From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. lviii. & 52 (Hatfield). Holograph.

Wholly undated. The Hatfield Catalogue assigns this letter, by oversight, to 1597.


To Sir



tion by

I AM sorry to be now so nire that my letters may cum to your hands. But this unfortunate yeare is such as thos that weare reddy and att sea too moneths before

1594 ?

Sept. ? us ar beaten bake agayne and distressed. This longe staye hath made mee a poore man, the yeare farr spent, Robert and what shalbe cum of us God knowes. The boddy is written at wasted with toyle; the purse with charge; and all things worne. Only the mind is indifferent to good fortune or

Delays of

an expedi. adversety.

stormy Ther is no newes from hence worth the writtinge. If weather. I weare more fortunate, I should be the more worth the cummandinge ; as I am, yow may dispose of mee; and thus, for the present, I leve yow to all good fortune, and my sealf quo me Fortuna retrudet. Yours ever to do yow service,

W. RALEGH. [POSTSCRIPT.]—I pray be gracious to my frends in my absence, and not too credulous. And further that yow wilbe pleased, if any of my officers be suters unto yow in my behalf, that you will vouchsafe your favor towards them. I pray excuse mee to my Lord your father; havinge nothinge worth his reeding to write of.

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir ROBARD Cecill, Knight, of her Majesties

most honorable Privey Councell. Endorsed : "Sir Walter Rawley.



From the Original. Cal Pepers, vol. xxix fol. 44 (Hatfield). Holograph.


My carelessness in loosinge the coppy of the letter
Dec. 21. I cannot excuse, butt it concernd no boddy butt my
To Sir R. seals, and therfore the less matter. Butt how it came to

the Earle's ? hand I beseiche you lerne by sume means; From Sherborne that I may butt know wher it weare lost, or otherwise Loss of a

imbeseled. What you have vouchsaufed for the stay letter which had of my sutes in law, especially for the widdo SMITH, fallen into the hands I humblie pray you to lett me know, for I stay butt for of Essex - the winde to bringe about the shipp. I shall be wiser


one day, and I shall withall, I hope, do you sume service, after so many of thes troblesome affaires. Till then, and ever, I shalbe your debtor and most your's of all livinge,


Sherburne, the 21 of December (1594).

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir ROBERT Cicili, K’night, of Her Masestues

most honorable Privey Councel.
Endorsed :

21 Dec. 1594. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master.

1 Earl of Essex.



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxix. fol. 53 (Hatfield), Holograph.




I AM so importuned by this bearer as I cannot refuse hyme to write unto you. His desire is to retayne towards you. What your disposicion hath bynn in thes 1594.

Dec. 26. thinges I know well, but hee will not be otherwise

To Sir R. aunswered att my hands. I would be gladd he would Cecil.

From sew to serve the Earle of Essex, to which I have per- Sherborne. suaded hyme. I hope to here how you do, and, for my In favour sealfe, this wynde breakes my hart. That should cary

who mee hence now stayes mee heere, and holds 7 shipps in desires to the river of Temes. As soone as God send them hither, Cecil.I will not lose one houre of tyme. Ever anxious to do

Delay of

Guiana you service,


by con W. RALEGH.


winds. Sherburne, the 26 of December (1594).

of a page,


Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir Robert Cicili, Knight, of Her Maiesties

most honorable Privey Councell.
Endorsed :
26 Dec. 1594. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master. In favour of

Charles, that was sometyme his page.

1 In the sense of 'that which,'





From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxix. fol. 61 (Hatfield). Holograph. LETTER


You must esteeme me for your yevell spirritt that 1594

haunts you thus with so many tedius busineses. I To Sir R. could not dispach with that debt of SYMSON'S for the Cecil. widoe SMITHE. She hath a sonn that waytes on the From Alresford. Keper, and her doughter maried Mr. W'ILKES, so as it Private wilbe the harder to clere. Yet, seeing I am butt a affairs : Lawsuit

suretye for SPILMAN, and never borrowed penny of her, with Mrs.

it hath the more reason. If it be not stayde, all that I Smith. Proposal have wilbe taken uppon the execusion in my absence. for a restraint of And, if she will not geve longer day, I thinke the next shipping.

way wilbe that the Shirrif of Dorsett be cummanded
to execute no write upon me in that countrey. For
although they can do no good, by reason all the intrest
is in my soonn, yet the discreditt wilbe great if I be
driven to shew that conveance; and besyds, by that
means my wife will know that shee can have no intrest
in my livinge, and so exclayme. On this all my estate
dependeth, and the Queen, having refused all other
graces, I hope will save me yet from the ruin of others.
I leve it and my sealf to your honorable constant care
on whom I only depend and love above all, and it is all
I cann saye.
Your constantlye and sinserely to be cum manded,


[POSTSCRIPT.]—It is more then tyme that ther be a restraynt of all shippinge bound out to the warrs; for



1594. Dec.

ther ar multetuds going for the Indies. If any men be taken (as sume every yeare ar) the Queen's purpose wilbe frustrate. And if EATON's shipps go, who will attempt the chefest places of my enterprize, I shalbe undun; and I know they wilbe beaten and do no good.

From Alsford, this Saterday after I left you, with a hart half broken.

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir ROBERT Cicili, Knight, of Her Majesties

most honorable Privy Councell. Endorsed :

Dec. 1594. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master,




From a MS. copy of the Original, made for its then possessor, the late

MACVEY NAPIER, Editor of the Edinburgh Review. BROTHER,

WHER by my last letters directed vnto yow LETTER concerninge the levieing of sailoris and marrineris I gave direction that they should be readie against the

1594? xy of this moneth at Dartmouth, which I am now

To Sir

John thorowe manie vrgente occasions constrained to deferr ; Gilbert. herebie prainge yow to haue speciall care that they be on a

levy of levied from places least infected, and to be readie at mariners; Dartmouth the twentith daie of this present moneth to apparently tak shippinge. I have sent money by LUSKOMBE for Guiana

expedition. ther conduct: I praie supplie anie thing necessarie that is wanting ; I will see that annswered at my cominge about. I haue likewise sent by him proclamations to be proclaimed with yow and sent vnto my servaunt

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