Gazette Extraordinary.- Dispatches from Lord Wellinglon.

bridge, until we had forced the pass, and thus bave made way for our artillery. The Lieutenant-general conducted this operation, as well as his former advance, entirely to my satisfaction. I regret much that the peculiar situation of Mirabete should have preyented my allowing the gallant corps under his orders, to follow up an operation which they had commenced with much spirit, and were so anxious to complete.

I cannot too strongly express how much I am satisfied with the conduct of Major. general Howard, through the whole of this operation, the most arduous part of which has fallen to his share; and particularly of the manner in which he led his brigade to the assault. He was ably assisted by his staff Brigade major Wemyss, of the 50th, and Lieutenant Battersby, of the 23d light dragoons.

To Major-general Long I am also indebted for his assistance, although his columa was not immediately engaged,

Lieutenant-colonel Stewart, and Major Harrison, of the 50th, and Major Cother, of the 71st, commanded the three attacks, and led them in a most gallant and spirited manner.

I have received the greatest assistance from Lieutenant-colonel Dickson, of the royal artillery, whom, with a brigade of twenty-four pounders, a company of British, and one of Portuguese artillery, your lordship was pleased to put under my orders; circum. stances did not permit his guns being brought into play; but his exertions, and those of his officers and men during the attack and destruction of the place, were unwearied. In the latter service Lieutenant Thiele, of the royal German artillery, was blown up; and we have to regret in him a most gallant officer; he had particularly distinguisbed himself in the assault. Lieutenant Wright, of the royal engineers, had also rendered me very essential service; he is a most intelligent, gallant, and meritorious officer; and I must not omit also to mention Lieutenant Hillier, of the 29th regiment, whose know: ledge of this part of the country proved of great assistance,

Your lordship will observe, from the return of ordnance and stores which I have the honour to inclose, that Almaraz has been considered by the enemy in the light of a most important statiun; and I am hapry to state that its destruction has been most complete. The towers of masonry which were in Forts Napoleon and Ragusa have been entirely destroyed; and the whole apparatus of the bridge, together with the workshops, magazines, and every piece of timber which could be found, entirely levelled; the ramparts of both in great measure destroyed. A colour belonging to the 4th battaliun of the corps Etranger, was taken by the 71st regiment, and I shall have the honour of forwarding it to your lordship.

Our loss has uot been severe, considering the circumstances under which the attack was made. I inclose a list ot the killed and wounded. Captain Candler, of the 50th regiment, (the only officer killed in the assault) has, I am sorry to say, left a large fa. mily to deplore his loss. He was one of the first to mount the ladder, and fell upon tho parapel, after giving a distinguished example to his men.

J bave had frequent occasions to mention to your lordship, in terms of the highest praise, the conduct of Lieutenant-colonel Rooke, Assistant-adjutant-general. During the whole period I have had a separate command in this couniry, that officer has been with me,' and rendered most essential service to my. corps; on the present expedition he has eminently distinguished bimself, and I beg leave particularly to notice his conduct. Your lordship is also aware of the merits of Lieutenant-colonel Offeney, my Assistant Quarter-master-general, of whose valuable aid I have been deprived during the latter part of this expedition. Though labouring under severe illness, he accompanied me, to ihe-serious detriment of his Health, and until it was totally impracticable for him to pro ceed. Captain Thorn, Deputy Assistant-quarter-master-general, succeeded to his duties; and I am indebted to hiw for his assistance, and also to Major Hill and my person nal staff..

The Marquis de Almeida, Member of the Junta of Estramadura, has done me the honour to accompany me, since I have been in the province: I have received from hima, as well as from the people, the most ready and effectual assistance which it was in their power to bestow..

Major Currie, my Aid-de-camp, will deliver to your Lordship this dispatch, and the colour taken from the enemy, and will be able to give you any further particulars. I beg to recommend him to your Lordship.--I have the honour to be, &c, (Signed)

R, HILL, Lieat. Gen. inclose a return of prisoners, in number 259, including the governor, one lieutenantcolonel, and fifteen officers. I also transmit a return of provisions in the forts near the bridge, taken from oue, signed by the chief of the French Commissariat, on the 18th of May.

Gazette Extraordinary:--Dispatches from Lord Wellington,

Return of the killed and wounded of the army under the command of his Excellency, General

the Earl of Wellington, K.B. under the immediate orders of Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland Hill, K.B. at the storm and capture of Fort Napoleon, and the enemy's other works, in the neighbourhood of Almarus, on the morning of the 19th of May, 1812. Royal artillery--3 rank and file wounded. Royal engineers, 1 lieutenant wounded. King's German artillery-1 lieutenant killed. 1st Battalion, 28th Regiment—2 rank and file wounded.

1st Battalion, 50th regiment, 1 captain, 27 rank and file, killed; 1 captain, 3 lieute Dants, 3 ensigns, 6 serjeants, 87. rank and file, wounded.

1st Battalion, 71st Regiment—1 serjeant, 3 rank and file, killed; 1 captain, 2 liente. Dants, I ensign, 4 serjeants, 1 drummer, 23 rank and file, wounded.

1st Battalion, 92d Regiment--2 rank and file, wounded.

Total British loss 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 30 rank and file, killed; 2 cap. tains, 6 lieutenants, 4 ensigns, 10 serjeauts, 1 drummer, 117 rank and file, wounded.

Portuguese Artillery-2 rank and file wounded.
6th Caçadores-1 ensign, 1 rank and file wounded.
Total Portuguese loss-1 ensign, 3 rank and file wounded.

General Total-1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 30 rank and file killed; 2 cap. tains, 6 lieutenants, 5 ensigns, 10 serjeants, 1 drummer, 120 rank and file wounded.

Names of Officers Killed and Wounded.
KILLED.—King's German Artillery-lieutenant Thiele, blown up.
50th Regiment-captain Candler.
WOUNDED.—Royal Engineers-lieutenant Wright, slightly.

50th Foot~captain Sandys, severely; lieutenant Hemsworth, severely; lieutenant Patterson, slighily; lieutenant Richardson, severely; ensign Goddard, severely; ensigns Crofton and Godfrey, slightly.

7 1st Foot-captain Grant, dangerously (since dead); lieutenant Lockwood, severely; lieutenant Ross and ensign M.Kenzie, slightly.

6th Caçadores—Periera Cotinho, severely. , Peturn of Ordnance and Ștores captured at the Bridge of Almaraz, on the morning of the

19th of May 1812, by the troops under the command of Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland Hill, K. B.

Fort NAPOLEON.-Brass ordnance mounted-four 12-pounders, one 6-pounder, one 4-pounder, three 6-inch howitzers.

TETB-DU-Pont.-Brass ordnance mounted--two 6 pounders, one 10-inch howitzer.

FORT RAGUSA.-Brass Ordnance mounted-3 twelve-pounders, 2 six-pounders, 1 six-inch howitzer.

Total-7 twelve-pounders, 5 six-pounders, 1 four-pounder, 1 ten-inch howitzer, 4 sixinch howitzerj.-18.

A considerable proportion of powder in barrels and cartridges fixed to sbot; but as the magazines were blown up immediately after the capture by order of lieutenantgeneral Sir R. Hill, and every thing destroyed, the exact quantity was not ascertained.

120,000 musket-ball cartridges, 304 six-inch shells, 380 rounds of case-shot of various calibre, 413 muskets with bayonets, 20 large pontoon boats, composing the bridge, with timber, complete, 60 carriages for removing the same, and also for the conveyance of heavy timber.

A large proportion of rope of various dimensions; also anchors, timber, tools, and every thing complete, on a large establishment, for keeping the bridge and carriages in a state of repair. (Signed)

A. DICKSON, Lieut.-Colonel,

Commissary Reserve Artillery. Return of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Soldiers, Prisoners of War, taken at the storming of the enemy's works at the Bridge of Almaras, on the morning of the 19th May, 1812. Governor and Staff-1 major, 1 captain, 1 staff, 4 non-commissioned officers and privates.

3d Regiment of Artillery-4 non-commissioned officers and privates Engineers-1 captain, I private. Pontoneers non-commissioned officers and privates..

Military Promotions.

Sappers-8 ditto.

6th Regiment French Infanrtry (Light)-1 captain, 1 staff, 48 non-commissioned officers and privates.

39th Regiment of the Line--1 lieutenant-colonel, I lieutenant, 1 staff, 64 noncommissioned officers and privales.

4th Regiment of Foreignersm. captains, 2 lieutenants, 102 non-commissioned officers and privates.

Commissariat—4 staff, 5 non-commissioned officers and privates.

Total-1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 major, 1 captains, 3 lieutenants, 7 staff, 242 noncommissioned officers and privates. (Signed)


Lieut.-Col. and A. A. G. State of provisions in the Forts at the Bridge of Almaraz, on the morning of the 19th of

May 1812, taken from a return signed by the French Commissary, dated the 18th of May 1812.

Rations-bread 33, biscnit 29,961, rice 65,961, vegetables 2554, salt 23,926, oil 4128, wine 1718, brandy, 27,814, live cattle 16,848, salt meat 18,086. A true exact,


F. PORCHET, Esq. (Signed)

J. C. ROOKE, Lieut.-Col. and A. A. G.

WAR.OFFICE, JUNE 22. IN consequerce of the gallantry displayed by the 2d battalion of the 47th regiment, in the defence of Tariffa, his Royal Higliness the Prince Regiment has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to approve of the word "TARIFFA" being borne upon the colours and appointments of the 47th Regiment.



WAR-OFFICE, JUNE E 23. 1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards---captain James B. Delap, from the regiment of Meuron, to be captain of a troop, vice Herries, who exchanges; cornet R. Babington to be lieutenant, by purcliase, vice Delap promoted in the regiment of Meuron.

1st Regimeut of Dragoons---lieutenant E. C. Windsor to be captain of a troop, by purchase, vice Tonikyns, who retires; and William Foster, gent, to be cornet, without purchase.

14th Regiment of Light Dragoons--cornet George N. Caswell to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Forster, who retires.

16th Ditto-cornet Charles Moray, from the 1st dragoon guards, to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Buchanan, promoted.

23d Ditto-cornet Thomas Dester to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Spooner, promoted.

24th ditto-Thomas Medevin, gent. to be cornet, by purchase, vice Pilcher, appointed to the 1st life guards.

sd Regiment of Foot Guards-- David Baird, gent, to be Eusign, by purchase, vice Moorehouse, promoted.

5th Regiment of Foot-Captain Nicholas Hamilton to be major, vice Ridge, killed in action.

6th ditto-Captain Jobn R. Forster, from the 45th foot, to bé captain of a company,, vice Stapylton, who exchanges.

8th ditto-Ensign Anthony Leslie to be lieutenant, vice Cumming, deceased; and Brooke Young, gent, to be ensign, vice Leslie.

10th ditto - Lieutenant Juseph Hicks to be captain of a company, vice Kent, deceased.

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Military Promotions. 16th ditto-Ensign Simon Purdon, from the Clare militia, to be ensign, without pure chase.

19th ditto-Lieutenant George Denison, from the North York militia, to be ensign, without purchase.

20th ditto-Ensign Joseph William Watson, to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Fonnereau, who retires; Jonathan Wrixon, gent, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Wat

2 Ist ditto-Second lieutenant J. S. M. Fonblanque to be first lieutenant, without porchase, vice M‘Culloch, who resigns; Holland M Ghee, gent. to be second lieute. nant, rice Fonblanque.

26th ditto-Ensign David Black to be lieutenant, hy purchase, vice Maxwell, promoted in the 42d foot.

41st ditto-Lieutenant James Field, from the 1st Somerset militia, to be ensign, with. out purchase,

43d ditto-Henry Wise Coates, gent, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Hood, promoted.

14th ditto-Lieutenant William Henry Meade, to be Adjutant; vice Sutor, who resigns the adjutancy only.

45th ditto-Brevet lieutenant-colonel Honourable G. A. Chetwynd Stapylton, from the 6th foot, to be captain of a company, vice Furster, who exchanges.

46th ditto-Ensign William Geoge, from the 1st Somerset militia, to be ensign, without purchase.

48th ditto-Ensign Walter Alfred Fox, from the West Essex militia, to be ensign, without purchase.

60th ditto-Ensign Charles Fisher to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Nicholls, who retires.

62d ditto-Ensign Alfred Knight, from the Wiltshire Militia, to be ensign, without purchase.

63d ditto-Ensign Richard Fry to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Majoribanks, who resigns.

69th ditto-Hospital-mate David Finlay to be assistant-surgeon, vice Noble, appointed to the 17th dragoons.

70th dittom-Assistant-surgeon George Garrett, from the 10th veteran battalion, to be surgeon, vice Collier, promoted on the staff.

7 1st ditto-Lieutenant Edmund L'Estrange to be captain of a company, vice Lewis Grant, dead of his wounds.

80tb ditto-George William Thompson, gent, to be ensign, by parchase, vice Gore don, promoted in the 12th foot.

91st ditto-Lieutenant Alexander D. M‘Laren, from the Berwickshire Militia, to be ensign, without purchase.

95th ditto-Gentleman Çadet Godfrey H. Shenley, from the Royal Military College, to be second lieutenant,

without purchase, vice Barth, who resigns. 1st West India regiment–To be ensigns, without purchase George Hubbard, gent. vice Payler, whose appointment has not taken place; David Power French, gent. vice Fallon, whose appointinent has not taken place; and Henry Purdon, gent. vice Breton, whose appointment has not taken place.

Ist Garrison Battalion-James Fisher gent. to be ensign, vice Simpson, promoted in the royal Corsican rangers.

Dillon's Regiment-Ensign Gregory Zuccaro to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Spillebant, appointed to the 5th West India regiment; and William Grindlay, gent, to be ensign, vice Zuccaro.

Meuron's Regimeni-Captain William L. Herries, from the 1st dragoon guards, to be captain of a company, vice Delap, who exchanges.

Chasseurs Britanniques— Joseph Bernard M.Dermot, gent. to be ensign, without purchase, vice Symkath, appointed to the York light infantry volunteers.

Corsican Rangers-Major Abraham Schummelketel to have permanent rank in the army; and Ensign Percy Simpson, from the 1st garrison battalion, to be lieutenant, without purchase.

Brevet. To be lieutenant-colonels in the armg-Major John Bacon Harrison, of the 50th foot; Major Charles Cother, of the 71st foot; and Major Edward Currie, of ihe 90th foot,

To be majors in the army-Captain Charles Cornet Bacon, of the 60th foot; Captain George Hewett, of the 22d foot; and Captain Herman Stapylton, of the 50th foot.

Military Promotions.

Hospital Staff. Hospital-mate Peter Travers to be apothecary to the forces; and Edward Hollier, gent. to be hospital-mate for general service, vice Bell, promoted.

Erratum in the Gazette of the 16th instant. 67th Foot-For Richard Tidmarsh, gent, to be ensign, without purchase, read Richard Tidmarsh, gent. to be ensign, by purchase. COMMISSIONS IN THE CINQUE PORTS LOCAL MILITIA, SIGNED BY TAB LORD WARDEN

OF THE CINQUB PORTS. William Smith, Esq. to be Captain, vice Stringer; and William Henry Hatton, gent. to be ensign. Dated June 19, 1812.

Erratum in the Gazette of the 12th of March 1812. For Ensign W. D. Jackson to be lieutenant, vice Flack, deceased, read Ensign W. D. Jackson, to be lieutenant, vice Flack, promoted.


Royal Regiment of Artillery. First lieutenant Daniel Bourchier to be second captain, vice Fleming retired. Dated May 30, 1812.

Second lieutenant Claudius Shaw to be first lieutenant, vice Bourchjer. Dated as above.


William Griffith Williams, Gent, to be lieutenant. Dated June 10, 1812.


VICE-LIEUTENANT, John M-Kinlay, gent. to be quarter-master, with the brevet rank of lieutenant, vice Irvine, promoted. Dated April 24, 1812.

John Reid, gent. to be ensign. Dated Dec. 23, 1811. « COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF NORFOLK,

Ist or West Norfolk regiment of militia—Thomas Cooper Coles, gent to be ensign. Dated May 16, 1812.

Loddon yeomanry cavalry-Lieutenant Charles Tompson to be captain, vice Bacon, resigned; Cornet Richard Denny to be lieutenant, vice Tompson; John, W. Goochi, gent. to be cornet, vice Denny. Dated June 6, 1812.

South Greenhoe cavalry-A. A. Powell, gent, to be cornet, vice Eyre, resigned. Dated June 6, 1812.


Essex Harries, Esq. John Owen, Esq. David Harries, Esq. Thomas Baynham, Esq. and
David Thomas, Esq. to be captains; and John Loyd, gent, to be lieutenant. Dated
May 15, 1809,

James James, gent. to be lieutenant. Dated May 25, 1812.
John Jobn, gent, to be ensign. Dated May 24, 1809.
Marris Williams, gent. to be ditto. Dated May 25, 1812.

COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF TAXTS. North Hants-regiment of Militia-Ensign Alexander Fraser to be lieutenant, vice Forder, resigned. Dated May 25, 1812.

South West Hants local militia-Quarter-master Henry Holmes to be lieutenant, by brevet. Dated June 1, 1812. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF BEDFORD.

Bedfordshire Militia.
Adjutant William Hardgrove, Esq. to be captain. Dated March 25, 1812.

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