London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

Excellency General the Earl of Wellington, K. B. on the advance from Fuente Guja saldo to Salamanca, from the 16th to the 18th June.

Head quarters, Salamanca, June 18, 1812. U1th light dragoons--1 horse killed; 1 horse missing. 141h ditto--4 horses killed; 1 serjeant, 2 trumpeters, 2 rank and file, 6 horses, wounded. Ist hussars, King's Ger. man legion-3 cornets, 2 rank and file, 4 horses, wounded. General Total-5 horses killed; 3 cornets, 1 serjeant, 2 trumpeters, 4 rank and ble, 11 horses, wounded, Names of officers wounded; Ist hussars, King's German legion, cornets Bohrens, Holtzerrann, and Leonhardt, slightly. J. WATERS, Lieut.-col. and A. A. Gen.

No. 2.-Return of killed, wounded, and missing, of the army under the command of his

Excellency General the Earl of Wellington, K. B. in the siege of the forts of St. Vincente, St. Cayetano, and La Merced, at Salamanca, from the 18th to thc 24h June 1812, inclusive

Head-quarters, Salamanca, June 25, 1812. General staff-1 wounded, I captain wounded. Royal engineers-- | rank and file billed. Royal British artillery-1 captain, 9 rank and file, killed; I licntenant, 25 sank and file, wounded. Royal German artillery–2 rank and file billed; I lieutenaut, 6 rank and file, wounded. Royal artillery drivers-1 rank and file killed. 2d foot I captain, I lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 6 rank and file, killed; 1 ensign, 3 serjeants, i drummer, 13 rank and ble, wounded, Ilth foot, Ist batt..-1 serjeant, 6 rank and file killed; 1 captain, I lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 26 rank and fle, wounded; I lieutenant, missing. 32d foot, Ist batt.-10 rank and file killed; 2 serjeants, 26 rank and file, wounded. 36th foot, Ist batt.- 1 lieutenant, 9 rank and file, killed; 18 rank and file, wounded; 1 rank and file missing. 53d foot, 2d batt.—3 rank and file killed; 2 lieutenants, 6 rank and file, wounded. 60th foot, Šth batt.- 1 rank and file killed; 2 rank and file, wounded. 61st foot, 1st batt.—1 drummer, 24 rank and file, Killed; I captain, I lieutenant, 31 rank and file, wounded. 74th foot-1 major wounded. Ist light batt. King's German legion- rank and file killed; 7 ranks and five wounded, 2d ditto-1 serjeant killed; 7 rank and file wounded. Total British loss- 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, 3 serjeanıs, 1 drummer, 73 rank and file, killed; I general staff, 1 major, 3 captains, 6 lieutenants, 1 ensign, 6 serjeants, 2 drummers, 167 rank and file, wounded; I lieutenant, 1 rank and file, missing. Total Portuguese loss—4 rank and file killed; 9 captains, I ensign, 16 rank and file, wounded. General total British and Portuguese-, captains, 2 lieutenants, 3 serjeants, 1 drummer, 77 rank and file, killed; I general staff, I major, 5 captains, 6 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, 6 serjeants, 2 drummers, 183 rank apd ble, wounded; I lieutenant, 1 rank and file, missing. John Waters, Lt.-cal. and A. A. Gen.

Names of officers killed, wounded, and missing. Killed.--Royal artillery-captain Elije. 2d foot-captain Sir G. Colquhoun, lieutenant Mathews. 36th foot, Ist batt, --lieutanant M.Kenzie. Wounded.--53d foot, 2d batt.- lieutenant Devonish, severely, (sirce dead). 74th foot-brevet major Thompson, acting engineer, slightly. British artillery-lieutenant Love, slightly. Royal German artillery- lieutenant De Schamhorst, slightly. 9th Portuguese Caçadores-ensign Balves Cailho, slightly, majorgeneral Bowes, (since dead). 36th foot-brigade-najor captain Hobart, severely. 2d foot--ensign Garrett, slightly. Ilth foot, Ist battalion-captain seale, slightly; lieutenant Turnbull, severely. 53d foot, ad battalion--lieutenant Hamilton, slightly. 61st foot, Ist battalion-captain Owen, arm amputated; lieutenaut Givan, slightly. 8th Portuguese--captain Conner, slightly. 8th Portuguese line-captain A. Vançesler London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

Clara, slightly. Missing.–11th foot-lieutenant Prideman, ascertained to be a prisoner, and a leg amputated.

No. 3.- Return of killed, wounded, and missiug, of the army under the command of his

Excellency General the Earl of Wellington, K. B. whilst in the position on the heights of Villares, from the 20th to the 22d June 1812 inclusive.

Head-quarters, Salamanca, June 25, 1812. sd dragoons—5 horses killed; I rank and kile, 3 horses, wounded. 4th ditto-2 horses killed; 1 serjeant, 1 rank and file, 1 horse wounded. Ilth light dragoons 2 rank and file, 9 horses, killed; 2 rank and file, 8 horses, wounded. 12th dittom rank and file, 1 herse, wounded. Ist dragoons, King's German legion-4 horses killed; 2 rank and file, wounded. Ist hussars, King's German legion- horse killed; 1 drummer, 6 rank and file, 19 horses, wounded. 23d foot, 1st battalion-1 lieutenant killed. 51st foot-1 rank and file killed; I captain, 3 serjeants, 15 rank and file, wounded. 68th foot-2 serjeants, 4 rank and file, killed; 2 caprains, 2 serjeants, I drummer, 28 rank and file, wounded; I lieutenant, 2 rank and file, missing. 7th fusileers, Ist battalion-| rank and file wounded. Chasseurs Britanniques--2 rank and file billed; ! lieutenant-colonel, I serjeant, 21 rank and file, wounded. Ist light battalion, King's German legion—2 rank and file wounded. 21 ditto-3 rank and file killed; 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 15 rank and file, wounded. Brunswick light intantry“ rank and file, killed; 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 drummer, 11 rank and file, wounded. General total loss- 1 lieutenant, 2 serjeants, 13 rank and file, 21 horses, killed; I lieutenant-colonel, 5 captains, 3 lieutenants, 7 serjeants, 3 drummers, 109 rank and file, 32 horses, wounded; I lieutenant, 5 rank and file, missing. Nanes of officers killed, wounded, and missing, in the position on the heights of Villares. Killed.—23d foot, 1st battalion-lieutenant Leonard. Wounded.--68th foot captain Hawkins, slightly; captain Mackry, dangerously. Brunswick light infantry-lieutenant Schwarzenberg, slightly. 31st foot-captain Smellie, slightly. Chasseurs Brittanniques-lieutenant-colonel Eustace, slightly. 2d light battalion, King's German legion-captain Winecke, severely; lieutenants Lemmers and M‘Glashon, severely. Brunswick Oels-captain Reicke, severely. Missing.-68th foot-lieutenant M‘Donald.

Jonn Waters, Lieut-col. & A. A. Gen.

Fuente la Pena, June 30, 1812. Tus ammunition to enable us to carry on the attack of the forts having arrived at Salamanca in the afternoon of the 26th, the fire was immediately recommenced upon the gorge of the redoubt of St. Cayetano, in which a practicable breach was effected at about ten o'clock on the morning of the 27th, and we bad succeeded nearly about the same time in setting fire to the buildings in the large fort of St. Vincente, by the fire from which the approach to St. Cayetano by its gorge was defended.

Being at Salamanca at this moment, I gave directions that the forts of St. Cayetano and La Merced should be stormed; but some little delay occurred, in consequence of the commanding officers of those forts in the first iustance, and afterwards the commanding officer of St. Vincente having expressed a desire to capitulate after the lapse of a certain number of hours. As it was obvious that these propositions were made in order to gain time, till the fire of St. Vincente should be extinguished, I refused to listen to any terms, unless the forts should be instantly surrendered; and having fuind that the commanding oficer of St. Cayetano, who was the first to offer to surrender, was entirely dependant upon the governor of St. Vincente, and could not venture to carry into era

London Gazette.--Dispatches from Lord Wellington. cution the capitulation which he had offered to make, I gave directions that this fort and that of La Merced might be stormed forthwith.

These operations were effected in the most gallant manner by detachments of the 6th division, under the command of lieutenant-colonel Davies of the 36th regiment, under the direction of major-general Clinton. The troops entered the fort of St. Cayetano by the gorge, and escaladed that of La Merced; and I am happy to add that our loss was but trifling.

The governor of St. Vincente then sent out a flag to notify the surrender of that fort on the terms I had offered him; viz. Tlie garrison to march out with the honours of war; to be prisoners of war; and the officers to retain their personal military baggage, and the soldiers their knapsacks; and notwithstanding that the 9th regiment of Caçadores had actually stormed one of the outworks of St. Vincente, and were in possession of it, I deemed it expedient to accept the fort by capitulation on those terms, and to stop the attack.

I have already informed your lordship that major-general Clinton commanded the attack against these forts, which was carried on with great vigour and ability, and he mentions in strong terms of commendation the conduct of the general officers, officers; and troops employed under his command, particularly colonel Hinde of the 32d, lieutepant-colonel Davies of the 36th, captain Owen of the 61st, brigade-major Hobart, and ensign Newton of the 32d regiment,who distinguished himself in the attack of the night of the 23d instant, and volunteered to lead the advanced party in the attack of the 37th. He likewise mentions in strong terms lieutenant-colonel May, who commanded the arrillery under the direction of lieutenant-colonel Franaingham, and the officers and sole diers of the royal and Portuguese artillery under bis command; lieutenant-colonel Burgoyne, lieutenant Reid, and the officers of the royal engineers; and major Thompson of the 74th regiment, who acted as an engineer during these operations.

The enemy had been employed for nearly three years in constructing these works, but with increased activity for the last eigbt or nine months. A large expence bad been incurred; and these works sufficiently garrisoned by about cight hundred men, and armed with thirty pieces of artillery, were of a nature to render it quite impossible to take them, excepting by a regular attack; and it was obvious that the enemy relied upon their streng!hi, and upon their being sufficiently garrisoned and armed, as they had left in St. Vincente large depôts of clothing and military stores of every description. I was mistaken in my estimate of the extent of the means which would be necessary to subdue these forts; and I was obliged to send to the rear for a fresh supply of ammunition; this necessity occasioned a delay of six days

The enemy withdrew their garrison from Alba de Tormes as soon as they beard of the fall of the forts of Salainanca. The operations against the forts of Salamanca were ried on in sight of marshal Marmont's army,which remained in its position, with the right at Cabeza Vellosa, and the left at Huerta, till the night of the 27th instant, when they broke up, and retired in three columns towards the river Douro; one of thein directing its march upon Toro, and the others upon Tordesillas. The allied army broke up the following day, and are this day encamped upon the Guarena. By accounts from Estremadura of the 26th instant, it appears that the enemy still continued in the position which they had occupied in Estremadura. I have not yet heard that general Santocildes has commenced bis attack upon Astorga. General Cabiera is at Benevente with liis division; and I understand there are Spanish troops in Leon. I have received no late intelligence from the south. I enclose a return of the killed and wounded of the army since my last dispatch, and a return of the prisoners taken in the forts of Salamanca


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London Gazette-- Dispatches from Lord Wellington. No. 4.- Return of killed, wounded, and missing of the army under the command of

bis Excellency General the Earl of Wellington, K. B. in the Siege of the Forts of St. Vincente, St. Cayetano, and La Merced, at Salamanca, from the 251h to the 27th June 1812, inclusive, dated head-quarters, Salamanca, June 28, 1812.

2d foot-I rank and file wounded. I lth ditto-- 1 lieutenant, 5 rank and file, wound. ed. 32d ditto -1 ensign, 1 rank and file, killed; 5 rank and file, wounded. 36th ditto-1 rank and file killed; 5 rank and file wounded. 53d ditto-1 rank and tile wounded. Portuguese loss | rank and file, killed; 2 rank and file wounded. General total of British and Portuguese loss--I ensign, 4 rank and file, killed; I lieu. tenant, 19 rank and file, 'wounded. Names of officers killed and wounded. 32d foot - Ensign Fitzgerald, killed. llin ditto-Lieutenant Gethen, slightly wounded.

John WATERS, Lt-col. & A. A. Gen.

No. 5.-— Return of killed, wounded, and missing of the army under the command of his

Excellency General the Earl of Wellingtor, K. B. in several affairs with the enemy, from 23d to 25th June, 1812, both days inclusive.

12th light dragoons-2 horses wounded. 16th ditto-1 rank and file killed; 1 horse wounded. Ist dragoons, king's German legion—2 rank and file, 5 horses, killed; I rank and file, 2 horses, wounded; 5 rank and file missing. 20 dragoons, king's German legion- 1 rank and file, 2 horses, killed; 1 rank and file, 2 horses, wounded. Ist hussars, king's German legion-1 horse wounded. General total-4 rank and file, 7 horses, killed; 2 rank and file, 8 horses, wounded; 5 rank and file missing.

JOHN WATERS, Lt-col. & A. A. Gen.

General Total British loss from the 16th to the 27th June 1812, inclusive. Killed 2 captains, 3 lieutenants, 1 ensign, 5 serjeants, I drummer, 98 rank and file; 28 horses. Wounded--] general staff, I lieutenant-colonel, 1 major, 8 captains, 10 lieutenants, 4 ensigns, 14 serjeants, 7 drummers, 317 rank and file; 51 horses. Mis. sing-2 lieutenants, 11 rank and file; 5 horses.

General total Portuguese loss from the 16th to the 27th June 1812, inclusive.--Killed-5 rank and file. Wounded—2 captains, I ensign, 16 rank and file.

General total British and Portuguese loss from the 16:h to the 27th June 1812, inclusive.--Killed-2 captains, 3 lieutenants, I ensign, 5 serjeants, 1 drummer, 103 rank and file; 28 horses. Wounded-1 general staff, I lieutenant-colonel, I major, 10 captains, 10 licutenants, five ebsigns, 14 serjeants, 7 drummers, 333 rank and file. Missing-2 lieutenants, 11 rank and file, 5 horses.

Return of prisoners taken in the Forts of St. Vincente, St. Cayetano, and La Merced

at Salamanca, on the 27th June 1812. Staff 1 governor, 3 servants, not soldiers. Commandant-1 captain, 1 servant, Dot a soldier. Commissariat-10 civil branch, 4 servants, not soldiers. Artillery-2. captains, 2 lientenants, 55 non-commissioned officers and privates. Sappers-1 capo tain, 22 non-commissioned officers and privales.' 15th regiment of the line-1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 44 non-commissioned officers and privates. 17th ditto-2 captains, 50 non-commissioned officers and privates. 65th ditto—4 captains, 176 non-commissioned officers and privates. 66th ditto-1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 75 non-commissioned officers and privates. 82d ditto-1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 76 non-conimissioned offic cers and privates. 86th ditto-1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 95 non-commissioned officers and privates. Sick and wounded in hospital-1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 67 non-conmissioned officers and privates. Total-- 1 governor, 15 captains, 12 lieutenan , 660 VOL. IV.

No. 22.


London Gazette - Dispatches from Sir Edward Pellew.

non-commissioned officers and privates; 10 civil branch, 8 servants, not soldiers. Grand total-706.

John Waters, Lt-col, and A. A. Gen.


Fuenta la Pena, June 30, 1812. My LonD-I omitted to mention to your lordship in my last dispatch, the particu. lars of a very gallant affair of cavalry, in Estremadura, under the command of Lieatenant Strenuwitz, the aid-de-camp of lieutenant-general Sir William Erskine.

Lieutenant-general Sir Rowland Hill having learnt that the enemy had left at Ma. guilla a great proportion of the soldiers who had been taken prisoners in major-general Slade's affair of the 11th instant, sent lieutenant Strenuwitz, on the 13th, with a de tachment consisting of 50 men of the 3d dragoon guards and royal dragoons, under the comniand of lieutenant Bridges, of the royals, to bring them in. On his arrival there he fell in with a detachment of French dragoons, consisting of eighty men, whom he attacked with such conduct and effect as to kill many, and take one officer, twenty men, and twenty-five liorses, prisoners, with the loss of only one man killed. I bave frequently had occasion to draw your lordship's attention to the conduct of lieutenant Streauwitz, and I am happy to have this fresh opportunity of doing so. I' bave the honour to be, &c.


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ADMIRALTY OFFICE, July 21, 1812.
Copy of a letter from vice-admiral Sir Edward Pellew, bart. to John Wilson Croker,

esq. dated on board the Caledonia, off Toulon, June 10, 1812.
SIR-I have the honour to enclose, for the information of the lords commissioners of
the Admiralty, the copy of a letter and its enclosures, which I have received from
captain Rowley, of his Majesty's ship America, stating the particulars of a spirited
attack upon the enemy's batteries at Languillia, and the capture of a convoy that had
taken shelter under them. I have the honour to be, &c.


His Majesty's ship America, off Languillia, May, 10, 1812. Sir-I have the honour to inform you, that baving yesterday in company with the Leviathian and Eclair, fallen in with a convoy of eighteen sail of the enemy deeply Jaden, which had taken shelter under the town and batteries of Languillia, and captain Campbell concurring in opinion with me as to the practicability of bringing them out or destroying them, by getting possession of the batteries, the marines of both ships, under the direction of captain Rea of the America, were landed this morning at day-break to effect it. A party under captain Owen, royal marines, of the Leviathan, was detached to carry a battery of five twenty-four and cighteen-pounders to the eastward, which he performed in a very spirited and judicious manner, the French officer who commanded falling in the attack: the main body in the mean time rapidly advancing through a severe fire of grape, carried the battery adjoining the town of Languillia, consisting of four twenty-four and eighteen-pounders, and a mortar,) though protected by a strong body of thc enemy posted in a wood, and in several contiguous buildings; upon the lat. ter of which the guns were immediately turned with much effect. The enemy were now driven from the houses lining the beach, by the fire of the Eclair, and the boats then proceeded to bring out the vessels that were secured by various contrivances to the houses and beach, their sails and rudders being mostly removed on shore: sixteen were towed off (as per enclosed list) which being accomplished, the marines were re-einbarked in the most perfect order, under cover of the fire of the Eclair, and without molestation from the eneiny, though a strong party was advancing from the town of Alassia to reinforce them. I regret to state that our success has been clouded, and our loss on this occasion

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