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Military Promotions.

WAR-OFFICE, APRIL 28. 5th Regiment of Dragoon Guards.-Daniel Stephens, Gent. to be Cornet, without purchase.

6th Ditto.—Major L. C. Dalrymple, from the 15th Light Dragoons, to be Major, vice Elphinstone, who exchanges.

3d Regiment of Dragoons.-Thomas Trotter, Gent. tu be Cornet, without parchase, vice Conway, who resigns.

6th Ditto.-Cornet Alexander Hassard to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Stewart, who retires.

14th Regiment of Light Dragnons.-William John Lyon, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, rice Fortescue, promoted.

15th Ditto.-Major W. K. Elphinstone, from the 6th Dragoon Guards, to be Major, vice Dalrymple, who exchanges.

16th Ditto.-Major Raymond Pelly to be Lieutenant.Colonel, by purchase, vice Archer, who retires.

Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards.-Eusign Charles Shave to be Lieutenant, by purchse, vice Mildmay, who retires.

3d Regi.pent of Foot Guarels.-Ensign Joseph William Moorhouse to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Allen, appointed to the 69th Foot.

5th Regiment of Foot. -Ensign M. G. Hamer to be Lieutenant, without pur. chase, vice Bishop, promoted in the 30th Foot; Samuel Ireland, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Hamer.

7th Ditto.--William P. Keane, Gent. to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Hamerton, promoted.

gth Ditto.-Thomas Jones, Gent. to be Ensign, without purehase, vice Long, promoted in the 104th Foot.

17th ditto.-Martin Mulkera, Gent. te be Ensign, by purchase, vice Crawley, promoted.

40th ditto.- Ensign John Armstrong to be Lieutenant, without purchase; Charles Wallace, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Armstrong.

42d ditto.-Hospital-Mate John M.Coll to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice MʻLachlan, promoted in the 71st foot.

54th ditto.-- Lieutenant J. H. Edwards, from the 7th West India Rigiment, to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Shaw, promoted in the 2d West Iudia Regiment.

70tb ditto.--Lieutenant Matthew Ford to be Captain of a Company, vice Lawronce, deceased : Ensign and Adjutant James Samson to have the rank of Lieutenant; Ensign William Taylor to be Lieutenant, vice Ford; James Hunter, Gent. to be Ensigo, vice Taylor.

99th ditto.-Jobo Rotowell, Gent. to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Yates, promoted in the 101st Foot.

101st Regiment of Foot.-To be lieutenants without purchase Ensigo Homswortli, ensign Thomas Stack, and ensign Thomas Yates from the g9th foot.

To be ensigos- Linton, gent. vice Hemsworth; Theophilus O'Halloran, gent. vice Stack.

104th ditto.--Ensign Henry Long, from the oth foot, to be lieutenant, without purchase.

7th West India Regimeni.---Lieutenant Cornalet to be captain of a company, without purchase, vice Hogg, appointed to the cork foot ; ensigh John M.Pherson to be lieutenani, vice Cornalet; William Whitfield, gent, to be ensiga, vice M.Pherson.

ad Garrison Battalion.-Edward Acton, Esq. to be paymaster, vice Roberts, deceased.

Major-General Thomas Hislop to be Lieuteuant-General in the Presidency of
Bumbay only

To be Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army.
Major Henry William Carr, of 83d foot.
Major Charles Broke, assistant quarter niaster-general.
Major John Rudu, of 771h foot.
Major the Hon. H. R. Pakenham, of 7th West India Regiment.
Major Charles Rowan, of 5d fout.
Major Matthew Shawe, of the 74th foot,

Military Promotions.

Major Lord F.J. H. Somerset, of 43d foot.
Major James Wilson, of 48th foot.
Major J. H. Algeo, with the Portuguese army.
Major John Squire, of Royal Engineers.

Tulloh, of the Royal Artillery.
Majors Alexander J. Dickson, John May, and Harcourt Holcombe, of ditto.
Major John F. Burgoyne, of Royal Engineers.
Major John T. Jones, of ditto.

To be Majors in the Army.
Captain Frederick Stovin, of 28th funt.
Captain Robert Gardiner, of the Royal Artillery.
Captain Jobn Thomas Leecky, of 23d foot.
Captaio the Honourable James Stewart, of 95th foot.
Captain William Nicholas, of Royal Engineers.
Captain Charles Fox Canning, of 3d Foot Guards.
Captain the Honourable Henry Powys, of 83d foot.
Captain Dudley St. Ledger Hill, of Royal West India Rangers.

Major Ronald Campbell, of 72d foot, to be deputy-adjutant-general to the furcus
in the Island of Jamaica, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the army, vice
Horsford, appointed a brigadier-general.

Major Cecil Bisshopp, from the 98th foot, to be an inspecting field ofücer of the militia in Canada, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the army:

Hospital Staff Hugh Mulbollen, gent, to be bospital-mate for general service, vice Bolton, promoted. William Forrest, gent. to be ditto, vice Lukis, promoted.

The King's German Legion. ist Light Dragoons.-Frederick Klein, gent, to be cornet, vice Schulze, promoted.

2d battalion of Light Infantry.-Peter Richard Andrew Van Dyck, gent. to be ensign, vice Lyndham, promoted; John Frederick de Meuron, gent. to be ensign, vice Jobin, promoted.

Memorandum. The appointment of Mr. Henry Davis to be cornet, without purchase, in the 22d Light Dragoous, vice Macalpine, promoted, as stated in the Gazette of the 7th inst. has not taken place,

Erratum in the Gazette of the 13th of February, 1812. 56th foot.- For Alexander Brickell, gent. to be ensign, without purchase, vice Bromwich, appointed to the soth foot, read Brickell Alexander, gent, to be evsigu, without purchase, vice Bromwich, appointed to the soth fuut. COMMISSIONS IN THE DORSETSHIRE VOLUNTEER INFANTRY, SIGNED BY THE


Jobn Beauchamp Stickland, jun. gent. to be ensign, vice Andrews, resigned. Dated April 8, 1812. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF KENT.

Chatham and Dartford Regiment of Local Militia. Jeremiah Burch Rosher, gent. to be ensigni, vice Buck, resigned.

Charles Andrew Becket, gent, to be easigu, vice Patten, resigned. Both dated April 9, 1812.

2d East Kent, or Lath of Scray and Wingham Regiment of Local Militia.
Ensign Charles Hiils to be lieutenant, vice Chalk, resigned.
Eosign William Parker to be ditto, vice Sea, resigned.
Giles Hilton, gcot. to be ensigo, vice Hills, prometed.
John Swift, sen. gent. to be ditto, vice Parker, promoted.
John Swift, jun. gent. to be ditto.

All dated April 15, 1812.

Military Promotions.

WAR-OFFICE, MAY 12. In consequence of the distinguished gallantry displayed by the ad battalion 597h regiment, in the battle fought at Coruona, on the 16th of January, 1809, his Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleaser, in the name and on the behalf of bis Majesty, to approve of the word Corunna being borne upon the colours and appointments of the above 59th regiment, in addition to any other badges or devices which have heretofore beeir granted to tbat regiment.

5th regiment of dragoon Guards--assistant-surgeon John R. Elmore, from the 73d foot, to be assistant surgeon, vice DI Fadzen, placed on half pay.

Ist regiment of dragoons-captain Charles Purvis to be major, without purchase ; lieutenant Frederic Watson to be captain of a troop, vice Parvis ; cornet W. Henry Watson to be lieutenant, vice Watson; John Henry Slade, gent. to be cornet, vice Watson.

3d ditto-lieutenant Thomas Tatlock, from the royal waggon train, to be lieu. tenaut, vice Gerrard, who exchanges.

7th regiment of light dragons-aptain Edward Hodge to be major, by purchase, vice Cholmley, who retires; lieutenant Jubn Henry Robeck, to be captain of a troop, by purchase, vice Hudge; curuet Juhn G. Maddison tu be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Robeck.

gth dittc-captain George Gore to be major, without purchase ; lientenant John Clerke to be captain of a troop, rice Gore.

10th ditii—John Charles Farmer, gent. to be cornet, by pnrchase, vice Eversfield, promoted.

12th dittı-cornet Lindsay James Bertie to be lieutenant, hy purchase, vice Hall, who retires; honourable Augustus Stanhope to be cornet, without purchase, vice Bertie, proinoted.

15th Jitto-cornet William Bellairs to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Phillips, promoted.

17th ditto-quarter-master John Marks to be adjutaot, (with the rank of cornet) vice Gale, deceased.

25th ditto-George Morris, gent. to be reterinary surgeon, vice Phipps, deeeased.

3d regiment of foot guards--Henry Paxton, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Barnctt, promoted.

3el regiment of foot~Thomas Henry Owen, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Shechan, promoted.

7th ditto-lieutenant Jolin Edward Hunt, from the 4th garrison battalion, to be lieutenant, vice Bowen, who exchanges.

15th ditto-- Brown, gent. to be ensign, without purchase, vice Hemmings, promoted in the 101st foot.

23d ditto--second lieutenant Charles Fryer to be first licutenant, by purchase, vice Thorpe, promoted in the royal York rangers.

26th regiment of Foot. To be lieutenants, without purchase-ensign Thomas Taylor, ensign and adju. tant T. W. Boyes to have the rank, ensign C. F. Sweeney.

To be ensign, without purchase-William Clark, gent. vice Sweeney.

561b ditto-ensign C. Wilson to be lieutenant, vice Moore, deceased ; James Hope Johnston Meikeljohn, gent. to be evsign, vice Wilson.

Guthi ditto-ensign Jos. Marchington, from the 71st foot, to be lieutenant, without purcbase.

63d ditto-George Palmer, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Stoneham, who retires.

7 ist ditto-William Bristow, gent. to be ensign, without purchase, rice Marchington, promoted to the both foot.

8]st ditto-hospital-mate Jos. Stockdale to be assistant-surgeon, viee Chislett, placed upon balf pay.

82d ditto--lieutenant T. S. Begbie to be captain of a company, by purchase, vice Proctor, promoted.

98th ditto--captain Jobo Nicholis to be major, without purchase, vice Bisshopp, promoted on the staff in America; lieutenant Gillias M.Pherson to be captain of a company, vice Nicholls,

101st ditto-ensiga John L. Hemmings, from the 15th foot, to be lieutenant, without purchase.

103d regiment of Foot. To be lieutenants, without purchase-eosign Fenton Fivlay, vice Morris, pro. moted; ensign ard adjutant John Petit to have the rank; ensigu Richard Rose.

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Military Promotions.

To be ensigus, without parchase--Robert Huey, gent. vice Finlay; Ezekiel Bredin, gent. vice Rose.

Royal West India Rangers-ensign Thomas Younger to be lieutenant, vice Morphew, killed in action; James Kennedy, geot. to be ensign, vice Younger.

Royal Waggon Train-lieutenant Samuel Gerrard, from the 3d dragoons, to be lieutenant, vice Tatlock, who exchanges.

Ist Garrison battalion-major Robert Johns, from the half-pay of the 135th foot, to be major, vice Turner, who exchanges.

4th dittom lieutenant Lewis Bowen, from the 7th foot, to be lieutenant, vice Hopt, who exchanges.

2d royal veteran battalion--serjeant Thomas Randall, from the Coldstream regiment of foot guards, to be quarter-master, vice Berkeley, placed on the retired list.

Staf Major-general George Murray, of the 3d regiment of foot guards, to be quartermaster-general to the forces in Ireland, vice major-general Clintoo, who resigus.

To be Assistant-Commissaries-General to the Forces.
Acting assistant-commissary-general Joho Beckwith,
Acting assistant-commissary-general William Lane.
Acting assistant-colomissary-general Thomas Forth Winter.

To be Deputy Assistant Commissaries-General to the Forces.
William Newman and Francis Edward Knowles, gents,

Garrisons. Lachlan Maclean, Esq. late lieutenant-colonel in the Breadalbane Fencibles, to be major of the Tower of London, vice Smith, deceased,

Hospital Staff
Staff-surgeon Titus Berry, from the half-pay, to be surgeon to the forces.

To be Hospital-Mates for General Service.
James Bartlett, gent. vice Thompson, promoted.
Joba Lorimar gent. vice Prendergast, promoted.
William Caming, gent. vice Raukin, promoted.
Owen M'ladre, gent, vice Fisher, promoted.
Samuel Bell, gent, vice Mallock, promoted.

John Lewis Elliot, gent. to be barrack-master to the forces in Great Britain.

Rolls Regiment.
William Davis, gent. to be ensign, without purchase.

Watteville's Regiment. Brevet-colonel Louis de Watteville to be colonel, vice major-general de Watte. ville, who resigns. COMMISSIONS IN THE DORSETSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY, $IGNED BY TIE


Coroet Samuel Cox to be lieutenant, vice Henry Willett, resigned. Dated April 15, 1812.

Memorandum. Assistant-surgeon Hunter, of the 56th fout, and lieutenant Gilchrist, of the 8gth regiment, are superseded, being absent without leave.

WAR OFFICE, MAY 16. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, has been pleased to approve of the 86th regiment being in future styied “The 86th (or the Royal County Down) Regiment,” and bear the Irish Harp and Crown upon their buttou.

WAR-OFFICE, MAY 19. 3d regiment of dragoon guards—-cornet and adjutant George Towell to have the rank of lieutenant; cornet Forster Byrne to be lieutenait, without purchase, vicę Stuart, who retires.

3d regiment of dragoons-Richard Twisleton Fawcett, gent, to be cornet, with. out purchase, vice Kelly, who resigas. VOL. IV. No. 20.


Military Promotions.

uith regiment of light dragoous—Robert Millingan, geut. to be coruet, by pur.cbase, vice Rotton, promoted.

14th ditto-serjeant inajor - M'Carthy, from the 16th light dragoons, to be quarter-master, vice Jainesvn, deceased.

16th ditto-capain the Hon. Henry Beauchamp Lygon to be major, by purchase, vice Pelly, promoted.

18th ditto-Robert Curtis, gent to be cornet, by purchase.

ist regiment of foot-captaiy George Marlay, from the 25th foot, to captain of company, vice Mitchell, who exchanges; lieutenant James Alstone, from the Royal East Middlesex militia, to be ensigo, without purchase.

4th ditto-lieutenant Vere Hunt to be captain of a company, vice Bellinghami, killed in action.

To be lieutenantscusign Robert Arnold, vice Stavely, killed in action ; ensign Richard Mulholland, vice Shephard, dead of bis wounds ; ensigo William Lons. dale, vice Hunt; ensign John Bushell, by purchase, vice Kieley, who retires.

To be ensigns—volunteer H. Andrews, vice Lonsdale ; volunteer D. M‘Crohan, vice Bushell.

6th ditto-lieutenant William Russell, from the Stafford militia, to be ensign without purchase.

7th dittı-captain George King to be major, without purchase, vice Singer, killed in action; lieutenant Joshua W. Weeks to be captain of a company, vice King ; licutevant Hamilton English to be ditto, without purchase, vice Cholwicbe, killed in action ; ensign Henry Stephen Nooth, from the Dorset militia, to be lieu. tenant, without purchase.

12th ditto-ensigo Adam P. Walsh, from the 44th foot, to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Edwards appointed to the 5th West India regiment.

16th ditto-lieutenant Thomas Hurring, from the East Essex militia, to be ensign, without puri lase. 18th-ensign and adjutant Joseph Hammill to have the rank of lieutenant

; ensign Edward Piggott to be lieutenant, with purchase, vice Molony, who resigns ; Robert Uciacke, gent. to be eosign, vice Piggott.

2ed dittomeusigo Robert Kiernander to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Norton, promoted ; ensign Richard Collins to be ditto, vice Poole, promoted; Robert Kyffen, gent. to be ensigo, vice Kiernander.

23d ditto- first lieutenant Henry Johnson to be captain of a company, without purchase, vice Maw, killed in action ; second lieutenant W. A. Griffiths to be first lieutenant, without purchase, vice Collins, killed in action ; second lieutenant John Clyde to be ditto, vice Jolinson; ensign Dixon Denham, from the Portuguese ser. vice, to le second lieutenant, vice Griffiths, promoted; volunteer George Toole, from the 39th foot, to be ditto without purchase, vice Clyde.

25th ditto-captain J.J. Mitchell, from the first foot, to be captain of a company, vice Marlay, who exchanges.

27th ditto-lieutenant Philip Bass to be captain of a company, vice Jones, killed in action; ensign S. Hastings to be lieutenant, vice Levenge, killed in action; ea. sign J. Hill to be ditio, vice Sinicoe, killed in action.

To be eosigus-serjeauts major- Smoitb, from the 52d foot, vice Warington, dead of his wounds; ensigo D. Donovan, from the Portuguese service, vice Hasiings ; Nicol M’Nicol, geut. without parchase, vice Hill, promoted.

3d ditto-Robert Garduer, gent, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Roberts, who retires.

330 dittom lieutenant Jolin Cameron, from the Royal East Middlesex militia, to be ensign, without purchase.

34th ditto--lieutenant Price Jones, from the Denbigh militia, to be ensigo, without purchase.

36tu ditto-lieutenant Henry O'Bre, from the 101st foot, to be heutenant, vice Bowers, who exchanges; ensign William Peacocke to be ditto, without purchase, vice Robison, who resigus; volunteer Roger Jones, from the 32d foot, to be ensign, vice Peacocke.

37th ditto-\m. Moir, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Dale, promoted; lieutenant John Ottey, from the Royal East Middlesex militia, to be ensigy, with vut purchase.

35i citta-sprjeant major A. Veitch to be cnsign, vice Evans, killed in action.

3911 ditto-lieutenant Henry Smith to be adjutant, vice Lord, who resigns the adjutantcy ovly; ensign Trevor Williams to be lieutenant, without purchase, viee Whalley, placed on half pay; Juhn Kingsbury, gent, to be eosign, rice Williams.


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