιστοκλής και in English the indicative must be used. The force of the Αριστειδης ποτε εστασιαζετη, Λακεδαιμονιοι μουσικης απειρως by any one word. The Student must wait for the explanations

Aorist in the imperative rioteveatu cannot be giren in English εχουσιν. Αποτρεποιτε, ω !ιοι, το εεοον αφ' ημων. Μη έτερον το be given in the Syntax. κευθος καρδια νουν, αλλα αγορευνων,

EXERCISES.-GREEK-ENGLISH. ENGLISH-GREES. This roai leads to the city; (πo τoads lead to the city; two o χρηστος ανθρωπος και τοις εκγονοις φυτευσει. Ο αγγελος


Οι στρατιωται την πολιν απο των πολεμιων απολυσουσιν. horses drive the plough; these roads led to the city; women are beautiful when they hare good sense (a sound mind);


τοις πολιταις, ότι οι πολεμιοι τα στρατευματι the ci'izeas keep (guard) the laws; the citizens were keeping car leveory. A jedler's Arautuvor eum itai. Oi 'Elyves the laws; the citizen keeps the laws ; you, O citizeris, keep ari tip rolla oricar. Luopains ery ikiteret sors divastag the laws; my father takes care of my education ; my mother imera folicusprwi, alla ricreveas rp iarrov ajłapere


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