RICHARD SMITH into Cornwall, or to Sir WILLIAM
BEVILL to be delivered ynto SMITH, with all spede (if
I be at charge of sending a fote man of purpose). And
heirof I desire yow to haue care first that good and suf-
ficient menn be ymprested and ther names taken, and
then that yow cause the proclamation to be published,
and not before ; for that the best sort will absent them-
selves, not having received the prest before, and to write
the like direction vnto SMITH, and appoint him to be
likewise readie at Falmouth at the same daie with the
Cornishe menn. And so, commending me vnto yow, I
comytt yow to God.
Your lovinge Brother,


[POSTSCRIPT.]—I praie lett LUSCOMB have the levienge of the menn in Devon ; or, if they be alreadie ymprest, if he know menn of better sufficiency, to ymprest them anew, and leave out some of the worse sort for them alreadie ymprest. Addressed :

To my verie loving brother, Sir John Gillart, Knight, theise.

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From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxiv. fol. 76 (Hatfield). Holograpła

This gentleman, my especiallfrinde and kynsman, hath sume controversye with the towne of Ply

1594-1595. Jan, 2.

mouth, and hath desired mee to recummende unto your LETTER

LIII. Honor his just and reasonable desire, and therin no farther to be favored then it shall apeare lawfull. If it 1594,1595.

Jan. 2. shall therfore pleas your Honor to be his honorable

To Sir R. favorer herein I shall acknowledge it as don to my Cecil.

From sealf, and shalbe very proude if it pleas yow to make Sherborne. hyme know that, as I am yours in all love and service, Recomso hee may fynde that you pleas for my sake in this his mending a

kinsman great righte to aforde hyme sume testimony therof; and who has a

controyeven so, only gasing for a wynde to carrye mee to my versy with

the townsdestiny, I humblie take my leve. From Sherburne, this

men of Plyfirst of January (1595).


He is only Your Honor's to do you service,

waiting for

a wind, to W. RALEGH.

set sail. Addressed : To the right honorable Sir ROBERT Cicill, Knight, of Her Majesties

most honorable Privey Councell. Endorsed :

2010 Jan. 1594 [legal style]. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master,



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxxvi. $ 4 (Hatfield). Holograph.




FROM this desolate place I have little matter ; from myself, less hope ; and therefore I thinke the

1595. shorter the discourse, the better wellcum.

I receved from Lyme,--a port town in this shire,—by To Sir R. a smale barke lately arived, that there ar lately many


From French shipps imbargoed in Spayne, and of good burden Sherborne.

Nov. 10.



and very serviceable; notwithstanding that the same

went by pasport and asurance from Spayne. And all 1595. Nov. 1o.

the marriners likewise imprested; and that ther ar a Alleged

fleet ether gone or goinge of sixtye saile, as the saye, Naval Pre- for Irlande. It seemeth asuredly that the preparations parations in Spain ar great, and do dayly increase. against Ireland.

If your Honors conceave therof aright, or looke into Desire to

the nirest mischeif, wee shall do the better. Butt I hear if anything is feare, by your favors, ther is somewhat more in the to be done in the enemys intent then is supposed. Wee that have mich matter of Guiana.

ado to gett bread to eat have the less to care for, unless mich lost labor and love awake us that ar also thanckles? busied in things ether beyound our capasates or cares.

What becumes of Guiana I miche desire to here,whether it pass for a history or a fable. I here Mr. DUDLEY 3 and others ar sendinge thither; if it be so, farewell all good from thence. For although my seals,-like a cockscome,-did rather preferr the future, in respect of others; and rather sought to wine the kings to her Majesties service then to sack them, I know what others will do, when thos kings shall cum simpely into their hands. If it may pleas yow to acquaynt my Lord Admirall therwith, lett it then succeed as it wille.

If my Lord will have a fyne pinnes sent to the coast of Spayne, to vew what is dunn, I thinke for a matter of £40 or £ 50 I can gett one that shall do service.

Sir, for conclusion, I will only say this mich, - take good heed least you be not to slow. Expedition in a little is better than mich, to late. Butt yow, ministers



For thanklessly. 3 Sir Robert Dudley, afterwards titular Duke of Northumberland (300 of the Earl of Leicester).



of dispach, ar not plentifull. Neather is it every man's occupation. God send yow all honor and health. I will wishe yow both, and be reddy ever to do yow service,

W. RALEGH. From Sherborne, the 10th of November (1595).

1595. Nov. io.

To the right honorable Sir ROBERT Cecili, Knight, of Her Majesties

most honorable Privey Councell. Endorsed :

10 November, 1595. Sir Walter Ralegh to my Master.



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxxvi. $ 9 (Hatfield). Holograph.



Nov. 13.

Yow may perceve by this Relation that it is no LETTER dreame which I have reported of Guiana. And if on 1 image have bynn brought from thence wayinge 47 kin

1595. talls, which cannot be so little worth as 100 thousand

To Sir R. pounde, -I know that in Manoa ther ar store of thes. Cecil.

From If the Relation sent to the Spanishe kinge had bynn Sherborne. also taken, yow should therin have founde matter of On the great admiration. Butt, howsoever this action be re


tion and spected, I know that the like fortune was never offered the

mineral to any Christian prince. I know it wilbe presently wealth of

Guiana, followed both by the Spanishe and French; and if it be foreslowed by us, I conclude that wee ar curst of God.

In the mean tyme, I humblie beseich yow to move her Majesty that none be suffred to soyle the enterprize;

1 one.

' I.e. forty-seven hundredweight.

[blocks in formation]

and that thos kings of the borders which ar by my labor, perrill, and charge, woonn to her Majesties love and obedience, be not by other pilferers lost agayne. I hope I shalbe thought worthy to direct thos actions that I have att myne own charges labored in ; and to govern that countrey which I have discovered, and hope to conquer for the Queen, without her cost. I am sendinge away a barke to the countrey, to cumfort and asure the people, that they dispaire not, nor yeild to any composition with other nations.

I know the plott? is by this tyme finished which yf you pleas to cummand from HERIOTT, that her Majestye may see it. If it be thought of less importance then it deserveth, her Majestye will shortly bewayle her negligence therin; and the enemy, by the addition of so mich wealth, weare us out of all.

Sir, I pray esteeme it as the afaire requirethe, if you love the Queen's honor, profitt, and saufetye. If I be thought unworthy to be imployed, or that because of my disgrace all men feare to adventure with me,-if it may not be otherwise,-I wishe sume other, of better sufficiency and grace, might undertake it, that the Queen loose not that which shee shall never fynde agayne.

Yow fynd that ther ar, beseds gold, both diamonds and pearell. And I brought with mee - taken up amonge the sands—a stone which, beinge cutt, is very rare. I pray do mee the favor to cummand PETER VANLORE to deliver you thos too? which I gave hyme to prove,---which hee made litle accompt of. Butt I will have them cutt by PEPLER, who is skilfull, and dwells here with A(DRIAN] GILBERT. I have sent yow on : which was cutt here,-- which I thinke is amatist, and

1 l.e. a map of Guiana. See the Letters of Harriot and others to Cecil in the Appendix of this volume.

: two

amiky sa

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