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comende, and hathe, besydes, twoe or three other bishoprickes.

My desire is that you wilbe pleased to be a meane to prefer unto the same bishopricke of Lesmore and Waterford my verye good frend Master HUGHE BROUGHTON, a man well knowen to my Lorde his Grace of Caunterburye, my Lorde Treasorer, and all the lerned docters and scollers of Englande; and a man unto whome I wishe moche goode ; besechinge you to have some conference with my cosen GORINGE aboughte the samewherein the said Master BROUTON is able to do moche good and be a greate comforte to all our Inglishe nation thereaboughtes, and encrease of relygyon. And the gentellman hymself wilbe verye thanckefull unto you for anye favor shewed unto hym, whome I leave to your good rememberance, and your self to God. This third of Maye, 1596. Your Honor's to do yow service,

W. RALEGII. 3 To Sir Robert Cycill.

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir RoberTE Cecili, Knighte, Counceller in

Her Highnes' Prevye Councelles.
Endorsed :
3 May, 1596. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master. In favour of the

Bishop of Lesmore and IVaterford,

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1 1.e. a tenure in commendam.
. See the Prefatory Note to this Letter.
3 Added, at foot, in Sir Walter's hand,



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xl. $ 50 (Hatfield). In the hand

of an amanuensis ; subscribed and signed.


May 3.


This bearer my ancient servaunt, CHARLES CARTIE,

LITTER is an humble suitor to your Honnor for the renewing and

1596. confirming of a letter formerlie written by your Honnor and the rest of the Lords of Her Majesties Privy to Sir R. Councell to the Lord Deputie and Lord Chauncellor of Cecil. Ireland for the passing of certen concealed lands there, Mile End. graunted by her Highnes to PATRICK GRANTE, for Recomwhich CHARLES hath agreed and compounded; for Charles

mending that he and his father have been possessed of the said Cartie fer

a grant of lands a long tyme.

lands in

Ireland. Your Honnors' letters have not been obeyed; and therefore he humblie desireth other letters of lyke tenor, to comaund performance thereof. He will show your Honnor a letter conceaved in writing, which, if you shall please to allow of as a reasonable request, he will ever remaine most bound for your honorable favor, without which he is like to be undone, for that this is his chiefest living. And so I humblie take my leave. From Myle End, the 3rd of May, 1596. Your Honor's to do yow service,

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir Robert Cecili, Knight, one of Her Majesties

most honorable Privie Counsell.
Endorsed :
3 May, 1596. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master. In favour of

Charles Carley.



Fre the Os Caż Papers, vol. xl. $ 51 Hatfield). Holograph.

Without date.


May 3

BEINGE ever bolde to charge yow with many of 1536

my trobles and burdens, I do still presume on your T: SER favor that yow wilbe pleased to bee bounde for mee for lec

the 1500 which I stande in danger to the Widdow LE SMITHE for; and because the conveyance of the Statute Fescoz! is intricatt, and that I hope this very terme to cumpound

for it, and to discharge yow, I beseich yow to accept of my counterbonde for your reasurance, in which I will not faile.

I must hope that, if other then sawstye accumpany my service in this enterprize, that yow wilbe pleased to favor thos of myne that remayne, who must only depend on yow, as I have dun. So, as of all other, I shall take good order to save yow from any particuler charge or inconvenience.

Thus, hoping to take leve on yow er I depart, I rest ever your's to be cummanded,


Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir ROBERT CECILL, K’night, of her Majestas

moste honorable Prirey Councdl.
Endorsed :

3 May, 1596. Sir Walter Raleighe to my Master.



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xl. § 60 (Hatfield). Holograph.

Without date.

(See Vol. I. pp. 206, 207.]




THE shipps that remayne above ar six: The great flebote of Brasenes? is on;2-riding at Blakewale; another flebote of London, caled the George ; another,


May 4. the Facobe of Agarslote; another, the Fusua of Horne; to Sir R. a fourth ; and sume too other. POPE, the marshall of Cecil.

From the Admiraltye, can informe Mr. BURRIS. For POPE Northprest all the shipps. Hee can also informe yow how litle her Majesties autoretye is respected.

For as fast Prepara.

tions for as wee press men on ? day the 5 cum away another, and the Cadiz

Expedition. say the will not serve.

I beseich you, Sir, to vouchsauf to send for POPE, of Seynt Katerens, who hath taken great payns alreddy, and to tell hyme that I have recummended his service; and hee will do more then any. Here ar att Gravsend, and between this Lee,6 sume 22 saile. Thos above that ar of great draught of water cannot tide it down, for the must take the high water, and dare not make after an houre ebb untill they be past Barking Shelf. And, now, the winde is so stronge as it is impossible to turne down, or to warpe downe, or to tooe? downe.


9 pne.


Apparently so in MS., but the word is partly obliterated.

3 Foshua.
4 Elsewhere called “Burroughs,'another officer of the Admiralty.

Apparently so in MS. The word “and' is probably omitted.



7 tow.


1596. May 4.

I cannot writ to our generalls att this tyme; for the pursevant found me in a countre villag, a mile from Gravend, honting after runaway marriners, and dragging in the mire from ale-howse to ale-howse, and could gett no paper, butt that the pursevaunt had this peece.

Sir, by the leving God, ther is nor King, nor Queen, nor generall, nor any elce, can take more care then I do to be gonn. Butt I humblie pray yow butt to speak with Mr. BURROUGH, and lett hyme be sent for afterward before my Lorde Chamberlayne, that they may here hyme speak whether any man can gett down with this wind or no; which will satisfie them of me.

If this strong wind last, I will steale to Blakwale to speak with yow, and to kiss your hands.

W. R.

From Norfleet, this Tuesday [4 May, 1596).

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir Robert Cecyli, K’night, of her Vajistres

most honorable Privey Councell.
Endorsed :

4 Hlay, 1596. Sir Walter Raleigh to my Master,



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xl. $ 63 (Hatfield). Holegraph.

Without date of year.


This gentleman, my frinde and kynsman, hath
May 6. intreated mee to be a sutor unto yow in his behalfe, that
To Sir R. it would pleas yow to move her Majestye, after so many

years disgrace to cumfort hyme with one gratius worde.

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